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  1. States Have The Right To Secede? Zogby Poll.
  2. "The Peoples Socialistic Republic Short Changes Little School Kids !"
  3. Dobson's "Focus on the Family" to be in Radio Hall of Fame; gays throw a tantrum
  4. Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up
  5. Mother Watches in Horror as Cops Shoot Family Pet, Mace Baby
  6. "That bastion Of Racial Sensitivity Outdoes Itself Once Again !"
  7. Two Muslim women sue McDonalds for not hiring them over Islamic attire
  8. "Fags Are US :This Makes The Gay Day Parade In San Francisco Look Tame !"
  9. "Iranian Half_Wit Predicts $500 Barrel Oil if Attacked !"
  10. "Pennsylvania Will Be The Next Gay Wedding State !Too Many New Yorkers Retire To Penn
  11. Semper Fidalis : Always Faithful,Not Just The U.S. Marines !
  12. "Don't Pay Any Attention To That Light Mist In The Air It's merely Dust and Moisture
  13. Putting Money Where Mouths Are: Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1
  14. "Environmental Activists And The MotherLode Of Exaggerations :"
  15. One Toke over the Line..Lawrence Welk???
  16. Debate on oil speculators hits new pitch,Oil $122.50 a barrel on Friday.
  17. A Step Back From Enviro Lunacy . Drill now! Nuke the Caribou!
  18. "They Should Call Them United States Constitution Free Zones !"
  19. IDF kills Hamas member ,Hamas: Our response will be painful !
  20. "Here We Go Again,It Ain't Necessarily So To Acording To PBS !"
  21. Eye on the dragon, "The Art of War." -(chicom anti-carrier missile - DF-21)
  22. Brazilian Grooming Trend Popular With Young Girls , Spa Waxing
  23. Man opens fire inside West Knoxville church Sunday morning.; at least six people shot
  24. To Respond to a Threat at a Moment's Notice in Any area Where Jews Reside !"
  25. Drunken passengers attempted to open a cabin door. force flight to land in Germany
  26. Believe Me, It’s Torture
  27. Dannevirke brothel which equates gay men with paedophiles sparks homophobia row !
  28. "If You Go To The Chinese Olympics Be Sure To Bring A Spare Set Of Lungs !"
  29. A Cycling Thread I think you all will love
  30. One Night In Baghdad...
  31. All forms of print publishing must contend with the digital transition
  32. Israel pardons murderer of Florida teen Senior terrorists granted full amnesty
  33. Obama leads McCain by 46 points among homosexual voters
  34. A Lawsuit a Day Keeps the Leftist at Bay Mike S. Adams
  35. Muslim terrorist executed in Israel be be buried carefully wrapped in pigskins.
  36. "Protesters used urine and feces filled balloons to throw at police !"
  37. Spitting on soldiers: recent anti-American demonstration in Santa Barbara
  38. "More than We have Imported From the Persian Gulf in the last 15 years !''
  39. "Americas Greatest Scandal,How It Doesn't Educate Its Children !
  40. [Louisiana] State Senator Arrested in Battery, Theft ,Federal Corruption Charges .
  41. Columnist Robert Novak diagnosed with brain tumor
  42. "Angelina Jolie's Daddy Has 'Concerns For America' !"
  43. "Them Odd/Queer/Strange Critters Are All Stirred Up Again About Getting Hitched !"
  44. "Hose Horrid Hippies Hoards Holding Happy Hillbilly Ho-Down !"
  45. "Them Saudi Arabs Won't Play FootBall For Switzerland Team . "
  46. New York Jihad Birthday Invitations Warn of Terror Threat In Lower Manhattan
  47. "This Chinese Smog Is Like London's 'Pea Soup' Fogs Of Sherlock Holms Days !"
  48. Mr T's Snickers ad deemed offensive to homosexuals
  49. Al-Qaida commander Abu Yahia al-Libi urges killing of Saudi King Abdullah
  50. Infant in Freezer For 21 Years parents have refused to sign a death certificate
  51. Holy Smokes Take A Look At This Creature From Hell !
  52. "Whoa, How About The Sumo Wrestlers they all Go At Least three hundred pounds ?"
  53. Federal judge upholds guns-at-work law (Florida)
  54. Nancy Pelosi vs. Rush Limbaugh
  55. IDF starts using new laser system near Gaza,Called the Laser Air Defense System (LADS
  56. Random thoughts
  57. "And We Allow These Swine To Teach Our Kids,What a Country !"
  58. He Asserted That it Was More evil to Own a Gun Than to Have an Abortion.
  59. How Democrats view autism
  60. BP 2Q profits soar; battle for TNK-BP persists
  61. California Resists Home School Ruling
  62. Obama campaign LEAKED his "prayer" at the Wall to the press.
  63. Meh. 5.8 - It's Nothing
  64. Earthquake Moments Ago Glendale/Los Angeles Area 4.5 to 4.5 in strength
  65. "Them San Francisco Queers Are Playing Hardball With Freedom Of Religion !"
  66. "You're All Aware Of Ta Stupid,Move Over For The Stupendously Stupid !"
  67. "If They Let The U.N. Dictate To Them It's All Over For American Law And Freedom !"
  68. The suit contends that defining a semiautomatic pistol as a machine gun.
  69. E-mail from Afghanistan on Obama
  70. Southern U.S. town proud of its mandatory gun law
  71. U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage
  72. Oh this will be much fun:
  73. Government Appeals Military Judge’s Decision to Dismiss Charges Against LtC Chessani
  74. REL: What Is The Nature of Christian Humility?
  75. US considers deploying missile defense radar to Israel
  76. Woman Passenger Found Dead In Delta Aircraft Restroom
  77. "The State Department is chopping off a piece of Alaska Giving It To Russia"
  78. "Ronald McDonald Turns Queer, Found In A Nude Homosex-Fest!"
  79. "What A Great Dad He Will Make. He See's A Skinned Rabbit or Pigeon Not A Child !"
  80. "Here at Last is Some Great News, The Iranians Should Hold Their Collective Breath's
  81. "What A Great Way To Get Rid Of The San Francisco Gay Lefties !"
  82. Obama's staff ALREADY planning for his transition to the White House.
  83. Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet
  84. "The Old Cow Pee In The Peppers Trick ,Salmonella Traced to Mexican Farm"
  85. "No Kitty's in Saudi Arabia ,Saudi Religious Police Ban Pet Cats And Dogs ."
  86. Gitmo Terrorists Have It Better Than Ramos And Compean(VIDEO UPDATE)
  87. Leaked: Beijing Opening Ceremony (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)
  88. "Obama claims kinship with Wild Bill And Wild Dick Cheney!"
  89. Alabama Boy Gets Death Threats for Hunting 1,000-Pound ‘Monster Pig’
  90. Oh Joy Same Sex Couple Gives Birth to Sibling Twin Sets on Same Day
  91. Mexicans working in US sending less money home
  92. Bush quietly signs mortgage relief measure
  93. Bear with Jar on It's head shot in Busy Town in Northern Minnesota
  94. House passes bill to regulate tobacco
  95. Transsexual fights city of Cleveland over pool locker room
  96. "They've Gotten an Earful From Voters Who Demand Real Solutions."
  97. Episode 27 - Steve Jobs Kills Gator
  98. Some Very Strange Web Sites
  99. The List: The World’s Worst Olympians
  100. Iraqi Interior Minister Visits, Thanks Wounded Troops at Walter Reed
  101. A Baby Daddy For Both Americas
  102. A PETITION for The Impeachment of Senator Barack Obama
  103. Obama’s War?
  104. SWAT Team Raids Berwyn Heights Mayor's Home, Kill His 2 Dogs
  105. Objectivism and the American sense of life
  106. "They Saw the Attacker "Cutting the Guy's Head Off and Gutting Him."
  107. I am livid with what my ex is trying to do
  108. The grand jury also charged Kelly's mother with homicide
  109. "Arnie Tell Me About The School Teachers Union Pay Cuts,They Make The Most ?"
  110. Why is this legal????
  111. "None Will Ever Call This Bird Slick Barry, Maybe Barry The Dope !"
  112. Preacher killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say
  113. MIT claims 24/7 solar power At Almost 100-percent Efficiency.
  114. "Aw China Is Mad At Us Again,They Promised To Respect Human Rights But ?"
  115. President Bush makes unexpected stop to wish 91-year-old a "Happy Birthday"
  116. Liz Taylor 'is put on life support after heart failure'
  117. A federal judge in San Diego says Cross Stays on Mountain .
  118. “Pre Bombing Investigation” Techniques Check Their Skivvies !"
  119. “Why would we want to get off that issue and go to anything else?”
  120. “I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.”
  121. Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border
  122. Video: Dems won’t act even at $10 per gallon watch Democrat Congress evaporate
  123. His Rescue Was Hindered Because His Flesh Had Melded With the Metal on The Pole
  124. The Story Behind Kennedy’s Surgery
  125. Pakistan: More Rumors of Al-Zawahiri's Death
  126. Poll: Evolution, Creationism or ID?
  127. The dismembered body of a 17-year-old British girl has been found in a suitcase
  128. Andrade confronted Zapata when she got back. He grabbed Zapata’s crotch area
  129. A Little Something for the Darth Admin
  130. VIDEO: Chaos Aboard New Zealand Cruise Ship
  131. Georgia Power Asks Regulators to Approve Nuclear Power Units
  132. U.S. sub leaked radioactive water, possibly for months
  133. "Rap On With SchoolHouse Rock, Learn Particle Physics in 4 Minutes ."
  134. It's Boom Time for Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Despite a Ban on Drilling in Many Areas
  135. Hawaii man accused of helping China to design a stealth cruise missile .
  136. (Hell) Fire Breaks Out at Westboro Baptist Church
  137. Big Oil's biggest quarter ever: $51.5B in all
  138. "Generation Kill" on HBO
  139. Springfield paper refuses Coulter Column
  140. Medicare fraud rampant in South Florida,to Buy Crack Cocaine.
  141. Poll finds most Florida voters are in favor of offshore drilling
  142. "I am an offended gay American N.Y. college English teacher"
  143. Transgender Protections Law Trigger Backlash, Referendum
  144. Report: Ice avalanche kills 11 climbers on Pakistan's 28,250 foot K-2
  145. Amazon Wipes Out Bad Book Reviews On Pelosi's Book
  146. the Reaper carries four Hellfires and two 500-pound GBU-12 laser guided bombers.
  147. NeoCon Stupidity
  148. Greens are frantic over opposition to the great hoax of global warmings !
  149. The best "W" trailer EVAR!!!111!!11!1one!!
  150. "If You Go To China Expect Your Laptop Data To Be Copied And Stolen !"
  151. Medellin set to die for 1993 rape-strangulation of two teenage Houston girls
  152. "Another Canadian Foot ,Is there's a connection to the five feet Found ?"
  153. "Rotted Pizza" Theory Debunked In Tot's Disappearance.
  154. "A New Mexian Drug Mafia hit in Los Angeles County "
  155. "Wishful Thinking in Beijing,Smog,Fog And Smoke Returns with A Vengeance !"
  156. "School Unions Strike Again :Union Demands City Stop Saving Money"
  157. The Arrogance of Uneducated liberals
  158. "Too Fat To Safely Execute,Tell Them To Use An Enema Bag Filled with the drugs !"
  159. My new favorite website! Free criminal records check!
  160. Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow a vote,Call Congress Back - Sign the Petition
  161. Nancy Pelosi Is Drilled On Her Refusal Of Offshore Drilling
  162. "Florida Liberal MoonBat calls 911 after Subway left sauce off sandwich"
  163. Novak, prognosis 'dire,' retires
  164. DNC video's Kennedy’s tribute to air at the Democratic National Convention
  165. Thanks Nancy :JetBlue to charge $7 for pillow, blanket kit
  166. Lethal Smog 26 Times As Dense As The Average Sydney Day
  167. New York Trooper, Canadian Driver Electrocuted During Flat-Tire Fix
  168. Ohio officer acquitted of killing mom holding baby
  169. Alaska Sues U.S. Over 'Threatened' Polar Bear Status
  170. Obama's "Not Released" List
  171. SENSA: The New Diet
  172. Getting harder to get into jail
  173. "Portal To Hades Opens In California's Ventura County !"
  174. Stay At Home Wives - No Job, No Kids
  175. The Unavoidable Issue
  176. Federal Agent Shot, Killed Outside PEMBROKE PINES Florida Post Office
  177. US set to execute Mexican in defiance of international court
  178. Black Americans make up 45% of new HIV cases....
  179. Obesity and success in the business world
  180. Chinese immigrant cannibalized victum in bus beheading And dined on victim
  181. Feds start 'self-deportation' program!
  182. Neocons vs. Paleocons?
  183. Should obesity qualify for handicapped parking?
  184. 'Cycled For his Life,' With a Moose on The Lose at His Heels
  185. Fiend had 'sex with 400 cows',Left Cookie Clues
  186. UK:PC Prison 'too harsh’ on inmates, says report
  187. The makers of "Slightest Touch" say Orgasms 'at the touch of a button'
  188. Mexican Soldiers hold Arizona Border patrol agent at gunpoint
  189. Mr. Obama, Welcome to the NFL
  190. Bali bombers Amrozi, Samudra and Ghufron request beheadings
  191. Govt. ran health care at it's best (UK)
  192. The Beijing Political Olympics: Students for Free Tibet Deported
  193. Twenty-six teenage Texas cheerleaders rescued from crammed elevator
  194. Censoring the Bible? It Could Happen in COLORADO
  195. Winning the War
  196. A Couple's Request For a Late-Term Abortion, Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain at 20 Weeks
  197. New Yorkers feel the pinch, favor of a so-called "millionaire's tax."
  198. "It's a Life Style Choice Stupid Not a Gene ! "
  199. Moscow submitted a claim to the United Nations for 460,000 square miles
  200. "EU Forcefully Penetrates British Secret Service,Sounds Like Rape !"
  201. Not content to scare the begeezus out of JUST the adults the Moonbats bring you...
  202. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.: gay couples reflect the love of God
  203. E-SHY Disses OBAMA and LUDACRIS
  204. The "Drill Here, Drill Now" petition needs help!
  205. Has anyone heard of slatecard.com?
  206. Only His Hair Dresser Knows For Sure
  207. Croissants, cheese and foie gras to be taxed? Mon Dieu!
  208. Providing Texas Wind Power According to The T Boone Pickens Plan
  209. Not Cool To Be 'Green'.
  210. Jobless Claims Hit Six-Year High
  211. Kwame goes to jail!!!!
  212. All U.S. adults could be overweight in 40 years
  213. L.A. City Council To Force Home Depot-Type Stores To Provide For Illegal Workers.
  214. Our government at work on the invasion problem.
  215. Clinton claims American's diets result of bad economy
  216. Fox News carries the drama
  217. California Bill Would Force Public Schools to Honor a dead ‘Queer Freak'"
  218. Abusive cops kill Mayor's dogs
  219. Archbishop of Canterbury's views on gay relationships have madehis position 'untenabl
  220. “Radical homosexual activists have taken over city councils all across the nation,"
  221. Russian jets bomb Georgian airbase - Tbilisi
  222. Georgia says Russian tanks mean 'war' in South Ossetia
  223. Ruble, Russian Stocks Fall as Putin Says Georgia `War' Started
  224. One thousand U.S. troops.-Georgia training begins amid Georgia Russia War "
  225. Controversial U.S. church group stopped at border
  226. Marines and Georgians move to the field [Marines near the base bombed by Russia today
  227. The Myth of Moral Equivalency
  229. Green Fatigue.
  230. "Feed Me First Then I'll Confess " - B'klyn Thug Cops Plea for Junk-Food Feast
  231. First Georgian Russian War images becoming available
  232. Seven Scariest Women At The 2008 Olympic Games
  233. Mohamed told the woman she was pretty and grabbed her breasts
  234. Tila Tequila is officially an idiot."I HAVE TERETTS"
  235. "Them Greenies Still have dreams of the Hanoi Fonda/Jack Lemmon "China Syndrome " !
  236. Solar System Is Pretty Special, "It's Almost Like It's Custom Made !"
  237. wow.....some changes I see.
  238. U.S. Olympic team family members attacked in Beijing, 1 dead
  239. Woman in Edwards saga known for being part of high-profile scenes
  240. "Woodie Allen, After All Of These Years, Still As Soft As A Sneaker Full Of Crap !"
  241. Olympics watching party this weekend...
  242. Court Reverses Home School Ruling
  243. Aussie troops capture Taliban leader
  244. China is planning to build 32 new nuclear plants by 2020
  245. Krauthammer's Common Sense Views on Drilling
  246. Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran,preparing for a naval blockade !
  247. Robert Novak---Leonard Pitts Speaks Out Against the Trashing on blogs
  248. Edwards' affair? My fault! (Funny/weird as hell)
  249. "California Goes Down The Tube,International CEOs ranked California Dead-Last "
  250. "Can Military A Strikes Destroy Iran's Gas Centrifuge Program? Probably Not !"