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  1. U.S. And Israeli Militaries Discuss Attack On Liberty
  2. "Race War Over Turf Between MS-13 And Other Latino Gangs Killing Stray Blacks !"
  3. "Non-violent", "peaceful" Rainbow Family violently assaults federal officers
  4. "Best Fireworks in Town Belong To Mother Nature !"
  5. New GWR Holder Maxi Moundsa a Florida lap dancer ’breasts Each Weigh 20 Lbs .
  6. Teachers boo Obama for Asking Them to Work Harder !
  7. This hateful boob is the National security "expert" in the Democratic Party!
  8. Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection ,"Here we go again !"
  9. "Lots of American Gas Guzzling Hummers and ATV's On Sale In Canada !"
  10. "Happy Birthday, Mr. President And 'Well Done' Says a Grateful Nation ! "
  11. "Just In Time Takes On A New Meaning For Israel !"
  12. Stuff White People Like
  13. "Another Bomb Happy New Yorker Is Locked Up!"
  14. Bears among us: 20,000 pounds of fish flesh is a lure the animals cannot resist.
  15. "The poll found 73 percent of Americans and 46 percent of Democrats favor Drilling !"
  16. Drill, & Save, Now ...
  17. The New York Times So hates President Bush,That It wants America to lose.
  18. " Man Them Red Sox Fans Are Real Animals ,Good thing it wasn't Derek Jeterr !"
  19. NBC Universal, Bain, Blackstone Buy Weather Channel
  20. African leaders plead...
  21. Jail knife carriers, says Cameron
  22. Prius gets more ghey with solar panels
  23. Diego Garcia
  24. 10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas
  25. The Smith-Suprynowicz Test. Do you pass?
  26. "DHS Has Plans For Your Next Flight To Make Sure That You Behave Yourselves !"
  27. " I Sure Miss The Old 'Fire And Brim Stone' Days With Billy Sunday !"
  28. "This Proves the Liberals Are Working Towards the EU's Agenda !
  29. The U.S. Border Patrol says an agent shot at three suspects after being assaulted .
  30. In a speech that spurred protests from Democratic leaders and environmentalists,
  31. "They Must Be Feeling The Heat !After all Of The Huggy With The Tree Hump's Is Over"
  32. Philadelphia subject tour guides to hundreds of dollars in fines for talking?
  33. An Israeli Strike on Iran Would Likely Raise Oil Prices to Around $300 a Barrel !
  34. Russian blogger sentenced for "extremist" post , "inciting hatred or enmity".
  35. Even sex offenders need a home.
  36. Frisky Fruits Flocking to Fornic*te on Falmouth Fairways !
  37. Always listen to your Dog
  38. china's police force?
  39. Man Accidentally Kills Pregnant Wife While Cleaning Gun
  40. Condit's slander suit against writer dismissed
  41. Oil Slips More Than $9 a Barrel in 2-Days , lowest level in nearly two weeks!
  42. is there anyone who you can think of .....
  43. Come Winter, the Frozen Blood of Thousands Will be On Their Hands."
  44. Have The Democrats Boxed Themselves In, what are they playing at?
  45. 'People Are Snatching People From Bushes,' Resident Says !
  46. "Iran to hit US ships'. If attacked Iranian Navel bases would be smoldering ruins "
  47. Atheist soldier sues The Army for discrimination.
  48. Pro-Homosexual Denominations Lose Numbers,for which there will be wrath from God .
  49. No drilling? No excuses,"The environmental risks are too great."
  50. Driving into Debt? May 23, 2001,At least $1.70 a gallon for gas.
  51. A Time to Drill in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
  52. What's this guy's DU nickname?
  53. Scapegoating Speculators
  54. When dealing with neo-atheists, don't expect honesty or rationality
  55. Doomed to a fatal delusion over climate change
  56. Shock: Rev. Jesse Jackson Slams Obama, Wants To 'cut His N**s Out'...
  57. "Looks like Dirty Harry Is Feeling The Heat .He Sends Little Dickie Durbin Out Front
  58. Barbecue-Covered Man Arrested For Appleton Burglary,Soft As A Grape !
  59. Animal Advocates Torment Scientists .Rage Against Medical Studies !
  60. Favorite Conservative Radio/TV Hosts
  61. The Start Of The Hydrogen Age,A Device,Fridge size that Create's Hydrogen.
  62. Summertime: Here We Go Again.
  63. State employee won't lower flags for Helms with Department for 29 years.
  64. 'Men At Work' signs to disappear in Atlanta
  65. Dallas police find cocaine in car used by officers
  66. Lehman Brothers slashes NYTCo price target
  67. Bridezillas: Millennials Court Corporate Sponsrs For Weddings.
  68. The Point of No Return
  69. I Just Threw Up
  70. What Do You Know Science Discovers The Sun Causes Global Warming !"
  71. Gasoline prices hit harder outside the U.S.
  72. You get the government you deserve
  73. "If We Want Energy In This Country We Need To Defeat These Green Critters !"
  74. "Oh No Now The Bread Wont Rise Due To GW !
  75. Wieviel ist ein Hunde und das Fenster
  76. "Old Nan Pelosi and Little Harry Reid Play Oil Hardball With America !"
  77. Best twilight zone episode
  78. N&O subscriber sues the paper for cutting staff
  79. Father who joined after sniper killed son deploys to Iraq
  80. "Iran is Going To Do Something Very Stupid !"
  81. "We fear we might be hit on suspicion of being al Qaeda," he said.
  82. Report: Feds mull placing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in conservatorship
  83. FCC chairman to recommend sanctions against Comcast for blocking Internet traffic
  84. Great White Shark Sighting Off Martha's Vineyard !
  85. Cops fear Calif. isle is turning gangster paradise
  86. US Navy recently held missile defense test (to counter Iranian threat)
  87. Bush acknowledges 'tough times'
  88. Airlines fighting hard on oil: (Today's email from the aviation industry)
  89. Tax Question
  90. "Another Chinese Spy Working for the DOD Passing Military Secrets!"
  91. "The Chinese to the South and the Russians to the North drilling for oil !"
  92. Shark found in swimming pool,swept into the pool by a large wave.
  93. Yemen: Camel urine trade flourishing strengthens the scalp, slows hair loss
  94. Israel Will be at War by Summer, member of the Israeli Knesset!
  95. Looking for a really good book on office politics
  96. Beer, a non-essential item?!....what are you thinking!
  97. New Israeli American Made, Long Range F-16I Sufa (Thunderstorm)
  98. "Feds Cite Schumer for interference in the regulatory process."
  99. A Woman on a Mission
  100. China is developing at least three different anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBM)
  101. "Them Greenies Have Pelosi and Reid Shaking in Their Boots !"
  102. Pray at the Pump???
  103. Do You Believe In Life After Death? Poll.
  104. "There Is No Club G'itmo in China !"
  105. "Them Lefty Green Weenies Are Ganging Up On America ! "
  106. REL: Christ: Immaculately Concieved?
  107. REL: Bible Meets Criteria of History Book
  108. "Oh Good,Now The Cubans Are Invading America Via Mexico !"
  109. Sued, Fired or Both
  110. Cuba/China Pumps Oil Fields Forty Five Miles from Key West !
  111. Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Tony Snow’s Funeral,God hates Tony Snow
  112. Once Again Our Freedom Of Speech Is Under Attack By EU Courts Of Law !"
  113. President Clinton warns of growing polarization
  114. Ahhh, Mexico - a good place to avoid these days
  115. InBev agrees to buy Anheuser for $50 billion
  116. Government’s scheme to fill gas tanks leaves stomachs empty.
  117. "Sounds as Though Ahmadinejad Trotted this Little Jerk Out !"
  118. Please go vote on these comments
  119. "Pelosi Is 'Running On Empty' And Should Resign !"
  120. REL: Evidence of global flood? Debate.
  121. Got Kidney Stones? Blame Global Warming.
  122. AP's New Muckraking Style, From Just-The-Facts to In-Your-Face
  123. "What In Hell Are They Planing The Roman Games Gladiator's Contest ?"
  124. I have a confession to make......I'm a Democrat.
  125. U.S. Troops Start Training Exercise in Georgia, "No, Not That Georgia !"
  126. Oil Prices drop at mere suggestion we will drill offshore
  127. "The Moral Minority,Mike Adams At His Best !"
  128. "Two Old men, aged 70 and 73,drown as chunk of Greenland glacier breaks off"
  129. Aussies More Likely to Target Muslims When in a Good Mood
  130. Police sniffer dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslims
  131. Janitor almost fired for reading at a college
  132. Major U.S. city officially condemns Catholic Church,"Dem Frisco Queers Are At Again !
  133. US inflation soars at 26-year high on energy prices
  134. Terminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  135. This makes no sense at all.
  136. Woman, 68, Accused Of Forcing Sex On Handicapped Man
  137. You won't believe this
  138. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy: Andy Dick Jailed On Sexual Assault Of A Minor Charge.
  139. Soldier who fled to Canada now in Washington jail
  140. This is Not a Drill
  141. Government is Costing You a Bundle
  142. Realist theory winning!
  143. Duh!!!
  144. Dole fails to name AIDS bill for Helms
  145. This Day in History
  146. APS Declares No Consensus On Global Warming. Heh, Heh.....
  147. Has anything really changed with Heller??
  148. "The Plan Of Plans Domocrats Use To Aviod Drilling For More Oil !"
  149. "Philadelphia,The City Of Brotherly Love Lives Up To It's Name ! "
  150. Five Pieces of Liberal "Wisdom" That Need to Be Put Out to Pasture
  151. Shit stirring time! Who is the most annoying character on CU?
  152. F**K The UN!!!
  153. China:The Source Said Three Policemen were Killed in The Riot.
  154. State's Rights
  155. Man's 6 Most Ridiculous Attempts To Take On Mother Nature
  156. The Vulcan Project maps American carbon dioxide emissions.
  157. "MOH Winner Col. Bud Day Angers Muslim And Arab Groups ."
  158. Russian scientists deny that the Kyoto Protocol reflects a consensus
  159. Picture exclusive: The incredible moment a leopard attacks a crocodile
  160. Reporter's Notebook: Homicide Attacks in Israel
  161. "How Come The EU Isn't Bitching About These Executions ?"
  162. "And Down The Tube It Goes. Islam Has Taken Over The UK !"
  163. My Message to John Murtha
  164. Tell Me Newsweek Doesn't Despise America
  165. "Obituaries are us,Write your own OnLine Obituary Now !"
  166. And I thought I was a "Hick"
  167. "Liberal Congress Won't Drill More But They Will Tax More !"
  168. Obama, Pelosi and Reid's 68 Million Acre Joke
  169. Alaska will allow oil and gas exploration in the Beaufort Sea
  170. "Majority of Congress wants to drill But The Old Bitch Says No !"
  171. "California's Car Culture Is Bailing !"
  172. "The California Maoist Liberals Want Their Own 'Antonin Scalia!'
  173. "Maybe They Are Trying to Atone for 'Kung Fu Panda' On Their Happy Meals ?"
  174. "Eight women and One Man Have Been Sentenced to Death by Stoning in Iran"
  175. It's official:"EU Dictates The Size Of Your Bananas !"
  176. Mexico Awards the 'Aztec Eagle' to US Sen Kennedy
  177. "Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi visits U.S.
  178. Baptisms, Boaters Clashing In Soddy-Daisy
  179. "The Ancient Old Liberal Babe Can't Get Any Respect No Matter What !"
  180. "Each Meal Must Be Organically/ Locally Grown , Red, Green,Yellow, Blue/Purple White
  181. Beijing subway seizes up as traffic taken off road
  182. "How to make fun of Obama"
  183. God Wants Brent
  184. "A Congress Of Old Crows Is Going Down Even In The Clown State !"
  185. The spread of bans on driving while texting
  186. Possible DUmp monkey on YouTube
  187. Gas Prices May Revive Cities
  188. Study: Shrinking Quality In Newsrooms Hurting Papers' !"
  189. "Have The Little Fishies Nibble Your Little Tootsies !"
  190. Confiscation Conversation
  191. Olympic Athletes Wearing Masks Could Cause China to Lose Face
  192. Is Schwartz/Soros taking his biggest gamble ever
  193. Let's Have Some Love for Nuclear Power"But First We 'Beat Back' The Green Meanies !"
  194. Sophisticated and Confident, Chinese Diplomats,Yeh Right !
  195. Court tosses FCC 'wardrobe malfunction' fine
  196. Bitchy Boxer Unwilling to Compromise on ANWR Drilling
  197. "Artist" Intentionally Starves Dog to Death as Exhibit
  198. The Heller Gun Decision Week Three--Fun and Games Continue
  199. Man threatens to jump from Hart atrium ,"Let It Be Dirty Harry Reid !"
  200. More bears, lions coming to dinner in Colorado neighborhoods
  201. "Afghan President Hamid Karzai Blows Smoke Up Barack Obama's Butt !"
  202. Beijing 2008 Preparations - Three Weeks to Go, Great Pictures !
  203. Poll: Americans Don't Believe We Cause Warming
  204. Man killed trying to rob home, police say
  205. The Last Question By Isaac Asimov
  206. Is it time to go now?
  207. "Sounds Like The Saudi 'Head Choppers' are Going to Be Very Busy !"
  208. "What's In A Name, You call Me Lesbo and I'll Call You Homo !"
  209. "California Will Tax The Blood In Their Veins Next !"
  210. "Plane Stupid Member Attempts Brown Glue Job !"
  211. "Even If They Survive the Games a Higher Risk of Developing Blood Clots !"
  212. Gay bishop Gene Robinson 'must be sacked' to save church from schism
  213. Execution by firing squad,sites for Bali bombers scouted
  214. Obama’s health care goal faces big obstacles
  215. Elitists
  216. Breaking: Novak cited after hitting pedestrian
  217. Breaking News : Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits Main Japanese Island of Honshu
  218. Iran to get new Russian air defences by '09 -Israel
  219. America’s Energy Held Hostage by Nancy Pelosi !
  220. Fox News was the top rated cable news channel
  221. What?
  222. Bush on Economy: 'Wall Street Got Drunk'
  223. DUI suspect had highest alcohol level recorded
  224. Lovesick German Woman Charged With Killing Rival's Toddlers in Hammer Attack
  225. A question for the "strict Constitutionalists"
  226. Naples, FL is safe again
  227. Arctic May Hold 90 Billion Barrels of Oil, U.S. Says (Update2)
  228. "China Continues to Have Earthquake Problems, Their Gods Are Angry ?"
  229. Charleton Heston's Gun Vault
  230. Using New Policy, Students Complain About Classroom Bias on 2 Pa. Campuses
  231. Man, and I thought Wikipedia was bad
  232. FIA Chief Max Mosley Wins Tabloid Lawsuit Over 'Nazi Orgy' Story
  233. Arctic's oil could meet world demand for 3 years But Pelosi Says No Drilling !
  234. Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ( Slideshow )
  235. Zoo Admission Free To Food Stamp Recipients
  236. CNN Asks: Is Marriage For White People?
  237. Last Wish: Death Row Inmate "Vote For Obama"
  238. 43 Busted In Illegal Immigration Raid On Oahu
  239. For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach
  240. Killer Countertops
  241. (Seattle) Couple Beats Up Armed Robber With Baseball Bat
  242. Optiver made 19 separate attempts over 11 days to manipulate prices
  243. "SS Target Rich Environment AGM-84A Harpoon Target Practice Bait "
  244. Painter given £30 fine for smoking 'at work'...in his own van
  245. 'About Five Million Jews control US elections'
  246. Family of Missing Toddler Mum on TV Reportsof New Concrete Slab in Yard
  247. Chilly Summer For Alaska
  248. Random Letters Now "Offensive".
  249. Israeli paper publishes Obama Western Wall prayer
  250. 'Last Lecture' Professor Randy Pausch Dies at 47