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  1. North Korea says it plans satellite launch in April
  2. Pool-mageddon avoided — for now
  3. The jump from 71,000 feet
  4. George Clooney Arrested at Sudanese Embassy
  5. Does your grocer sell pink slime in the hamburger meat?
  6. Man killed buried under 20-foot mound of pinto beans
  7. Police: Lack of 7-Eleven sausages sends Bridgeton woman into frenzy
  8. Police: Family chanted, disrobed at Pa. school
  9. Bad Smell Blanketing the DC Metro Area
  10. Police: Palms Woman Used Chainsaw To Commit Suicide
  11. Oprah Cancels Rosie
  12. Obama's Executive Order - National Defense Resources Preparedness
  13. Guevara's Lamentable Legacy
  14. Ineptocracy
  15. Supermodel Elle Macpherson Loves Obama: 'I’m Socialist - What Do You Expect?'
  16. My Strange Addiction
  17. Critical Race Theory Explained
  18. The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama
  19. Obama’s History Lesson By Mark Steyn
  20. YouTube Censors Comments Critical of Obama ...
  21. JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account
  22. Bristol Palin: Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?
  23. New York Times runs anti-Catholic smear ad, rejects ad that tells truth about Islam
  24. Hillary Clinton backs new $500,000 bid to solve 75-year-old mystery of Amelia Earhart
  25. Bell's critical race theory promoted in public schools
  26. Complaint: Tukwila superintendent discriminated
  27. And To Think There Are Those Who See No Problem With This Type Of Thinking
  28. US Bridge Projects going to Chinese
  29. EPA Gets Epic Smackdown from Supreme Court
  30. The Left’s Long-Time War on Women
  31. "Destroy All the Churches"
  32. Radio campaign next step against Rush Limbaugh
  33. City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Rad
  34. Space Tourism Expected To Be $1 Billion Industry Over Next 10 Years, Says FAA
  35. Marine sergeant faces discipline for Facebook critique of Obama
  36. Christians raise $400 to help ailing atheist ...
  37. Supreme Court rules against EPA
  38. Trayvon Martin case: 'Blacks are under attack,' says Jesse Jackson
  39. "One Nation Under Socialism" painting ...
  40. California is obama’s dream
  41. Political rapper blasts liberals, yuppies, anarchists, Obama
  42. Octogenarian Sues Apple For Collision Related Injury
  43. Is There An Imposter In The White House?
  44. Official: North Korea moves long-range rocket to launch pad
  45. If Obama has Lost Denmark...
  46. Atheists Rally On National Mall; The 'Reason Rally' Largest Gathering Of Nonbelievers
  47. The Kitty Genovese Case: An Intersection of Crime, Psychology, and Misinformation
  48. America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President
  49. My wife had a pretty good idea yesterday...
  50. Home of Roswell ‘chicken man' explodes, body found
  51. George Zimmerman Is An Hispanic Democrat? Does Spike Lee Know? #TeamDueProcess Does A
  52. Just Adding More To The Steaming Pile Of Liberal Hypocrisy
  53. The Intelligent Pig The Smartest Domestic Animal in The World
  54. Miss Universe Canada Finalist Disqualified After Admitting She Was Born a Boy
  55. Hop Planting
  56. Biggest Losers are in the White House
  57. Supreme Court: Conservatism’s Intellectual Crown Jewel
  58. No White man could have written this!
  59. Diena Thompson: Life will never be the same
  60. The Impending Race War
  61. Alveda King: Sharpton, Jackson should stop ‘playing race card’ over Trayvon Martin
  62. The Plot To Get Rush
  63. Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama
  64. Israel’s Secret Staging Ground
  65. Police arrest 911 caller for claiming robbers had a gun
  66. ABC News releases name of 13 yr old witness
  67. Obama, the worst president ever
  68. Bolton accuses administration of leaking story on Israeli planning along Iran border
  69. Israel's plan to attack Iran put on hold until next year at the earliest
  70. Can The Government Force You to Eat Broccoli?
  71. Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush's Chicago District
  72. Limp noodle threat in Italy
  73. Police Recommend Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
  74. Black-Korean Tensions Flare in Dallas
  75. It's all about race now
  76. MSNBC's Touré Has Epic Race-Baiting Meltdown On CNN
  77. Man sentenced after accidentally shooting woman's mohawk he mistook for bird
  78. Jason Smith, Kansas City Boy Saved Brother During Double Homicide, Honored By Police
  79. Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology?
  80. China arrests over coup rumours
  81. Apartheid in the Arab Middle East
  82. The lorax
  83. Confederate flag goes to war abroad.
  84. Listverse-Top 10 Most Evil Men
  85. Has a liberal Supreme Court Justice ever turned conservative?
  86. NBC News to probe misleading edit of Zimmerman 911 tape
  87. 20 Fringe Benefits Of Being A Liberal
  88. Two arrested in brutal hammer beating in Seminole
  89. Crash victim declared dead by paramedics found alive hours later
  90. WWII heroes who served in elite unit reportedly die on same day
  91. Barack Obama and the End of the Progressive Era
  92. Real or Memorex?
  93. Ah, NBC: Thank You For Proving There Is A Liberal Bias In The Media
  94. The Forgotten Man in the Sandra Fluke Case
  95. Drone crashes in Seychelles, second in four months
  96. Youths Screaming “This Is For Trayvon” Beat 78 Year-Old White Man in Toledo.
  97. Video shows federal officials joking about cost of lavish conference
  98. Man Murdered over Ramen Noodles
  99. The meaning of 9/11's most controversial photo
  100. Tyler Perry Accuses White Cops of Racial Profiling via Facebook
  101. Black Woman Who Thinks 90% Of Black Women Are Evil
  102. My Bouncy Story
  103. Facts Obama Can't Hide From
  104. I'd watch out if I were him...
  105. He must be feeling the heat...
  106. Jackson Calls On Blacks To Wear Hoodies To Polling Places
  107. Are We Ready for the Russian Zombie Gun?
  108. Reid promotes green energy at North Las Vegas company
  109. $21,000 wind tower saves Reno $4.....
  110. Obama makes protesting the president a felony
  111. The Contradictions of Obamaism
  112. Mr. Obama's Own War on Women
  113. Tulsa police chief to suspected lone gunman: 'We're coming for you'
  114. CNN Loses Half its Audience
  115. Black Mob Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist As Onlookers Laugh in Baltimore.
  116. Senator appears to call Obama 'stupid' over health care
  117. Trayvon Martin call was "mistake, not deliberate": NBC
  118. North Korea threatens 'merciless punishment' as it readies rocket launch
  119. Rockets from Sinai
  120. I know it wont matter but please sign this..
  121. New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
  122. Speaking of the Enterprise
  123. Racial Incidents and Elections
  124. Sanford Police Department reopens after Trayvon Martin protest
  125. So I want to work in Political Advertisment.
  126. YouTube Stupidity
  127. Arizona man survives after impaling himself through the head on pool fence
  128. 13-year-old Drives School Bus To Safety After Driver Passes Out
  129. Marlins Manager Suspended After Castro Comment
  130. Police Car Shot At Near Trayvon Martin's Shooting Scene
  131. Police Find 5 ‘Horrified’ Nearly Naked BU Students In Fraternity House
  132. Is it OK to sit out in 2012?
  133. Miss Universe pageant will allow transgender women
  134. Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped
  135. The Obama Project: The Case For Change
  136. Black On Black Violence: Where's The Outrage
  137. Get ready for the war against Mormons....
  138. Zimmerman Case: The REAL Angela Corey
  139. LA Times
  140. Robbers Duct-Tape 99-Year-Old Woman During Home Invasion
  141. Zimmerman Legal Journey
  142. Frugality Fatigue Spurs Americans to Trade Up
  143. Secret Service agents relieved of duty in Colombia amid alleged misconduct
  144. Are all presidents and most governors tax cheats?
  145. China’s mysterious Internet outage
  146. Man arrested in Baltimore St. Patrick's Day beating
  147. Government Isn't the Creator of Rights
  148. 'Got a quickie aborsh': Comedienne Sarah Silverman
  149. Suspected Anonymous Hacker Busted By FBI — Thanks To A Racy Photo
  150. Teachers Union Forces City To Reinstate 14 Teachers Accused of Sexual Misconduct
  151. Google accused of invading privacy ... of house numbers
  152. North Korea’s Kim Says His Regime Can’t Be Blackmailed
  153. What Is Considered Racist These Days?
  154. Bob Beckel Screams ‘F**k’ Live On Hannity, Refuses To Believe He Was On Air
  155. Mixing and Matching
  156. Pentagon Forecast: The Perfect Storm
  157. Blackhawks Circle Low Through Chicago Skies as Secret Service Releases Security Detai
  158. Question For Lurking DUmmies(2 Can Play This Game)
  159. Ah Selective Outrage, Know Ye Your Name
  160. Princess Cruises to Investigate Why Captain Ignored Distress Call
  161. Polygamy, Too
  162. Small plane circling in Gulf crashes
  163. MSNBC-Peoria bishop compares Obama's actions to Stalin, Hitler
  164. Judge sets bail at $150,000 for George Zimmerman
  165. Joe Eszterhas: Why I Released The Mel Gibson Rant
  166. Man Arrested For Live Assault On TV Reporter
  167. Austrian Town has Fucking sign stolen!
  168. Mystery surrounds deaths of 877 dolphins washed ashore in Peru
  169. Suspect: I Beat Up White Man Because I Am Mad About Trayvon Martin Case
  170. The 6 Creepiest Ways They're Harvesting Electricity
  171. Man Dies After Peeing On ‘L’ Tracks In Evanston
  172. The left...why hide their message?
  173. N. Korean army vows to turn Seoul to ashes
  174. 'I've had my phone tapped': Susan Sarandon claims
  175. Detroit judge proudly pulls a Weiner...
  176. Handcuffed man beaten, tazed, and killed by Border Control Police.
  177. Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA
  178. Transgender Breakthrough
  179. The man who escaped from North Korea's maximum security concentration camp
  180. Most Easter Lamb This Year Was Halal
  181. The "Me" Philiosophy
  182. TSA Screeners Indicted For Allowing Narcotics Shipments To Pass Through LAX Security
  183. George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting (Zimmerman Is Part Black)
  184. Here He Comes....
  185. Swiss woman dies after attempting to live on sunlight;
  186. Interesting article about Fox News
  187. spOILed
  188. Was It A Full Moon tonight?
  189. Attorney says Zimmerman had $200G from Web donations
  190. Mum of four pregnant with nine babies
  191. U.S. ban sought on cell phone use while driving
  192. Is the GOP becoming obsolete?
  193. Law Games
  194. Working vs. Fighting
  195. Homicidal Lunatics Busted Rigging a Popular Trail With Deadly Medieval Booby Traps
  196. Parents Sue School District Over Cheating Policy
  197. City mulls happy hour ban
  198. Decline or Decadence?
  199. Can President Obama Name ONE Clean Energy Success?
  200. 8 Old-School Diseases Making a Comeback
  201. A Child of the North Korean Gulag
  202. Cuisines from My Stepfather
  203. Navy SEALs slam Obama
  204. Will Holder be next? Hatchet man dumped for crucify comment.
  205. Father Accused of Trying to Sacrifice His Son
  206. Only Republicans with Brass Need Apply ...
  207. Man Sues BMW
  208. Elizabeth Warren’s embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago
  209. Obama "I" Poll
  210. Japan tsunami debris moves towards US and Canada
  211. Usa vs. Other Countries
  212. No Taxes, No Travel: Why the IRS Wants the Right to Seize Your Passport
  213. Appointees show what Obama is
  214. Turning pig poo into power
  215. A beating at Church and Brambleton
  216. Minxin Pei: Communist China's Perilous Phase
  217. China activist appeals to Obama to get him to US
  218. ‘Justice for Trayvon’: 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs… So Far
  219. One in three Americans would 'fail citizenship test'
  220. Obama tightens fracking rules
  221. Good mileage cars not allowed in US. Why?
  222. The "Super" Moon tonight...
  223. Conservative rebel shakes up Greek politics
  224. What NY Times And Wash. Post did not report last month
  225. Obama’s Whopper About An Ohio River Bridge
  226. The unknown celebrity
  227. Composite Americans
  228. Al Qaeda destroys ancient religious site
  229. Bravo Little House Of Pancakes!
  230. 9/11 defense attorney asks court to order women to wear "appropriate" attire
  231. The "Crucify them" Presidency
  232. Europe's Right in Disarray
  233. Romney: An Eisenhower Republican?
  234. Witnesses: Man chases, hits boy with car after wallet is stolen
  235. Nabila Ramdani: François Hollande will strike fear into the hearts of the rich
  236. U.S. Navy Christens Ship Named After Socialist Union Organizer
  237. According to Cher, romney is
  238. Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears
  239. What happened to America?
  240. House to vote on Trayvon amendment
  241. Massachusetts mayor, Little League brass cry foul over scoreboard
  242. I know i am going to hell for this...
  243. Russian passenger jet reported missing in Indonesia
  244. Friendliest/least friendly states in America, you won't be surprised
  245. George Zimmerman Pleads Not Guilty
  246. Shift in GOP campaign donations?
  247. Obama Hits Syria With Brutal Blast of Adverbs
  248. Why Do They Hate Us?
  249. "petrified of being called racist"
  250. Tom Gabel, Against Me!’s Frontman To Become A Frontwoman