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  1. County Employee Faces Discipline for Post Critical of Islam He Made
  2. Bugged: Obama's Roach Problem
  3. World’s Oldest Man Dies in NY at Age 112
  4. $9,000,000,000,000. Missing from the Fed. Reserve.
  5. TSA Agent Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Aliens
  6. Agni-V missile successfully test launched from Wheeler Island off Odisha coast
  7. Holy water may be harmful to your health...
  8. Obamacare will question your sex life
  9. New Fatwa Permits Rape of Non-Sunni Women in Syria
  10. Would you return a backpack full of cash? This guy did
  11. Here’s the Mug Shot of the Navy Yard Shooter and Everything Else We Know About Him
  12. Gene Simmons Defends Tim Tebow, Wants Football To Be More Like KISS
  13. FRIEND: Navy Yard Shooter Liberal, Supported Obama
  14. Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?
  15. Time Mag. Covering For Obama Again
  16. CATO White Paper: The Work versus Welfare Trade-Off: 2013
  17. The Military Betrays Women
  19. Sometimes Cartoons Can Tell The Truth
  20. Police accuse Fort Bragg soldier and his wife of making pornography with dogs
  21. U.S. pilot scares off Iranians with ‘Top Gun’-worthy stunt
  22. Shock Claim by Clinton Mistress on Hillary’s Sexuality
  23. Democratic Congressman Mocks Tea Party's Affinity for 'Guns and the Bible'
  24. Crossfire: Larry Pratt Schools Anti-Gun Libs
  25. Brazilian rancher found guilty of ordering American nun's death
  26. If Michelle Obama Is So Concerned With Healthy Eating
  27. Police: Woman Pretending To Be Teen Boy Charged With Sex Crimes
  28. Florida Couple Jailed In "Grand Theft" Robbery
  29. Some Of You Asked For a Positive Story Involving Cops, Well, Here You Are
  30. Australian Greenpeace activists arrested by Russians
  31. How Long Before The Anti Gun Lobby Starts Exploiting Naval Yard Shooting Victims...
  32. NJ Sheriff Gets 9 Years For Pay To Work Scandal
  33. National Park Service Produces Videos Praising Islam
  34. Venezuela orders temporary takeover of toilet paper factory
  35. Judge Overturns Firing of Teacher Who Faced Drug Charge
  36. My life of hell in an Afghan harem
  37. George Soros Weds 42-Year-Old Woman
  38. El Shabab and the Shopping Mall
  39. Could the Kenya Mall Shooting happen here?
  40. Illinois Governor Mulls Sending National Guard Into Chicago To Stem Violence
  41. No excuses
  42. Kid Facing Expulsion From School For Playing With Toy Gun...
  43. Miss Kansas is a deer hunting, tattoo-wearing sergeant in the U.S. Army
  44. 'Naked and Scared Challenge'
  45. Oh, Cry Me A River
  46. Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'
  47. Shopping Center in Nairobi, Kenya photos
  48. Kenya Gun Laws = Gun Free Zones
  49. 'Bail-ins' taking depositors' money could be headed to U.S.
  50. Oh NJCardfan!
  51. Mom Jogging With Baby in Stroller Fights Off Attacker With Bike Pump
  52. Wal-Mart Returning to Full Time Employees-Obamacare Not Such A Job Killer After All?
  53. At least 13 dead after Mumbai building collapse; dozens feared trapped
  54. Al Qaeda Opens First Official Twitter Account
  55. Newark: Behind the violence
  56. Race Car Driver Miranda Throckmorton In Hot Water
  57. The Sad Life Of A Street Thug
  58. App Tries to Stick It to Gov’t Spying by ‘Flooding the Internet With Red Flag Key Wor
  59. Am I missing something here?
  60. Laser horror as attempts to blind pilots put UK passengers at risk
  61. Gunmen open fire on sleeping college students in Nigeria
  62. Man Posing As Federal Agent Robbing
  63. The Destruction of US Special Operations
  64. Iranian-Linked Hackers Breached U.S. Navy Computer Network
  65. Homeland Security Adviser Defends Use of Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Icon
  66. Ten states where Obamacare wipes out existing health care plans
  67. What Did Bill O’Reilly Say About the Future
  68. Security Mogul Reveals $100 Device to Foil NSA Spying and Make Internet ‘Hack-Proof’
  69. A Brand New Way to Protect Your Property From Thieves
  70. New $100
  71. Scissors-wielding attacker subdued by passerby at Riverside Park; five injured
  72. Separating the Kafirs from the Muslims
  73. CNN to Drop Piers Morgan
  74. Thank Allah For Democrats
  75. Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation
  76. President Obama’s Umbrage
  77. Tip O’Neill presided over two-thirds of the government shutdowns since 1976
  78. The ObamaCare train wreck: Democratic proponents looking for a scapegoat
  79. No So New Democrat Meme
  80. Putin nominated for Nobel Prize
  81. End of Silk Road, FBI Shuts Down Online Source for Illegal Drugs & Hitmen
  82. What Congressional Leadership Looks Like
  83. Tesla stock tumbles after Model S catches fire
  84. Obama has bent over backward to work with Republicans (not an onion piece)
  85. Manatee!!
  86. Obama's Priorities
  87. Dear God I want my country back!!!
  88. City Demands Residents Remove ‘God Bless America’ Signs
  89. CNBC Has Lowest-Rated Quarter in 20 Years
  90. 'Duck Dynasty' star reveals clash with producers over fake bleeps, cutting Jesus
  91. As Crisis Unfolds, Obama Sets Personal Golf Record
  92. "White Soldier Killed By Black Thugs" (original title)
  93. Central A/C Brand question.
  94. Parasitocracy - more unchecked liberalism ...
  95. US adults are dumber than a box of rocks
  96. House Democrats Arrested In Immigration Reform Protest
  97. High school teacher drops F-bomb repeatedly on students
  98. California's Brown Signs Bill Permitting Non-Physician Abortions
  99. VIDEO: Blind man beaten on Phila. street as witnesses look on
  100. SC Man Takes It Upon Himself to Maintain DC Memorials
  101. Indian Father Sacrifices Baby Son to Goddess Kali
  102. Canadian Researcher finds differences in same sex parenting situations
  103. Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to 'detect' gay
  104. Horrific flesh-rotting drug krokodil may be in Chicago, doctor says
  105. 72-year-old woman fires shot at intruder
  106. Mark Steyn: 'Land of the free' excludes national parks
  107. EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana
  108. Thug Robs Motorcycle Rider at Gunpoint
  109. I hope no one got hurt...
  110. Madonna Booted From New York City Movie Theater After Expressing Herself
  111. Turn the other cheek?
  112. France Covers Obama's Middle East Retreat.
  113. Holy war in Harlem: Pastors want Sharpton out
  114. Jennifer Blair, a transsexual woman, is suing for the right to get free breast cancer
  115. Off-Duty Deputy Attempts to Arrest Soldier at Restaurant –the Cop Who Went to jail
  116. Highly Intrusive School Survey
  117. Guess Who’s Footing the Bill for That Walmart Food Stamp Fiasco
  118. 0Bummer the magician
  119. Escape possibilities
  120. CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not others
  121. Bushfires wipe out 330 square miles in NSW
  122. Yale Professor: Tea party members know more science than non-tea partiers.
  123. Obamacare Scammers - poised and ready to lunge
  124. CNN Reporter Calls Out Anchor For Using Term 'Tea Party Radicals'
  125. 15-year-old Girl Attacked by At Least 9 boys: Police, Media Won’t Say by Whom
  126. O.J. Simpson’s Reported New Career Aspiration Might Stun You
  127. Planned Parenthood to Teens: ‘Nothing Bad or Unhealthy’ About Promiscuity
  128. Florida man sets self on fire
  129. group of black youths blocks white couple's car, bloody victims
  130. It’s Hard to Believe Two Parents Would Ever Do This
  131. How Crazy Are the Democrats?
  132. ‘RACIAL SLUR’: Government blocks Asian-American band from trademarking ‘The Slants’
  133. There's no racist like a liberal racist
  134. Uruguay official: legal pot for $1 per gram
  135. ObamaCare web site repair begins....
  136. Sebelius: Obama Completely Clueless,...
  137. Did the Shutdown Campaign Force the Doomed Website Rollout?....
  138. Teen Boy With Toy Gun Fatally Shot By Police
  139. Comments from the current members of our military?
  140. Conspiracy Theorist Contends 'Obama’s Fainting Lady was Faked'
  141. NBC - EPIC FAIL
  142. Pastor Resigns After Making Stunning Announcement
  143. 'Men are scared by uncontrolled naked women'
  144. Bad Day In The News
  145. If Obamacare was the Titanic...
  146. Obamacare Worker Fired For Talking With Sean Hannity
  147. ObamaCare: More Americans' Insurance Canceled in 3 states Than Have Filed in all 50
  148. Sperm donor sued for child support...same sex couple involved.
  149. Man Decries ‘Homosexual Demon’
  150. Aussie PM: carbon tax is ‘socialism’
  151. Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran
  152. Life in Russian jail is horrible, says Aussie Greenpeace activist
  153. Immigration questions
  154. Fractivists
  155. Taxed by the mile?
  156. Political Quiz
  157. Bigger, Lighter, Deadlier! Navy launches new stealth destroyer
  158. White Boxes Hiding in Plain Sight All Over the World May Be a U.S. Government Spy
  159. 5 Possible Reasons Young Americans Are Leaving Church and Christianity
  160. Conn. police: shock collar used to punish girl
  161. US 'spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave'
  162. Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up on Empty Mediterranean Beach by Jon David Kahn 31 Oct
  163. First Lady’s Pre-Halloween Prediction
  164. The Constitution is such a silly, useless thing....
  165. Here’s Why Israelis Are Once Again Angry With Obama: ‘Absolutely Perplexing’
  166. Mexican president urges citizens to exercise to fight obesity
  167. NBC Not Happy - Insurance Premiums to Rise Due to Obamacare
  168. The Top Five Facts Everyone Should Know About Oil Exploration
  169. Senator Presents Kathleen Sebelius With Really Embarrassing ‘Gift
  170. strange homes for sale
  171. No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming N.S.A.
  172. West Point Hosts First Wedding …For Two Guys
  173. Happy Halloween from the White House!
  174. Obama rebranded himself from bulls--ter to liar... forever
  175. VIDEO: Karl Denninger - Obama Care Could Implode Before the End of the Year
  176. Two Philly cops "stop and frisk" two young males
  177. With apologies to Joyce Kilmer ..
  178. Soldier Watches on Video Chat as Pregnant Wife Suffers Brutal Attack
  179. Virginia Governors Race
  180. Man Claims He Was Anally Probed 8 Times Following Traffic Stop For Drugs
  181. New Mexico Cops accused of anally probing man EIGHT times
  182. The "Compassionate", "Condescending" Left
  183. Obamacare By Morning - Country Music Awards
  184. Muslim "peace conference" in Norway confirms all muslims want murder by stoning
  185. NEW: Bees kill 1 dog and injure another
  186. Arkansas cop tasers woman who refuses to show him her breasts: lawsuit
  187. Obamacare web site spews garbage when loggin on...
  188. Family Stranded In Chicago After Airline Says Man Is Too Big To Fit On Plane November
  189. Ashton Kutcher Gets It Right Again
  190. Gays about 3% of the population in California according to UCLA study; 1% in nation
  191. Navy set to launch newest, most efficient carrier - the USS Gerald Ford
  192. Thieves Charged With Cutting Off Marijuana Dispensary Owner’s Penis
  193. Man dies after accidentally drinking £34,000 of crystal meth
  194. Tom Cruise: making movies is like serving in Afghanistan
  195. Venezuelan military seizes major retail chain
  196. Atheist ‘Mega-Churches’
  197. Electronic ‘Backpack’ That Installs on a Cockroach
  198. Family of Malcolm X sues to prevent publication of diary
  199. Veterans Day Google Image.
  200. Top 20 Oldest Inmates In NJ
  201. Israeli mayor says there are no gays in his town
  202. Official: Liberian president's convoy smuggled pot
  203. Honesty doesn't pay off for ex-homeless man
  204. 7 Ways That Republicans Fail Politics 101
  205. Spike Lee Sued Over George Zimmerman Tweet
  206. Makers of SAT, ACT sued over sale of students’ personal information
  207. Obama's Cultural Rape
  208. Render unto Seizure
  209. How Medicaid Fails the Poor
  210. "Don’t Get Screwed By Obamacare, Find A Sugar Daddy!" Says Dating Website
  211. Sexually suggestive ObamaCare ad called 'degrading' to women
  212. Sowell: Tea Party Must Learn from Mistakes
  213. WebMD pockets millions from feds to promote Obamacare
  214. 52% view Obama as "dishonest"
  215. A Obama Avocado!!!
  216. The "Navigators" are really all about insurance fraud....
  217. B.O.'s Twitter Page
  218. Pew Research Test
  219. Mark Wahlberg Slams Tom Cruise: 'How F--king Dare You'
  220. Pelosi Starts Giggling Uncontrollably....
  221. Strand Books Used Sprinklers to Douse Homeless, Employees Say
  222. "Capitalist parasites": Venezuela jails 100 'bourgeois' businessmen in crackdown
  223. McDermott: I Haven’t Seen This Much Panic on the Floor Since 9/11
  224. Eric Holder targets school vouchers in Louisiana
  225. For my 15600th post
  226. Just A Reminder To All Smokers Under Obamacare
  227. Scientology building has entire floor where members can get 'super powers'
  228. Alec Baldwin pleads ignorance
  229. Bozell Column: Upside-Down Movie Ratings Games
  230. Trouble in (socialist) Swedish paradise
  231. A simple plan
  232. Al Jazeera America’s Ratings Woes Get Worse…
  233. India's monkeys 'to be put on the pill'
  234. Albuquerque Votes on Late-Term Abortion Ban
  235. Bangladesh: Genocide Now, Taliban Soon
  236. Man Dies After Porta-Potty Fire
  237. Police Brutality Case?
  238. You Libs Wanted More Government, Well, You Got It
  239. Cheating students more likely to want government jobs
  240. The Jarrett File: What we know about Obama’s secretive adviser.
  241. Norwegian army goes vegetarian… to fight global warming
  242. Countdown Until Obama Leaves Office
  243. Homeless expert lays out Sarasota County plan
  244. Georgetown University to Host Member of Egypt’s Nazi Party
  245. "Knockout Game" Player Shot By Concealed Carry Permittee
  246. EPA power grab? Pols, states claim new water reg could bring feds into your backyard
  247. Pittsburgh Diocese Wins Delay Against Affordable Care Act
  248. Hitler - Obamacare...
  249. Tyranny on Wheels: Obama’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  250. Duke accuser Crystal Mangum found guilty of 2nd-degree murder