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  1. Mexican Illegal Alien Deported Ten Times Since 2010 Charged With Child Rape
  2. Pope Francis: ‘Hypocritical to Call Oneself Christian and Send Away a Refugee’
  3. Bombshell: Clinton Foundation paid Glenn Beck & Bill Kristol to suppress votes?
  4. ‘Sodomized’ Guantánamo captive recovering after surgery
  5. Truck plunges off San Diego bridge into crowd below; 4 dead
  6. Merkel Issues Immigration Threat to U.K.
  7. Feds Probe Massive Food Stamp Fraud in Maine
  8. POSTAL WORKER Brags Online About Destroying Trump Ballots
  9. French Mayor Warns Townsfolk: Migrants Are Coming!
  10. Resettlement Agencies Hiding Refugee Latent TB Infection Rates
  11. Leaked Email Proves TRUMP WAS RIGHT About ‘Mexican Judge’
  12. 4-star general snagged for lying in Stuxnet leak probe
  13. Dumbass Tries And Thankfully Fails To Ambush Police Officers
  14. Suspect accused of beating female officer unconscious in Chicago
  15. Robby Mook, Hillary's campaign manager
  16. EU nations are now paying countries to take back their migrants
  17. Bloomberg: Eric Cantor Was Highest-Paid Corporate Board Member in 2015
  18. Tim Kaine’s Detroit speech is surprisingly different from what Clinton’s been saying
  19. Only Prison Can Save Gentle Giants from Police Shootings
  20. Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War
  21. Turkish jets pounded US-backed Kurdish militia in Syria
  22. Migrants Smash Up Deportation Centre, Protest for 11 Hours on Roof
  23. The Al Smith Dinner
  24. Hamilton County doesn't track ankle monitors after business hours,
  25. Germans Leaving Germany 'In Droves'
  26. Mexican Cop Reportedly Busted in Texas Smuggling Cocaine
  27. obama's sons getting themselves some...
  28. Assange rumors rampant
  29. Trump's "Gettysburg Address" :)
  30. Fact-Check: No, 33,000 Not Killed with Guns Each Year
  31. Wikileaks: Podesta’s Daughter Received His Shares in Putin-Linked Company
  32. Pozivision
  33. Facebook Employees Wanted to Censor ‘Hate Speech’ from Trump, ‘Threatened to Quit’
  34. A little CNN changing the Mosul attack view...
  35. Illegal Immigrant Soccer Coach Busted on Multiple Counts of Child Molestation
  36. Foster mum’s horror as adopted boy refugee, 12, outed as 'jihadi' in his 20s
  37. Now we’re suing veterans for improperly paid reenlistment bonuses?
  38. Outrage as Cologne New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks Wiped from Crime Record
  39. Feds Find Food Stamp Fraud at Store With Over $1 Million in Food Stamp Charges
  40. ACLU calls high school football program honoring first responders “frightening”
  41. Transgender Activists Derail Free Speech Rally
  42. Congress knew for at least two years about Pentagon efforts to take back bonuses
  43. Mob Of Over 100 Teenagers Assault Temple University Students, Punch Police Horse
  44. Dumb American Youth
  45. NOLA Murder Rate Remains Steady Despite New Gun Control Laws
  46. "There is no God"
  47. Temple University statement
  48. Previous Temple University attack
  49. Michigan Township Defies Feds: ‘Will Not Actively Participate in Resettlement
  50. Woman with Three Baby Daddies and 15 Kids Explains Who She Thinks Is to Blame
  51. Pro-abortion CSULA prof freaks out at Star Parker event
  52. DNI Clapper: Denuclearizing North Korea ‘Probably a Lost Cause’
  53. States Did Not Enforce Work Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients
  54. German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer
  55. U.S. Knew of 10 Al Qaida and Islamist Camps in Benghazi
  56. The War on Christmas begins...
  57. Angela Merkel Blames Facebook for ‘Distorting Perceptions’ of Migrants,
  58. Anti-Corruption Org Asks DiCaprio to Return ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Paycheck
  59. Cocaine smuggling sub seized by Coast Guard
  60. Died: Jack Chick, Cartoonist Whose Controversial Tracts Became Cult Hits
  61. Vandals who destroyed a 350-pound bell used to honor veterans
  62. Bill Clinton Tells Alleged Mistress to Deny He Got Her State Job
  63. Montana Attorney At Bundy Trial Says Feds “Overreached”
  64. Hillary Clinton accused of stealing furniture from the State Department
  65. John Lott: CDC ‘Coding Error’ Hid Record Low for Accidental Gun Deaths
  66. Compulsory feminism
  67. NYU Prof Placed on Leave for Opposing Political Correctness
  68. War On Coal Can’t Be Stopped
  69. Air Force appears to concede that the F-35 can’t (and won’t) replace the A-10 Warthog
  70. Draft Our Daughters” For Hillary’s Endless Wars
  71. Dems Caught Paying Halfway House Patients $300 Rebate Check to Vote for Hillary
  72. Dems Caught Paying Halfway House Patients $300 Rebate Check to Vote for Hillary
  73. New York Times Dismissed Trump Claims of FBI Revolt as ‘Baseless’
  74. Australia to Ban Illegal Migrants Forever
  75. No Prayer, No Deal – Mission Rejects USDA Food Donations Over Regulations
  76. Liberal Tolerance Gay Owned Business Vandalized Because His Boyfriend Supports Trump
  77. Former AG under contempt of Congress: “Deeply concerned” over Comey’s actions
  78. Tired of Waiting in Greece, Syrians Bid to Return Home
  79. Gangs of Teen Girls Attacking, Robbing Shoppers in Chicago’s Famed Loop
  80. Judge rebukes administration over few admissions for Syrian Christian refugees
  81. Black Leaders Decry Hillary Clinton’s ‘Unconscionable Silence’ over Black Abortion
  82. DSCC Chairman Transfers $50K in Potentially Illegal Campaign Cash to U.S. Treasury
  83. Kasich Makes GOP Betrayal Official, Writes in John McCain
  84. The Anti-Police Epidemic
  85. Black Thug Murders His Girlfriend Then Blames Non-Existent White Man
  86. Non-American Wife of U.S. Citizen Voted Illegally Five Times
  87. Amy Schumer & Seth Rogan Dumped by Bud Light
  88. Illegal Alien Lured Texas Teen into Sex After Multiple Deportations
  89. HILLARY’S PR TEAM: This Parody Twitter Account is HILARIOUS!
  90. Gay Bars Ban Yuengling Lager After Owner Endorses Trump
  91. Louis Farrakhan Compares Hillary To Black Community’s Hitler In Fire And Brimstone Se
  92. Black Lives Matter Alert: Mom Murders Baby Boy Just To Spite Dad
  93. Colin Kaepernick Hosts Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp
  94. This is US!!!!!
  95. Feminist Bursts Into Tears After Voting For Hillary: “I Got To Vote For A Woman
  96. ‘It’s Because of You That a Marine Can Serve His Country Without Hiding the Husband
  97. Gay police officers under investigation
  98. Republican Contortionists for Hillary!
  99. Germany Should Not ‘Tolerate’ Young Men From ‘Completely Different Culture
  100. Germany Should Not ‘Tolerate’ Young Men From ‘Completely Different Culture
  101. Somali Muslim Rape Gang Jailed for Raping and Trafficking Teenage Girls
  102. Officer Refused To Report Assault of Teen Girl By Algerian Migrant
  103. A 64-year-old man was KILLED by a single punch after he said 'excuse me
  104. American Sexual Predators Busted After Illegally Fleeing to Mexico
  105. Vladimir Putin grants Russian citizenship to Steven Seagal
  106. Soros spends $2 million to defeat Arpaio
  107. Trump Should Push for Abolition of Tenure
  108. Jury Finds Rolling Stone Guilty Of Defamation
  109. Anthony Weiner rides through sex addiction rehab on a horse
  110. Soul searching criminals aimed to free spirits trapped in Alaskan research facility
  111. Monkey Suit
  112. Kerry to Travel to Antarctica, State Dept Grilled Over Why
  113. Suspect in fatal Queens sucker-punch bragged about attack in public Facebook posts
  114. Jay Z slaps, hits a 12-year-old girl after she takes a picture of him without asking
  115. Days After Recovering Weiner Hard Drive, FBI Makes Large Child Sex Trafficking Raid
  116. 11 Supercars Worth More than $8 Million Seized from Dictator’s Son
  117. Woman Says Weiner Lusted After Underage Girls During Sexting Sessions
  118. UNsilenced: Whistleblower Exposes UN Culture of Corruption
  119. Black Man Accused of Rape Told Victim He Targeted Her ‘Because She’s White’
  120. A view from an acquaintance of mine. Your thoughts?
  121. Janet Reno, former U.S. attorney general, dies at 78
  122. European Media Jihad Against Geert Wilders
  123. Munich Builds a Wall to Protect Citizens from Migrants
  124. At UN, African and Islamic States Reject LGBT Human Rights Push
  125. Congrats to our new POTUS!
  126. 503 error on The Blaze
  127. WikiLeaks Releases Batch #36 John Podesta Emails
  128. San Diego Community College reminds faculty, students of post-election therapy
  129. Canadians Don’t Want America-Fleeing Liberals
  130. Colorado’s single payer health plan initiative failed spectacularly yesterday
  131. Nearly 1,000 ‘Child’ Migrants Caught Lying About Age
  132. Canada Immigration Website Crashes on Election Night
  133. Black Women in Academia--Janice Fiamengo.
  134. 1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on deportation hit list
  135. Remember when secession was treasonous? Now it’s all the rage
  136. Joe Biden's Hit and Run Victim
  137. We Won
  138. Anti-Trump Protestors...
  139. TARD
  140. UN: Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal Again
  141. Oppressed Minority’ Assaults 74-Year-Old White Trump Supporter
  142. Roger Goodell: Trump Victory ‘Makes My Job Harder at Home’
  143. Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press
  144. SNL - 11/12/2016
  145. A&E Tells Duck Dynasty To Cut ‘Jesus’ From Prayers To Avoid Offending Muslims
  146. Canadian officials preparing for potential flood of Mexican migrants after Trump wins
  147. Gun-Controlled Chicago Approaches 4,000 Shooting Victims for 2016
  148. EU Threatens to Punish Britain for Getting Close to Trump
  149. More NFL whining
  150. Dear Donald, This is what we want.
  151. Julian Assange Questioned At Ecuadorian Embassy…
  152. "Suck it Up Buttercup" bill to be proposed in Iowa legislature
  153. So what did everyone think of Barry's press conference today?
  154. Voting In Chicago
  155. Los Angeles Kids to Walk out of School in anti-Trump Protest Monday
  156. Teacher Suspended for Comparing Trump to Hitler
  157. Oregon Politician Who Bullied Christian Bakery Gets Taken Down in Election
  158. Black Cop Tells Blacks To Arm Themselves For Revolution
  159. Illegal Alien Raped Woman in Roadside Ditch After Crashing into Her Vehicle
  160. BBC Plan to Counter ‘Christian Bias’ Could Include Broadcasting Muslim Call to Prayer
  161. Public Interest Legal Foundation Wants DOJ to Investigate Attack on Trump Supporter
  162. Matthews: Trump tickled my erogenous zone
  163. Activist Minnesota Prosecutor Charges Officer Without Grand Jury
  164. Christmastime Filth, Courtesy of Hollywood
  165. 14,074 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US in Year Since Paris Attacks; 99.1% Muslim
  166. Minnesota mom files lawsuit over parental rights in 17-year-old son’s gender change
  167. 'Duck Dynasty' To End This Season
  168. Smoking pot, no college may not bar you from police work
  169. FDNY Banned From Hanging Pictures Of Trump
  170. Trump Derangement Syndrome
  171. The 'Cry In' of 2016
  172. Good News for Law Enforcement
  173. Enjoy This Troll!
  174. Keef Olberdork on Trump, unhinged rant
  175. European Union Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims
  176. Secret Service Can’t Find Tons Of Its Guns, Phones, Badges And Cars
  177. London’s Muslim Mayor Urges Anti-Trump Migrants to Flock to UK
  178. Penzey’s Spices CEO: Trump Voters Must Be Punished
  179. Rep. Pompeo: 'To Tell a Soldier That You're Waiting on an IG Report Is Unacceptable'
  180. Rutgers University Professor Taken in for Psych Evaluation for Threatening Tweets
  181. Obama’s Homeland Security Shuts Down Aerial Surveillance of Southern Border…
  182. Students at Maryland High School Attempt Walkout – School Locks Them in (VIDEO)
  183. Say It Ain't So
  184. First shot in the War on Christmas 2016
  185. How Infantilized Campuses Threaten Our Nation’s Future
  186. Trump Eyes Modern-Day Patton to Lead Pentagon
  187. Rep. Danny Davis' grandson shot dead over shoes in Chicago
  188. Researchers Discover That Media Buries The Race Of Black Officers
  189. On his way out, Obama cedes Arctic energy control to Russia
  190. ‘I Can’t Kneel During the Anthem,’ Bills Lineman Says Upon Becoming Citizen
  191. Hypocrisy 101
  192. Counter Extremism Unit ?
  193. Migrants Burn Down Hall: ‘There’s Not Enough Nutella and Gummibears!’
  194. Milan's migrant crisis: 150 soldiers ordered into chaos-hit city
  195. DOJ fines Denver Sheriff Dept. for excluding noncitizens when hiring
  196. ‘Suicide bomber’ squirrel hospitalizes Chicago politician
  197. The Fake Epidemic of Fake News
  198. Thanksgiving
  199. How Libtards should fry their turkeys!!!!
  200. Black Friday Video Montages
  201. Illegal Immigrant Sexually Assaults 12-Year-Old Girl More Than a Dozen Times
  202. NYC Man Attemptis to Push Bystander onto Subway Tracks, Yelling ‘I Hate White People
  203. DHS Loses Thousands of 'Keys to the Kingdom'
  204. African Migrants Riot Against ‘Racist’ Italians: ‘Allah Will Guide Us in Revenge’
  205. UN Boss Tells Europe Migration Unstoppable, Says Politicians Should Ignore Voters
  207. Meanwhile in Venezuela, a new diaspora begins
  208. PayPal, Salesforce Take Preemptive Strike Against Religious Freedom Laws
  209. Shailene Woodley Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Thanksgiving at Dakota Access
  210. Chicago officer kills man; police check claim he was armed
  211. Let California Go
  212. Justin Trudeau eulogy memes
  213. Breitbart Texas Catches 43 Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border, Interviews Them
  214. NYT’s Helene Cooper Defends Fidel Castro, Decries America’s ‘View’ of Him
  215. Trudeau: Oh, if you insist. I guess Castro was a dictator
  216. College Professors Gush Over ‘Charismatic’ Castro
  217. Iowa schools “reform” discipline by mostly eliminating it
  218. Someone in Russia thought this Holocaust-themed ice dance was a good idea
  219. Gutfeld mourns Castro on Fox News (not exactly)
  220. Ohio State Attacker Posted Anti-US Screed to Facebook Moments Before Attack
  221. Muslim Cries Racism After Being Denied A Gun Purchase
  222. Ohio Terrorist Stabbing Has Liberals Talking About Gun Control But Not Terrorism
  223. A Ten Minute Rant on Migrants
  224. The Ohio State Attack news headline time frame
  225. American Women Should Wear Symbols of Islamic Subjugation
  226. U.S. Government Employee Steered $2 Million in Micro-Dairy Contracts to his Son
  227. BLM Protesters Who Blocked Highway Get Jail Time
  228. Republican-Led Congress Oversees Large-Scale Importation of Somali Migrants
  229. 20-Year-Old in North Carolina Planned to Murder Hundreds for Islamic State
  230. Amnesty International Blasts Kellogg’s for Using Child Labor-Produced Ingredients
  231. Homosexuals Trying to Destroy HGTV's Chip and Joanna Gains ("Fixerupper")
  232. More Ratings Poison as NFL Readies for ‘My Cause, My Cleats’ Week
  233. State Univ. To Provide Taxpayer-Funded Hormone Treatments For Transgender Students
  234. Thug teacher arrested ‘for breaking seven-year-old boy’s jaw
  235. Tomah VA: Veterans could have been infected with Hepatitis, HIV
  236. 13 Most Badass Face-Melting Quotes from Trump's New Pentagon Chief: General 'Mad Dog'
  237. Wal-Mart to settle U.S. lawsuit over benefits for same-sex spouses
  238. Thug Knocks Out Woman Because She Asked How To Make Pie
  239. Indoctrinating the Young in Hate Factories
  240. Acquisition Chief: LCS Program 'Broke' the Navy
  241. US Navy ‘stealth’ destroyer towed into port after another breakdown (VIDEO)
  242. At $800,000 a pop, new Navy destroyer's ammo is in question
  243. Four resign from Talihina veterans center after resident found with maggots in wound
  244. Ohio State Student To Hannity: After Attack I Learned The Left’s More Scared of Trump
  245. Afghan’s Murder-Rape Arrest Reignites Germany Migrant Debate
  246. Catholic Scholar Attacked for Catholic Views at Catholic College
  248. France Passes Crackdown on Pro-Life Websites
  249. NAACP Is Furious That A White Man Stopped A Black Man From Murdering A Woman
  250. Amnesty Groups Fight to Hide California Gang Database From Trump