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  1. Some balanced reading
  2. Assange Says Spying Obama Must Resign!
  3. World Muslim Poll
  4. 'Scariest jobs chart ever'
  5. The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century
  6. I really want to understand.
  7. The Sick-Day Bounty Hunters
  8. Palin and the Reindeer
  9. Top 10 Crazy Facts About Kim Jong Il
  10. Griffin Gets Booed By U.S. Troops After Calling Bristol Palin Fat
  11. 'Baywatch' Beauty Feels Overexposed After TSA ScanUpdated
  12. This is No Joke !
  13. Twelve Great Reasons to Love a Great Country
  14. "Rape For Not Wearing a Condom ?"
  15. Espionage Act Amendments
  16. Sharpton Presses FCC to Deny Rush Limbaugh Broadcast License
  17. "Not Rape But 'Sex by Surprise'. Only In Sweden If You Don't Say The Final 'May I' ."
  18. "Screw Them,Don't Post Associated Press News ."
  19. Libertarian opinions on the Wikileaks dump
  20. Bi-Sexual, Atheist, Mental Patient Who Had PA Nativity Removed To Be Interviewed
  21. Justice Department Studies WikiLeaks Prosecution
  22. State Capitalism and Fascism - Ron Paul comments and more
  23. "Great Job For Barney The Frank !"
  24. the No Labels party
  25. What is the Difference Between Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Progressivism, etc.?
  26. Asparagus Anxiety and Jesus Jitters: The Moral Blindness of PC Parenting
  27. Pelosi compared DREAM Act to Founding Fathers
  28. State: We'll pay your mortgage for a year
  29. " High School Wrestler Employs the Old Barney Butt Drag."
  30. Shock! Some unemployed jobseekers trying to double dip
  31. Are Things Better Today Than In January 2007?
  32. Helen Thomas: Revoking Honorary Degrees a Violation of 'Freedom of Speech'
  33. Why Elizabeth Edwards Left God out of Her Last Goodbye
  34. Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security
  35. "Future King Attacked By Protesters ."
  36. "Nine Police Officers Seriously Injured As Mob Attack Prince."
  37. H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages
  38. CEO of ACORN says, “Beck is my boyfriend and he’s going to have sex with my corpse"
  39. Comment of the Day: We're Here, We're Queer, and We're Not Going Over There
  40. " Cruise Ship Tossed Around in 30-Foot Ice Cold Antarctic Waves ."
  41. " Thug Runs Into Lamppost After Bombing a Pub "
  42. Protesters disrupt Bush book signing
  43. Politics and Eye Movement
  44. Chinese furious at (Australian) military build-up
  45. Is Obama Agnostic?
  46. The One- still full of himself
  47. Vanity Fair: Hitchens on Beck, Skousen, and the Tea Party
  48. Climate change delegates sign petition to ban water
  49. The Left Have No Excuses
  50. WHOPPER: BURGER KING employee punches 67-year-old customer in face...
  51. " Uproar Over Illegals ‘Mass Firings’ At Minn. Chipotle Mexican Restaurants. "
  52. "You Just Can't Find Good Help Anymore !"
  53. Ivy League professor charged with incest after sexual relationship with daughter
  54. Pipe dream shattered: 70% of Iranians want nukes
  55. Would you vote for...
  56. May God bless Elizabeth Smart
  57. The United (Muslim) Nations? U.N. gives special protection to Islamist regimes
  58. Bolivian President Calls For “Global Climate Court”
  59. S. LA bans new stand-alone fast food eateries
  60. Outrage as vandals strike at ancient Christian shrine site
  61. A frank conversation
  62. Mexico says brutal La Familia drug kingpin slain
  63. "Suicide: Mark Madoff, the Eldest Son of Bernie Madoff, Found Dead in NYC Apartment"
  64. DUmmie heads are going to explode over this.
  65. "PAC 3 ABM Deployment Along with 22 ASW Submarines Turns Japan Into An Armed Camp !"
  66. "North Korea Ready For An All-Out War."
  67. Tea Party Leader / CEO comments on the Bernie Sanders 8-hour filibuster
  68. Man sentenced to be blinded with acid by Iranian court
  69. Finally!!!! A union leader who gets it.
  70. Sooooo -- Lefties???? Who is holding the unemployed hostage now?
  71. Why the hate for the rich?
  72. Pink Floyd guitarist son Charlie Gilmour held over student protests
  73. Why do the liberals rage?
  74. The WikiLeaks Cartel
  75. Soros and WikiLeaks: Time to Investigate Their Connection.
  76. Michael Moore Goes to Fat Camp
  77. President Clinton takes over Obama White House press conference
  78. Condoleezza Rice Schools Katie Couric on Why U.S. Invaded Iraq
  79. New research suggests viruses could be the cause of the obesity epidemic
  80. Fisker Automotive Launches International Brand Identity And Website For “pure Driving
  81. Who is your favorite Founder?
  82. Leaders you like or admire who were not Conservative
  83. NASA vs. Commercial Space Flight
  84. The Nobel Prize Winner Who Discovered his Sister was Really his Mother
  85. The Roots of Obama's Rage
  86. The Psychology of the Right and Left (as well as a rant)
  87. Duncan Hines put out a controversial cupcake ad.
  88. "Iran Abruptly Fires Foreign Minister,Holds Large Military Exercise Near Iraq Border.
  89. "Spanish Want Bar Codes For Babies !"
  90. " Is She 'Too Fat' To Be A Fairy ?"
  91. "Detroit Goes Down the Drains,No Longer A City !"
  92. The 7 Most Violent Gigs in History
  93. 14 Pre-Gaga Meat Outfits
  94. The wealthy can be described as...
  95. The "General Welfare Clause"
  96. Muslim teacher sues over not being allowed to go on hajj pilgrimage
  97. Space Superfund Needed to Clean Mounting Orbital Trash
  98. "Worker Dies After Fridge Thrown From Window."
  99. "Police: Las Vegas Bellagio Casino Chip Heist May Total $2M"
  100. Rahm Denies "For Sale" YouTube Video
  101. New Efforts to Bring Iran’s ‘Wealthy Jewish Hostages’ to Israel
  102. The Estate Tax & The Mindset Of The Left
  103. If Jesus was alive today, he would probably be-
  104. SPJ Takes Up Crusade against Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’
  105. Don't leak my address: Astonishing plea from WikiLeaks boss as he tries to get bail
  106. Player Hits Referee In High School Basketball Game
  107. Kwame Kilpatrick indicted in city corruption probe along with dad, pals
  108. " Android Bar Code Scanning Apps Strike Price Fear Into Retailers."
  109. "Picture Of The Mighty Niagara Run Dry !"
  110. So it's okay for science...
  111. Assange Walks
  112. Kids Under 12 Drink Caffeine Every Day
  113. Food prices rise sharply - and there's more to come
  114. Hollywood's Growing Chorus of Obama Criticism
  115. Agents of Influence The government of California perpetrates a fraud.
  116. Oklahoma Executes Man Using New Drug Mix
  117. "Deputies Fnd Illegal Hombres Hiding in Cow Shit Pile ."
  118. Pope Air Force Base on Lockdown After possible shooting
  119. "Russian Army Freezes To Death In New Uniforms.Many Developed Pneumonia"
  120. "N.Korea Again Threatens Nuclear War !"
  121. Attention Leftists: Tell Me Again About Poor People?
  122. Beam Me Up: 'Teleportation' Is Year's Biggest Breakthrough
  123. If Genghis Khan was alive today he would be-
  124. Like A Condom, The First Amendment Can't Always Protect You
  125. UN mulls internet regulation options
  126. Wikileaks: Cuba banned Michael Moore's "Sicko"
  127. DREAM Act dies in Senate
  128. Duke lacrosse accuser convicted of child abuse
  129. This is Unreal
  130. Feds order Okla bank to remove religious symbols
  131. "Here Comes Trouble !"
  132. What Is The limit to Your Acceptance
  133. "Welcome To The Third World ."
  134. "France Targets Muslim Street Prayers As Unacceptable !"
  135. Cumbria Police payout for arrest of Christian
  136. For the Atheists: Other ways to think about God / spirituality.
  137. Alwaleed Is Richest Arab Businessman for Seventh Year, Al-Jaber Is Second
  138. The Progressive Gay Agenda - An Analysis
  139. Glenn Beck & Hippies
  140. "The TSA should Hire These Clowns To Feel Up The Passengers !"
  141. " Do It Yourself Guide To Child Molestation Author Arrested !"
  142. Former Gitmo Detainees Allege Witchcraft, Talking Pants, Cat Rape.
  143. "Books: Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America"
  144. New ACOG
  145. Trusted Traveler Program Sparks Fears That Mexican Drug Cartels Could Bypass U.S. Air
  146. " Americas Toughest Sheriff' Holding Caroling Contest for Pre-Trial Prisoners."
  147. " NY Cabbies to Wear Police Style Bullet-Proof Vests..."
  148. "Couric On Her Way Out at CBS."
  149. Don't miss these spot on political cartoons....
  150. Are you Democrat or Republican? Does language give you away?
  151. "Muslim Pupil Offended By the Word 'Jamón' (Ham) In Class in Cádiz."
  152. Kwanzaa: Does Anyone Know Anyone Who Celebrates This?
  153. " South Korea Calls North Korea's Bluff !"
  154. Internet Takeover – Who Is President Obama Working With?
  155. Opinions of Robert Reich?
  156. Merry CHRISTmas from the Free Republic!!
  157. The TRUTH About Kwanzaa
  158. "Batman and his Muslim Sidekick Hassan !"
  159. What Exactly Needs To Be Reformed With Our Immigration System?
  160. 40 people lynched amid Haiti cholera fears: officials
  161. I have a question about net neutrality..
  162. CBS: Forever stupid
  163. The Christmas Truce of 1914
  164. Body Found in Suitcase
  165. Man eating Giants discovered in NV caves
  166. "Algerian Fined For Insulting French Flag ."
  167. "Scientists Upset With Senator Who Belittled Cow Burp Studies !"
  168. Dark Side Of Sis: Agents Search Home Of Pilot Critical Of Tsa
  169. Conservative Ideals
  170. "The Story Of San Francisco's Hippie Movement: The ​Voluntary Peasants Trilogy "
  171. "The Cross Of Christ Banned In Bethlehem, Offends Islam !"
  172. NYC City Hall Pushed for Mosque Near Ground Zero
  173. "Thirty Foot High Guard Towers In Walmart Parking Lots To Stop Car Jacking !"
  174. Black Muslims Attack Christians at Oklahoma City Bus Stop on Christmas Eve (Video)
  175. The Christmas Story
  176. The Strangest Telescope On Earth is Complete!
  177. God is' billboard replaces controversial Lincoln Tunnel atheist billboard
  178. "Column Five Media: The Almighty Dollar
  179. Christmas Under Fire (1941)
  180. The True Cost of Public Education
  181. Capitalist vs Socialist: Healthcare Bill
  182. Capitalists Do Not Exploit Workers
  183. Fresh humiliation for eurozone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden nations
  184. " Abbas: No Jews In Jerusalem in The Future Palestinian State !"
  185. Merry Christmas!
  186. Cruel hoaxer targets soldiers' families
  187. AMERICAN IDLE: Teacher Pierre, 75, has Spent 13 years in the DOE'S "Rubber Rooms."
  188. We misunderestimated him: Bush sells 2m copies in a month - took Clinton 6 years
  189. Mich. man faces trial for e-mail snooping
  190. 16 Shocking Facts About Student Debt And The Great College Education Scam
  191. Every Man a King?
  192. "A Moving Story,From an Airline Captain, Worthy Of Your Attention !"
  193. To Catch A Predator
  194. Teena Marie...
  195. America's Dangerous Rush to Shrink Its Military Power
  196. Swine flu Pandemic Outbreak sweeping through Britain
  197. "Whats Wrong With America? "The power of The Union Stagehands Makes $290K a Year !"
  198. "China Deploys ASBM Carrier Killer ."
  199. Deported illegal immigrants return repeatedly
  200. Modern Human 400,000 years old?
  201. Chris Liu: I am the YouTube airline pilot
  202. Obama, Clinton 'most admired' in 2010
  203. Skinny Jeans, Adult Films, Human Excrement (crap) Sell 'like Hot Cakes' in N.Korea
  204. Where are the jobs? For many companies, overseas
  205. Blizzard Strips Gun Owners of Concealed Carry Privilege
  206. The Death of Conservatism and the Mark of the Beast
  207. "Dumb Vietnamese Hoods Knock Off The Wife of Philly Mafioso."
  208. " Mohammuds ROP,My Tush, Driving Christians And Jews From The Holy Land !"
  209. "Man Gets Probation For Dog-Lawn Murder"
  210. Actor R. Lee Ermey Hammers Obama Administration: ‘They’re destroying this country’
  211. The arrogance of the atheists: They batter believers in religion with smug certainty
  212. "China Preparing For All Out War !"
  213. Serial Killers
  214. "Big Gas Find in Israel :Now the Palestinians will Demand The Lions Share."
  215. MAP:The Target Range Of China's "Aircraft Carrier Killer" Missile
  216. " China Facts ."
  217. Stranded Passengers Revolt, Attack Airport Workers
  218. " Snow Job: Slow NYC Clean-up Was Union 'budget Protest'"
  219. What a War Between China and the United States Would Look Like
  220. China Makes Skype Illegal
  221. Take The Ridiculous Chinese Driving Test
  222. Billy The Kid Poll
  223. "Sprechen Sie Deutsch,'Denglish' Verboten ."
  224. "China's Getting Pushy With Japan !"
  225. "Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Device In North Korea?"
  226. Why is it happening?
  227. Why has the GOP been generally a moderate party?
  228. Democrats are anti-American Fact!
  229. Satanicus murdered Michael Jackson
  230. Homeland Security taking care of the Afghans
  231. President Obama: Socialist, Anti-Business, Dictator of the Proletariat
  232. Flier Blames Tabasco Spill For Lewd Act
  233. Obama Considers Corrupt Clinton Official As Economic Adviser
  234. Are Fox News and MSNBC Leading To a ‘Less-Informed But More Opinionated Public’?
  235. Next Year's Wars - The 16 brewing conflicts to watch for in 2011.
  236. There Oughta Be a Law: Californians Getting 725 New Ones in 2011
  237. TV Crew Covering President Claims Mistreatment
  238. Website aims to be Facebook for gays in military
  239. The year in 60 seconds- Reuters
  240. Australian ... Residents warned of Crocodiles and Snakes Being Washed into Homes."
  241. Slow NYC snow cleanup due to budget protest
  242. Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home from 3 armed Burglars
  243. Many dissatisfied with Mass. anti-bullying law
  244. Tsutomu Yamaguchi! - Hats off to ya!
  245. TMOT . . . wow this guy is amusing!
  246. Arizona sheriff introduces all female chain gang
  247. The four inch gadget that helps British soldiers to pinpoint Taliban snipers
  248. Navy opens investigation into raunchy videos
  249. Kiss your 100-watt lightbulb goodbye
  250. Update: Thousands of birds fall from the sky in Beebe