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  1. A reminder -
  2. Christians Disguised As Green Zombies Preach At Gay Pride Parade
  3. Princeton sex assault suspect charged in 2nd incident
  4. Swedish music festivals hit by reports of rapes by 'migrants'
  5. Vandals steal items from World War II memorial
  6. Meanwhile: Freddie Gray: Bench Trial of Lt. Brian Rice to Begin Thursday
  7. Iraqi Policemen Burn U.S. Flag, Chant “Death To America”…
  8. Raped German Politician Lied About Attackers’ Nationality To ‘Stop Racism’
  9. Muslim Immigrant Arrested After Purchasing Firearm for ISIS Attack on US Soil
  10. Rapes By Migrants in German Swimming Pools are Surging
  11. Ex-Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sues network head Roger Ailes
  12. AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe
  13. Man Facing Terrorism Charges Indicted for Plot to Murder Judge in His Case
  14. Muslim 'refugees' threaten Minnesota community with rape
  15. Will California Ever Thrive Again?
  16. Majority Of Migrants ‘Unemployable’ And Just 54 Have Jobs With Top Firms
  17. “The Curious Case of Philando Castile – Falcon Heights, MN Police Shoot
  18. Felon On Probation For A Federal Weapons Violation Shoots Missouri Police Officer
  19. Confirmed – Philando Castile Was an Armed Robbery Suspect
  20. This Is My Department. I Couldn't Be Prouder
  21. Texas Rangers picture & encounters with fallen officer
  22. Facebook Refuses To Remove Cartoon Of Cop Having Throat Slit From Black Panther Page
  23. Horrifying Stats on Death Toll From South African Farm Attacks
  24. TWITTER Officially Sided With Anti-Cop ‘RACIAL JUSTICE’ Movement
  25. Dallas 7-Eleven Store Looted By Black Lives Matter Protesters
  26. 18 U.S. Code § 2101 - Riots
  27. Agitators hurl rocks at Phoenix police, chant ‘we should shoot you’
  28. CBS Ends Show by 'Listening' to Those Critical of Law Enforcement
  29. They shot a cop and are holding cop's wife HOSTAGE
  30. two pilots are killed when ISIS shoot down a Russian attack helicopter
  31. Obama Pushes More Federal Oversight of Cops After Dallas Attack on Cops
  32. The female soldier who ‘pervert’ Dallas cop killer sexually harassed
  33. The Truth About The Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Shootings
  34. Chicago Statistics (not the white sox)
  35. Autistic Woman Kept in Backyard Cage and Forced Into Prostitution, Say Police
  36. UVA "rape": What The Rolling Stone Affidavits Show
  37. Intruder shot by off-duty St. Louis County officer after Black lives matter argument
  38. Snoop Dogg to L.A. Police: ‘We Are Here to Show Love and Support’ at March for Peace
  39. Girl, 9, Uses Birthday Money To Buy Lunch For Detroit PD Officers After Seeing Dallas
  40. Diamond & Silk: All Lives Matter
  41. Document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve
  42. New stricter sexual-assault laws in Germany are making refugee activists uneasy
  43. Syrian refugee held in indecent assault on girl, 13 at Lowell pool
  44. FLOP! New Feminist ‘Ghostbusters’ Toys Already on Clearance Before Movie Opens
  45. 5 People Arrested After Shooter Opens Fire on Police in Southeast DC, Authorities Say
  46. Chick-fil-A Just Dropped a NUKE on ‘Black Lives Matter’
  47. Lynx players not wearing 'Black Lives' shirts in Texas
  48. New Black Panthers vow armed protests at GOP convention
  49. 33 people hospitalized after K2 overdoses
  50. Baton Rouge police bust plot to kill cops using guns stolen from pawn shop
  51. Black Lives Matter protest blocks ambulance with sick child headed for hospital
  52. Texas Tech Tweet - Now Deleted
  53. Transgener Woman Arrested for Voyeurism at Ammon, Idaho Target
  54. ICYMI: 2,100 people have been shot in Chicago
  55. Robber With AK-47–Style Rifle Taken Out by Concealed Carrier
  56. Ginsburg back on dementia meds.
  57. Ban Mosques in The USA
  58. Deputies asked not to dine at Washington state restaurant
  59. TRUMP RALLY ATTENDEES Sue San Jose Mayor
  60. NY Mag: NRA Endangering Women by Promoting Armed Self-Defense
  61. Britain’s New Prime Minister Drives A Stake Through The Heart Of The Green Vampire
  62. Wear a Headscarf Or Be Raped, Swedish Women Warned
  63. 5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian
  64. Remember the one about fighting them over there?
  65. We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family
  66. Man Dead After Opening Fire on Four Baltimore Officers
  67. "If you control for FATHERLESSNESS, racial disparity in the US prison system vanishes
  68. Thought reform in America
  69. Bloodbath in Bakersfield: 14 Shot Outside House Party
  70. The Rage of Failure
  71. What we know about Baton Rouge Police Shooting thus far (Live Press Conference)
  72. U2 singer Bono had to be rescued by counter-terror police at Nice massacre
  73. "Thought reform" in America
  74. What is wrong with POTUS???
  75. The Marxist roots of Islamic extremism
  76. thousands of migrants due for deportation out of EU STAY in Germany
  77. Ballwin Mo Officer Shot in the Back of Neck Paralyzed
  78. FYI - Trump on Golf Channel at 8 CT, 9 ET
  79. Two New York Colleges Won’t Let Basketball Teams Play Duke
  80. Dallas PD: Salute to Fallen Officers
  81. Leaked Secret Document From Iran Deal Shows It Will Be Easier For Iran To Build Nuke
  82. Megyn Kelly Tells Fox Investigators Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her
  83. 'Cow vigilante' attack on low-caste workers prompts clashes in India
  85. Woman dies after double shooting at Bellefontaine Neighbors beauty supply store...
  86. Erdogan Unleashes Unprecedented Crackdown:
  87. Sheriff Urges Civilian Staff To Arm Themselves For ‘Personal Safety’
  88. The Daily Show Pushes Breitbart Editor
  89. U.N. Report Condemns Iran for Failing to Comply With ‘Spirit’ of Nuclear Deal
  90. Miami shooting: Man shot by cops was lying down with hands up, lawyer says
  91. Hungary Launches New Anti-Migrant Media Offensive
  92. Navy's $12.9 billion carrier isn't ready for warfare, memo says
  93. Our Tax Dollars: Rastafari Cook Ordered to Cut Dreadlocks, US Suing Business
  94. Gunmen Identified In Murder Of Police Captain
  95. Taxpayers Face Billion Dollar Expenses for Zika Babies
  96. Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS
  98. Veterans Brutally Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Says Army Staff Sergeant
  99. Kill More Cops’ Graffiti Mural Appears on Major L.A. Freeway
  100. High Capacity’ Magazine Ban, 20% Jump in Violent Crime
  101. BBC Puzzled By Motive Of Syrian With Suicide Bomb Rucksack
  102. Japan knife attack: At least 19 dead
  103. Petition Calls for State Department to Forsake AC
  104. Sudanese Refugees Create Crime Wave in Australia
  105. Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass In France
  106. The “Tripwire” Series – Moving Forward With 2016 Political Shifts…
  107. Previously Deported Sex Offender of a Minor Busted After Illegal Re-Entry
  108. Persons of interest identified in Florida nightclub shooting
  109. James O’Keefe Undercover With Outraged Bernie Supporters at the DNC
  110. Eritrean refugee 'rapes a 79-year-old woman in a CEMETERY in Germany while she was vi
  111. Muslim female athletes compete while covered
  112. Hillary's soulmate
  113. Fox News reporter who made sick 'lead diet' joke about Michael Brown's mother is fire
  114. 90-year-old woman is first alligator-related fatality in South Carolina
  115. This Filth has no Place in a Civilized Society!
  116. Mother, two relatives named in scheme to eliminate witnesses
  117. Texas Police: Suspected Illegal Alien Sexually Assaulted 7-Year-Old Girl
  118. Former INTERPOL Chief on Terrorism:
  119. New German Anti-Terrorism Tactics By Police
  120. Father of teen killed by Jefferson Parish deputy: 'I don't blame the deputy'
  121. Muslim Appreciation & Awareness Month
  122. Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos in Schools
  124. Obama's trashy daughter
  125. 100,000 Expected to Attend Muslim Anti-Terror Rally in DC
  126. My first ever bouncy
  127. Dartmouth course on Orlando tragedy
  128. Priest Stabbed After Opening His Home To ‘Asylum Seeker’ Who Claimed To Be In Need
  129. Pope Francis: ‘If I Speak of Islamic Violence, I Must Speak of Catholic Violence’
  130. Home Invader Killed Trying to Steal Weapons from Gun Store Owner’s Father
  131. Suspected burglar dead after Alabama homeowner ties him to tree
  132. Rush Limbaugh renews contract
  133. Another government breakdown in Flint, Michigan
  134. Justice Department finally launches criminal probe into EPA over mine spill
  135. Nearly 90 percent of the French now disapprove of their president
  136. 15-foot waves flood TV broadcasting building on Rio’s Copacabana Beach
  137. "I Learned More at McDonald's Than at College"
  138. Britain’ counter-terror officer tells Britons to ‘run and hide
  139. UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police
  140. Athletes take drastic measures to protect themselves
  141. Cops to Beware ‘Black Guerrilla Family’ Attacks
  142. Brave German Who Stood Up to Munich Islamist Now Facing Charges for “Insulting Killer
  143. This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult
  144. "Pre-Crime" Arrives In Chicago (And arrests are being made before the crime)
  145. US Iranian Hostage Abedini Says Iran Held Plane on tarmac
  146. Chinese Olympic basketball team caught in the middle of gunfight
  147. Terminating the Unborn Is Not the Answer to Preventing and Treating Zika
  148. Fox Faces Its Uncertain Future: The Minor Murdochs Take Command
  149. Excellent speech on how modern feminism oppresses men AND women.
  150. Trumping Hillary: The Catholic Position
  151. Rio’s ‘Sustainable’ Olympics Are Just Lipstick On A Pig
  152. Islamic State militants claim capture of U.S. weapons in Afghanistan
  153. 'Mayor for Hillary' Arrested for Allegedly Trading Meth for Gay Sex Orgy
  154. EPA forks over additional funds for Gold King mine spill
  155. Dallas answers the call: Police recruiting skyrockets after assassinations
  156. Twin Falls Crisis Imposed by Clinton-Era Pro-Refugee Advocates
  157. Facebook Bans Commentator for Saying Black Lives Matter ‘Promotes Prejudice’
  158. Racism, Is Causing Agitation in Twin Falls, Claims Local TV Outlet
  159. 5-8 Somali Muslims BEAT and STOMP 13 Year-Old Boy in Denmark
  160. Massive’ Breach Leaks Test Questions from Common Core-Aligned SAT
  161. 1 dead in shooting outside of St. Louis funeral home
  162. New Jersey Trying to Make Drinking Coffee While Driving Illegal
  163. District’s goats again shot dead
  164. No special sharia rules in American courts for Muslims’ wrongful-death recovery
  165. Twin Falls Refugee Rape Victim Activists Call For U.S. Attorney To Step Down
  166. Man Who Shot Black Trump Supporter in Cleveland Now in Police Custody
  167. California Bill Punishes Religious Colleges--takes away funding for minorities
  168. VIOLENT HILLARY SUPPORTER! Trump Supporter Beaten With A Crowbar Outside Friendly’s
  169. Rodrigo Duterte Calls U.S. Ambassador ‘Annoying,’ ‘Homosexual,’ ‘Son of a B*tch’
  170. Politics not without its vices
  171. Border Patrol Agents Catch Mexican Child Molester Entering U.S.A.
  172. Calls to prosecute pastor over AR-15 raffle snafu mount
  173. So now we can’t kick fugitive felons out of public housing
  174. Cop Cleared In Freddie Gray Case Gets $127,000 (back pay)
  175. Eritrean Refugee Arrested for Assault, Bond Set At $100 Million
  176. Muslim Was Used by Media as Example Two Months Ago
  177. Military Court Punishes US Marine for Posting Bible Verse On Her Desk
  178. Russian Olympic Champion Narrates ‘Amicable’ Robbery in Rio
  179. New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg
  180. Twin Falls TV Station Slants Reporting on Community Debate Over Refugee Rape
  181. Town Mayor Refuses To Remove BLM Banner At City Hall
  182. Refugees in Calais Block Highways, Rob Vehicles
  183. Drive-By Shooting Blocks From White House Shatters Windows, Wounds Two
  184. Gloria Steinem Blames Hillary Clinton’s Low Approval Ratings On Sexism
  185. New York imam, his assistant killed near mosque
  186. Ryan Lochte, 3 other U.S. swimmers robbed at Rio Olympics, USOC says
  187. Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call
  188. Wisconsin Dem Party Vice Chair David Bowen Appears To Justify Milwaukee Rioters:
  189. Milwaukee Rioter: Rich People Got All This Money… ‘Don’t Give Us None’ –
  190. Border Patrol Busts Previously Deported Criminal Aliens at N.Y. Elementary School
  191. Veto Gunmageddon’ Launched to Repeal California Gun Controls
  192. Judge Orders Glenn Beck to Identify Sources in Boston Marathon Bombing Reporting
  193. Austria arrests nine Iraqis over gang rape of German woman
  194. Armed Man Whose Death Sparked Milwaukee Had Long Record,
  195. ISIS Fighters Are Using ‘Islam For Dummies’ To Prepare For Jihad
  196. Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane found guilty in perjury case
  197. Police Officer in Uniform Refused Service By Clerks
  198. Twitter Tries and Fails to Dodge Milo Data Access Request
  199. Soros Paid Al Gore Millions To Hype Global Warming Fears In US…
  200. America to hand off Internet in under two months
  201. Men Armed With Rifles, Dressed In Tactical Gear Arrested After Pursuit
  203. Black City Councilman Urges Blacks To Attack Police
  204. Undocumented immigrant accused of carjacking elderly woman,
  205. Great moments in UN peacekeeping, redux: Sitting out a South Sudan massacre
  206. City officials order flags removed from firetrucks
  207. Will UC-San Diego keep hiding witnesses that could prove accused students innocent?
  208. So Gawker's shutting down
  209. Pilot survives crash near Las Vegas
  210. Intruder Shot by Entire Family
  211. German asylum seekers refuse to work insisting 'We are Merkel's GUESTS'
  212. Maduro says any Venezuela coup bid would meet tougher reaction than Turkey's
  213. Sailor Denied 'Clinton Deal', Gets 1 Year in Prison for 6 Photos of Sub
  214. LA Floods: Cat floating on litter box saved by rescuers (VIDEO)
  215. Janice Fiamengo: What it's like being a male on university campuses
  216. Top US commander warns Russia, Syria
  217. Germany Abandons Deportations Because Migrants Scream Before Flight
  218. Man Exposes Himself, Urinates In Sink In Women’s Bath Room In Boston,
  219. Who Is The Threat? Insiders; Military Training
  220. Many more drugs looted in Baltimore riots than reported
  221. Soros Leaks Refer To UN Chief As ‘Elite, Behind The Scenes’
  222. Autistic Indian Injured by Washington Bureaucrat in Fight Over Redskins Jersey
  223. Semi-Literate Democrat Mayor Lashes Out At “Racist Republicans”
  224. American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
  225. Almost Everything Media Tells You About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Is Wrong
  226. Keep Tranquilizers Handy - Read at your own risk
  227. Need drugs in jail? Try using a drone
  228. Ending National Sovereignty One Industry at a Time
  229. Tony Blair Praises Sharia State - Slams ‘Uneducated’ Brexit Voters
  230. Six Notre Dame Football Players Arrested;
  231. Bond Denied For Two Teens Who Killed Chadwick Garrett
  232. Ryan Lochte ditched by four major sponsors
  233. State trooper shoots dead an unarmed deaf mute father
  234. US military moving nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania
  235. Massacre reports show U.S. inability to curb Iraq militias
  236. Group Of Men Chanted “Black Lives Matter” As They Beat And Robbed People
  237. Psychiatrist says Puberty Blockers Can Help Young Transgenders 'Fit In'
  238. Mexico 1 billion to help Acapulco
  239. Prosecutors: McCain comments shouldn't derail Bergdahl trial
  240. AP: Many Donors to Clinton Foundation Met with Hillary at State
  241. Wikileaks: Soros spent 650K to manipulate US bishops before pope's visit
  242. Chicago's detective force dwindles as murder rate soars
  243. Report: Assad Regime Likely Kept Undeclared Chemical Weapons
  244. Doctors W/O Borders Woildn't Negotiate -Kayla Mueller Raped and Killed
  245. An ugly comedienne gets hacked--and it's now a matter for DHS?
  246. Wikileaks shows a battle against the Catholic Church/Pro Life
  247. Three Years of Nights
  248. Murder Charge Added Against DUI Suspect with ICE Immigration Hold
  249. Hungary To Build Second Fence On Serbian Border To Keep Out Migrants
  250. NYT Looking To Hire A ‘Climate Change Editor’ As Ad Revenues Slide