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  1. Ill. lawmaker says raising obese kids should cost parents at tax time
  2. Planned Parenthood Request Denied
  3. " Arizona SWAT Blows Away Wrong Marine with Seventy One Rounds!
  4. What to do about Amnesty?
  5. " Spanish Retribution: Mother Sets 13 year old Daughter’s Gloating Rapist on Fire "
  6. "More On SWAT From Pima County Sheriff's Department"
  7. Bertha Lewis Sings - Walmart Sucks!
  8. ACLU Sues Illinois for Not Changing Gender on Birth Records for Transsexuals
  9. No explanation for 'outbreak of insanity' on planes
  10. Woman found alive after seven weeks in Nevada had 'blindly followed GPS'
  11. Security tightened around SEALs Team 6, families...
  12. Someone Please Educate Me
  13. Louisiana Flag Burning Event
  14. Hormones in Milk: They Do a Body Good
  15. The Photopic Sky Survey - SUPER COOL :)
  16. Canadian Forces can't redeploy overseas for a year due to Afghan pullout
  17. Donald Trump, Street Fighting Man
  18. Shocking excerpts from Tucson AZ school board meeting
  19. Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home
  20. Tax Refund thread...
  21. Top 10 US States That Receive the Most Food Stamps
  22. Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill Delayed by Walkout
  23. " State of Pennsylvania's DEQ letter to Mr. DeVries:"
  24. The Mysterious Mr. O
  25. "A Big Whine from Big Oil"
  26. Boozy SF Footrace Attempts Dry Run for Centennial
  27. Disturbing Avatars
  28. " Dozens of casualties in shooting incident in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights - Israe
  29. Protesters try to breach Israeli border on 3 fronts...
  30. Hamas PM: Pray for an end to Israel... v
  31. Israel opens fire across border with Lebanon...
  32. " Red-Faced:Heinz Ketsup Comes BOTTOM in Taste Tests !"
  33. Liberals Really Know How To Politicize Everything
  34. Exoskeleton lets UC Berkeley grad take a huge step
  35. Drudge Report more powerful in driving news Then Facebook
  36. The Region: A taste of the future
  37. 'Extreme Makeover' family in Oregon finds mother under 'medical child abuse' scrutiny
  38. Heaven is a 'fairy story', says Stephen Hawking
  39. Cure for Cancer
  40. " 'A Day Without Yesterday': Monsignor Georges Lemaître & the Big Bang "
  41. Subject: VA and Concealed Carry .
  42. Iran Sends "Solidarity" Flotilla to Bahrain-
  43. The Creation Museum
  44. Mopping up the raw-milk mob
  45. Jerry Lewis Retiring From MDA Telethon In September
  46. Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun
  47. LED blubs and the death of the lightblub
  48. Planking death - a special kind of retarded
  49. Some ob-gyns in South Florida turn away overweight women
  50. Okay, so Earth IS rare … and who predicted that?
  51. Junk DNA and the Darwinist Response so Far
  52. University Insiders: Illegal Immigrants Get Affirmative Action
  53. With Obama, Looks Can Be Deceiving
  54. About Those Oil Subsidies
  55. Just Who is Gouging Us on Gasoline?
  56. Obama's War on Oil
  57. Feds Sue STARBUCKS for Firing Dwarf...
  58. " Saudi Arabian Woman Faces Hate Crime Charge after Spitting Incident "
  59. French News Sites Describe Breast Size of Strauss-Kahn’s Rape Accuser
  60. Is The Invasion Of Israel Imminent?
  61. Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes (his aquaintance)
  62. " IS The French IMF Chief's Sexual-Assault Victim HIV Positive ?"
  63. Houston Chain Saw Beheading Suspect Denies Killing Best Friend
  64. Deadly Horse Virus Shutting Down Shows Nationwide
  65. Guys got it made? Think again, say advocates
  66. " A majority of French believe DSK is the victim of a plot. "
  67. Man filmed women, girls in STARBUCKS bathroom using camera disguised as coat hook...
  68. A Former Opponent of the Death Penalty Now Favors Hanging - by the Penis
  69. China’s exploding watermelon scandal
  70. Air Force One Executes Missed Approach in Connecticut with President Obama On Board
  71. Class vs Narcissism
  72. Is Your Religion Your Financial Destiny?
  73. France's Fury at Lynching' of Strauss-Kahn after rape charge
  74. How Not to Write Satire
  75. Driver Cited with DUI After Driving Off an Unfinished Bridge
  76. Respect Pak Sovereignty, China tells US
  77. Suit Fuels Racial Tensions at East Falls School
  78. Species Extinction Rates Grossly Overestimated, Scientists Say
  79. Number of long-lasting marriages in U.S. has risen, Census Bureau reports
  80. Christian VP Chosen for Muslim Brotherhood's Party
  81. United States a Dying Empire: Civil Rights Activist Hopes for American Revolution"
  82. CHEATERS: DC Teachers help students beat standardized tests...
  83. To the people of Israel
  84. Kindle books officially take over print sales at Amazon
  85. Obama and Netanyahu
  86. " Roman Catholic Priest Set on Fire During Mass..."
  87. What Netanyahu Did Today
  88. What Should Netanyahu Say?
  89. Give Me Osama, I'll Give you the Jews
  90. Man attacked by pit bulls in Kirkland park(graphic)
  91. World's 10 Most Bizarre Judges; I.P.: Florentino Floro; Element 115
  92. Militants storm Pakistan naval air base...
  93. Red Chinese move towards their first Carrier Strike Group
  94. Pakistan turns to China for naval base
  95. Time for America to Roll Back Its Borders
  96. Videos: Honoring wounded warriors in Las Vegas
  97. "TSA Patdowns At Santa Fe Prom..video"
  98. Proposed program has homeless working off fines
  99. " Man rescues pet dog from the jaws of alligator by punching the beast in the head
  100. How the world loves our President.
  101. Obama's "Beast" comes a cropper in Dublin
  102. A Nation In Crisis...and Obama Takes Another Trip
  103. Justice Scalia:'Terrible Things are Sure to Happen'...
  104. Indian Firms look to the U.S. for Cheap Labour
  105. Obama Admin. To Force States To Fund Abortions
  106. Strauss-Kahn's DNA Found on Maid's Shirt...
  107. "7:00 PM Live Thread! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu At Aipac
  108. GE Joins Intel to Advise Obama as Overseas Holdings Expand
  109. Germany To Tell EU ‘We’re Out!’
  110. ....France: Let Us Jail DSK....
  111. Explosion, Fire Erupt At Iran Oil Refinery As Ahmadinejad Visits
  112. Local Stations Dropping PBS
  113. 'Glorious Mission'
  114. Strauss-Kahn's Pals Bid to Pay Off Woman's Kin [in rural Africa]
  115. Netanyahu's Address to the full Congress
  116. " Why Do Ashkenazi Jews Live So Long ?"
  117. 'Headless' body washes up 100 miles from 'Craigslist ripper' scene
  118. 24 May 2008
  119. "Real America Is With Israel:"Applause heard in White House, around world
  120. "This Story of An Injustice That Refuses to Go Away "
  121. Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard
  122. " Casino Infested With Fleas, Employees Forced to Wear Flea Collars..."
  123. " Scientists: lithium for public water supplies to curb Manic depression, Suicides.".
  124. Facebook page calls for beating Saudi women drivers
  125. Dentist arrested for assaulting 85-year-old patient in fight over woman's dentures...
  126. Report finds Obama Policies to blame for high energy prices.
  127. Creeping anti-Semitism in the New York Times
  128. Circumcision Saved My Life
  129. Obese fetus? Let mom pop a pill, doc says
  130. New details in the Pima Co SWAT killing of US Marine Jose Guerena
  131. " DHS To Store Air Passenger Personal Data For 15 Years."
  132. WBC going to Joplin
  133. New Study Finds Shariah Law Involved in Court Cases in 23 States
  134. New Jersey School and ACLU Compromise on Graduation at Christian-Owned Site
  135. Betraying Israel
  136. " $1,000 Trash Cans Stolen From Pittsburgh Streets..."
  137. Medvedev Uncorks a Stunner on U.S. Missile Defense Shield
  138. Judge orders VA cemetery to allow Jesus (in Memorial Day prayer)
  139. " More Stolen Metal "
  140. " Epstein Cops a Plea: Pleads Guilty in Incest Case For Diddling His own Daughter !"
  141. The Left's Dirty Little Secret
  142. "More 'Scrappers':Copper strippers possibly posing as road crews darken DC...
  143. Casey Anthony Boasted About Lying Skills, Testifies Witness
  144. Air France Jet Crashed Nose-Up after 4 minute Ordeal
  145. " The 'Killer Cucumber' Revenge of the Spanish "
  146. " Burglar is Freed after U.K Judge Rules Prison Breached his 'Human Rights' "
  147. Leader of Blue Angels Quits After Jets Flew Too Low at Recent Air Show
  148. Rolling Thunder to Keep Focus on Troops Despite Palin's Appearance
  149. The Five Stages of Islam
  150. Arab oil faces higher ‘break-even’ price
  151. Palin posts her Rolling thunder pics.
  152. R. L. Dabney on Infralapsarianism and Supralapsarianism
  153. Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai
  154. The Automated President
  155. "Welcome To Obamas 'War Zone' America "
  156. Woman arrested with trashcan full of human body parts...
  157. " Thanks To Obama’s Policies "
  158. Should We Cheer Osama’s Death?
  159. "The Israel Navy Prepared to Board Turkish Flotilla Ships if They Don't Stop' "
  160. Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis
  161. CBS producer: Palin’s Creating a Dangerous Traffic Situation by Making us Follow Her
  162. UK: Third of Rapists and Killers 'Are Foreign' (Police Data Re Immigrant Crimes)
  163. " Why Far Left Progressives Never Learn ."
  164. States seek ban on airport screens
  165. Spanish cucumbers not to blame for German E.Coli outbreak
  166. Dodgers Fan Drops Daughter to Catch Foul Ball...
  167. " The height of idiocy:Two F-16s scrambled because of a fistfight over a seat "
  168. Twitter Wreaks Havoc with Britain’s Ornate Secrecy Laws
  170. " Alarm Spreads as E. Coli Cases Rise Sharply In Northern Germany "
  171. Idiocy In The NJ Family Court System
  172. "New" Obama Cert of Live Birth a Forgery?
  173. SEIU says Citizens Should Have No Say in Taxes.
  174. TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda
  175. Superbug Spreads
  176. " Chinese Kid Sells Kidney to Buy iPad2 and Cell Phone.."
  177. "Woman Falls On NYC Subway Tracks Cut In Half "
  178. " French Rafale Jet is flying Around With An Untested Nuke"
  179. Police Cite Patriot Act, Detain Man For Taking Pictures At Rail Station...
  180. Army Tests Smartphones for Combat...
  181. Enough accessible hydrocarbons to last for centuries, if not millennia, to come.
  182. VIDEO: Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation...
  183. Did a pork-coated bullet kill Bin Laden?
  184. “Jesus: A prophet of Islam”
  185. On National Donut Day, Americans Urged to Protest Government Intrusion
  186. MI6 hacks Al Qaeda website: replaces bomb making recipes with..
  187. Rabid Beavers On Rampage In Philly...
  188. "Palin Chasing Reporter Forced 'to 'Pee' on the Side of the Highway'.."
  189. Would you choose a centrist over a liberal?
  190. Fire Captain Charged After Ramming Police Car...
  191. Officer struck by lightning, dies while helping tornado cleanup in Joplin...
  192. 11-year-old girl falls off Ferris wheel to death...
  193. Appeals Court LIfts Ban on Texas Graduation Prayer
  194. " Bank tried to foreclose on their home.Now,family is foreclosing on the bank! "
  195. Palin turns reporters into shills
  196. Barber Arrested For Biting Customer's Ear In Half
  197. Obama: Bo Ate My Birth Certificate
  198. America's Nanny Dog
  199. Walter Williams: Up From the Projects
  200. Can't Have Small Government When Big Weiners Are In Charge
  201. America's Long Slide from 9/11 to Crown Beach
  202. Hundreds protest in Vietnam against China amid sea row
  203. "Israel Under Increasing Arab Pressure "
  204. Three Arrested, Accused of Illegally Feeding Homeless...
  205. " Is My Little Bed Bug Blue Tonight "..The Bed Bug Blues
  206. Malaysia 'Obedient Wives' club: Good sex is a duty
  207. Tennessee Trumps Wisconsin: Kills Teacher Collective Bargaining. Dead.
  208. Tests To Confirm If German Organic Farm 'Behind E.coli Outbreak
  209. Ft Hancock Texas, Fear on the Border
  210. No Opt-Out For Opponents Of Gays In The Military
  211. German farmer denies E.coli link to farm's bean sprouts
  212. "Potential Chinese Catastrophy :"Giant Chinese Dam May Cause Earth to Move .
  213. China's Drought: A Game Changer ?
  214. Palestinian who slaughtered Fogel family has no regrets
  215. Charter school may exit union
  216. " Strauss-Kahn Arrives in Court Greeted by Dozens of Protesting Maids "
  217. Traditional marriage supporter hit on head with beer bottle, banner ripped to shreds
  218. Syrian opposition: Anti-Israel rioters paid $1,000
  219. Women Steal 380 Grave Markers From Veteran's Headstones...
  220. Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression
  221. Iran sends submarines to Red Sea...
  222. USA has record $61.6 TRILLION in unfunded obligations; $534,000 per household..
  223. "2,000 elderly British CruiseShip Passengers Seven-Hour Security 'Revenge' Nightmare
  224. Man sentenced to 30 years for stabbing church music director -- 92 times...
  225. OK - Just What Is the Ryan Medicare Plan?
  226. Why Weiner's Scandal Matters
  227. Was the Great Society good in ideals?
  228. Officer 'Crushed Eyewitness's Phone and held Gun to his Head as he recorded Shootout
  229. " When the Huma's away, The Weiner will play."
  230. (Democrat) Congressman Launches Inquiry into Cost of Sarah Palin's Tour
  231. How Delta supports the troops…by nickle-and-diming them on bag fees
  232. Government tax revenue growing in 2011
  233. This whole Weiner situation...?
  234. What, me worry? Young adults get self-esteem boost from debt
  235. U.S. Adults Overestimate Homosexual Population by As Much As Tenfold
  236. Man Faces Lawsuit for Billboard on Girlfriend’s Abortion
  237. Man kills dad, blames Red Bull, found not guilty by reason of insanity...
  238. Top 10 shocking things in Ann Coulter’s book ‘Demonic’ that will drive liberals crazy
  239. Black Blizzard
  240. Anthony Weiner's Wife is Pregnant
  241. Miami PD really screwed up.
  242. Dead Bodies Demand Organic Food Moratorium
  243. " Texas You're Killing Our Tourism, Ignore Our Drug War Murders,Mexico Is Safe "
  244. FCC chairman agrees to strike Fairness Doctrine from rulebooks
  245. A Time for Choosing, aka The Speech
  246. " Has Chris Matthews Lost his Little Mind? "
  247. " Queerly Beloved :" Parents can’t opt kids out of pro-homosexual curriculum
  248. The Erosion of European Jewry
  249. Will there ever be another Renaissance?
  250. Can We Call Them Commies Now?