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  1. The Oregon Health Plan did agree to cover drugs for a physician-assisted death.
  2. Dash Cam Records Deputy Beating Teen (VIDEO)
  3. Curfew Almost Marshal law in Place for Parts of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas
  4. "Beyond offensive" ( Planned Parenthood website targeting teenagers & college-age you
  5. “Love neighbor as yourself, Use a condom.”
  6. UK Businessman Decapitates Self With Aston Martin DB7
  7. Breast-Feeding: The Stress Buster That Lasts for Years
  8. Aussies crack cancer secret
  9. 11-Year-Old Robs Walgreens, Police Say
  10. Iconic stone arch collapses in southern Utah park
  11. Cool story about legal Somali immigrants filling positions of illegal aliens
  12. Top Hamas leader’s son converts to Christianity
  13. " Al-Qa'eda Takes A Stand Against Brutality And Cucumber,Invokes New Cucumber Laws!"
  14. Perseid meteor showers peaks Monday night
  15. White House DJ battle
  16. Russia and China run on oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy
  17. The Dumb Blond Speaks
  18. 545 People
  19. Olympics: Spain's eye-catching faux pas
  20. Have it your way...
  21. Black bear attacks boy in Smokies; father also hurt
  22. That's Not Blight. It's New Jersey.
  23. My very own bouncy (Except it's true)!
  24. A different perspective.
  25. What laws should apply to Private Property and Businesses?
  26. Appeals court upholds CIA leak lawsuit dismissal
  27. 'Putins Russian Army Grabs and Holds a Fifth of Georgia !"
  28. Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content
  29. Kuwait Royal Drug Dealing Family member Sentenced to Death
  30. How To Electrocute horses so that insurers would believe the animals died of disease
  31. This is no small amount. Offshore oil alone could fuel 65 million cars for 47 years.
  32. Texas Inmate Executed for Double Slaying (Go Texas!)
  33. Why I love being part of the AFA's One Million Dads campaign
  34. Tree Man
  35. Louisiana's Ban on Cockfighting Takes Effect Friday
  36. Unabomber Objects To Museum Display
  37. Foreclosure fallout: Houses go for a $1
  38. "Them Hippie Muu Muu Dancers Are Going Green In Colorado !"
  39. More Than 360 Animals Found at Filthy Mo. Property
  40. Watch out for "BIG AIR"!
  41. Kuwait has placed its military on 'war alert' !
  42. UK cemetery: Christian graves must face Mecca
  43. "Why Do Moroccans Suffer From Coimetrophobia ?"
  44. Mighty Russian Soldiers
  45. Video of the D'Souza, Hitchens, Prager debate is up.
  46. Your "OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!" thread for the millenium: Hungarian at the Olympics
  47. Dear Drillheads:
  48. Tennessee Teen Fights For Right to Wear Confederate Flag
  49. Invest 92 {watch out Florida}Tracking for Miami !
  50. 42 Workers Detained In ICE Raid At Dulles
  51. Bad marketing (video)
  52. Ditch The Degree.
  53. "Register to Vote and Get Paid?"
  54. Edwards A Real Sleazebag
  55. Obama SUV this Morning with Ski Racks Mounted
  56. When…
  57. Whose "Special Interests"?
  58. Second American Revolution
  59. I totally want one of these ...
  60. 47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV
  61. Julia Child, Spy!
  62. Limbaugh:
  63. The Afterlife for Scientologists
  64. Children's Books For The Candidates
  65. 25 Reasons You Might Be a Liberal
  66. The Council of Europe Fights "Islamophobia"
  67. Another example of why so many conservatives hate Bush and McCain
  68. Egyptian woman thinks she's a dog...
  69. The American Form of Government
  70. Cool Cars in my neck of the woods
  71. Interview on the O'Reilly Factor, regarding Islamic Fundamentalism and Iran
  72. The audacity of resume-padding (or, why Obama makes things up)
  73. Star Trek warp drive is a possibility, say scientists
  74. Dallas changes in grading policy
  75. Afghanistan: Where Empires go to Die
  76. Recreate 68, Denver plan.
  77. America's Last Will and Testament
  78. Hawking nemesis Leonard Susskind speaks
  79. The stupid is strong on "Rational"wiki
  80. Colleges Mull Lowering Boozer Age To 18.
  81. For the historians amongst us: WHAT IF
  82. Whats worse than Walmart?
  83. The Marxist Brother
  84. Call Pelosi Now to Get the Vote on Drilling
  85. Conservative Brits Defend America.
  86. Liberal Lies, Misunderstandings, and Misconceptions About Iraq
  87. Give Me a Redneck
  88. Calif top court: Docs can't withhold care to gays
  89. Georgia on Our mind:
  90. Undocumented immigrant in coma.....
  91. Economic Myths
  92. Bill Ayers "blog"
  93. Blood cells created from embryonic stem cells
  94. Constitutional Scholar Obama
  95. AC To Blame For Republicans, Sweet Tea, High School Football Frenzy.
  96. I found Eyelids' Major.
  97. Confessions of a Far-Left Liberal / Turnabout PART I
  98. Confessions of a Far-Left Liberal / Turnabout PART II
  99. Muslim's Offended....Again
  100. The First Obamacon: Bill Buckley!
  101. Apocalypse? No!
  102. McCain Denver office evacuated after letter threat
  103. Cringing jurors watch Duncan torture boy on tape
  104. 25 Reasons You Might Be A Liberal (Part 2)
  105. Video goodness
  106. Latest email from Democrats.com
  107. Half-Ton Woman Indicted in Toddler's Death
  108. Feds: Fire took down building next to twin towers
  109. The energy non-crisis
  110. Army deserter who fled to Canada gets 15 months prison
  111. Cuban Taekwondo athlete might be banned after kicking referee square in the face
  112. TENNESSEE Sen. Ophelia Ford rails on state funeral fees
  113. The True Value Of The Nobel Peace Prize:
  114. Democrat Convention
  115. Pelosi Orders Removal of Congressman's Tribute to Fallen Marines
  116. Biden Quotes from National Review
  117. Tornado touches down in south metro Denver
  118. Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities in the next few months.
  119. Beijing 2008 Olympic Photo Album
  120. FBI: Couple offered sex......
  121. Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers
  122. Immigration Gum Balls Video
  123. Mainstream Media Has a Great Fall
  124. Arctic Tundra Holds Global Warming Time Bomb
  125. "What More Proof Than This that Liberals Are Stupid Brain Dead Critters ?"
  126. CodePink Faces Tough Odds For Public's Attention (As delegates at DNC Convention!)
  127. The Power of Conformity
  128. 10-Foot Python Kills Idiotic Intern at Venezuelan Zoo
  129. Post em if you got em!!
  130. "Pelosi Attempts To Justify Her Pro_Choice Votes As An Ardent, Practicing Catholic !"
  131. VIDEO: The Five Best Performances of the Star-Spangled Banner
  132. Burning incense linked to respiratory cancer
  133. "Washington Archbishop Rips Pelosi A New one !"
  134. The founder of the Gill Action Fund, a Major Backer of Homosexual Political Candidate
  135. "This is Not The Time To Have a New POTUS On 'Training Wheels'!"
  136. Anti-liberal videos full of win
  137. Zombie in the thick of it during the DNC riot
  138. Dumb ass Democrat
  139. Pictured: The dramatic moment a 15-year-old Iraqi suicide bomber gave herself up
  140. Bouncy (from a blog)
  141. The Best Of NoBama
  142. Santa Barbara County California votes for offshore Oil drilling
  143. The DNC Has Gone Completely 'Around The Bemd' With This One !"
  144. ICE: Nearly 600 Detained in Mississippi Plant Raid
  145. Poll Reveals Floridians’ Bipartisan Support for Offshore Drilling
  146. OK, its not DU, but it sure sounds like it could be...
  147. The reason US oil companies can't drill
  148. "Another Reason We Need Mc Cain As Potus Now, Forget The Clown !"
  149. Bush to destroy New Orleans one more time before going out of office
  150. Child killer smiles as he gets death sentence
  151. Report: Body Was Decomposing in Trunk of Car Driven by Missing Tot's Mom
  152. Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Sikhs and Hindus Fight Homosexual "Marriage"
  153. Pentagon OKs Ship Killing Air Launch Harpoon Missile Sale to Taiwan
  154. Democrats Strive to Show They Got Religion Too
  155. Scientists Report Further Shrinking of Arctic Ice
  156. Poll: California voters oppose ban on gay marriage
  157. Roseanne Barr: Literally the Craziest Person on the Internet
  158. Police, Hotel Say Monica Conyers Part Of 'Disturbance'
  159. Guy with stupid name in band with even stupider name on trial
  160. Economy rebounds in 2Q
  161. 10 (un)American Icons (Eyelids, Sonna must see)
  162. Some guy is stealing our limerick thunder
  163. Former talk show host Bernie Ward sentenced to more than seven years in prison
  164. Poll: 63% Of Americans Support Israeli Strike In Iran
  165. 'Israel reaches strategic decision not to let Iran go nuclear'
  166. Report: Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles
  167. Remember these freaks?
  168. Global Warming Assumptions
  169. OK, I've defended this war enough. F*ck the Iraqis.
  170. Can I get a little help here?
  171. Russia's Black Sea Fleet Would Destroy NATO's Naval Squad .
  172. Officials Confirm 1 Dead, 1 Burned in Plant Explosion (Institute, West Virginia)
  173. California plans to drug depressed patients unconscious to death.
  174. Hurricane Gustav!
  175. Watch out Baton Rouge, Texas, and Atlanta... Remember a few years ago?
  176. Hurricane Gustav Viewing Party
  177. Obama's answer to Palin
  178. Undercover Liberals Running This Site
  179. Can we charge this tramp with murder already?
  180. Dinner at the Palin home
  181. Stooping to Lowest Level: Democratic Claim of Palin's 'Faked Pregnancy' Gaining Steam
  182. If it happened in Spain, it can happen here.
  183. Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope
  184. What do you think about this?
  185. United Way pays LOCAL executive $1.2 Million last year
  186. Confrontation with "The Bush Legacy Tour"
  187. The Dutch Intelligence Service,The AIVD, Says 'US To Strike Iran in Coming Weeks !'
  188. "Why Would Cheney Taunt The Russians Just Now,Could It Be About An Iranian Strike ?"
  189. Inspirational introduction to the FreeCapitalist Project
  190. Webcasting Live from Houma, La.(Hurricane Gustav)
  191. Power out in Venezuelan capital and oil province
  192. Holy Six Degrees of Separation, Batman!!! My sister met Todd Bachman
  193. Prof. PZ Myers in full-blown moonbattery mode
  194. More Proof - As If We Needed It - That People are Short Sighted Idiots
  195. The Sun Makes History. Sunspot Alert!
  196. Arctic ice 'is at tipping point'
  197. Diggers hurt in Afghan ambush
  198. Born to cheat?
  199. EU approves proposal to try Britons in their absence in foreign courts
  200. Arctic Sees Massive Gain in Ice Coverage
  201. Eyedung on youtube?
  202. I love a girl who knows how to noodle....
  203. Megan Kelly of Fox News destorys editor of US News (video)
  204. Bob Beckel (D) absolutly stunned when he hears Obama is going on the factor
  205. Anti-war protesters FAIL
  206. Iran plants Mines in Gulf; Additional "American" Carrier Group Eyed
  207. Israelis to get X-band early warning radar, but not allowed to operate it
  208. Pakistan's prime minister escapes assassination attempt:
  209. *sigh* "Peanuts" animator, voice of Snoopy and Woodstock, dies at 91
  210. Anbar Province "not really" turned over to the Iraqi's??
  211. How Do You Rate Palin's Speech?
  212. Palestinian Authority television.: A World Without Israel
  213. I have a question
  214. Pardon the conceit, but this, my friends, is what they call "PWNAGE"
  215. British publisher to bring out controversial Prophet Mohammed novel
  216. I Have A Serious Question .
  217. Karl Rove gets called out by the daily show
  218. Soldier forced to sleep in car after hotel refuses him a room
  219. Why Obama wants the White House
  220. The Large Hadron Rap,Looking For GOD in All The Wrong Places .
  221. "Now is The Time to Buy that New Mower Before They Go Lean and Green !"
  222. The US imported 3,661,404,000 barrels of crude oil in 2007.
  223. My Brain Tumor,Robert D. Novak
  224. Man Arrested Near Capitol After IED, Rifle, Ammunition Found in Jeep
  225. The Greenhouse Conspiracy
  226. Girl, 6, Playing Hide-and-Seek Finds Abandoned Baby in Bushes
  227. Political speech. This is how it's done.
  228. Iran Says Israel Unable To Attack It,Keep Telling Yourself Iran !
  229. "Is This Your Work EyePuss "Fear of black hole machine triggers threats to researcher
  230. Executions imminent (the Bali Bombers)
  231. PM's climate change proven to be hot air
  232. Iran to hold three-day war games: More speed boats In the Straits !
  233. Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean
  234. "If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs."
  235. Pueblo crew gathers for 40th reunion
  236. UN says eat less meat to curb global warming
  237. North Korea ‘uses doubles to hide death of Kim’
  238. So, if I were to run for president...
  239. Police recommend indicting Olmert on bribery charges
  240. Fans of heavy metal music are gentle, creative people who are at ease with themselves
  241. Jury selection to begin in OJ Simpson robbery case
  242. Queer Preacher Takes on Mike Adams Phd his Letter In Attempt To Have Dr.Adams Fired :
  243. US rig count tops 2,000 first time in 23 years
  244. McCain-Palin has Arabs shaking in their burqas
  245. Ohio Mom Gets Life in Prison for Killing Baby in Microwave Oven
  246. Victim Grabs Gun, Shoots Kidnappers (kidnapper put gun down to text-message someone)
  247. Here They Are, Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments
  248. Kim Jong Il died in 2003 - Japan
  249. Obama supporters offer Palin baby Trig on EBay
  250. Muslim cabbies in Minn. lose round in court