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  1. Interesting turnabout by the catholic church
  2. Swedish music festival cancels 2018 event after sexual assault reports
  3. CNN issues ANOTHER OOPS! Another day, another apology
  4. University Considers Removal of Bibles and Crosses from Chapel
  5. Illegal Aliens Arrested for Smuggling $75,000 in Heroin Into U.S.A.
  6. Vatican shakeup - behind the sweet smile, Pope Francis flexes his muscle
  7. NYC to Pay $16M for Illegals’ Lawyer Fees, Subways Held Together with Zip Ties
  8. Heroic Iraqi officer selflessly hugs suicide bomber to save countless lives in Babel
  9. City Attorney Employs Hate Hoax to Avoid Facing Angry Citizens
  10. CNN’s Brian Stelter tries to get Trump’s Twitter deactivated and FAILS
  11. Sen. Dick Durbin’s office will not release reported email of baseball shooter
  12. British Student Union Boss Welcomes Islamic Takeove’, Wants to ‘Oppress White People
  13. Saudi National on Run from Manslaughter Charges
  14. PA Town Council Threatens to Fine Navy Officer for Playing ‘Taps’ to Honor Servicemen
  15. Illegal Aliens Arrested for Smuggling $75,000 in Heroin Into U.S.A.
  16. ACLU Doubling Down Against State And Federal ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bills
  17. Associated Press Engulfed in CNN-Level Scandal
  18. Joan Walsh: Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Brown People
  19. Mother raped in front of kids, 3 teens arrested
  20. Tunisian in Austria Murders Elderly Couple to Teach the FPÖ a Lesson
  21. Black Thugs Sought After Raping White Woman Over Dating Outside Her Race
  22. Five shot at Louisville, KY rap concert, one dead
  23. 28 injured during gun battle at rap concert in Little Rock
  24. Old News but relevant
  25. It's the 241st birthday - hang out your flag, holes and all
  26. First 4th in 9 years not under socialist occupation
  27. Liz “Pocahontas” Warren’s Senate Challenger Sends Her 23&Me DNA Kit for Her Birthday
  28. CNN threatens to "DOX" Trump wrestling creator ....
  29. HIDDEN CAM: 'Stealing' Illegal Immigrant's Jobs! from Steven Crowder
  30. Cop fatally shot on the job was beloved mother of twins
  31. Lancaster girl was kidnapped, killed over stolen drugs, police say
  32. CNN Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed 4 Times In A Row
  33. HIV positive Charles County school assistant sexually assaulted ‘several male student
  34. More than 100 people shot in Chicago over long Fourth of July weekend
  35. Angry Mom Shannon Watts Calls Trump Racist Because He Wants To Help A Sick Baby
  36. Oregon Democrat Lawmakers Pass Bill to Give Free Abortions to Illegal Immigrants
  37. Repeat Deportee ‘Upset with Women,’ Runs Over 3
  38. Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Wife Help Illegal Immigrants with College Tuition
  39. Everybody’s talking about KTLA reporter getting puked on in Hermosa Beach
  40. United takes 2-year-old’s seat away, forcing him onto mother’s lap for three hours
  41. Black Thugs Threaten to Kill Trump over Food Stamps (Video)
  42. This NYT Report On Immigration Is Flat Out Shameful
  43. Damon Wayans Jr. Wishes White People A Happy ‘Racist Day’
  44. ‘Allah Will Get You’: London Nursery Worker Attacked with Blade
  45. Pro-Open Borders Clooneys ‘Leaving UK Amid Terror Fears’
  46. Twitter Roasts CNN for Perceived Threat to Dox Alleged Creator of Trump Meme
  47. Did CNN Break the Law With Blackmail Threat?
  48. Illegal immigrant mom accused in stabbing deaths of children, husband smiles in court
  49. Judge Denies Hawaii’s Motion on ‘Travel Ban,’ Says Supreme Court Right Venue
  50. The CNN Writer Behind Dox Threat Once Drove A Man To Suicide By Spreading Fake News
  51. Liberal Taliban Forces Oregon Tiki Bar to Close Down Over ‘Cultural Appropriation
  52. CNN’s Smerconish: ‘If You Act Like a HansA**holeSolo,’ You Should Be Outed
  53. Microsoft Dropping 3K Employees As H-1B Hiring Continues
  54. California Closer to Becoming ‘Sanctuary State,’ Over Law Enforcement Objections
  55. ACLU Sues Miami for Complying with Trump’s Immigration Detainer Policies
  56. CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked
  57. Malaysia, Indonesia Muslim groups call for Starbucks boycott
  58. Kris Kobach: Only 14 states have refused Trump election commission request
  59. Turkey confiscates some 50 religious properties from Christian minority
  60. American college graduate in Greece beaten to death
  61. Liberal hypicrite George Clooney Leaving his Home in England
  62. North Korea accuses US of 'reckless military provocations' after practice bombing run
  63. Oregon Poised To Decriminalize Meth, Cocaine And Heroin
  64. Chicago Police Say 6-YEAR-OLD Committing Armed Robbery on Southside
  65. WaPo Tries To Paint Bernie Bro Steve Scalise Shooter As A Right-Wing Radical
  66. Barbra Streisand: Donald Trump ‘Is the Fake President’
  67. CNN App
  68. Bezos, Slim, and Buffett, Publicly Pleading Poverty, Ask Congress for Help
  69. NYPD ‘Up in Arms’ as Suspect Released Day After Allegedly Trying to Take Officers Gun
  70. Latino Group Upset at Democratic Lawmakers Who Supported ‘Kate’s Law’
  71. Blue Lives Don't Matter ?
  72. 'Sharia police' who patrolled German city of Wuppertal in orange vests to face trial
  73. Germany: Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin
  74. U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Slams American Fight Against Terror During July 4th
  75. Lawmakers to Introduce Legislation to Grant U.S. Resident Status to Charlie Gard
  76. Another Classy and Sane Genius Threatens a U.S. Senator
  77. Suicidal man doused in gasoline catches fire after police use Taser on him
  78. Republicans are better tippers than Democrats, survey finds
  79. Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead
  80. Donald Trump Jr. releases email chain on his Russian meeting
  81. BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’
  82. Cops turn their backs on de Blasio at slain officer’s funeral
  83. Oregon passes bill to make abortions free of charge, even for illegals
  84. August Busch IV, ex-CEO of Anheuser-Busch, arrested for trying to fly helicopter whil
  85. Man puts life size cutout of police cruiser to slow down drivers
  86. Easy Eddie & Butch O'Hare
  87. Is 2 years old too young to brainwash your child with leftist B.S.?
  88. Police Investigate Jesus Painting as a ‘Hate Crime’
  89. Unfortunately, I would believe this
  90. Mediaite Tried So Hard To Make A Black Intern Look Like A White Supremacist
  91. New York Times: London Black Cab Drivers Are Racist
  92. Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues VA Again for Docs About Misuse of Veterans’ Facilit
  93. Bret Stephens: POTUS Supporters ‘Idiots’ & Bigots, Should ‘Admire’ Elites
  94. Criminal Alien Charged with DUI-related Homicide, Assault
  95. Pope Francis Decries ‘Very Dangerous Alliance’ Between U.S. and Russia
  96. Writer claims Chelsea Clinton stole book idea
  97. Federal Judge rules CSPD discriminated against female officers
  98. Baltimore celebrates “victory” in release of illegal aliens
  99. Baltimore Ceasefire Asks for 72-Hours Where ‘Nobody Kills Anybody’
  100. Woman Who Tossed Newborn Baby From 8th Floor Gets Probation; No Murder Charge
  101. Chicago Justice ??
  102. DREAMer protections face demise soon by federal courts
  103. Ex-Corrections Officer Guilty Of Molesting Child Over A 6 Year Period
  104. Bond revoked for man charged in gun case related to shooting of cops
  105. Where Else Could this happen ?
  106. Convicted Killer of Corrections Officer Eric Williams Escapes Death Penalty,
  107. Vatican police bust drug-fuelled gay sex orgy hosted at papal apartments
  108. ABC News: Christians Who Believe In The First Amendment Are A ‘Hate Group’
  109. Convicted Felon/Anti-Police Leader Chosen To Help Select Next Dallas Police Chief
  110. Murder or Suicide? Clinton Investigator Found Dead
  111. Jail for music teacher, 54, who blames male student, 17, for tricking her into having
  112. Bridgette Gabriel assessment of Linda Sarsour
  113. Joy Villa releases patriotic song
  114. Another Arkaside ?
  115. Henrico McDonalds Employee Refuses To Serve Cop
  116. opinions?
  117. Trinity Professor Cleared Of Wrongdoing Following Controversial Facebook Posts
  118. Iranian Military Agent Caught Trying to Enter U.S.
  119. Opinions on Tommy Robinson?
  120. banned from various social media
  121. Man Brutally Beaten On Elevator While Bystanders Just Watch And Don’t Call 911
  122. Pope Francis Aides Attack Steve Bannon as Promoter of ‘Apocalyptic Geopolitics’
  123. Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA
  124. Thousands Scan CNN Employees’ Social Media Pages Looking For Dirt
  125. 'Top' Russian Intelligence Expert's Emails to CIA Officers Hacked:
  126. Cartel Violence Spills into Texas as Gunmen Storm Past U.S. Border Security
  127. Schools Must Hire 70,000 Extra Non-White Teachers to Reflect Pupil Demographics
  128. Teen blasted ‘F–k Tha Police’ during slain officer’s funeral
  129. NYPD Commissioner: ‘Where are the Demonstrations for this Single Mom?’
  130. Sarsour means cockroach
  131. Dr Alveda King on Trump
  132. Is Ai Weiwei an artist or an activist?
  133. huffpost advertised my hometown
  134. this is very unfair
  135. New show--Steve Hilton--Draining the Health Swamp-the Next Revolution
  136. $1 million in marijuana found in brand new Ford Fusions
  137. Colion Noir’s EPIC Response to Black Lives Matters
  138. Feds Pounce on Gun, Drug Trafficking Ring Alleged Deportee Involved
  139. Claims of Brutality by Rainbow City Police Get Quickly Exposed when videos released
  140. Two UC Berkeley Students Arrested on Felony Hate Crime for ‘F- YT Kill Cops’ Graffiti
  141. Journalists Should Avoid Using ‘Pro-life,’ ‘Terrorist,’ or ‘Migrant’ In News Stories
  142. If O.J. Simpson is paroled...
  143. Who is the worst: Obama or Trudeau
  144. updated 7/24/17: Justine Damond's death by officer Mohammad Noore
  145. what is your favorite song?
  146. opinions on feminism- millennial style
  147. Saudi Arabia investigates video of young woman walking in miniskirt
  148. Bayonne Bridge Closure Sparks ‘Insane’ Sunday Night Gridlock
  149. Not Enough ‘Women’, ‘People of Color’ in ‘Dunkirk,’ USA Today Complains
  150. Joy Villa has a youtube channel
  151. schizophrenic SCOTUS
  152. what would you do if they did this to your kid
  153. French armed forces leader resigns over budget cuts
  154. most awful liberal celebrity vote: top 3
  155. Boston places anti-white “Islamophobia” posters at bus stops
  156. 2 Iranian men charged with hacking Vermont software company
  157. As paperwork goes missing, private student loan debts may be wiped away
  158. Facebook Blocks More Than Two Dozen Popular Catholic Pages Without Explanation
  159. worst kind of Liberals
  160. wouldn't it be funny Islam vs Christianity
  161. still better than dealing with a Liberal
  162. when Liberals say Communism isn't Socialism
  163. watch until the end- bullies a CEO outside her home
  164. Game of Thrones' creators announce new series 'Confederate' for HBO
  165. Wikipedia bias
  166. joy villa
  167. the resort owner
  168. ICE Addis Officers in ‘Uncooperative Jurisdictions’ to Arrest Released Criminal Alien
  169. House Democrat Accuses Border Agents of Human-Rights Violations
  170. Fmr. U.N. Amb. Power Emerges As Central Figure In Obama Unmasking Investigation
  171. Rosie O'Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game
  172. Colbert, the not so funny comedian
  174. CNN Calls 95 Slain Syrian Children ‘Assad Supporters’
  175. Former DHS Head Jeh Johnson Complains That Trump Is Scaring Off Illegal Aliens
  176. Violent Becomes "Non Violent"
  177. Maine Now Offering In-State Tuition Discounts to Illegal Immigrants
  178. Sanctuary City NYC Released Illegal Alien with Felony Charges
  179. CBS SF Accuses a Vallejo Police Officer of Using Racial Slur, Police Release Video
  180. Anti-Black Lives Matter crowdfunding page banned ‘for not promoting harmony’
  181. Chief to recommend charges against Florida teens who recorded drowning
  182. Leftist ‘Intellectuals’: It’s Racist for Trump to Defend the West
  183. Trump Supporter Bloodied, Hit in the Face With Beer Bottle For Wearing MAGA Hat in NY
  184. EU Expects UK to Take Migrants from Africa in New Relocation Scheme
  185. Phoenix Ban on Police Asking Immigration Status Ignores State Law, Supreme Court
  186. Girl Tells Social Media She Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ By Police Chief Releases Video
  187. Another Good Samaritan brutally attacked after stopping to help someone
  188. 500+ riot and attack police in Philly. Cops stand down.
  189. Threat on Heller: BOLO for suspect released in ObamaCare note
  190. ‘I’ve seen America, it’s lousy’: Duterte vows never to visit US
  191. Texas ICE Sweep Nets 123 Criminal Illegal Aliens Including Repeat Sex Offender
  192. Taxpayer money going up in gunsmoke - Chicago
  193. USS Constitution moves out of dry dock, into Boston Harbor
  194. Chicago to Give Back Millions in Traffic Camera Fines
  195. Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany in TV interview
  196. Navy Whistleblower Raised More Alleged Safety Violations at Maintenance Facility
  197. Four Teens Charged For Repeatedly Walking And Spitting On Murdered Officer’s Grave
  198. Hero Citizen Takes On Armed Robber, Puts Him In Critical Condition
  199. For Asian Americans, a changing landscape on college admissions
  200. NC apartment fire suspect was in the country illegally, report says
  201. ‘They All Deserve to Die’: Caracas Militants Vow to Take Up Arms
  202. Climate science is a joke and they are learning that
  203. Fake Street Sign Warns Of Minneapolis Police After Justine Damond Shooting
  204. Outsourcing Firm Lead Pleads Guilty to H-1B Fraud
  205. Illegal Aliens Announce Massive Protest at Texas AG’s Office on Wednesday
  206. Feds Issued $171 Million in Improper Payments to People With More Than One SSN
  207. Baltimore State’s Attorney Loves Gun Control But Won’t Prosecute Gun Offenders
  208. White Liberal College Graduates’ Are ‘the Least Tolerant’
  209. Claremont college suspends students
  210. Lefties attack 3 black women for being successful business owners
  211. President Trump just Tweeted
  212. It's started
  213. Protesting Locals Build Wall Around Planned Migrant Accommodation
  214. Shock Claim: Florida County Has ‘Thousands’ of Voters Over Age 100
  215. Trudeau Removing Warning Against FGM & Honour Killings From Citizenship Guide
  216. Black People Freak Out On White Woman For Opening A Restaurant In Their Neighborhood
  217. Tourists to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico suspect they were given tainted alcohol
  218. Children 'as young as nine' caught robbing people in Stockholm
  219. Muslim lunges at cops with knife, sword, tells neighbor to bow to Allah
  221. Brilliant
  222. Venezuela bans protests ahead of vote
  223. RUDE Vegan Activists Confront Florida Family Trying To Fish For Their Dinner [VIDEO]
  224. Cops Hunt ‘Asian’ Men after Horrific Double-Rape Case
  225. Survivor of deadly Instagram streaming car crash in California blames social media
  226. IRS makes shocking discovery as to why they have so many “problematic employees”
  227. Feds Subsidized Housing for ‘Nonexistent Tenants’
  228. New North Korea ICBM test puts U.S. cities within range
  229. third suspect wanted in the robberies, kidnappings targeted at white students arreste
  230. This Ohio factory owner says she has jobs but few sober applicants
  231. ESPN’s Jemele Hill Says Police are Like ‘Slave Patrol’
  232. A Palestinian “Refugee” — And “Extremist” Known to Police Who Could Not Be Deported
  233. Mayor tells citizens angry about Muslim migrant rapes “Don’t provoke them
  234. Attacker with a MACHINE GUN opens fire in a German nightclub
  235. 7 Plead Guilty As Part Of $5 Million Rock Hill, SC Food Stamp Scam
  236. Former Guantanamo Detainee Gave Taxpayer Compensation Money to Jihadi Terrorists
  237. Capitol Police Responded to Wrong Site in Scalise Shooting
  238. EU Gives Hungary, Poland, One Month to Back Down and Accept Migrant Quotas
  239. Foreigners Are Imported to Build American Auto Plants, Investigation Finds
  240. Hamburg Killer Wanted to be a Terrorist, But German Cops Insist He Was Mentally Ill
  241. Women flying solo can skip middle seat
  242. Unsolved Mysteries
  243. A warning for Saint Peterburg FL. Jesse Nevel from the APSP is running for mayor
  244. BLM Minneapolis apologizes for claiming a man who committed suicide was lynched
  245. 'We're Exporting Our Middle Class' to Make Room for 'New Wave of Immigrants
  246. Backlash After Sweden’s Army Says Purpose of Military Is to Defend Gay Rights
  247. Anti-Gay Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Just A Clumsy Gay Man
  248. DREAMer Accused of Raping Woman in Sanctuary City
  249. Oregon Officials Blow Off Press Inquiries Regarding Illegal Alien Rapist In Portland
  250. Father is brutally beaten by a gang of youths asked them to stop smoking marijuana