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  1. Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel
  2. American courts court tyranny on gay marriage with irregular passion rulings
  3. More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.'s skid row
  4. Power breakdown plunges Pakistan into darkness
  5. Secret Service investigating small drone on White House grounds
  6. NJ Student Slams Teacher To Floor For Taking His Phone Away
  8. Westboro's Iowa Tour
  9. WSJ pulls back the curtain
  10. Michelle Obama dressed inappropriately.
  11. Where's my $556.00?
  12. ‘Blasphemous’ artwork removed from Paris exhibition
  14. New Air Force One will carry a powerful legacy
  15. Video Of Teen shot By Police Released
  16. Fake cop pulls over real cop
  17. “The View” is About to Get Cancelled, Audience is Tired of Arguments Mocking Jesus
  18. Self guided bullets...
  19. Bruce Jenner's new look.
  20. First lady Michelle Obama offers praise for 'American Sniper'
  21. Hands up! Don't run me over!
  22. Man Shoots Cars Parked in Shoveled Spaces
  23. China’s Secret Strategy Exposed
  24. Iran: The ‘Americans Are Begging Us for a Deal’
  25. Kerry says peace in Ukraine is up to Russia
  26. The totalitarianism of same-sex ‘marriage’
  27. Illinois woman says Comcast called her Super B—- on her bill
  28. Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Affirms That USS Liberty Was ‘Tragic Friendly Fire
  29. Mark Steyn on Brian Williams controversy
  30. Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams
  31. Don't Let Obama Take Over the Internet (Petition)
  32. The Blaze: Infantile story titles!
  33. Colorado lawmakers vote down assisted suicide bill
  34. Brian Williams knows where he was on 9/11
  35. SpongeBob SquarePants is a communist!
  36. Christians Need to Rebel--and Vets
  37. Judge Jeanine Has Been Mystified by Obama’s Behavior for 6 Years...
  38. Samsung big brother tyranny has no morals
  39. Water woes: Employee relieves himself in San Francisco reservoir
  40. A Prediction
  41. Weird goings on in SAMSUNG T.V.
  42. Single typo sinks 124-year-old company
  43. Clint Eastwood: To a Point, Moore, Maher Right
  44. Shipping Potentially Crippled by ObamaCare Tax
  45. Visiting from India, grandfather partially paralyzed after encounter with police
  46. Can a black man be charged with a hate crime in Austin, TX?
  47. Prosecutor Pollicita charges President CFK in AMIA cover-up case
  48. Kirsten Gillibrand’s Cruel Assault on Justice
  49. "Mass casualties were a real possibility" in Canada plot
  50. Minimum Wage Hike Closes San Francisco Bookstore
  51. Black woman beats white woman to death over "presidential politics"
  52. Impact of Fatherlessness
  53. Netanyahu Urges European Jews To Return To Safety of Israel
  54. Cops: Drunk Driver Left His Arm Behind
  55. Another one gone...........
  56. Vandals set fire at Florida church, write 'Allahu Akbar'
  57. Egypt, Saudi Arabia Outraged By State Dept. Reception of Muslim Brotherhood Delegatio
  58. U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
  59. Kyle Reese Describes Islamic Extremism
  60. NAACP Office Was Not Target of Bomb Plot – Tax Preparation Office Was
  61. Rudy Giuliani clarifies Obama comments by claiming the President has been influenced
  62. Ferguson again???
  63. Who's still around
  64. Forget The Terrorists: Malls Already Under Attack from Black Mob Violence
  65. Former small town Democratic Party chairman 'plotted to hire hit man to kill girls
  66. ISIS abducts 90 Assyrians in northeastern Syria, group says
  67. Mike Krupinski
  68. Franklin Graham's Facebook Comments on Obama and Rudy
  69. New terror alert for France after 'at least' five drones are spotted flying above...
  70. Freak Show
  71. Obama: 'Consequences' for ICE Officials Who Don't Follow Executive Amnesty
  72. How in the hell did we get here?
  73. University of Colorado settles with student accused of sexual assault
  74. RIP Leonard Nimoy
  75. How Feminists Lie about Their Due Process Opponents
  76. Prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy killed
  77. What Net Neutrality really means
  78. San Diego State U makes Horowitz list of "Jew Hating Universities"
  79. Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike
  80. California High School Handout: All White People Are Racist
  81. Police Shoot Homeless Man
  82. DOJ to accuse Ferguson Police of making discriminatory stops against blacks
  83. Duke basketball player dismissed from team after NO ONE files rape grievance/charges
  84. FACEBOOK suspends black middle schooler's account after slamming Obama
  85. Schools reschedule Dr. Seuss’s birthday fests so kids can take Common Core tests
  86. Iran pans Netanyahu speech as Sunni Arabs support
  87. Prosecutors consider criminal charges against Michael Brown family members
  88. White House scrambles to answer when they learned of Clinton email habits
  89. Bill O'Reilly Praises Newsmax as 'Refreshing'
  90. Wisconsin police officer fatally shoots African-American teen, sparking protests
  91. The Fact That Puts To Rest The Racist Police Meme
  92. 2 Ferguson police officers quit; court clerk fired after Justice report
  93. Brian Williams Wanted to Replace Jay Leno
  94. The Politics Of The Hunger Games
  95. IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older
  96. Another Article On My Father-In Law
  97. Teen Burglars Mistake Cremated Remains For Cocaine
  98. My head is beginning to hurt.
  99. Michael Needham on why RINOs screw us over every time
  100. New ISIS video claims to show killing of Israeli spy
  101. Translation Needed
  102. Johnny Depp Injured; ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Production ‘Minimally Impacted’
  103. Migrants demand safer ways to cross the border into United States
  104. Selma 50 Years Later
  105. Republicans, Democrats, ACLU want to roll back "tough on crime" laws
  106. U.S. Exaggerates Islamic State Casualties
  107. "White Privilege"
  108. This the last one
  109. What makes people decide to be Liberal?
  110. Being a drunk..
  111. St. Louis Police Get STANDING OVATION at St. Patrick’s Day Parade (VIDEO)
  112. Teen Goat Thieves Busted For Prom Prank
  113. I don't know about Chinese women..
  114. SVPete (and others interested in the campus rape insanity)
  115. United Airlines flight turns around due to unruly passenger
  116. Ferguson: Police deny beating shooting suspect Jeffrey Williams
  117. Black Girl Savagely Beats White Girl And 5 Year Old Brother
  118. To the liberal members of CU...
  119. Kraft Foods is recalling 6.5 Million Boxes Of Mac & Cheese
  120. Republican Party Creed South Carolina As An American
  121. #Ferguson Cop Shooter Claims Police Beat Him…Videos Show Likely Beaten…By A Protester
  122. Can the push for colleges to investigate sexual assault lead to murder?
  123. Hi, I'm Arty Ape. AMA!
  124. Typical: Leftist Protest Turns Violent
  125. Pregnant Woman Stabbed, Beaten, And Her Baby Cut Out
  126. Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States
  127. FBI investigating hanging death of African-American man in Mississippi
  128. Michelle Obama's mom was wary about her daughter marrying a man of mixed race
  129. This girl has a sweet idea.
  130. Walking While White, Murdered By Teens (14 and two 15-year-Olds)
  131. ‘That’s Not Racist, You Idiot’
  132. Ayatollah: Iran nuke talks 'fraudulent'
  133. In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas
  134. How to Sabotage Your Life in 5 Easy Steps
  135. Find out why this rapper told Playboy she hates every last thing about America
  136. Undocumented Immigrants Failing To Appear At Hearings Increasing
  137. Mother upset that juvenile killers will be given new trials.
  138. National Review's Katherine Timpf goes to Starbucks to ask about race (video)
  139. D***!! another good cop?
  140. Fraternity set to sue after police suspend UVA rape investigation
  142. What do you think?
  143. Janice Fiamengo, PhD. Political Correctness in Academia
  144. Obama Snubs NATO Chief as Crisis Rages
  145. America’s churches are in trouble
  146. Race, class issues starting to split Silicon Valley alliance of tech, progressives
  147. Indonesia prepares to transfer Philippines drug convict for execution
  148. Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians
  149. Australian woman accused of squirting breast milk on police officer
  150. Instagram Is Sexist For Censoring “Gorgeous” Pic Of Woman With Menstrual Blood Stain…
  151. US preparing to boost aid to Saudi-led coalition
  152. Pat Condell on Liberal Free Speech
  153. Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server
  154. Retired General Has Harsh One-Word Description For Obama’s Press Conference With Berg
  155. Criminal mastermind swallows drugs to avoid arrest, succeeds
  156. 7 shot during spring break at Florida Panhandle beach town
  157. Coyote spotted on top of New York City bar
  158. Obama Commutes Prison Sentences for 22 Drug Offenders
  159. David Horowitz lays out the true story behind the Iraq war.
  160. Obama Signs Bill to Promote Donations to Families of NYC Cops Slain
  161. ‘I’m Not Playing This Game’: Video Captures Fed-Up Cop Smashing a Car Window
  162. Low California snowpack ushers mandatory water restrictions
  163. Paul McMillon :Walmart will offer free tatoos I.D. numbers on Arms of Christians.
  164. Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement
  165. Arabic: Most Common Language of Refugees in America
  166. Memories Pizza
  167. Woman Stuck in Traffic From Presidential Motorcade Gives Birth in Own Car
  168. Russian ships in old Arctic NATO base set alarms bells ringing
  169. Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries
  170. Illegal Immigrant with Drug-Resistant TB to Be Released into US
  171. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch massive 400-person brawl break out at Resorts World...
  172. Unexpectedly: Crime Rates Begin to Rise in Los Angeles
  173. Delaware boys in critical condition after resort illness, possibly from pesticide
  174. Chaos At Sacramento’s World Record Egg Hunt Attempt
  175. Is It Racist If A Black Guy Calls A White Guy The N Word?
  176. 16 things we learned from the review of the Rolling Stone gang-rape story
  177. 'Mummified’ body removed from San Francisco home
  178. South Carolina policeman charged with murder after video of shooting emerges
  179. University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Class To Give Students Extra Credit If They Are Bis
  180. Obama pilot once saw UFO
  181. Iran sends navy vessels to waters off Yemen, raising stakes
  182. Court orders Dutch businessman behind horsemeat scandal to finally pony up
  183. Baltimore Police used secret technology to track cellphones
  184. 'UNHEARD OF': Fort Hood victim to receive Purple Heart, no benefits
  185. Americans stuck in Yemen file suit demanding State Department, military rescue them
  186. Just a note on the case of that South Carolina Cop accused of a racist shooting
  187. To All Who Don't Think The Death Penalty Is A Deterrant
  188. Kern County sheriff a defiant California maverick on immigration
  189. Nerd Prom: Film shows how cozy reporters are with White House
  190. Catholic school reinstates teacher suspended for defending Catholic teaching on FB
  191. Secret Service Officer Arrested for Destruction of Property
  192. Muslim Bakeries in Dearborn won't make "gay wedding" cake. No activists!
  193. The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust
  194. Mom dangling toddler over cheetah pit when he fell
  195. Maine police departments pay hackers to unlock computer system
  196. Russian Court Bans Internet Porn Under Century-Old International Convention
  197. Quadriplegic man found 4 days after mom left him in woods, police say
  198. FBI Investigating Former White House Military Aide
  199. LGBT Advertising: How Brands Are Taking a Stance on Issues
  200. Bid to make Bible official book of Tennessee unconstitutional
  201. CBS4 Investigation: TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals
  202. Supervisor Scott Wiener gets ‘stalked’ to work by angry nudist
  203. Police Probe Reported Placement Of Bacon On Door Handles Of Oklahoma Mosque
  204. Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran
  205. Mideast Commentators Claim Obama’s Iran Deal Has Something to Do With His Father
  206. Hit man ready to testify other guy's innocent, lawyers say
  207. Officers Fatally Shoot Man Who Charged at Them Near St. Louis;
  208. Family wins back 1933 $20 Double Eagle gold coins worth $80 million seized by feds
  209. Inmates Party, Show Off Drugs, Cash, And Post On Facebook
  210. Dying CIA Agent Claims He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe, and 36 more targets
  211. 'Help, Fire'
  212. Mysterious 'supervoid'
  213. I called every Senator and Representative in Oklahoma about convention of the states
  214. Solar Panels Catch Fire on Roof of Green Party Building
  215. Halal Sex Shop Opening For Muslims In Mecca, Saudi Arabia: Report
  216. Happy Earth Day!
  217. Florida man bitten while kissing venomous snake
  218. Muslim's screw-up foiled attack on Paris church
  219. Coffee spill blamed as Serbian president's plane plummets
  220. Not science fiction: Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur
  221. Offended Native American actors quit Adam Sandler movie
  222. Filmmaker says Scientologists are making movie about him
  223. Brutal train station attack
  224. You Aren’t Really Offended All The Time, So Please Stop Pretending
  225. Violence erupts at Baltimore police death protest
  226. Blitzer, Harf: We’re Happy We’re Hanging Out With Jane Fonda
  227. Baltimore Riots
  228. Black Street Gangs Team Up To "Take Out" Law Enforcement In Baltimore
  229. My super pissed off letter to Obama.
  230. And the good momma of the day award goes to....
  231. Anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack Baltimore riots
  232. The Missouri cow is at it again
  233. Central Valley Sinking Faster Than Ever Before As Farmers Drill For Water
  234. Blood-Covered Man to Babysitter: I "Slayed the Beast"
  235. Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reported dead by Radio Iran
  236. Nigerian army claims 293 girls and women rescued from Boko Haram camps
  237. analysis suggests links between Baltimore and Ferguson violence
  238. Freddie Gray Had A Long Rap Sheet
  239. When did white guilt begin?
  240. Freddie Gray May Have Injured Himself
  241. George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill
  242. Georgia Woman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot White Cops ‘In the Head’
  243. House Wants to Cut Army’s M9 Replacement Money
  244. Pope's Coming Statement On Global Warming Will Be Significant
  245. Another NBC Disaster: ‘Nightly News’ Loses to ABC News
  246. A Look at the 6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray's Death
  247. Delaware medical team to treat Nepal survivors
  248. The most racist places in America.
  249. NYC Police Officer Shot, in Critical Condition
  250. Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest