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  1. RIP Bruno Sammartino
  2. Does Andrew Cuomo Understand Words? A Free Beacon Investigation
  3. Fresno State Opens Investigation into Bush-Bashing Professor Randa Jarrar
  4. Steyer’s Arizona Renewables Campaign Gets $0 In Local Support
  5. Illegal Aliens Caught near Border with ‘Assault-Style Firearms,’ Says Border Patrol
  6. 9th Circuit appoints special prosecutor against Sheriff Arpaio
  7. FEDERAL Judges, the LAW and YOU
  8. More James Comey mem0s released
  9. Jeb Bush: Voters Have to Stop Rewarding Reality TV ‘Racist Language,’ ‘Bad Behavior’
  10. California School District Says Parents Can’t Pull Kids Out Of New LGBT Sex Ed Class
  11. Mini-Me Dead Age 49
  12. Boy Hit, Killed by Vehicle During Anti-Gun National School Walkout
  13. Refugees in the Netherlands are angry because they have to clean their own toilets
  14. Obama bureaucracy left our private data more vulnerable than ever
  15. Eight Mile Crime Spree
  16. Amazon begins delivering packages directly to customers' CARS across the US
  17. Armenians Throughout the World Observe 103rd Anniversary of Genocide
  18. Amtrak Trains Don't Fit in Miami's $2 Billion Train Station
  19. YOU’RE FIRED! Clinton pal loses job for anti-cop MELTDOWN
  20. Clinton Tried to Cancel Interview Because I Was Investigating Weinstein
  21. Europe contrinues on its downhill course
  22. Sen. Rand Paul sends letter with details on U.N. global gun ban effort
  23. Hang Onto Him: Ex-Boss Warned FBI About Waffle House Shooter
  24. Baltimore Mayor Tries to Address City's Violence by Telling Businesses When to Close
  25. Baltimore Residents: Murder Rate Shot Up Over Less Police Presence
  26. Suspect admits to toppling more than 100 headstones in St. Louis Jewish cemetery
  27. Academics Find ‘Climate Change’ Not Responsible for Displacement, Conflict in Africa
  28. Earth in ‘Greatest Two-Year Cooling Event in a Century’ Shock
  29. Drug Users Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station
  30. SPLC Gets Catholics Removed from Amazon Smile
  31. Germany: Migrant Crisis Delusions
  32. Page and Strzok were using a common tactic of terrorist group communications
  33. UK Hospital Starved Baby Alfie for 4 Days Until He Died
  34. Florida dad outraged by sexually explicit question on teen's homework assignment
  35. Obviously these parents need more SJW Training
  36. I guess this teacher will be the next school principle
  37. Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day
  38. FDA Approves T-Cell Immunotherapy Treatment For Large B-Cell Lymphoma
  39. Is this Google Chrome "monkey business"?
  40. Flies In Operating Rooms Force VA Hospital To Postpone More Than 80 Surgeries
  41. 22 Police Cars Vandalized in Antifa Hotbed Portland on May Day
  42. 65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% in math
  43. Students Get Half Of White Authors Removed From Course, Now Want The Rest Gone
  44. Girls soccer team from Idaho robbed in Oakland
  45. Dennis Rodman Says He Played a Part in Kim Jong-Un Warming Up to Donald Trump
  46. Boy Scouts are gone.
  47. Five MS-13 Members Arrested in Texas After Illegal Border Crossings
  48. ‘It’s a genocide’ says leader after black homicide study released
  49. 2017 homicide data provide insight into Baltimore's gun wars, police say
  50. $1320/mo Guaranteed Income Pilot in Ontario !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. Why Do Colleges Admit Students Who Can’t Do the Work?
  52. ‘Go to Hell!’ Egypt Responds to French Call to Revise Koran
  53. just one state, 28 illegal aliens rack up 89 counts of rape / assault of children
  54. Amazon Stops Plan To Build Office Tower In Downtown Seattle. Here’s Why
  55. Springfield Armory Severs Ties With Dick’s Sporting Goods
  56. Hornady Refuses To Sell To New York Agencies After Comptroller Threatens Banks
  57. Soros-funded group releases app that helps illegal immigrants avoid arrest
  58. Iowa Governor signs abortion ban
  59. U.N. Says Climate Change Is ‘Single Biggest Threat to Life, Security and Prosperity
  60. Schools Replacing Analog Clocks Because Students Can’t Read Them
  61. Weapons Grade Plutonium Goes Missing at Idaho State University
  62. Hillary Hiding Medical Equipment Again
  63. BDSM Community Wants Nothing To Do With “Abusive” Disgraced AG Eric Schneiderman
  64. Broward County Officials Admit Nikolas Cruz Was Assigned to School Lenienct Program
  65. The story about Cruz below vs. this story
  66. New Jersey Allows Illegal Aliens to Apply for State Financial Aid
  67. Gun Manufacturers Stop Doing Business With Dick’s Sporting Goods
  68. E.U. Stands with Iran: Mogherini ‘Determined to Preserve’ Obama’s Nuclear Deal
  69. Mormon Church Cuts Ties With Revamped Boy Scouts
  70. Mueller Team Indicted Company For Crime Before They Existed
  71. One Employer of Illegals Puts 160 Children in Tenn. School Districts, Says Activists’
  72. The ‘Russian Collusion’ Trial Is On, And Mueller May Be The First Casualty
  73. Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames After Crash, Killing Two Men Trapped Inside
  74. Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes
  75. California Wants To Drop Washington/Lincoln’s Birthday-Replace It With Commie Hiliday
  76. More activities in the "swamp"
  77. More activities in the "swamp"
  78. Federal Judge Releases Illegal Alien Who Rammed Car into Daycare Center
  79. We read every one of the 3,517 Facebook ads bought by Russians. Here's what we found
  80. Facebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Saving Text and Call Logs of Users
  81. NARAL Mother’s Day Message: ‘Choosing an Abortion Is an Act of Love’
  82. Christian Teen Raped, Tied Down and Murdered in Front of Father
  83. Margot Kidder Dead 69
  84. The Strzok-Page Texts and the Origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation
  85. If you want to change the world...
  86. Woo hoo Froglegs are back! (Banned on YouTube, watch on Vimeo)
  87. Someone Called 911 to Report Man With Bassoon
  88. Oklahoma woman mauled to death by pack of smaller dogs
  89. 11 Animalistic Crimes Committed Against Americans by MS-13 Gang
  90. Yahoo Who Protested “Cultural Appropriation” Just Got BUSTED Appropriating Something
  91. Can you accept being a hypocrite sometimes?
  92. Starbucks Makes It Official: Stores Are Now Homeless Shelters
  93. CA Dems Pushing to Give Illegal Adults Full Healthcare Benefits
  94. Stopping NFL Anthem Protests Is ‘Un-American’
  95. Rank-and-File FBI Agents Eager to Blow Whistle on Comey, Holder, Lynch
  96. Conyers’ Son Tossed From Ballot After He Failed to Aquire Enough Valid Signatures
  97. Illegal Aliens Caught Driving Tanker Truck Carrying Liquid Meth, Worth $90 Million
  98. Five MS-13 Members Arrested in Texas After Illegal Border Crossings
  99. Amazon demonetizes conservative website
  100. Big Day For The Swamp – Gang of Eight, Plus Gowdy and Kelly, Meet With DOJ, FBI, DNI
  101. Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment
  102. Tombstone of the day
  103. MS-13 Gang Member Named ‘Animal’ Murdered 15-Year-Old Boy
  104. Summit Canceled Because North Korea ‘Never Showed Up’ to Planning Meeting
  105. White Black Woman Rachel Dolezal Charged With Welfare Fraud
  106. "Unaccompanied Alien Child" MS-13 Illegal Alien Killed Man, Burned Body
  107. Parkland Deputy Allegedly Covered Up Sex Assault by Sheriff Son
  108. He's Back.. Again....
  109. Elia Kazan
  110. Barry TV
  111. Build The Wall..
  112. CAIR Official: Americans Who Volunteer for Israeli Army Are Like Islamic Terrorists
  113. Black Lives Matter is embarrassing
  114. McDonald’s Tells Pressure Group Demanding Plastic Straw Ban to Suck It
  115. Propel School Parents Upset Over ‘Graphic’ Sex Ed Lesson In 7th Grade Science Class
  116. Memorial Day
  117. Masked Antifa gang attack woman journalist as Canadian police watch, refuse to help
  118. Check Oout this piece of shit
  119. Remember the fallen
  120. Star’ Players Consider Sitting Out if Kaepernick and Reid Not Signed
  121. The Next Super food
  122. Police Seek ‘Asian’ Man After Teen Suffers ‘Horrific’ Alleyway Rape
  123. David Hogg’s Publix Boycott Diminishes Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion Funding
  124. "Asian" problems in Maine
  125. Top economists argue for income-based affirmative action at colleges
  126. OK, maybe an Education Forum
  127. Just Another Holiday Weekend In Chicago
  128. Top Hospital Chief Calls for NHS to Fight ‘White Privilege’
  129. London cyclists too white, male and middle-class, says capital's cycling chief
  130. One woman still has a job: the other doesn't
  131. More Hipocracy Please
  132. Louis Farrakhan Says The ‘Kill Whitey’ Times Are Upon Us
  133. Sean Hannity Dredges Up Jimmy Kimmel Blackface Clip
  134. Some interesting information on Valerie Jarret
  135. Andrea Mitchell Decries NFL ‘Hypocrisy — ‘Large Part’ of Fans at Games Don’t Stand
  136. Lawyer For Cop Killing Punk Says Client Acted In Self Defense
  137. School district considers eliminating homework due to ‘stressed’ students
  138. ‘I’m off the plantation, bro!’ Video of black Stanford student goes viral.
  139. Another reason I'm glad I left Florida
  140. Hollywood Celebrates Samantha Bee Calling Ivanka Trump a ‘C**t’: ‘Brilliant,’ ‘Right
  141. Alabama Sports Columnist Says It’s Time to ‘Drop the Anthem’ at Sporting Events
  142. ABC May Reboot ‘Roseanne’ But Make It Another Liberal Show Based Around Sara Gilbert
  143. "Coming out" to a liberal family? Advice?
  144. I'll Take: "Why People Look At Blacks As Animals" For $500, Alex
  145. Anyone else live in a liberal city?
  146. MS-13’s Body Count Rising: Another Murder Victim Found On Long Island
  147. Town Officials Threaten Business Over Patriotic Display Of American Flags
  148. No wonder Spicer got fired
  149. Key Difference Between Role of Government
  150. New California Law to Monitor every Toilet flush and Shower
  151. Mueller allowed an innocent man to die in prison
  152. UN wants ‘immediate halt’ to separation of migrant families in US
  153. London Manhunt After One-Year-Old Baby, Woman Stabbed in Broad Daylight
  154. LeBron James: Cavs and Warriors Will Boycott White House Invite
  155. 15 Signs That The Middle Class In The United States Is Being Systematically Destroyed
  156. Fox News releases cheap non-cable Streaming Service!!!!
  157. Imran Awan and wife make a Deal with Prosecutors (about the DNC server)
  158. We don't need no stinkin' wall
  159. Titans To Back Players Who Stay Inside For National Anthem
  160. United Nations: Trump Immigration Enforcement a ‘Serious Violation’ of Human Rights
  161. Ah, Retread, it looks like TX has CA problems.
  162. IG Release Date Set for June 14th – First IG Hearing June 18th
  163. Steve Harvey Calls Golden State Players ‘Gorillas’ on ESPN
  164. Pope Francis Decries ‘Exodus of Climate Migrants and Environmental Refugees’
  165. Ex-Ranger: ‘Communism Will Win’ Soldier Discharged from Army
  166. 9 of 10 illegal immigrants arrested have criminal record
  167. Eunice Gayson, first 'Bond' girl, dies
  168. The Merkel Snake dance..
  169. Concealed carry permit problems in Florida
  170. Justin Trudeau Wore Fake Stick-On EyeBrows a G7
  171. Some members of Congress are fed-up with Planned Patenthood
  172. China hacked Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data
  173. Actor Jackson Odell ‘Modern Family’ Dead Age 20
  174. DOJ: One in Five Federal Inmates Is An Illegal Alien
  175. Minnesota Fun
  176. Another slap in the face for YTs
  177. SJWs Win Again
  178. Diversity & Equality is a Lie.
  179. Jane Fonda to Hollywood Elite: Time to Take ‘Back Our Government’
  180. Tesla Lays Off Thousands of Workers Days After Elon Musk Flamethrower Party
  181. Virtue Signaling NFL To Join New York Gay Pride Parade
  182. Canada is looking to crack down on illegal immigration at its southern border
  183. NY Times Investigates Reporter Accused of Having Romantic Relationship With Source
  184. AMA Calls for More Gun Control Including Gun Bans, Confiscationn
  185. What’s Worse: Cleaning Up Garbage Or Threatening A Mass (S)Hooting At Disney World?
  186. Mob Comes After & Forces Guy To Apologize For NOT RECOGNIZING Hollywood Actress
  187. Stormy Daniels seemingly storms out of Chicago strip club after first show
  188. Chicago Drops SAT/ACT Requirement. Will Others Follow?
  189. Walmart robber tries to carjack two different cars, both drivers pull out guns
  190. Man Allegedly Slaughtered With Hatchet After Killer Was Denied Gun
  191. Maryland Teachers, Students Live in Fear of MS-13 Middle Schoolers
  192. Meanwhile in South Africa.....
  193. Howdy Doody Advocates Open Borders on Father’s Day
  194. New York City’s Gang Database Is 99% People of Color, Chief of Detectives Testifies
  195. Another Football Hero (uh Zero)
  196. Terrified" San Francisco Tourists Shocked By Aggressive Vagrants, Discarded Needles,
  197. L.A. sheriff's detectives seize more than 500 firearms from felon's home
  198. Maine- Media Blackout On Man Beaten To Death By Gang Of Refugee Somali Muslims
  199. Not News
  200. Some Trump stuff...
  201. City workers claim they are being harassed and attacked by the homeless
  202. It's all Trump's Fault
  203. Judge slaps down Colorado for violating 1st Amendment
  204. Seattle Socialists Surrender On Punitive Business Tax To Fund The Homeless
  205. Hey Retread, Another reason to move to Texas
  206. Maine’s first Somali Muslim police officer resigns after arrest investigation
  207. Rescued Migrant Woman Was Not Mother of Children She Brought Across Border
  208. Let’s Compare What Detained Illegal Kids Are Eating To Michelle’s School Lunches,
  209. What the hell is wrong with Peter Fonda?!
  210. Rest in Peace Leon White (Big Van Vader)
  211. Memes Multiply After After Time’s Cover Exposed As Fake News
  212. NFL to Suspend Jameis Winston Three Games for Violating Personal Conduct Policy
  213. School Approves Program to Give 13yo Girls Hormone-Altering Drugs
  214. Iran: Foreign Minister Fears Collapse Of Nuclear Deal Could Topple Government
  215. Trained Antifa ...Scary.
  216. Kinda A Bad Day For Democrats All Around.
  217. SVPete, have you seen this?
  218. Illegal Immigrant Song :D
  219. Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird Become First Same-Sex Couple Featured in ESPN Body Issue
  220. Army training will now focus on actual battlefield skills, not social issues
  221. Peter Fonda’s New Film Nets Measly $30,000
  222. More gun idiocy from California
  223. Migrant CHILDREN’ Arrive at NY Airport -Appear to be GROWN MEN
  224. Shoot any cop
  225. Sweden Set to Open Nation’s First ‘LGBT-Certified’ Sports Stadium
  226. Peter Strzok “Defiant” and “Smug” – Laughed Off Questions From GOP Lawmakers During D
  227. Comcast Dealing With Major Outage Nationwide June 29
  228. Reuters Editor Apologizes, May be Disciplined After Blaming Trump For Capital Gazette
  229. Massachusetts raises minimum wage, adds paid leave
  230. Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning
  231. DEA task force seizes enough fentanyl to kill 5 million people
  232. Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol captures: gang members, child molesters,
  233. Woman Thanks Illinois Medicaid For Giving Her Free ‘Card’ To Abort
  234. Mexico Using ‘Racist Criteria’ to Expel Massive Number of Central American Refugees
  235. Philadelphia Releases Criminal Illegal Immigrant into City Despite Federal Warrant
  236. DeVos Wants U.S. to Adopt European Education Policies
  237. Parents demand to see LGBT videos school showed their kids
  238. WashPost: Truckers’ Rising Wages Are ‘Economic Threat’
  239. INSANE Sweden: Migrant will NOT be deported for raping 92-year-old woman on Christmas
  240. James Comey Calls for More Gun Control, Bashes NRA ‘Lies’
  241. Noncitizen Arrested for Alleged Illegal Voter Assistance Scheme in Texas Border City
  242. DACA recipient accused of trying to take undocumented immigrants to Albuquerque
  243. 7-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Found with Smuggler in Texas — 80 Miles from Border
  244. 'Most dangerous person I've ever dealt with': Lawyer feared newspaper murder suspect
  245. Girl from the Bronx Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Grew Up in One of Richest U.S. Counties
  246. AntiFa Just Got A Serious Ass Kicking
  247. 6 Refugees, 3 Of Them Children, Wounded In Idaho Knife Attack
  248. Miami-Dade Cops Pledge Gun Violence Prevention Pilot Program Focused On Services For
  249. Holocaust Survivor Message for Americans Calling Detention Centers Concentration Camp
  250. Ontario, Canada, to Dump Jerry Brown’s International Climate Change Pact