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  1. brilliant response to Obama’s ‘don’t discriminate’ warning to Louisiana
  2. CBP Reports 850 Unidentified Illegal Alien Bodies in One Morgue
  3. 7 Things the Government Requires IDs For
  4. "Oppressed Quarterback"
  5. It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies
  6. Mississippi police arrest man in killings of two nuns
  7. Chicago brothers on parole charged for fatal shooting of Dwyane Wade’s cousin
  8. ESPN Analyst Thinks Only Trump Supporters Offended by Kaepernick Anthem Protest
  9. Sweden Is Now Paying Migrants to Leave
  10. Nine in 10 black students missed ‘college-prepared benchmark’ in ACT scores this year
  11. Two Killed, Over 30 Injured After Illegal Alien Bus Driver Slams Into Fire Truck
  12. Trump Sends Condolences on Murder of Dwyane Wade’s Cousin
  13. Two Previously Deported Sex Offenders Busted by Border Patrol in South Texas
  14. $3 million in cash seized in car near U.S.-Mexico border
  15. Russian-Made Missiles Deployed at Iranian Underground Site
  16. Man Hurls Molotov Cocktail Into 79 Yr Old Woman’s Car As She’s Driving To Church
  17. A Serious For Colin Kapernick
  18. Watch: Four-Year-Old Gets Thrown Off a Bridge Into River
  19. Illegal Alien Charged for Assault, Attempted Rape of Disabled Woman
  20. ISIS Anthrax Arrests Could Signal America’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True
  21. Obama Regime Quietly Bans Confederate Flags At Federal Cemeteries
  22. Two men who attacked a young couple for eating a pizza topped with ham
  23. VA Offers Anti-Corruption Whistleblower $305,000 To Go Away
  24. The Vile Shallowness of “Black Lives Matter” Racism
  25. Bill Nye The Totalitarian Guy Calls For Eliminating Global Warming “Deniers”
  26. Store Owners Arrested For Allegedly Stealing $16 Million Worth Of Food Stamps
  27. Merkel Admits Her ‘Open Door’ Migrant Policy Was A Mistake
  28. U.S. Agreed to ‘Secret’ Exemptions for Iran After Nuclear Deal
  29. Government-Subsidized Solar Plant Relies on Natural Gas
  30. Mark Ruffalo Under Fire for Casting Cisgender (Gay) Actor in Transgender Drama
  31. Washington Post article criticizes parents who won't let kids major in Liberal Arts
  32. Number of Refugees Sent to Michigan Increased 43 Percent Year-to-Date
  33. The Weighty Issue of Body Armor and Women in Combat
  34. Swiss To EU: Hands Off Veterans’ Assault Rifles…
  35. My favorite stories of the day!
  36. Migrants lured by sex into Egypt's backstreet kidney trade, says report
  37. Judge Rejects Rolling Stone’s Plea to Throw Out UVA Defamation Case
  38. Crowds Surge Into Streets Demanding RECALL Of Venezuelan President
  39. Hillary ‘Will Hold Press Conferences’ As President
  40. Venezuelan President Is Chased by Angry Protesters
  41. Syrian Kidnapper Is Now a CIA-Vetted 'Moderate'
  42. Wounded Vet Wears 'Hillary for Prison' Shirt to College, But Is Greeted with 'Racist
  43. German anti-immigrant party beats Merkel’s party in her home state
  44. HIV-positive Ugandan women complain of forced sterilization in government hospitals
  45. Obama: Kaepernick “Exercised Constitutional Rights”, Had “Point” About “Concerns
  46. Society and the press
  47. Syrian Refugee: Can’t Care for Three Wives, 17 Children
  48. Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News
  49. 500 homicides. 9 months. 1 American city.
  50. Unconfirmed reports of leprosy at elementary school prompt parent notification
  51. Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Found Dead in Vehicle
  52. North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile, U.N. Counterstrikes With A Sternl Warning
  53. Caterpillar Hires H-1B Foreign Graduates, Fires 300 American Professionals
  54. Not One Mass Public Shooting Where Citizens Could Be Armed
  55. Don’t forget the Marine charged with e-mailing classified info
  56. Russian jet zooms within 10 feet of US spy plane in latest provocative action
  57. Man Gets Himself Arrested Because He’d Rather Be In Jail Than Live With His Wife
  59. Apocalypse, my "go to" guy ...
  60. Julian Assange: This Is The REAL Reason Bernie Sanders Dropped Out Of The Race
  61. The £3BILLION stealth ship described as Starship Enterprise of the seas...
  62. Taiwanese navy accidentally fires NUCLEAR MISSILE at fishing vessel
  63. Taiwanese navy accidentally fires NUCLEAR MISSILE at fishing vessel
  64. Newly Discovered Flatworm Is Named After Obama
  65. Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact
  66. Austin sex assault suspect previously deported five times
  67. Seattle Seahawks Might Sit For National Anthem on 9/11
  68. University of California hires India-based IT outsourcer, lays off tech workers
  69. In SUCH poor taste....
  70. North Carolina man arrested for lying about clown sighting
  71. Denver Bronco’s Player Who Knelt In Protest During Anthem Gets Dropped By Sponsor
  72. 12 of the Worst Places to Live in the U.S.
  73. Muslim Men Sentenced For Photographing ‘Depraved’ Schoolgirl Rape
  74. Military Academy Investigating West Point Football Team for Postgame Prayer
  75. Drunk starts wildfire
  76. U.S. Open champion Stan Wawrinka
  77. South Park Trolls Colin Kaepernick
  78. Supervisor Of "Massive Fraud" At Wells Fargo Leaves Bank With $125 Million Bonus
  79. Black Lives Matter Disrupts 9/11 Commemoration by Protesting for Muslims
  80. Birmingham Shooting: Six Shot After Alabama Peace Rally
  81. VIDEO: Man intentionally crashes car into 3 Phoenix officers, police say
  82. America For Sale: #DNCLeak Shows Big Donors To DNC Get Big Federal Positions, Ambassa
  83. VA stopped disclosing quality-of-care measures months ago
  84. North Korea and the Delusions of International Diplomacy
  85. White House To Accept 110K Syrian “Refugees” In 2017
  86. City Gave Police Restrictions That BLM Demanded — Look What Instantly Happens
  87. Norweigian Heavy Metal Rocker Unwittingly Elected to Office After Joke Campaign
  88. Ohio officer kills robbery suspect, 13, who had BB gun, police say
  89. Five-Year-Old New Jersey Boy Brings 30 Packets of Heroin to School
  90. John Kerry talks to everyday Americans
  91. Too Big To Jail
  92. Twice Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Sheriff’s Deputy In DUI
  93. London’s Islamist-Linked Mayor Tells U.S. Audience: ‘Immigrants Shouldn’t Assimilate’
  94. Language Tutor Claims Migrants Only Interested in Benefits,
  95. Senior Busted In Shuffleboard Rage Incident
  96. Kerry's Latest pronouncement from mount Olympus
  97. DHS accused of sitting on damning border report
  98. Two Officers Shot, Suspect Killed in West Philly Ambush
  99. Syria, Russia: Coalition airstrike kills regime forces
  100. Minnesota mall attack: Man shot dead after stabbing 8 people
  101. Three men arrested 'after gang rape at Eiffel Tower'
  102. Netflix Acquires Young Barack Obama Movie ‘Barry’
  103. Migrant In Court For Violent Rape: ‘I Came to Austria to F*c* the Women’
  104. Tulsa Group Protests Police Shooting Of Terence Crutcher
  105. Border Patrol Agents Nab Previously-Deported Sex Offender
  106. Cuba volleyball players jailed for rape in Finland
  107. Merkel Admits She Was Wrong On Migrant Policy… Because It Damaged Her Poll Ratings
  108. UN Human Rights Chief at Refugee Summit in NYC Lashes ‘Race-Baiting Bigots’
  109. Texas parade features Hillary, Obama together in prison cell
  110. Conservative-Only ‘Codias’ Social Network Wants to Be ‘Digital Basecamp’ for the Righ
  111. Meet the CEO of Gab, The Free Speech Alternative to Twitter
  112. Croatia: No More Invaders Allowed
  113. Hungarian inmates working around the clock on border fence
  114. Teacher Faces Backlash for Stomping on American Flag in Class
  115. Trio plied schoolgirl with drink and drugs before gang raping her at house party
  116. Eye Witness Photographs Show Keith Scott Handgun During Charlotte Police Shooting
  117. Invisible Reports on Black-on-White Violence
  118. Wells Fargo employees fired for calling the ethics line about massive scam
  119. Nationwide warrant for man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old and her newborn
  120. Green’ China Investing Massively in Fossil Fuel Power
  121. Texas to stop refugee aid as Obama plans more resettlements
  122. Legal Rebellion in Michigan Over Refugees Could Help Trump Win State
  123. Vin Scully - A Retrospective
  124. Troops in Charlotte, Curfew
  125. UN's “New Urban Agenda” to Assault Liberty in a City Near You
  126. Four Thugs Jump Senator/Former NFL Linebacker,
  127. Hungarian PM: Deport Millions of Migrants To Remote Island
  128. World Bank Chief: Sweden Should Create Independent Migrant State
  129. Black Lives Matter: We’ll Tear Down New Orleans’ Monuments Ourselves
  130. Who Is Behind The Riots?
  131. MS-13 Gang Member Busted by Border Patrol Agents for Illegal Re-Entry
  132. Half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration
  133. British Parliament Confirms Libya War Was Based On Lies
  134. Black LA Deputy Marshal Claims Self-Defense In Shooting That Killed 6-Yr/old white
  135. Navy Sailor Finds Out Navy Has Rules
  136. Dog stabs owner with knife in Hudson, family in disbelief
  137. F-35 Bursts Into Flames On The Runway
  138. F-35s Are About To Have Their Wings Torn Open
  139. Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones
  140. 80 Per Cent Of Swedish Police Consider Quitting Over Migrant Danger
  141. Father is arrested after his five-year-old son took THIRTY packs of heroin to school
  142. ICE Nabs 19 International Human Rights Abusers In Two Major Operations
  143. 3 Men Indicted for Attempted Assassination of Texas Judge, Says FBI
  144. Outrage In Iowa Over Obama 'DREAMer' Who Killed 12-Year-Old Girl
  145. Keith Scott Video: He has a holster on his right leg, appears to be holding a gun
  146. “For the love of God, kill the rabid fox and put it out of its misery!”
  147. Our Screwed Up Medical System
  148. NSA Analyst: The FBI Investigation Of Emailgate Was A Sham
  149. The Rodney King hoax: the basis for Black Lies?
  150. Major City Murders Rising by One-Third From 2014 to 2016, - Left-Wing Legal Group
  151. Funny Joke FRom German Politican
  152. The Buffalo Billion fraud and bribery scheme: Corruption and pay-to-play,
  153. Black Lives Matter Flag Flies Next to American Flag at University of Vermont,
  154. F*ck the Police, N**ga’: Mob Attacks CHP Officer in Vehicle
  155. BREAKING: Bomb Squad At Charlotte Police HQs, Building Evacuated
  156. BREAKING: Crowd Gathers at Scene of Officer Involved Shooting in El Cajon (San Diego)
  157. 'We Will Build a Nationwide Database' to Detect Implicit Bias in Policing
  158. New Rule Allows FBI To Hack Any Computer or Phone Anywhere Anytime 4th Ammen Violatio
  159. Really wish US citizens had as much sense
  160. Illegal alien - 5 and counting, US - 0
  161. Gunman, a Non-Citizen, Voted in 3 Elections in Washington
  162. Louisiana Police Refuse Football Game Patrols after Players Kneel
  163. Florida Bar Allows Patrons to Urinate on Colin Kaepernick Jersey Decals
  164. Australia ‘Cherry Picking’ Refugees? Claims Refugee Council
  165. Colin Kaepernick Fans Brutally Attack Double Amputee Veteran
  166. Some Statistics For kaepernick
  167. California Governor Signs Bill Allowing Felons To Vote From Their Jail Cells
  168. ABC Keeps 'Modernizing' the Family Leftward
  169. Wells Fargo illegally repossessed 413 service members' cars
  170. Mocking Reality as Conspiracy Theory
  171. Migrants Bringing Rare Diseases Strain Health Service
  172. YouTube will provide answers
  173. Calif. woman: Airline changed my seat to honor Pakistani religious beliefs
  174. Comey: Justice Dept Gave Cheryl Mills Immunity, Not FBI
  176. Hillary’s Health: Clinton Grips Secret Service to Avoid Falling Down Stairs
  177. Hispanic Men Beat Female Trump Supporter in Her Yard, Steal Her Trump Sign, Then
  178. Army veteran was beaten by men who shouted “you’re in the danger zone white boy”
  179. More Victims in Portland after Ethiopian Charged with Rape of 87 and 94-year-old
  180. Drunken Migrants Riot in ‘Refugee’ Centre, Beat Staff, Loot Office
  181. BBC Sack Award Winning Comedian for Being ‘White and Male’
  182. Police: boy, 14, critically wounded in shootout with St. Louis officers
  183. Hungary’s Prime Minister is hiring 3,000 “border hunters” to police its new border
  184. White Alabama Teen Beaten By Black Teens In Possibly Racially Motivated Attack…
  185. US immigration policies allow gangs to thrive in violence-plagued NY community
  186. James Lovelock, Godfather of Green: Climate Change Religion is Bunk
  187. Muslim Man Driving "Extremely Fast" Crashes into Veteran "in the Name of Allah"
  188. Are We There Yet?
  189. Julian Assange of Wikileaks To Appear by Video Tomorrow Due to Apparent Assassination
  190. Flying While Counter-Jihad
  191. Pregnant Woman, 29, Burned Alive Over Dodge Neon
  192. Mohamed wnats to Lithuania: "Social assistance is too low" -
  193. It Finally Happened: Politics Has Ruined Everything Fun
  194. Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege
  195. Texas Store Employee Uses AK-47 to Stop 4 Armed Robbers
  196. Lebanese Crime Clans Turn German Neighbourhoods Into No-Go Zones
  197. Good Guy With A Gun Stops SC School Shooting
  198. Guatemalan Allegedly Kills 6-Year-Old After Booze and Coke Binge
  199. New Jersey Grocer Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for $1.2 Million Food Stamps Scheme
  200. EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims
  201. 'Clown Lives Matter' march planned for Oct. 15 in Tucson
  202. Riding the Storm Out
  203. Dozens of Afghan troops AWOL from military training in U.S.
  204. The message to white students in South Africa
  205. EU market access and freedom of movement inseparable
  206. I don't even know where to put this
  207. REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s New Email Address
  208. Muslim Convert Arrested in Shelbyville, Tennessee Churches Shooting Spree
  209. Theranos Shutters Blood-Testing Facilities, Lays Off 40 Percent of Workforce
  210. Black Lies Matter Plan Looting Sprees as Hurricane Matthew Hits
  211. Halloween is Racist!
  212. Prayers
  213. Ben & Jerry’s Faces Boycott After Endorsing Black Lives Matter
  214. French revolution as yet another town REFUSES migrant quota after locals rebel
  215. VIDEO: Woman Tells Cop “Thanks to Obama, I Don’t Have to Listen to You”
  216. PBS Pressitute: Absent the Trump Audio, We’d Be ‘Paying A Lot More Attention’ To Hill
  217. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer led illegal purge of male employees, lawsuit charges
  218. French police officers set on fire - 'Planned and organized'
  219. Army diversity storm over adverts for troops who 'have to be black':
  220. Hungary to Amend Constitution to Block EU Migrant Plan
  221. Couple Warn Drivers to Avoid Calais Following Terrifying Attack by Masked Migrants
  222. French Minister: Britain Has a ‘Moral Duty’ to Take Our Migrants
  223. DEATH THREATS to Canadian journalists for reporting on Muslim sex attacks
  224. How Does Transgender Integration Help Our Military to Fight and Win Wars?
  225. Protests on Swedish island, attack on refugee center
  226. Good Samaritan shot trying to stop kidnapping by illegal immigrant,
  227. If the response to Pearl Harbour had been the same as that to modern Islamic attacks
  228. The Star Spangled Banner, a primer
  229. French police angry at 'no-go zones' after petrol bomb attack
  230. 40 boys in mass brawl at troubled Danish asylum centre
  231. Terrorists aren't sneaking into the U.S right ?
  232. Justice Ginsburg: Kaepernick protest is "dumb"
  233. Mexican officials quietly helping thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants reach U.S.
  234. Savagery and Murder: An Epidemic of Black Violence Against Elderly Whites
  235. YouTube blacklists PragerU educational videos
  236. Developing: Jordanian ‘Student’ Intentionally Slams Plane Into Downtown Conn. City
  237. CNN Orders News Blackout on Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Danney Williams
  238. Kroger Cashier Refuses Service To Woman Because She’s A Cop
  239. Hillary and financial reform
  240. Obama Flaunts Erection ...
  241. Climate activists shut off oil pipelines which provide 15% of daily US consumption
  242. President Hollande has admitted 'France has a problem with Islam'
  243. 296 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Minnesota, Ten Times Any Other State
  244. Justice Department decides to pass on prosecuting EPA officials over Gold King spill
  245. Federal Court Delivers Stunning Blow to Mass. AG and #ExxonKnew Campaign
  246. What Exactly Is Agenda 21?
  247. Obama lifts restrictions on Cuban rum, cigars
  248. Angela Merkel: Germany to return Nigerian migrants
  249. National push needed in Germany to deport migrants with no right to stay - Merkel
  250. Flying the Isis flag is legal, Sweden declares