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  1. Double Amputee Shoots Walmart Manager For Asking Him To Put Leash On Service Dog
  2. UD disturbance over, police keeping watch
  3. Hacker Begins Distributing Confidential Memos Sent To Hillary Clinton On Libya, Bengh
  4. Where do you stand?
  5. Roommate’s 911 call credited with preventing mass murder at University of Central Flo
  6. U.S. flies B-52s over South Korea
  8. Chase Bank customers temporarily see '0' balance
  9. Kermit Gosnell on Trial for Abortion "House of Horrors"
  10. Ted Turner's Son: CNN Is So Far Left I Mostly Watch Fox
  11. Family Says New Jersey Overreacted To Boy’s Gun Photo
  12. North Korea warns that U.S. bases in Guam, Japan are within range
  13. Garage Door Lock Alert!!!
  14. Michelle Bachman Is An Idiot
  15. The truth on Syrian Rebels.
  16. Jason Chaffetz baits trap for Dem Senators
  17. Gov. Cuomo to Rescind Magazine Ban!
  18. Obama, Uncovered: Obama speaks in front of Arafat banner
  19. Who's in the tower? At some regional airports soon: Nobody
  20. Two youths arrested in shooting death of Georgia baby
  21. Western Sky
  22. Amy Pascal Asks Hollywood To Eliminate Gay Slurs And Stereotypes From Movies
  23. Biden's One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50
  24. Leno makes meal of NBC bosses in monologue
  25. Dont mess with the Aussie wildlife
  26. Retired US Army Captain Warns DHS to surrender weapons to DOD
  27. The 40% Cash Grab In Cyprus
  28. U.S. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico
  29. Obama compares Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Canada-U.S. disagreements
  30. Primary Lindsey Graham
  31. Obama "Remember everything is about me"
  32. This Country Was Founded By Geniuses But Run By Idiots
  33. Florida Atlantic University Students Made To Stomp On Jesus
  34. Texas School Test Blames U.S. For Terrorism
  35. Petition to We the People
  36. 72% Of Black Children Are Born Out Of Wedlock
  37. Dr. Ben Carson Being Attacked By The Left
  38. Arizona Group Will Give Away Loaded Shotguns To ‘Take Back’ City From Criminals
  39. Ford's New Ads
  40. McCain, Schumer Watch as Immigrant Hops Border Fence
  41. Poor Bird...
  42. I guess we are truly a divided America
  43. I am a (relative) liberal - ask me anything
  44. Putin orders ban on adoptions by foreign same-sex couples – report
  45. Obama Booed at Elite 8 Game
  46. North Korea: What happens if Kim Jong-un acts on his threats?
  47. Police: Pimp Forced Girl To Tattoo Eyelids With His Name
  48. Gay Man Attacked by Women on NYC Subway Train
  49. Hundreds stranded on drifting ice floes
  50. State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America
  51. ObamaCare Bites Unionized Educators
  52. Country Seeks Bidders For Sale Of Its Railroad Infrastructure By Early 2014
  53. Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions
  54. Stockton bankruptcy
  55. Liberty or Equality, Which is More Important?
  56. Former Vogue Editor Reveals Models Are Eating Tissues To Stay Thin In Tell-All Book
  57. Homeowner Scuffles With, Shoots and Kills Home Intruder on Easter Morning
  58. Prosecutors Back Down on ‘Terroristic Threat’ Charges Against NJ Mom
  59. Security Guard Saves Girl From Death by Speeding Train
  60. Self-Identified Muslim Talk Show Caller Advocates Beheading Gays
  61. Islamic Police Axe Ban on Saudi Women Riding Motorcycles and Bikes? Sort of…
  62. Report: Lego To Stop Production Of ‘Star Wars’ Set Due To Anti-Muslim Backlash
  63. Can someone answer me a question about this UN arms Treaty?
  64. Transgender student denied admission to all-female Smith College
  66. What Does Bowdoin Teach? Queer Gardens, Pocahontas, and Prostitutes
  67. No Female Marines Have Made It Through Infantry Officer Training Yet.
  68. Indian engineers invent 'anti-rape' underwear
  69. Illegal Alien Murders AZ Mom For Denying Him Sex With Her 13-Year Old Daughter
  70. The last US tank leaves Germany.
  71. Editor Who Wrote of Racism in Cuba Loses His Post
  72. Beyonce and Sonia: A tale of two black women in Cuba
  73. Teen Suspect Arrested In Rape, Beating Of 64-Year-Old
  74. Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists
  75. Super Airborne Soldier
  76. Woman Brags About Abusing Vets in VA Hospital
  77. Intrade Faces $700,000 Cash Shortfall; Possible Liquidation
  78. Affirmative task to 'create a new world order'
  79. Ikea's Moose Meat Lasagna Contains More Than Just Moose Meat
  80. Versailles on the Potomac
  81. The ‘Vigilance’ Vigilantes
  82. PETA Plans to Fly Drones That Would 'Stalk Hunters'
  83. Christian-Muslim war erupts in Egypt
  84. Air Force taking a beating from sequstration.
  85. How to balance a budget
  86. Democrat drove 90 mph with genitals hanging out the window
  87. Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies
  88. Shock Jock Conservatives
  89. Daughter of former Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright indicted
  90. Upcoming Gun Show Part 2 ???
  91. Silence of the Lambs in America
  92. That's mighty white of him...
  93. Boeing sixth generation stealth fighter concept announced
  94. Vehicle purchase strategy- What's yours?
  95. "Obama Will Let Me Go"
  96. Safety advocates want action on back-over accidents
  97. Texas veterinarian sues state board that suspended him for helping pet owners
  98. Teenager exposes India's 'one month wives' sex tourism
  99. Boy falls into Alaska glacial hole, feared dead
  100. I know I'm being Captain Obvious here...
  101. Look for helpers
  102. Furs fly as Chinese consumers drive boom in U.S. mink farming.
  103. Progressives demonstrate that "Children... are also merely a cluster of cells"
  104. To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me
  105. Tens of thousands of people pack the streets to pay their final respects to Lady That
  106. You be the judge..
  107. “Innocent” Saudi has ties to several Al-Qaeda Terrorists
  108. A buddy of mine told me last night...
  109. Media Fail – Texas DA Killings Not Aryan Brotherhood or White Supremecists After All
  110. Exclusive: Saudi National Once Considered ‘Person of Interest’
  111. TYRRELL: Fanaticism and violence on the left
  112. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree....
  113. What I want to know...
  114. De’Marquis Elkins
  115. Hospital Denies Involvement In Leak Of Grisly Post-Mortem Photo
  117. FBI Looking for 12 Islamic Sleeper Cells Linked to Boston Bombers
  118. The Truth about Common Core (education?)
  119. Saudi National's Deportation Record Altered ...
  120. FBI Warned About Tamerlan Tsarnaev
  121. The Tailor Who Sewed the Obama Empty Suit Has Sewn Others
  122. Arrested 396 times, woman knows how to work the system
  123. Man fatally shot while filming music video
  124. FAU Faculty: Stomping on Jesus should not be banned
  125. Anchor Fired For Uttering Obscenities
  126. This guy knows no shame..
  127. Islamic Society of Boston Mosque and the Rewards of Dhimmitude
  128. Atherton Sending Obama The Bill For Security After Fundraising Visit
  129. Man Wearing Novelty T-Shirt Arrested For Refusing To Leave South Carolina Park
  130. The Result of Coexistence With Islam
  131. Jihad Will Not Be Wished Away
  132. California law going whackadoodle ... again
  133. The Culture of Nations
  134. Now All Of A Sudden The Left Doesn't Care About Motive
  135. Time for another feel-good story...
  136. Odysseus: you called it
  137. College professors dissolve their union
  138. Indictment: Prison gang leader fathered 5 children with 4 guards.
  139. Another Gun Grab Attempt In The Works
  140. Fraternity’s Blackface Video Sparks Outrage, and UC-Irvine Will Investigate
  141. Mars is for men...
  142. SF Pride Bradley Manning drama
  143. US imam calls on Muslims in US to wage jihad
  144. Death Row Inmate’s Last Words: ‘Wow! That Is Great’
  145. Man with Tourette Syndrome denied flight after saying "bomb"
  146. Boeing Dreamliner back in skies
  147. hussein blesses the baby killers.....
  148. Hostess Returns Unions Are Gone!
  150. Why Muslims Kill
  151. Women's underware...for Men!
  152. MSM in state of apoplexy over rumors Koch Bros interested in Tribune Co.
  153. 30 Reasons to dislike (loathe) The almost kind of a God, the "0"
  154. We've forgotten what belongs on Page One.
  155. Jihad Bums
  156. Toilets
  157. The Left harps incessantly about America’s supposed entrenched racism.
  158. Chris Matthews Show Cancelled
  159. Gay Activist: "Gay Marriage Is A Lie"
  160. Two removed from Saudi diplomatic mansion after human trafficking accusations
  161. More Peaceful Leftist Protests
  162. Eagle Scouts To Offer Global Warming Merit Badges…
  163. Truck Runs Over, Kills Homeless Man
  164. Gov. Brown gets $24 million to carry out gun grabs
  165. Thirty of 31 terrorists on FBI’s most wanted list are Muslim
  166. Teen Summons Prostitute, Who Pepper-Sprays Him And Steals His Piggybank
  167. Shiny Dog Bowl Blamed In Santa Rosa Fire
  168. How to destroy an "Island" economy...
  169. An Unfair Barrier to Employment
  170. Obama At Ohio State Commencement: 'I Dare You.. To Do Better'
  171. Dangerous Times: Europe's New Crypto Cults Don't Hate Islam
  172. Women who wear skimpy clothing cause earthquakes: Iranian cleric
  173. Marriage and the Civil Society
  174. Air Force Chief of Sexual-Assault Prevention Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges
  175. A question on the recently shot down BGC bill
  176. 3 Girls Missing For 10 Years Found Alive
  177. A Dream Revered - This a video we made for the Operation Paul Revere movie contest...
  178. Why are straight men using lesbian dating sites?
  179. Dem Blames 'Political Correctness' for Fort Hood 'Workplace Violence' Controversy
  180. Unfuckingbelievable...
  181. “Sexist” Mother’s Day “Insulting To Women”…
  182. Deadly assault train claims victim.
  183. 2 cruise line passengers missing off coast of eastern Australia
  184. CNN Anchors Do "Satellite Interview" of Each Other...
  185. Florida restaurant sells lion meat tacos
  186. News IQ test...
  187. 3D-Printed Gun Designs ‘Gone Dark’...After Gov’t ‘Claims Control of the Information’
  188. We have Hanoi Jane, now how about banghazi Clinton? Kerry running, again.
  189. Lesbian Parents Put Their Eight-Year-Old Boy Through a Sex Change
  190. Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform
  191. 25 reasons to hate liberals
  192. Benghazi: Hillary Could Eat Kittens While Stomping on a Naked Granny and the “Media”
  193. Unfunking Believable Part Deux
  194. White People Go On Shooting Rampage In New Orleans...Oh, Wait
  195. Brokaw on IRS Scandal: 'Welcome to the Second Term, Mr. President'
  196. State pushes to keep Trayvon Martin's past out of George Zimmerman trial
  197. NTSB recommends lowering blood alcohol level that constitutes drunk driving
  198. Driving With Kids In the Car Is More Distracting And Dangerous Than Texting
  199. Carney walks back denial of White House involvement in IRS scandal
  200. B.H. Obama Foundation Received Tax Exempt Status In 30 Days
  201. Obama, Tyranny, and the Tax Man
  202. Claim: Obama Campaign Co-Chair Attacked Romney with Leaked IRS Docs
  203. Remember Separation of Church & State, Joe?
  204. Senate Dems Have as Much to Explain as the IRS
  205. I can't believe this...
  206. Malkin: A brief history of Democrat snoops and dumpster divers
  207. All Hail Teflon BO
  208. IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records
  209. Kirsten Powers is hot. Agree?
  210. Venezuela hopes to wipe out toilet paper shortage by importing 50m rolls
  211. The Liberal Union Behind the IRS
  212. Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views
  213. BREAKING: Holder DOJ Also Tapped House of Representatives Cloak Room!
  214. More Modern Way Of Living
  215. Fox News Signs Allen West to Contributor Role
  216. Ahhh, the joys of Socialism.......
  217. Valerie Jarrett to uniformed general: More wine, garçon!
  218. 'F***' America,' Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Wrote in Boat.
  219. Saudi man traveling with pressure cooker arrested.
  220. 23 dead in initiation rites in South Africa
  221. Floridians read this about insurance
  222. CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder
  223. Obama Consoles Student After Failing To Answer Math Problem: ‘Subtraction Is Tougher
  224. Taxes on some wealthy French top 100 pct of income: paper
  225. Syrian rebels call off Aleppo prison siege after troops throw inmates out window
  226. Deadly assault train hits deadly assault train.
  227. World's Scariest Airport Runways (PHOTOS)
  228. Thanks Obama, The One Cop Car I would Love To Ride In.
  229. I saw the new Star Trek movie **SPOILER** alert.
  230. Dispatch ships?
  231. Benghazi Focus: The 10 P.M. Phone Call
  232. John McAfee's Belize home burns to the ground
  233. Iran source: President Ahmadinejad arrested
  234. A Policeman's life .... or death.
  235. Riots grip Stockholm suburbs after police shooting
  236. Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation
  237. JournoList’s IRS Angle Begins to Gel
  238. Morgan Freeman Nods Off During TV Interview
  239. Council members abstain from vote on abstaining
  240. Police: Couple Stabbed Each Other Over ‘American Idol’
  241. It's OK, Holder has under control.
  242. George Zimmerman's Lawyer Wants Jurors To See Trayvon's Photos Of Handgun, Pot Plants
  243. In Memoriam: Drummer Lee Rigby
  244. Illinois judge charged with heroin, gun possession
  245. Ex-Judge Charged With Stealing Cocaine From Cases
  246. DIA's art collection at risk amid Detroit's financial woes
  247. It never ends...
  248. Interracial Violence
  249. Happy Memorial Day everyone!!