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  1. Mystery of F-22 illnesses grows
  2. Obamacare / Medicare
  3. The Real Palestinian Refugee Problem
  4. Where are Al & Jessy?
  5. Navy SEAL Poser Exposed as a Fraud After Fooling CNN
  6. Mark NeJame on new Zimmerman family photo: "He really has significant multiracial, mu
  7. Problem I have with the voucher idea
  8. Ethics Dunce: New Jersey Department of Education
  9. From the Archives: Meet the Presidential Moms
  10. What Version of the Bible is He Reading?
  11. We Now Have Proof This Is True!
  12. Forty-nine headless corpses found in northern Mexico
  13. Mitch Daniels: Here's How to Trounce Obama
  14. If Same Sex Marriage Is a Civil Rights Issue...
  15. The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House
  16. One in Five Turkish Generals Now in Prison
  18. Union Bosses’ Hypocrisy
  19. Change—and Some Hope
  20. Hope n' Change Cartoons Gets It
  21. If you want to see a Liberal fuster cluck of madness....
  22. List of Lies
  23. Latest Scam: Illegal Aliens Getting Bigger Tax Refund Checks
  24. Team Obama panics, and it’s only May
  25. TSA at it again--Henry K patted down
  26. Sacre Bleu! I don't think God is a socialist
  27. The Spirit of Geert Wilders
  28. Were TR, Truman Eisenhower, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan Socialists?
  29. New election to be held after Greece government talks fails
  30. NYT's Under Attack For Being Anti Obama
  31. 'Pow Wow Chow'
  32. A Censored Race War
  33. RIP 'Duck'
  34. General Mark Welsh III
  35. Obama Drops His Name Into the Other Presidential Biographies
  36. 50+ Professors & Staff Resign From Christian University
  37. Michigan Worker Fired After Turning In Gun Found On The Job
  38. Driver Busted For 5th DWI In 5 Weeks
  39. Colbert gives the shirt off his back
  40. Pyrrhic Victory for the ACLU in Texas?
  41. The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya ...
  42. Extortion, Alcohol, Strippers, Prostitues, Bribes, Voter Fraud Rock New Mexico Town
  43. Trayvon Martin shooting range target sells out in two days
  44. Lesbian couple accused of faking hate crime at Colorado home
  45. Allen West .....again
  46. Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break
  47. Commercial space vehicle launch aborted
  48. Half of Florida high school students fail reading test
  49. 19-year-old white student beaten by two separate black gangs...
  50. China dissident Chen Guangcheng heads for US
  51. Hey guys, even disagreeing with a black guy makes you a racist LOL
  52. Do you see any difference between Pre 1960s Liberals and Post 1960s Liberals?
  53. New Normal: Majority Of Unemployed Attended College
  54. Transgender 5 year old girl "see's" herself as a boy
  55. Briton arrested in Thailand after being found with six roasted human foetuses
  56. WaPo Attacks Romney for 'Mormon Militia' Action 150 Years Ago
  57. Quote for the day
  58. China firm buys AMC to form world's largest cinema chain
  59. Persecution in Nigeria
  60. Historic launch of private rocket heralds new era
  61. Darn "Hot Tubbers"
  62. World's tallest tower opens to thousands of visitors in Tokyo
  63. The Left’s Misplaced Concern
  64. Poverty tours: A learning experience or simply gawking?
  65. Woman attacked while ordering lunch at McDonald's drive-thru
  66. 0bamas war on drugs
  67. Hearing-impaired New Hampshire boy inspires new Marvel Comics superhero
  68. Pieces of a Mansion Puzzle on Block in Manhattan
  69. Weren't moonbats supposed to flock to Canada at one time?
  70. Illegal immigrants arrested in phony UPS van
  71. Australian Becomes World’s Richest Woman, Mag Says
  72. Muhammad Raped while Bobby Stayed Mum
  73. Half Of Detroit’s Streetlights May Go Out As City Shrinks
  74. Your people are starving to death and you are sitting there watching a show?
  75. NYC public school to require students grades 2 through 5 to learn Arabic
  76. Disappointed in Obama, New Black Panthers openly consider ‘the bullet’
  77. Trayvon Martin Day declared at D.C. elementary school
  78. Does your Christianity make you feel Lonely?
  79. Bus driver taking kids to Disneyland arrested on drug suspicion
  80. A User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama
  81. Memorial Day
  82. Japanese man cooks, serves own genitals
  83. Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ face off victim
  84. German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton
  85. 20 years later, turns out Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown/unmarried moms
  86. Obama evaluated by his doc.
  87. McDonald's toy causes Saudi heads to explode
  88. Bizarr-O World: Obama awards Medal of Freedom to top Socialist
  89. Mayor and son arrested for hacking critical site -- guess their politcal persuasion
  90. A real bouncy-type story that just happened
  91. Poles demand apology over ‘Polish death camp’ remark
  92. The Articles of Confederation: Could it have been worked out?
  93. Jackson Lee: Women to be dragged out ‘into the streets,’ return to ‘coat hangers’
  94. Obama opposes ban on sex-selective abortions
  95. Well the answer is: Green Lantern is Gay
  96. The curse of a golden (forked) tongue
  97. Words of comfort and truth---the opposite of all that hope and change stuff
  98. A mosque makeover???
  99. Another Tragedy in Florida
  100. Bear eats corpse of convicted murderer in Canada
  101. Discovery of WWII veteran buried in cardboard box guess where!
  102. US officials confirm Stuxnet was a joint US-Israeli op
  103. What's His DU Name?
  104. Suspected Maryland cannibal ranted about 'human sacrifices' on Facebook
  105. Today at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial...The Wall
  106. City of Lights -- from a buddy in the patch
  107. I voted yesterday.....new district for Congress in NV
  108. Our Imbecilic Constitution
  109. Obama Gets Left Behind
  110. Canned Tourette’s sufferer slaps Brooklyn court with bias suit
  111. Georgia man’s death during threesome nets his family $3M in trial
  112. Neal Boortz gives his six-month notice
  113. Your thoughts on Atheists.
  114. ‘There is no greater threat to the world right now than political Islam’
  115. Buyers' remorse for California's 'bullet train to nowhere'
  116. Sometimes I Really Hate This Frigging State
  117. Hokey smokes! An anti-Obama ad on Pandora!
  118. You want to tell me there is no MSM bias?
  119. How is...
  120. Something to do (again) on D-Day
  121. You stay classy, Barack
  122. Adam Carolla "If we're racist, we're doing a horrible job"
  123. Politics in Greece is more entertaining
  124. Weird news entry: explicit pics of nude man posted around Twin Cities suburbs
  125. Angela Corey is Losing It
  126. Where is the outrage?
  127. Liberals' new math on display in New York City's drink size debate
  128. Milwaukee protest turns violent
  129. Obama, Romney Strike Different Tones on Europe
  130. (Mr) Jennifer Braly
  131. Fake Cries at North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Speech
  132. This is the most professional youtube video, you guys seriously have to check this ..
  133. Texas Teen Walking To D.C. With Cross On Back
  134. The Gospels according to a queer tranny "pastor" in S.F.
  135. Miami police investigate Magnotta in cold case
  136. Somali Islamists offer 10 camels as bounty for Obama
  137. Mom reportedly arrested after PCP found on daughter's sandwich
  138. Richard Engel: Morning Over Istanbul
  139. IBD: Alabama Bans U.N. Agenda 21 Sovereignty Surrender
  140. Our Celebrity President
  141. Who Will Stand for Hard Work?
  142. Can Israel Defy the World?
  143. Foreign Aid Underwrites Another Chapter in Cambodia's Bloody History
  144. Fake IDs coming from China, can fool experts
  145. Bet they won't make a children's book out of this
  146. Reagan on Marriage
  147. The Clintons' Covert War on Obama
  148. My kind of town, Chicago is.
  149. France......
  150. History Lesson OUR REAL ROOTS
  151. Attention all married or soon-to-be-married guys
  152. Sheriff: Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter
  153. The Great Wall is not a rubber band
  154. Panetta Calls for Leadership on Suicide Prevention
  155. Are you able to access Breitbart today?
  156. Local Public Sector Employees
  157. Study finds host of challenges for kids of gay parents
  158. How the queers and their friends view gender
  159. Obama, Holder silent as Brian Terry memorial act unanimously passes House, Senate
  160. How to Entertain Yourself in the Joint
  161. The cowboy and the decline of old fashioned American masculinity
  162. Health panel talks about wider food ban
  163. Scared passengers and torts....Jet Blue being sued
  164. How to Fillet a Liberal
  165. Birthday Boy From Yesterday 6/11/12
  166. U.S. Army celebrating 237th birthday in Baton Rouge
  167. Henry Hill, Mobster and Movie Inspiration, Dies at 69
  168. Why am I not shocked?
  169. Your faux "Faux 'news'" outrage for the day
  170. From the "Well, duh!" bin: very progressive school without books, tests failing
  171. Senator Cornyn (R-TX) verbally kicks Holder's sorry @$$; asks for resignation
  172. Hit n run driver nabbed
  173. Abortion vs. aspirin (in cartoon form)
  174. General Mills promotes "inclusion" by excluding traditional marriage supporters
  175. If I hear this one more time I am going to scream...
  176. Police: Taser Used On Nude 80-Year-Old Woman Attempting Hit Officers With Cane
  177. Egypt makes stark choice for president
  178. Braidwood burglars bite off victim's ear
  179. The Socialist Mask of Marxism
  180. Horrible Thing Happened To A Co-Worker Yesterday
  181. Regimes Most Corrupt, Megalomaniac Appointees ...
  182. I Just Subscribed To Glenn Beck TV (GBTV)!
  183. Obama on deportations: what a difference a couple of months makes!
  184. Obama Flip Flops
  185. The anti-religionists strike again: military insignias banned from Bibles
  187. EXCLUSIVE: Secret Service agents partied like rock stars on Obamas' Vineyard Vacation
  188. Remember who magically appears to save your sorry @55!!! Great rant!
  189. Jackpot? Detroit Man Gambles Away $1.5M After Bank Error…And Now Faces 15 Months
  190. "Lean Forward--Bend Over!" You "Condescending, Sanctimonious, Horses' Asses"
  191. Kids Taunt Elderly Bus Monitor
  192. Pro-gay/anti-Bible shirt aimed at toddlers
  193. TWITTER Down, Users Panic: 'My life has no meaning anymore'...
  194. Quinn signs bill requiring retirees to pay part of health insurance
  195. Pigeons in the Army?
  196. Homofascist indoctination of kids goes down in flames in Erie, Illinois
  197. Seattle To Allow Breast Cancer Survivor To Swim Topless At City Pool
  198. Activists Take Out Frustration on ... Ronald Reagan
  199. Giant cactus crushes Arizona city water worker
  200. Fake Native American Liz Warren gets appropriate gift from GOP
  201. "You have to have the mandate to work ..."
  202. Checking the APA's Findings on Homosexual Parenting
  203. Major league umpire hit by broken bat
  204. Follow the Ideology - Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious scandal the MSM ignores
  205. CA liberals get bit in the @$$ by their own stupid policies
  206. The Muslim Rumor That Just Won't Die
  207. Mexico would benefit from calling home the 'dreamers'
  208. USDA Ad Saying Food Stamps Will Help You Look and Feel Good
  209. Rush: Sam Donaldson 'Ignorant' for Saying People 'Like Limbaugh' Oppose Obama Because
  210. Marco Rubio REALLY Gets It On The Abortion Issue
  211. Hamas fires 150 rockets into Israel over the last 6 days
  212. Brooklyn JHS Teens Visit 9/11 Memorial; And Show Their Respect
  213. Nixon vs Obama
  214. Postal workers plan hunger strike to protest mail service’s financial problems
  215. 1st Amendment win for Christian distributing Bibles at gay pride festival
  216. Winners of 'Dinner With Barack' Will Face a $560 Tax Bill
  217. The latest on the bullied bus monitor: donations reach $650k
  218. If Romney Had Done This....
  219. New Black Panthers Say They Are Ready For RNC Convention In Tampa
  220. The Anti-Jew Elmo!!!
  221. Idea regarding a local nutcase anti-bank protester
  222. Those Krazy Krauts
  223. How academia ruined America
  224. $5B CAMO SNAFU
  225. Food Stamps make me eat right and stay fit
  226. My BIL is being brainwashed into being gay!
  227. Gay activists going after the Boy Scouts again
  228. Video: Don’t ask questions when you don’t want to hear the answers
  229. Clerk loses job over stand - Won’t take welfare card for cigarettes
  230. What phrases really mean
  231. Is it the 4th of July already?
  232. Causeway Cannibal Not High On Bath Salts
  233. Caiden Cowger response to Bill Maher
  234. What's at the bottom of the Baltic Sea? A hoax, perhaps?
  235. Morning Must-See: Vietnam Vet Grandpa Graduates High School With Grandson
  236. If, as liberals claim, health care is "a human right"
  237. Demolishing a Dem talking point regarding the cost of Obamacare
  238. SCOTUS Exposes the ObamaCare Tax Lie
  239. And so it begins/continues: Obama says health care law created penalty, not tax
  240. BO and Supremes take another step forward into Totalitarianism
  241. Anti-Mormon bigot Cher: ‘Richy Rich Romney whitest man in magic underwear’
  242. US student fighting for life after chimpanzee attack
  243. Major gay rights icon arrested for child porn
  244. Bambi Bucket Drops from a Blackhawk Helicopter
  245. Let's Socialize Legal Services
  246. Suspended For 1 Year
  247. 'Threat matrix' dictated SWAT team response
  248. UK journalist assaulted in Tahrir Square:
  249. Man Arrested For Public Intoxication After Arriving For Court
  250. Rodney King funeral set for Saturday at Forest Lawn cemetery