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  1. Soccer Mom
  2. Chicago cops warned of gang violence in wake of video
  3. Poland rising against Islam
  4. Electronic Monitoring Has Become the New Debtors Prison
  5. Black Friday Fights 2015
  6. The Modern Social Liberal
  7. Check new YOUTUBE, you guys will love it.
  8. Protesters disrupt Chicago shopping corridor, ask feds to probe McDonald killing
  9. Brave woman Speaks Out On ISIS
  10. Cultural Marxism Explained
  11. This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!
  12. Paris climate talks: Through the smog, coal-hungry India sees ‘carbon imperialism’ i
  13. On American Racism - Deconstructing the Blame Game
  14. What a real liberal multicultural society looks like
  15. Do you know your State's Preamble?
  16. Chicago police respond to Superintendent McCarthy getting fired, over the scanner
  17. Three mosques shut down in Paris anti-terror raids
  18. Double Down: Obama Says Muslims Turning To Terrorism Because of Climate Change
  19. White Student Union Releases Demands On Behalf Of ‘Europe@n’ Students
  20. Airmail via Drones Is Vexing for Prisons
  21. Mass murder, mass killings, mass shootings - definition arguments
  22. France: 19 refugees found in cement truck
  23. Councilwoman quits over 'Christmas' tree lighting
  24. Sister of San Bernardino Shooter Intends to Adopt Orphaned Baby Niece
  25. Woman aged 91 suffocated during sex game with married neighbor, 49
  26. Fox News Suspends Col Ralph Peters for Saying a Bad Word
  27. Man accused of slashing a fire hose during riots faces federal charges
  28. Read what doctors and hospital workers are having to deal with in Germany.
  29. DHS Sec Speaks At Mosque Connected To Muslim Brotherhood
  30. A Girl Vanished On Her Way To DC Airport. Police Found Her Luggage In A Ditch.
  31. AG Lynch: you going to jail
  32. Are Syrian refugees coming through France to the U.S.?
  33. Go Sammy
  34. Protesters disturb Mass at Catholic churches in Las Vegas
  35. $700 million mine-hunting drone can't find explosives
  36. The Consequences of Importing Islam
  37. Larry Kudlow: I’ve Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas.
  38. Obama v Putin
  39. Muslims: Wake up America
  40. Inside the Liberal Mind
  41. C.O.'s Can't Be Weak: The Hidden PTSD Crisis Hidden In America's Jails
  42. Jedi church says new Star Wars film leading to boom in followers
  43. Happy Holidays from Larry the Cable Guy!!
  44. Brajraj Mahapatra, Indian king - obituary
  45. Christianity v Human Rights
  46. Obama’s Success Unravelled
  47. So, the works of Thomas Jefferson...
  48. FOIA Request Finds FBI Chart Showing CAIR’s Ties To Hamas
  49. What is the "hardest" part of the Air Force?
  50. What led to mistrial for Officer William G. Porter in Freddie Gray case
  51. Could America eventually see martial law introduced?
  52. AK law prof. accused of violating "safe space" for studying race-based admissions
  53. Anyone catch the whole speech from McLean VA not long ago?
  54. Wolf 1061 exoplanet: 'Super-Earth' discovered only 14 light-years away
  55. Final Defiance: Disruptive High School Student Blows Smoke In Teacher’s Face
  56. New Orleans Council Votes to Remove Confederate Monuments
  57. I don't mean to be rude, but why is it that conservatives seem less educated?
  58. Explaining Political Definitions
  59. Understanding the Modern Social Liberal
  60. Miss Puerto Rico Suspended Over Her Response to Michael Moore’s ‘We Are All Muslim’
  61. Planned Parenthood Says Hiding HIV From Sex Partners Is A ‘Right’
  62. What was the Civil Rights Movement?
  63. Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to Newark public schools failed miserably ...
  64. Test your political leanings: Political compass test
  65. Edward Snowdens escape
  66. The Religion Of Peace At It Again
  67. Could Martial Law Occur in America?
  68. Expect Riots In Cleveland
  69. Up To 2000 Teens Involved In Riot That Shuts Down Kentucky Mall
  70. You could be owed a refund from Verizon and Sprint, but you’ll have to act fast
  71. DUmmies special offers
  72. Forget the chicken
  73. Mommy! Look at the balloon I found!
  74. Amelia Earhart captured while spying on the Japanese
  75. Mass propaganda techniques
  76. The Moral Disintegration of Jimmy Carter
  77. Crying Wolf about Racism
  78. DC#BlackLivesMatter: We Call For ‘Defunding, Disorganizing And Dismantling The Police
  79. Privilege, responsibility and citizenship
  80. Founder of Feminist Group That Goes Topless to Protest Abortion Becomes Pro-Life ...
  81. The myth of Nelson Mandela
  83. An Ocean of Plastic
  84. Winston-Salem Police Officer Shot Several Times During Traffic Stop, Dragged For 1/4
  85. Crime and punishment as a social responsibility
  86. ANALYSIS: In Defense of #Bundy Peaceful Resistance
  87. China says Communist Party to be 'strongest voice in cyberspace'
  88. Edward Snowden speaks at Consumer Electronics Show disguised as a robot
  89. Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba
  90. Officer Porter To Take Fifth To Avoid Testifying Against Fellow Officer in Baltimore
  91. 452 Suicide Attacks 450 Islam owned
  92. Sean Penn Needs To Be Arrested
  93. French Jews To ‘Hide’ Themselves After ISIS-Inspired Attack
  94. Muzzy go Boom!
  95. Touring UK universities: Muslim cleric who says it’s OK to hit women
  96. Multicultural rape
  97. Textbook sales leader says Common Core education standards are 'all about the money
  98. Portsmouth mayor charged with felony
  99. FBI: Yes, The Shooting Of Philly Cop By Muslim Attacker Was Terrorism
  100. Fake rape victim ‘Jackie’ must turn over communications with ‘Rolling Stone’
  101. BUSTED ! Republican State of Union Response Carried Amnesty Pledge in Spanish Version
  102. ‘For the Record’: How the U.S. Set the Stage for the Islamic State in Libya
  103. Planned Parenthood SUES Center for Medical Progress over videos
  104. 'Grizzly Adams' star Dan Haggerty dead at 74
  105. Chipotle Will Shut Down All Stores On February 8th
  106. Illinois license is not enough ID to access the Rock Island Arsenal
  107. R.I.P. Annette Funicello
  108. #BlackLivesMatter Tries To Shut Down Bay Bridge In San Francisco During Rush Hour
  109. Growing up Rosie O'Donnell's daughter
  110. 5 things to know about Flint's water crisis
  111. Drummer for Mott the Hopple Dies
  112. Megyn Kelly
  113. ‘Babies’ lives matter’: Thousands converge in Chicago for pro-life march
  114. Rifle found at 'El Chapo' hideout purchased through Fast and Furious program
  115. Lesbian students report higher rates of sexual assault than straight females new data
  116. North Korea says it has arrested US college student
  117. Judge denies motion to force Porter to testify against three fellow officers
  118. Despite massive storm, organizers gathered for annual 'March for Life' event
  119. Checkmate: Saudi grand mufti makes move against chess
  120. The final days of Al Jazeera America
  121. You are destroying Germany! 16 y/o girl sheds light upon the refugee crisis
  122. Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing
  123. A Muslim doctor and sister helped convict pro-ISIS hate preachers on a major London s
  124. Academy members react to diversity push: "knee-jerk liberalism"
  125. Harris grand jury indicts pair behind Planned Parenthood videos
  126. Out of the mouths of foriegn students....
  127. The 10 Best States for Retirement in 2016
  128. Sex is in the Air
  129. Abe Vigoda REALLY Dead
  130. Planned Parenthood Board Member Works in Office of D.A. Investigating Sale of Aborted
  131. Guess the Political Party
  132. EXCLUSIVE: ‘The charges are baseless,’ says David Daleiden’s lawyer
  133. UVA’s Jackie Will Turn Over Communications, But The Public Won’t See Them
  134. Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane Co-Founder & Guitarist, Dies at 74
  135. Beck’s CEO Exits as ‘The Blaze Burns Down
  136. Iran flies drone over U.S. carrier
  137. Suspected neo-Nazi gangs attack migrants in Sweden
  138. Portland, Oregon Woman Loses Job For Being Pro-Life
  139. The Oscars: Having an Opinion Is Now Racist
  140. Italian Mafia Bosses Captured in Armed Bunker
  141. Former Mizzou president pens scathing tell-all letter
  142. Michigan Dept. Of Agriculture Forces Farmer to Dump Milk, Eggs...
  143. Coulter: Fox News Is ‘Indistinguishable From George Soros’ On Immigration
  144. Surprise supporters of David Daleiden and CMP's investigative journalism
  145. Hamas Rolls Out Its New ‘Tank’ to Fight Israel. See If You Can Spot the Problem.
  146. Army And Marine Corps Chiefs: “It’s Time For Women To Start Registering For The Draft
  147. Political Correctness 'Triggering' Dangerous Herd-like Mentality
  148. Ammon Bundy Releases Recording Telling Authorities to End Oregon Standoff
  149. Switzerland Bans Burqas
  150. No arrest, but state seeks $142K from Jan. 29 traffic stop
  151. Gloria Steinem Slammed for Suggesting Young Women Support Sanders to Chase Boys
  152. Fed judge protects baby part sellers: stops distribution of undercover CMP videos
  153. North Korea launches long-range rocket
  154. A thought about women in combat
  155. NARAL Attacks Doritos ‘Ultrasound’ Super Bowl Ad For ‘Humanizing Fetuses’
  156. I don't want to believe in anti-natalism.
  157. Cruise ship turns around, calls off trip after storm
  158. Giuliania Says Beyonce's Superbowl Performance an Attack on Cops
  159. Great stuff from Reagan
  160. Abortion activists exploit Zika virus in Latin America
  161. SD Unified District Trustee wanted district to pay for her son's college
  162. Triumph The Insult Dog Invades College Kids’ Safe Spaces
  163. 1-year-old fatally shot in crib as bullets fly in Compton
  164. Rape accusers sue University of Tennessee for giving accused students due process
  165. Planned Parenthood ally National Abortion Federation Suggests “Group Purchasing Progr
  166. Sexual Assault: The Accused Speak Out
  167. Sweater day
  168. EPA Goes After Low-Income Farmers In Land Grab (through "Clean Water Act")
  169. Fathers and Childless Women in Academia Are 3x More Likely to Get Tenure Than Mothers
  170. Deadly I-78 pileup: Dozens of vehicles collide on Pennsylvania highway
  171. Teen Disarmed after footwear robbery
  172. Major SCOTUS Cases Impacted by Scalia's Death
  173. Black lives matter.
  174. Richard Dawkins stroke forces delay of Australia and New Zealand tour
  175. If you're praying for Richard Dawkins....
  176. Afghan Migrant Sexually Assaults 4 Girls Between Ages 11-13 – Germans free him!
  177. Bathrooms Get Strange Addition To Prevent Muslims From Being DISGUSTING
  178. SC Schools to Award Better Grades for Late Homework
  179. China sends missiles to contested South China Sea island: Taiwan
  180. Muslim Leader Demands Western Countries Allow Child Brides Because It's Their Culture
  181. Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People
  182. Pope suggests Trump 'is not Christian'
  183. Rare Dolphin Killed By Morons Trying To Take Selfies With It…
  184. Teen charged with practicing medicine without a license released from jail
  185. Obama Sends a Message to the Little Girl Who Cried Because He’s Leaving Office
  186. Glenn Beck Responds to South Carolina Primary Results: ‘Join Me’ in a ‘Fast for Ted
  187. Ireland on brink of change as church power wanes
  188. Babies for sale: Bulgarian Roma fuel illegal adoption trade
  189. The Founding Fathers of the Transgender Movement
  190. West Palm pastor, wife locked up on sex charges
  191. Black Fraternity Suspended for Hazing Death
  192. Question For Apocalypse ...
  193. One of my local universities makes FIRE's 10 worst list
  194. Polygamous church leaders indicted, arrested in investigation
  195. Questions raised by Justice Scalia’s unplugged breathing machine
  196. House hearing on selling human body parts set for next Wednesday
  197. Norway Police to Remove 9000 migrants!
  198. New Mexico teenagers can now legally sext each other
  199. Here's the next big #blackliesmatter THING.
  200. White House is quietly pushing for an increase of Syrian refugees
  201. Anti-Gay Stickers At Indio High School Touch Off Debate
  202. A great item for joggers
  203. Vince Foster 'suicide' shocker: 2nd wound documented
  204. NFL Prospect Pays Homage To Fallen Officer Ashley Guindon
  205. Hispanic diversity officer sexually harasses Latina; trashes blacks--still employed!
  206. Duke VP hits black parking attendant with car--more than 1 year later she wants $$$
  207. Scott Kelly: Year in space paves the way for even longer missions
  208. I thought this Bill Maher clip on Black Lies Matter was interesting.
  209. USAID is openly financing the campaigns of homosexual candidates in pro-family countr
  210. Ivy League Considers Banning Tackling During Football Practice
  211. Scientists develop mini Death Star to protect us from asteroids
  212. Liberty Counsel Fights Abortion Referrals in Public School Curriculum
  213. Yale’s Imaginary Crime Wave
  214. Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens
  215. Freddie Gray: MD’s Highest Court Says Officer Porter Must Testify
  216. Austin Russell AKA ‘Chumlee’ of Pawn Stars Arrested
  217. Arkansas judge pleads not guilty in son's death in hot car
  218. First on CNN: U.S. says North Korean submarine missing
  219. Bye, bye Carl’s Jr.: Parent company CKE moving California HQ to Nashville
  220. Who is Justin Trudeau?
  221. Spring Breakers Cause Chaos On South Beach
  222. Chris Matthews Next To Leave MSNBC?
  223. 10 pounds of bat guano found above Fla. official’s desk
  224. Gay Satanist Student group forms to combat conservative students on campus
  225. National Review…the Trump Recruiting Office
  226. 4 Missionary Sisters Brutally Murdered by ISIS
  227. Hulk Hogan Gets $115M Verdict Against Gawker at Sex Tape Trial
  228. Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits program is about gay activism, not bullying
  229. The World’s 13 Most Dangerous Airlines
  230. Should Conservatives Lead Secret Lives?
  231. Raul Castro to Obama: Embargo on Cuba should be lifted
  232. Rhode Island Bill Would Criminalize Offensive Speech
  233. When will it happen?
  234. Kansas passes religious liberty bill, LGBT activists immediately claim discrimination
  235. First Brunei Airlines All-Female Crew Lands Plane in Saudi Arabia
  236. Better Get Used to It: The Ferguson Effect Is Real
  237. Assault Occurs at UMass Over Fake Marijuana Made of Shredded Vegetables
  238. Fish kill in Florida
  239. Man Stabs Wife With Fork After Burrito Assault
  240. Shelby is Selling Some of its Rarest Concept Cars and Prototypes
  241. AG Loretta Lynch wants to let nation break law without consequences
  242. First-time flyer mistakes plane's emergency exit for toilet door
  243. Ohio man creates joke Facebook account for local police; faces felony charges
  244. Georgia Governor Caves to Big Business, Vetoes Religious Freedom
  245. NC Attorney General Says He Won’t Bother Defending States Transgender Bathroom law
  246. Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie For CIA
  247. Yale’s Case against Montague Looks Shaky: Title IX officer filed; not the accuser
  248. Foreign countries don't want our stinkin' diversity
  249. Illinois Supreme Court to hear Drew Peterson appeal on ‘12 murder conviction
  250. George Mason U. Will Rename Law School After Antonin Scalia