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  1. NY Slimes to charge for oinline content
  2. IAEA: Iran is capable of making nuclear weapon in 6-months
  3. Arizona Speed Cameras Incite a Mini Revolt
  4. Rel: Moral discussion offshoot.
  5. Question about Jacket (really OT)
  6. Honestly, I don't see the problem....
  7. Breitbart to Media: The Gig Is Up - You're Not on the American Team
  8. Scott Brown is THE MAN!!! Look at how humble this man is..
  9. The Way They Were
  10. Two arrested in connection with Texas church fires
  11. Hitler's ideology
  12. Skirts at School 'Unfair to Transsexuals'
  13. Contemporary Classical Music Sucks: Here's The Science.
  14. Should I apply for unemployment?
  15. World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud
  16. Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels
  17. Amy Bishop's invented a herpes bomb?
  18. How to ressurect American industry/jobs
  19. Blame the Media for the Birther Movement
  20. Deep Thoughts in Plain White English
  21. Who Vetted Obama?
  22. Ideology to Die For
  23. Longing for a past that never existed
  24. Climategate Meets the Law: Senator Inhofe To Ask for DOJ Investigation
  25. "Professors Are More Likely to Believe ‘Ten Commandments are Irrelevant Today,'"
  26. George Washington's Rules of Civility
  27. AP: Bill Ayers A 'Former' Radical
  28. Lightbulb bill aimed at asserting state rights
  29. Generation Zero
  30. 5th-Grader Says 'Gifted' Standards Unfair
  31. Neal Boortz: Online Tax Revolt!
  32. Ideology to Die For
  33. Schwarzenegger on Greta
  34. Posting God's laws on government property
  35. Virtual Schools Gain Traction.
  36. Where does Communism begin?
  37. "Swirling Down The Drains:UK to Introduce "Photograph a Cop, GoTo Jail" Law."
  38. “I’m Live-Tweeting My Abortion”
  39. "A Very Western Capitalist Wedding in ShanXi, China."
  40. SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale
  41. High court annuls election of opposition Mayor
  42. China Warns US Over future Taiwan Arms Sales
  43. Campaign Goes After Opponents of Gay Marriage
  44. Studies: Belief in God relieves depression
  45. Evidence for and against the existence of God.
  46. PETA Plans Senseless Attack On Tiger Woods.
  47. Which God to Choose?
  48. Deputies Shot, Wounded in Minkler (Fresno County)
  49. Now and Then. What a Difference.
  50. Gay Activists File Complaints Against Dutch Priest Over Communion Refusal
  51. What Part of "Party of No" Don't You Understand?
  52. Sorry Dude!
  53. "Rather Have My Child Die Than Use A Gun?"
  54. Poll: Where Do You Stand on Abortion?
  55. 2011 Obama's Coup Fails - Online Game!
  56. Do any of you miss Clinton?
  57. Gays in the Military/DADT
  58. What Liberals Believe
  59. "Romania Wants American ABM Shield,Russia Balks !"
  60. Suicide of the West or Will America Follow Europe into Anomie and Atheism?
  61. "Are They Just Baiting Israel or Do They Have A Real Death Wish ?"
  62. "Translation:O'Bummers Government to Take Control of the Internet."
  63. Mossad needs YOU
  64. Magnitude 4.4 Quake Shakes Oklahoma
  65. ACORN Goes Madonna and Tries to Reinvent Itself
  66. "Recalling 1960 Chile Quake"
  67. "CIUDAD CAMARGO,MEXICO[South Texas:]Shootings Continue Across the Border"
  68. Nepalese Celebrate 'Cursing Festival'
  69. "Retards Rally to Limit Free Speech In Massachusetts."
  70. School Official: Carrying Bible Could Lead to Fight
  71. Woman Accused Of Causing Fatal Crash Held On $1 Million Bond
  72. Darkness Begets Dishonesty, Study Finds
  73. 200 Russian tanks found abandoned in forest
  74. Higher Tuition and Two Subway Sandwich Shops!? Berkeley Students Declare War
  75. The Mobile Phone Gun
  76. Best and Worst Secretaries of State, 1945-present
  77. Who ''Lost'' Vietnam?
  78. The White Collar Man vs. The Blue Collar Man
  79. Check out this feminazi...
  80. Heroic ACLU forces Sherriff Joe to provide abortions to female inmates....
  81. Who created No Running In Circles Like a Fag?
  82. It's criminal to send money to Haiti when we have crumbling infrastructure here...
  83. Obama's abuse of power
  84. Detroit school closes after blast
  85. Muslim woman barred from flight after refusing body scan
  86. Gym Replaced By Wii.
  87. can somone tell me when...
  88. New Abraham Lincon Book Preview.
  89. so if the Big O is not strong enough to quit....
  90. Jeez! What a Bunch of Frikin' Amateurs!
  91. Stereotypes suck.....
  92. Time to accept that atheism, not god, is odd
  93. Dallas Housing Authority halts church services at complex for seniors
  94. Gut Bacteria Gene Complement Dwarfs Human Genome
  95. Teachers in trouble after honoring O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul
  96. MSNBC MELTDOWN Over Tea Party
  97. Survivorman fan found dead in Muskoka wilderness
  98. Coming soon to Philly: Soda Tax?
  99. Multitasking Is A Failure.
  100. Should It Be Illegal to Be a Jew in Massachusetts?
  101. Canada May Adopt Gender-Neutral National Anthem
  102. What Happened to the Land of the Free?
  103. The Next War
  104. If you want to know why kids are growing up retarded, tune in to Discovery Health.
  105. "Americans Buy More Guns than Twenty One of the Worlds Standing Armies !"
  106. What Will it Take to Get Our Country Back?
  107. To Heck with the Four Food Groups
  108. Craig Crawford leaves MSNBC…
  109. From Hutch to Table
  110. Goats are Better than Diamonds…
  111. Nellis Air Force Base put on lockdown, streets closed near base
  112. "D.C.,First In Nation With Free Female Condoms."
  113. "UK Govt’ to Impose Gay“Hate Registers” on British Children."
  114. Dodge Couple Charged With Swapping Girl for Car Payments
  115. If We Wait for Armageddon
  116. Mideast War in 'Very' Near Future?
  117. Complaints About Female 'Captain Bligh' Began Early, Says a Navy Chaplain
  118. "Christian Man and Wife: Life For Touching Quran Before Washing Hands"
  119. For Conservatives: How often do you consume Liberal commentary?
  120. Do you have to be Christian to be conservative?
  121. Pregnant Wife Pulls Ranger Husband from Crocodile's Jaws
  122. The inherent inequality of our capitalist system.
  123. Do you have to be out of touch with reality to be a liberal?
  124. In US, Muslim women challenge mosque separation
  125. Are Liberals And Atheists Dumb As Bricks?
  126. Israel's Options - Attack Iran Or Accept Nuclear Power
  127. N. Korea Says It Is Ready to 'Blow Up' U.S.
  128. Debate on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV: The Language of Martyrdom
  129. Why Democrats Don't Care about $9.7 Trillion Debt
  130. Mr. Pritchett's letter
  131. Stop messing with Texas!
  132. There is a communist living in the white house video
  133. Artificial Stupidity....Thomas Sowell
  134. - 'Israelis Don't Like Obama Because They Are Racists'
  135. 'Fast And Furious' Flying Hovercraft For Sale
  136. The Great Reneger...
  137. The Reagan Obama Debate
  138. Most amazing video:Animation of USAir Flight 1529 Going into the Hudson River...
  139. There was no word on why the man had a meat thermometer in a movie theater.
  140. Tom Hanks: US Wanted to Annihilate the Japanese Because They Were ”Different”
  141. White House Easter Egg Roll Honors 'Mother Earth'
  142. Christianity and Socialism
  143. Smell of Pot From Chimney Leads to Record Bust
  144. How do you feel about democrats?
  145. Where do you fall?
  146. How to Pollute a Mind:Lessons from John Dewey and Van Jones
  147. Bank of America Apologises for Repossessing Parrot
  148. Gay Episcopal Priest Receives Majority Consent
  149. Miss. prom canceled after lesbian's date request
  150. French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment
  151. Will Christianity in the US follow the UK pattern?
  152. 'Hoodlum' Now Racist Sez Illiterate Racists.
  153. Research Paper
  154. Woman Crushed by Subway Train (NYC)
  155. "O'Muslim Website Calls for 'Sharia' Islamic Law in Ireland"
  156. "Ship Neighbors’ Plea (Whine) Falls on Deaf Ears."
  157. Development of More Muscular Trout Could Boost Commercial Aquaculture
  158. Welcome to 1936 -- Meet the Dog Sack
  159. Karl Rove: I'm Darth Vader, Cheney Is a Sith Master
  160. Is Sexual Anorexia the Flip Side of Sex Addiction?
  161. Why Isn't Imperial Japan Looked At In The Same Light As Nazi Germany?
  162. Bethune's wife: Japanese will make an example of him
  163. US pastor to be prosecuted for shooting cats in Taiwan
  164. For The Liberals On These Boards: What Is Your Idea Of Freedom?
  165. Disney rejects nondiscrimination proposal (Ex-Gays)
  166. A National ID card in 2010?
  167. In retrospect, was the Gulf War a bad idea?
  168. ACORN Cracked, Run Out of State Under RICO Act in Ohio
  169. 'Loser' Child Assignment.
  170. Thomas Jefferson Quotes
  171. Homeschooling to be Criminalized in Sweden
  172. Banished! City Forbids Bible Studies in Homes.
  173. God Bless America
  174. Navy CO demoted for abuse
  175. Children can't hear fire alarms
  176. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
  177. the 1940's
  178. The Six Delusions Of Google's Arrogant Leaders
  179. We've Figured Him Out
  180. Whaling activist brought to Tokyo prosecutors
  181. 'Are Liberals, Atheists More Evolved Than Conservatives?'
  182. Thousands rally at State Capitol to kill health care bill
  183. the 50's
  184. the 60's
  185. Census Bureau Will Count Self-Identified Same-Sex Couples as ‘Married’
  186. On Satan’s Trail with Don Gabriele, the World’s Most Famous Exorcist
  187. This is what passes for "Brave" in Mexico
  188. Catholic Bishops Send Message To Faithful: We Oppose ObamaCare
  189. 'Men' in Skirts Use Women’s Restroom at Mass. Marriott Hotel
  190. Obama Administration Monitors Jews on Temple Mount
  191. Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
  192. "Texas Goats:They're Lean, Mean and More Popular."
  193. China Tells Israel to Stop Settlement Plan
  194. Final destination Iran?
  195. Israelis Worry About Their Missile Shield
  196. Dark Film on Teenagers Echoes From Mall to Church
  197. Enjoying your Obumble "tax cut"??
  198. 'Son of Hamas': Story is God's, Not Mine
  199. just picked up a SIG P220
  200. Sen. Kerry Moves to Protect Whales
  201. Hammer the Jews
  202. Boss Karl Winn would rather hire paedophiles than former soldiers
  203. Texting while Driving
  204. Feds Force Rhode Island Teacher Firings
  205. Excerpts From the New Texas History Textbooks
  206. "N.J. Stops Planned Parenthood Funding in FY 11 Budget."
  207. Gunman Tries to Attack Lenin's Corpse in Red Square
  208. "Ocoee Homeowner Kills Armed Robber In Driveway Gunfight."
  209. "Buy a Hummer,Get a Free Browning Citori White Lightning Shotgun"
  210. "The Queen of all French Chefs has Kidnapped Herself."
  211. "Israel Angry over Clinton U.S. Construction Demands."
  212. Homosexual Activist Group Honors 'Outstanding' CNN for 'Excellence'
  213. Sony chairman Michael Lynton calls for healthy alternative to popcorn in cinemas
  214. Contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment
  215. U.S. Positioning 'Bunker-Busters' For Possible Iran Strike
  216. PepsiCo will pull sugary drinks
  217. New Jersey Walmart Probes 'All Black People' Announcement
  218. Census Form Poll
  219. Administration Specifically Recruited Homosexual Activist to Be 'Safe Schools Czar'
  220. America's Most Miserable Cities
  221. Obama's New Partner: Al Sharpton
  222. GE and Ronald Reagan: The Mutual Gift That Keeps On Giving
  223. Is anyone out there? CNN’s primetime ratings hit all-time lows.
  224. Capitol Hill Cops Decry Bullying Staff Members
  225. Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at UN Meeting
  226. Something I noticed
  227. Obama agencies invoking secrecy provision more often than under Bush
  228. Protecting agencies from oversight, Obama threatens to veto intelligence funding
  229. My Healthcare Plan
  230. Violent St. Patrick's Day Along Mexican Border
  231. Boeing's robot helicopter almost ready to resupply tomorrow's military
  232. Busty Suspect Makes it Rain: Deputy Allegedly Uncovers Stash of Loot in Bra
  233. Hacker shut down 100 cars remotely
  234. Man Held on Suspicion of Poisoning Soup at Public School
  235. Life's Not Fair And Other Rules Teen-agers Should Live By
  236. Interesting Old View from Planned Parenthood
  237. More Planned Parenthood Abuses
  238. Voters Who Like the Health-Care Bill Don't Live in the Swing Districts
  239. Illegal Immigrant FAIL!
  240. The Creation of a Perfect Politically Correct Society Continues in Britan
  241. What Kind of Parents Nurture Leftist America?
  242. Yesha Council to Clinton: Jerusalem is Ours
  243. To the libs on this board
  244. The Fix
  245. I'm Ready to Purge All Liberals from my Life
  246. Episcopal Church Approves Consecration Of First Lesbian Bishop
  247. The End of the American Republic
  248. Soros is taking down he Euro
  249. Male-on-Male Sexual Assaults in Military
  250. The Chili Grenade