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  1. A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?
  2. Oil Spill Timeline
  3. Tea Party member stuns crowd
  4. Opinions of Harry S. Truman?
  5. Coast Guard Tells BP to Speed Up Containment Pace
  6. Stop the stealth jihad
  7. Mitch Daniels, article by the Weekly Standard
  8. Interesting event
  9. Obama to Address Nation Tuesday Night on Gulf Oil Spill
  10. Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”
  11. 8 year old singing Lady Gaga's ''Pokerface''
  12. Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites
  13. Paypal Cuts Off Atlas: Truth is the New Hate Speech
  14. Maureen Dowd: Obama is a “self-pitying Nixon”
  15. new Pepsi logo
  16. Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling
  17. How the Jones Act and Labor Unions are Blocking Oil Spill Cleanup
  18. IRA armed by Muslim terrorists : Gaddafi agrees to pay $3.4 billion to IRA victims
  19. Abortion Facility in Alabama Placed on Probation for Violations Shutting Down
  20. Cash Helps the Medicine Go Down
  21. Seeing the stars clearly
  22. Another sexual predator behind bars!
  23. Side Effects: Obamacare Adds to the Ranks of the Uninsured
  24. I've been waylaid by life.
  25. Obama's agenda
  26. Score one for Sonna!
  27. World's Oldest New Mom Dying After IVF Pregnancy at Age 72
  28. Economic Myths, Fallacies and Stupidity
  29. No News For You. Come Back One Year.
  30. Interesting article on Israeli flotilla incident
  31. There Are too Many Bureaucrats and They Are Paid too Much
  32. Fellow CU'ers: does atheism go against conservatism?
  33. No mosque at Ground Zero
  34. Maker of Eco-Connect Bottle System has lofty goals
  35. What is Socialism? What does it mean to you? What is it in relation to our society?
  36. Don't mess with bambi! (Dog is okay!)
  37. UAW Fights A US Auto Plant Restart
  38. What is Islamophobia
  39. Alberta minister urged to quit for TV 'crap' remark
  40. Labor local member thrown out of office..LITERALLY.
  41. The Novel Presidency
  42. Slaying Leviathan
  43. Still there ... outside of Pittsburgh
  44. Obama's DOL Secretary Hilda L. Solis: You Have the Right to Be Paid Fairly Whether Do
  45. Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants
  46. Deflating credentials to land a job
  47. Ben Stein on Obama and the Oil Spill
  48. Ken Mercer - Texas State Board of Education - Responds to Texas’ Editorial Boards
  49. A Tale of Two Disasters
  50. McDonald's faces lawsuit over Happy Meals
  51. How 'Rolling Stone' Got Into McChrystal's Inner Circle
  52. How not to conduct a counterinsurgency
  53. Glenn Beck; Martin Luther King Jr. ; and Labor Unions
  54. Gore Accused Of Sex Misconduct In 2006
  55. Stem-Cell Corneas Last up to a Decade: Study (Adult Stem Cells)
  56. Toyota’s Chief Test Driver Dies in Crash in Germany
  57. Ship Date/Mos Change
  58. 10-Year-Old Grand Marshal at Gay Rights Parade Sparks Controversy Across U.S.
  59. NYC Cigarettes To Cost $11 a Pack!
  60. Red Dawn Moment
  61. Four Christians arrested outside Arab festival
  62. Obama Admin. Argues in Court That Individual Mandate Is a Tax
  63. People Of Milwaukee All I Have To Say Is Oy
  64. Imagining a Liberal Court
  65. Dem Congressman Contrasts 'Minorities' with 'Good American People'
  66. 'Don't Taze My Granny!'
  67. More on the "SEX POODLE"
  68. Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?
  69. Unnamed source: Rolling Stone violated interview ground rules in McChrystal profile
  70. Islamic Republic of Iran's Smoke and Mirrors
  71. What UC Berkeley graduates think about the future
  72. Goldwater 1961.........
  73. Five states consider Arizona-style immigration laws
  74. AFL-CIO Chief Economist Calls Cavuto An "A**hole"
  75. Right On Cue: G20 Protests Erupt Into Riots
  76. The U.S. Economy Needs Fewer Public School Jobs, Not More
  77. DOJ official resigns over Obama's racism
  78. Undocumented couple leave SB 1070 behind
  79. U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions…
  80. Wright Attacks, Whites, Jews And MLK, Jr
  81. My Healthcarewill cost me more than 1 dime
  82. An Honest Question To Liberals
  83. Fragrance Sensitivity covered by the ADA
  84. Women freeze eggs to wait for 'Mr Right'
  85. Porkers less porky with or without Big Brother.
  86. Rev. Wright: Civil Rights Movement About 'Becoming White'
  87. Wtf?
  88. Kagan Backpedals On ‘Openness’ Pledge
  89. Experts and Studies: Not Always Trustworthy (Must Read)
  90. Professor Gates’ attorney blasts new report
  91. Oprah's Ratings Crumble
  92. What is the "Mainstream Media"? What is this "Liberal Bias"?
  93. Leviathan's Loot
  94. A Proponent of Centralized Governmnet
  95. Forecast: Category 5 Riot Expected to Hit Oakland Soon
  96. time to Nuke the spill's blow hole
  97. Robert Byrd, Democrats, and the KKK
  98. Pelosi lives on another planet.
  99. Wisconsin DA Won't Enforce Some Gun Laws (Libs Scared.)
  100. Letters to Annoying Believers Part Two: Speaking in Tongues
  101. Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago
  102. 1948 Cartoon
  103. Don’t Know Much About History?
  104. Windmills kill more birds
  105. Green-Libertarian coalition.
  106. A question for our serving members and veterans
  107. Filibuster Kagan or GOP is lost
  108. Iran unveils human-like robot: report
  109. Most Statements PolitiFact Sees as 'False' Uttered by Democrats
  110. What would you cut?
  111. Happy 234th Birthday to America
  112. I love the sound of illegal fireworks late in the night
  113. See What Happens When You Take Away Their Gov. Monies
  114. NASA's new job: Bettering our relationship with Muslims
  115. Time to Burn Your NRA Cards!
  116. budapest multiparker
  117. TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web
  118. Servicemembers become citizens during Fourth of July ceremony in Iraq
  119. Derided No More, Suburban Life Is Turning Serious
  120. Let's Thank the Troops!
  121. Dems Handing November To The GOP On A Silver Platter
  122. Fred Thompson is a dick!
  123. Levi Johnston Apologizes to Palin Family for 'Youthful Indiscretion'
  124. US Soldier linked to Iraqi helicopter video leak charged.
  125. Wearing a bike helmet might not make you any safer
  126. Bill Kristol Must Resign - Ann Coulter
  127. New video of Black Panther voter intimidation threatening to kill white people
  128. Give Petraeus 5 Stars
  129. How the Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Affect You
  130. Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
  131. Hundreds Of Fishermen Missing Checks From BP
  132. The Obama Administration's Selective Enforcement
  133. For Wei, a few questions
  134. Nine NYC Stores Fined for Propping Doors Open in Heat
  135. Big UK manhunt at standoff
  136. Sarasota Condo's Cheap!!!!
  137. Is There No Honesty Anymore?
  138. So...yeah, Mel Gibson...
  139. Limbaugh Gets Mega Millions on Condo Sale
  140. Bill & Hills new Mansion...
  141. Did society ever "peak"? Are we still advancing positively? Declining?
  142. Labor Dept. Estimates $7.1 Billion in Overpayments to Unemployed
  143. Broadcast viewership hits record low
  144. Bethune home as a convicted criminal
  145. How To Win Arguments Against People Like Wee Wee With Regularity
  146. From 2007; Dems Promise of a New Direction. Read and Compare
  147. In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning
  148. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez Blows a Gasket!
  149. Where is the demand for Lithium Ion Car Batteries??
  150. Taranis: The £143million unmanned stealth jet that will hit targets...
  151. Suffer These Crimes in Oakland? Don't Call the Cops
  152. Who hates Robert Gibbs!?
  153. Family Court Question
  154. Roman Polanski goes free
  155. A lib in support of the 2n Amendment
  156. Cheap diamonds Coming Soon!
  157. Libs angry with Ken Salazar over slaughter of wild horses
  158. The Human Camera
  159. Cool!!
  160. Black Tea Party Spokesman Lloyd Marcus, Rebukes NAACP Resolution Against Tea Parties
  161. The Myth that Laissez Faire Is Responsible for Our Present Crisis
  162. Woman Reporter Dragged Away by Obama Security
  163. Thomas Sowell - Another Crisis
  164. "We are Ready to Upchuck!" Tea Party, ATL GA
  165. Chris Matthews and his ilk only see race
  166. The Marriage, Child, and House mandate.
  167. Trial Lawyers Expecting Treasury Department To Give Them $1.6 Billion Tax Break
  168. Only You Can Prevent Health Care Deficits
  169. Is the discussion of the scourge of Sharia law acceptable here?
  170. Chavez "communes" stoke Venezuela democracy debate
  171. Religion professor fired for teaching religion
  172. Muslims Try To Convert Facebook.
  173. The Economy "ain't" in recovery......No matter how Satanica tries to spin it
  174. A challenge for Satanica, Satanicus, eyelids, et al.
  175. Presidential Medical Facts.
  176. Fred Phelps to protest at San Diego Comic Con
  177. Can you be a Patriot and also support Socialist causes?
  178. Whitlam and Trudeau
  179. Immigration Gumballs
  180. Obama administration admits health care is a Tax
  181. How's This For Hypocrisy: Unions Using Nonunion Help To Protest Nonunion Businesses
  182. Judge Roy Moore
  183. The Roots of White Anxiety
  184. 17 gunned down in Mexico fiesta slaughter
  185. Bargain Prices for 'Zionist' Clothes in New Gaza Luxury Mall
  186. Georgia USDA Official and NAACP member admits she's a racist
  187. The Black Founding Fathers
  188. Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police
  189. Neveda, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa...
  190. FDA calls animal antibiotics a threat to public health
  191. British officials snub U.S. Indians' passports
  192. Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'?
  193. Growing number of worshipers make themselves at home
  194. Family Abandons Son With Dead Sister
  195. This is why you watch the whole video.
  196. When Unemployment is passed retroactively
  197. A funny thing happened on my way to buy smokes
  198. In Defense of W
  199. Green Hat
  200. An Omar Broadway Film
  201. Limbaugh responds to JournoList death wish report
  202. The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon
  203. Ieshuh Griffin's "NOT the whiteman's bitch" not OK on Wis. ballot
  204. Unemployment to remain above 7% till at lest 2012
  205. Venezuela and Columbian relations
  206. Show me your papers!
  207. German MP: overweight people must pay more on health
  208. Inside the Nitrous Mafia, an East Coast Hippie-Crack Ring
  209. Some crap that doesn't belong in the Lounge
  210. Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law
  211. 14-year-old C.J. Jones murders family, burns down apartment and slits his own throat
  212. You Might Be A Liberal If...
  213. Wow.
  214. Calculate what your taxes under Obama will be
  215. Race Played Role in Car Dealership Closings
  216. Los Zetas gangs occupy 2 ranches near Laredo
  217. Britain Plans To ‘Decentralize’ Healthcare
  218. As Obama centralizes, the UK decentralizes...
  219. Blacks And The Democratic Party
  220. Cops: Mother Apparently Wrote Note in Deadly Fire
  221. School Board might OK teaching creationism
  222. Growing number people growing their own groceries
  223. Boehners office says that extending the Bush tax cuts...
  224. Deepak Chopra gets pwned...
  225. Rangel's "Universal National Service Act"
  226. Runaway Slave Movie Teaser
  227. Genesis 2 and 3
  228. The power and danger of iconography!
  229. US citizen secretly detained 3+ years by Immigration Canada
  230. Who here is starting their own business or researching it?
  231. I don't know why I even watch this kind of shit.
  232. Just completed the DoD DADT Repeal survey
  233. Obama's philosophy: How he'll trample Constitutional rights
  234. John Thune's new bill
  235. Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership
  236. Text of H.R. 5741: Universal National Service Act
  237. Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality
  238. No Rap for Whites?
  239. Charlie Rangel Lashes Russert: You're "Dumb Question" "Doesn't Really Sound Like NBC"
  240. Taxes Do NOT Create Jobs
  241. Milton Friedman Puts A Young Michael Moore In His Place
  242. Illegals leave tons of trash in Arizona desert, devastating environment
  243. ACLU to Obama: You suck as bad as Bush
  244. The State of our Economy/Country...Great video everyone should watch
  245. Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law
  246. More Hard Proof That Obama's Recovery is WORKING!!!
  247. Obama Goes On The View
  248. Gibbs Takes on Rush Limbaugh
  249. Memo outlines backdoor 'amnesty' plan
  250. President Obama bows . . . AGAIN.