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  1. European Nations Begin Seizing Private Pensions
  2. "Evidence That Demands A Verdict ?"
  3. The Truth Wears Off..Is there something wrong with the scientific method?
  4. "Swedish Centre Party Councillor Seeks Obesity Tax."
  5. Sad Story
  6. Dubai water and electricity costs to rise around 15% in 2011
  7. Egypt on High Alert Ahead of Coptic Christmas
  8. "Israel's Army Chief Preparing for 'Large Scale War': WikiLeak Cable "
  9. PJ O'Rourke Explains Democrats.
  10. With Air Force's Gorgon Drone 'we can see everything'
  11. UAW reveals ideas to try to level playing field
  12. Islamists Blame Jews for Coptic Church Bombing
  13. " Old George Didn't Much Care For Fags In The Army Either !"
  14. Bill would OK pet trust funds
  15. My Princess Boy
  16. Top Pakistan Official Killed By His Own Guard
  17. " Manatee Sergeant Suspended Quoting Psalms 109:8 "
  18. To All Of Those Anti Fossil Fuel Types
  19. Most Americans Want To Increase Taxes on Wealthy to Reduce Deficit
  20. The crimes of Julian Assange ....
  21. 2006: Obama Against Raising Debt Ceiling
  22. Yes, the Greatest Country Ever
  23. Raging Against "Them"
  24. Christianity Under Siege in the Muslim World
  25. Will Obama Make This Call
  26. 2 Million Ethnic Muslims Convert From Islam To Russian Orthodox Christianity
  27. Huckleberry Finn: New Edition to Censor the N' Word
  28. Hmmm, isn't it funny how Stupidicus runs from threads....
  29. American Tax History - Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Henry George: On Income and Rent
  30. China Has Plans For Five Carriers
  31. Bye Bye Pelosi
  32. Socialism not just for poor - Lockheed Martin largest recipient of tax dollars
  33. Invasive medusahead weed threatens ranches in West
  34. Report linking vaccine to autism 'an elaborate fraud'
  35. anyone else notice....
  36. " Buy A Dodge Viper Get A Free .50 Cal Barrett Sniper Rifle !"
  37. Let's Scam Liberals For Profit
  38. "Ex L.A. A.D.A. Runs Amok at San Francisco International Airport."
  39. Westboro Baptist Protester Says People Should Spit and Cr*p on American "Fag" Flag
  40. Family of Fallen Soldier Warmed by Letters, Stung By Politicians
  41. " Former UK YMCA Now Called Platform 51."
  42. "'Le Batman Islam 'Finds a Formidable Foe in Right-Wing America "
  43. Fattest man is Suing The NHS for 'Letting me Grow'
  44. FBI: Man Known Online As 'Alshishani' Bites Agents Trying To Serve Warrants
  45. US learning lessons from S.Korean economic crisis
  46. " Broward County Jail Employees Admitted of Having Sex With Three Inmates."
  47. " ISLAM : Somali Al-Qaida Ban Men,Women From Shaking Hands "
  48. NPR Furious over forced resignation of Ellen Weiss
  49. Cockroach Found in Colonoscopy: Not For the Squeamish
  50. I wish people would wait for the facts to come out...
  51. Portuguese TV star slain, castrated at hotel
  52. "Tweeter Feed about the gunman Jared Laughner "
  53. The Horror of the Day
  54. Politicizing A Tragedy: Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Blames Talk Radio
  55. The left is deliberately targeting people for revenge violence
  56. Jared Loughner Radically Changed Before Alleged Shooting, Friend Says..VIDEO
  57. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
  58. Fundraiser and Gifford shooting
  59. Woman Confronted Gunman to Stop U.S. Shooting Spree
  60. 'Florida Police Cracking Down on Loud Booming Music In Cars "
  61. " Doctors Relieve Swelling in Giffords' Brain."
  62. Alleged Shooter in Gabrielle Giffords Attack, Described as "Left-Wing Pothead"
  63. Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funeral of 9-Year-Old Tucson Shooting Victim
  64. Boortz Schools CNN
  65. Who Said This: "If They Bring A Knife To The Fight, We Bring A Gun."
  66. The Real Reason The left Wants To Take Our Guns
  67. The Fornication Lamp Is Lit
  68. Michelle Malkin: The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010
  69. Conservatives=Violent/Liberals=Non-Violence And Peace...erm
  70. Can you be against Big Government and also for Communism? + How Church might Save Us.
  71. If something happens to my governor....
  72. Strange Addiction Problem
  73. Opinions of Andrew Jackson?
  74. Tucson shooting suspect held without bail (with just released mugshot)
  75. Famous people you'd never expect to be Conservative and/or Republican
  76. I Got A Weird E-Mail Today
  77. "Chinese Judge 'Kidnaps' American Businessman Over Contract Dispute !"
  78. Why Is The Solar Corona at 1 million˚C, 200 times Hotter than the Surface .
  79. "No SALT With YOU :"China says no to Nuclear Strategic Security Talks with U.S."
  80. The charlatans' response to the Tucson tragedy
  81. Christina Taylor Greene
  82. Dueling
  83. Civil War Myths
  84. Giffords's Outlook Improves .
  85. An Open Letter To Pima County Sheriff Dupnik
  86. Young people crave self-esteem above sex: study
  87. Leftist Hypocrisy: The Why
  88. Bodies Doubled Up At Cook County Morgue
  89. can anyone explain why the health industry..
  90. "Gay Sting Nets Police Chief !"
  91. Pay attention everyone!
  92. Leftists Try To Manufacture A Connection Between Lougner And GOP
  93. Jared Loughner’s Former Girlfriend Says He’s “Faking” Insanity
  94. NJ School Teachers attend Planned Parenthood Conf., learn about using "butt plugs" .
  95. "Living Under Etna With Visions Of Vesuvius !"
  96. Civil Rights Game
  97. Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour
  98. " Mexican Gunmen Fire Across The Border at U.S. Highway Workers "
  99. Follow the Money
  100. Flashback: Harry Reid also against Raising Debt Ceiling
  101. Some Targets of Righthaven Lawsuits Are Fighting Back
  102. Sharks Spotted Swimming Through Flood-Hit Streets of Australian Town
  103. canada is funny
  104. " Back When America Was Younger and Virile !"
  105. "Wild Lincoln Bus Brawl Caught On Camera."
  106. Violence And The Tea Parties
  107. Sleepwalker is Cleared of Raping Teenage Girl
  108. Freedom of Choice
  109. Quinnipiac Poll: Liberal Rhetoric Worse Than Conservative Rhetoric
  110. Spanish University Bows to 'Progressives' and Cancels Catholic Worship
  111. "When You Care Enough To Give The Very Best !"
  112. Trump for President?
  113. Amtrak train strikes jogger listening to music
  114. " Israel: More AIP Submarines‎ For The IDF !"
  115. "Venezuela Slams Colombia Soap With Dog Named 'Little Hugo'"
  116. Royal Marshall | Boortz radio show producer dies
  117. Entertainment center / stereo racks?
  118. A question for Atheists
  119. Bill O'Reilly to interview Obama
  120. Reagan Son Claims Dad Had Alzheimer's as President
  121. Lock Bumping
  122. Reagan historian Shirley disputes Reagan son's Alzheimer's speculation
  123. While Known for Being Forgetful, Reagan Was Mentally Sound in Office, Doctors Say
  124. Ronald Reagan's Final Address
  125. the ultimate power chair???
  126. " Birmingham: A Stranger In Her Own Land ."
  127. Report: First two years of college show small gains
  128. Evidence Emerges That Laws of Physics Are Not Fine-Tuned For Life
  129. Your children and their political beliefs
  130. Naked Tourist Blocks Traffic, Gets Shot With Taser
  131. " Synthetic Cocaine Sold As 'Bath Salts' In Orlando Area."
  132. " Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Aka 'Little Boots')Tomb Found ."
  133. "No Room At The Christian Inn !"
  134. How powerful is the NRA?
  135. "Norway : Metal Fume Fever Likely Cause Of Solders Sickness !"
  136. Should NPR's Daisy Hernandez Be Fired?
  137. Schoolgirl's rickets blamed on sunscreen
  138. Cops: Teen Thieves Snorted Cremated Remains
  139. The Rich Aren’t Like You and Me…They’re worse.
  140. Funny postcard by TR to the Senate
  141. Why are the New Left obsessed with race?
  142. "New Taser Takes Down Charging Moose, Angry Bear "
  143. "I Should Have Had An F-22 "
  144. Five Myths About Why the South Seceded
  145. China: U.S. No. 1 No More....China's Ambitions Are Not Modest
  146. Abducted Child Reunited with Parents 23 years later
  147. global warming strikes again
  148. Closest To An Unanimous Presidential Victory?
  149. EPA vs. State of TEXAS.....Guess who will win
  150. The sexual cost of female success
  151. Another Question To Our Liberal Friends
  152. Beer-Dispensing System Will End Ballpark Lines
  153. " Thomas Day: A Black Master Craftsman, With Slaves "
  154. Origins of the Riverdance
  155. Black Gettysburg
  156. " Israeli Air Force Offers Favored Nations 767 Tanker Fly In Service Stations "
  157. State Bankruptcies?
  158. "Are You Ready ?"
  159. "French Foreign Minister Attacked by Palestinians in Gaza !"
  160. Study: Many college students not learning to think critically
  161. anyone else ever had a...
  162. Facebook increasingly implicated in divorce
  163. A Pox on Me
  164. Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate
  165. Documentary about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
  166. Olbermann gets his walking papers....
  167. Keith Olbermann Joins Fox News
  168. Homosexuality is a sickness
  169. When Science Goes Mad
  170. Apocalypse Not
  171. "When You 'Gotta Go Bad' !"
  172. What's a Bigger Draw Than a Camel Fight? A Camel Beauty Contest, of Course
  173. 'Gay lessons' in maths, geography and science
  174. Jury Acquits Widow (pa)
  175. "Muslims in Italy: To stop Us Killing You Convert to Islam! !"
  176. ChinkPlinker plays insulting Anti American selection at WH
  177. "Afghan Style Police Drones Over Texas ."
  178. NBC's new legal drama: Harry's Law
  179. N.Korea Holds Public Execution Over S.Korean Propaganda
  180. "Hands Up, These Boobs Are Loaded !"
  181. "Genetically-Modified Crops ...Avert Global Crisis ."
  182. Herman Cain Owns Bill Clinton On Healthcare
  183. Intelligence Squared Debate: Repeal Obamacare
  184. Super Bowl Security on Display in Arlington
  185. Where Did the Stimulus Go?
  186. Crematorium Heats Swimming Pool
  187. " Bad Bird Busted in Colombia ."
  188. " Brooklyn Man Crushed Making Tortillas."
  189. anyone else notice the common theme here?
  190. Newsweek Does It Again
  191. Woman Hangs 'Devil Dog' From Tree After it Chewed Bible...
  192. Fox News hires Keith Olberman!!!
  193. Cash-Strapped Bergen, N.J. To Fight Snow With ‘Pickle Juice’
  194. "Muslim Brotherhood Riots In Egypt,About to Overthrow Mubarak's Government."
  195. Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized After Serious Fall at Sydney Concert
  196. Why is Socialism, Communism, Leftism, ect. unacceptable to you? (if it is)
  197. Kucinich sues over a sandwich
  198. " Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:Sam Marries Gypsy Pat In A Huge Illuminated Wedding Dress."
  199. Grand Jury Report -- Philadelphia Abortionist Kermit B. Gosnell Indictment
  200. The Army is mobilizing — in a 21st-century kind of way.
  201. " Mutant Mosquitoes: Malaysia Releases Sterile Males to Compete with the Wild Males
  202. Drug Catapult Discovered at the Mexican Border (Surveillance Video)
  203. " Arguing With Your Wife is Now Domestic Violence .".
  204. "Will The new Muslim Imam Welcome Gays Into His Congregation ?"
  205. "Killing The Crows and Magpies To Save The Dawn Chorus !"
  206. Lightning and fire: Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years .
  207. "Barbaric Taliban Stoning Couple to Death For Adultery..VIDEO.."
  208. "VX Nerve Agent Missing From Dugway Army Facility in Utah
  209. Gun Control does not mean Crime Reduction
  210. Hot flashes, night sweats may reduce breast cancer risk
  211. BBC, AL JAZEERA Reporters Attacked; CNN Cameras Confiscated, Broken...
  212. Wayne superintendent's $1M retirement package creates storm
  213. "Egyptian Police Members Remove Uniforms -- Join Rioters!"
  214. Anti-Communist bunny banned in China..video..
  215. Huge anti-government protest in Albania...
  216. Meager Toolbox of the Far Left
  217. Companies fined for not doing government's job
  218. Cagefighter Knocks Out Car Thief With Suplex Hold
  219. Israeli Embassy Staff Evacuated
  220. Amy Henslee murder
  221. "Saudi King Abdullah called Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and "was reassured""
  222. "Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud warns S. Arabia of Apocalypse."
  223. Detroit Cops React to Release of Graphic Video From Station Shooting
  224. Man Gets Leg Up on Would-Be Burglar
  225. " Rutgers University Policy Bars Jewish Students Wearing Kippas (Skull Caps)"
  226. British Anglicans Preparing Mass Defection to Roman Catholic Church
  227. Iran Condemns Two to Death Over Porn Sites
  228. Corrections Officer Killed in Washington State
  229. Rioting in Egypt Continues
  230. Chuck Schumer Needs A Civics Lesson
  231. Canada gets first, bitter dose of 'metered Internet'...
  232. "Mubarak Gets a Bullet in The Back From Uncle Sam."
  233. Muslim Brotherhood Wants War With Israel
  234. "Now It's Syria Turn:Protests Set for Feb. 5: 'Day of Rage' Mirror Egypt and Tunisia"
  235. Comparing 1979 to 2011 Images Gives Clues to Egypt's Future
  236. DA: Wife Killed Husband After Finding Hickey...
  237. Reagan/Obama Time Mag Cover
  238. Terrorists Use Egypt Situation to Return to Gaza
  239. Mid-East Contagion Fears for Saudi oil fields
  240. "Biggest Cyclones in Its History Headed For Australia !"
  241. Bill would require all S.D. citizens to buy a gun
  242. " Egypt revolt is 'Step Towards an all Islamic Middle East'."
  243. "Israel IDF Seals Egyptian Border To Prevent Terrorists Infiltration From Sinai."
  244. Netanyahu Fears Islamist Takeover in Egypt
  245. Yemeni Muslims Kidnap Jewish Child
  246. America and the Middle East Food Riots
  247. U.S. 'Held Secret Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood'
  248. "Idiot DEA Agent Shoots Himself In The Foot Sues DEA "
  249. "More PC Liberal Foolishness:Spitball Gets School Kid Charged With Assault."
  250. A Scene of Violent Chaos in Cairo