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  1. ABC Fires Brian Ross
  2. July 4th...who's ready?!
  3. Abortion - How Did It Become OK?
  4. JUDICIAL WATCH Uncovers Records Showing Obama Regime Sent Taxpayer Funds Overseas
  5. Border Patrol Agents Protect Two Juveniles from Human Trafficking
  6. Asylum Seeking’ Honduran Couple Arrested for Alleged Human Smuggling Attempt
  7. Michigan Axes Basic Skills Test for Teachers
  8. Bail reform poster child gets arrested again
  9. 'They treated us as though we were animals': Letters from inside an immigration...
  10. Nationwide Manhunt for Three Illegal Aliens Accused of Kidnapping, Raping Teen Sister
  11. Another gang member arrested in fatal stabbing of Bronx teen
  12. Justice Department Settles Claims Against Landscaping Company for Discrimination
  13. Santa Monica brain trust: Christopher Columbus made 1776 famous
  14. 'I deserve human decency': Plus-size woman who posed in a bikini in Times Square
  15. Big Convention Pulls Out Of San Francisco, Citing Unsafe Streets
  16. Shigella Infections on Rise in San Diego County Health Officials Warn
  17. UK reportedly tells Trump he cannot meet with Brexit architect Nigel Farage
  18. Police Force out Migrant University Squatters After Staff Infected with Scabies
  19. FBI, SEC, Justice Department Join Federal Probe into Facebook
  20. Mob Brays For Blood After Vice Mayor Calls For Straight American Pride Month
  21. Spurs’ Lonnie Walker Says He ‘Will Never Celebrate 4th of July’
  22. The gang that can't get its facts straight
  23. woe is me
  24. Pope Francis to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican Basilica
  25. Facebook slammed for 'censorship' of country group's patriotic song
  26. Here’s Indisputable Proof Little Miss Socialist Is A Bug-Eyed FRAUD
  27. Puerto Rico mayor, two others arrested on corruption charges
  28. No, Trump Is Not Throwing Immigrants Out Of The Military AS Liberals Claim
  29. 406 illegal immigrants rescued then arrested in 42 tractor-trailer smuggling incident
  30. Peter Strzok Failed His Polygraph Yet Retained Security Clearance
  31. Congressional Candidate Katie Arrington Released From the Hospital…
  32. Devin Nunes: Evidence Underlying Carter Page FISA Warrant Was “Fraudulent”…
  33. Illegal Alien Gang Member Committed String Of Armed Robberies In ‘Sanctuary County’
  34. McConnell chased from KY restaurant by protesters
  35. Germany's Air Force Is Dying a Slow Death
  36. Witness to Seth Rich Murder Willing To Testify
  37. Woman Blows Her Nose, Breaks Bone In Her Eye Socket
  38. Illegal Alien Released by Sanctuary Cit y- $280 Fine for Killing Two LEOs
  39. U.S. orders non-emergency government personnel to leave Nicaragua
  40. US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed
  41. Florida shooting suspect’s mom let him buy gun
  42. NFL players union files grievance over new anthem policy
  43. What Aren’t Liberals Freaking Over Hispanic Man Beaten And Told To Leave The Country
  44. Chicago Style Justice
  45. Swedish Dental Expert Fined $50,000 for Exposing Migrants Masquerading As Children
  46. Unaccompanied Alien Children ?
  47. Another NFL Hero (uh Zero)
  48. Bridgeport Man Arrested On Gun Charges For Fourth Time
  49. Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol: alien gang members and child predators arrested
  50. NCA: 700,000 Migrants in Libya Waiting to Board Boats to Europe
  51. Border Patrol Agents rescue a three-year-old abandoned in the Rio Grande
  52. Another funny comedian..Not!
  53. FOX NEWS Offered in Secret Economy Cable Package! YES YES YES!
  54. Immigration Scam
  55. Illegal Immigrants Claim They Don’t “Deliberately” Miss Court Hearings,
  56. It’s Trump’s Fault This “WHITE SUPREMACIST” Beat The Stuffing Out A Hispanic Man
  57. MSM reporting
  58. Academy Sports manager fired weeks after intercepting gun thief suspect
  59. London Protest
  60. CBS News Surprised to Realize Border is Open and Unsafe
  61. Taxpayer relief
  62. Rio Grande Valley agents rocked during rescue of a pregnant woman
  63. More Wisdom From Jane Fonda
  64. China Identified as Source of Ozone-Destroying CFC-11 Despite Worldwide Ban
  65. China Throws the Recycling Scam in the Trash
  66. From CNN ? People for sale
  67. Native Dutch Told to ‘Get Out’ if They Don’t Want to Be a Minority in Own Homeland
  68. Is Peter Strzok is another Robert J. Hanssen?
  69. Jaguar escapes enclosure at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans and kills 4 alpacas...
  70. HHS: 5 adults claiming to be parents of detained children ruled out by DNA tests
  71. Macron is losing control over Islam-dominated no-go areas in France,
  72. Back In The Saddle
  73. "Invasion of the Body Snatches" Feels Like Our Political Climate Today.
  74. What’s a turtle researcher to do?
  75. Judge frees man who was deported 9 times, has criminal past
  76. 13-year-old girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in Alabama cemetery
  77. After wave of sex attacks in cemeteries, German media gives prevention tips to women
  78. SJWs hurting some schools
  79. Is SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh evil?
  80. Cali Democrat THREATENS This Angel Dad Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal
  81. Migrant boys abuse and rape 5 young girls in Denmark – Migrant mother thinks racism i
  82. Catch an drelease
  83. See Ya Later, Suckas!
  84. HJow Multi-cultural diversity works in Niddlesex County NJ
  85. Tip: Pentagon Covering Up Fact That Female Officers Nearly Sank Navy Ship
  86. FSU bridge failure follow up
  87. Tijuana Resident Impersonated U.S. Citizen to Steal $361,000 in Government Benefits
  88. 11-Time Deportee Attacked Wife with Chainsaw in Front of Children, Say Police
  89. Is this a political ad? Facebook thinks so
  90. California forced to give back $331 million stolen from home-owners
  91. Press decries welfare fraudsters with green cards getting deported
  92. Algeria Sick of Sub-Saharan Invaders: Deports Tens of Thousands Back South to Niger
  93. What we can learn from illegal aliens
  94. My opinion on China after "Trump-Kim summit"
  95. What they're not telling you about Brexit
  96. DHS Official: Deported Parents Decided to Leave 100-Plus Children Behind
  97. Ontario Cabinet Minister Calls Out Gang Violence In Toronto, Called ‘Racist’
  98. San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Laws Might Protect Suspected Serial Rapist From ICE
  99. Panicked Democrats Invoke Obscure House Rule to Force Action on Mueller Protection Bi
  100. National Guard deployment led to more than 10,000 arrests of illegal immigrants, says
  101. James Clapper Flashback: Muslim Brotherhood Is ‘Largely Secular’ and ‘Has Eschewed Vi
  102. The Onion may be predicting the next news story here!
  103. Colleges ask for a share of future salary in lieu of loans
  104. Deranged Left-Wing Antifa Member Arrested with Cache of Weapons and Explosives
  105. USA Today drops columnist Cheri Jacobus after 'Epstein' tweet about ex-Trump adviser'
  106. More multicultural diversity
  107. ETHAN SHANE JACKSON: This “Non-Binary” “Tough Guy” Stole A MAGA Teen’s Hat
  108. Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest
  109. Man arrested after acid attack on three-year-old boy in Worcester
  110. Berkeley High grad pleads guilty to helping ISIS, spoke of plan to kill 10,000
  111. Ellison - Likes the Idea of Having Corporations Answer to International Juries
  112. Kimberly Guilfoyle Gone From Fox News
  113. Twitter Caught Censoring Conservative Journalists With Site-Wide Shadowbans
  114. LGBTQ Totalitarianism in Boston: The Destruction of the St. Patrick's Day Parade
  115. Comedian’s Old Tweets Reveal Pedophilia ‘Jokes’ Day After Director Fired
  116. ABC Considers Firing Whoopi Goldberg For Spitting In Jeanine Pirro’s Face
  117. The GOP’s Carbon Tax Bill Is Based On The Paris Climate Agreement’s Emissions Goals
  118. Build Bridges Not Walls
  119. Roseanne is Back!
  120. How To Get Respect Without Being A Bully - Jordan Peterson
  121. 5th man arrested in acid attack
  122. Left-Wing News Site Gizmodo Finally Notices Twitter Censorship
  123. Another fake hate crime revealed
  124. Chief Paul to combat crime in new barbershop initiative
  125. South Koreans oppose Migrants entering their country
  126. Gun in Danforth shooting traced to U.S., says police source
  127. School Suspends Young Patriot For Wearing Pro-Trump T-Shirt, EARNS ITSELF COURT BILL
  128. These are the world ?
  129. Gaetz May File Complaint with FEC Over Twitter’s Censoring of Prominent Conservatives
  130. Willful Blindness ?
  131. Eyes Wiide Shut
  132. Oregon Judge Rules That Male Students Must Share Locker Rooms with Transgender Boy
  133. Facebook Admits It Blocked Republican Candidate’s Pro-Second Amendment Ad
  134. San Francisco is a Sh*thole
  135. Marine Veteran, Man Wearing Trump Shirt Violently Attacked Near Trump Star in L.A.
  136. Frisco train conductor reportedly warns riders to watch 'for needles'
  137. AP Waits Until 24th Paragraph to Admit Illegal Alien’s Deportation -Under Obama
  138. Judge orders Fusion GPS to give deposition
  139. AG Sessions Deports Obama’s ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Code
  140. ICE locates, arrests sex offender after NC county refuses to honor detainer
  141. Bill Clinton Heckled By Angry Prostitutes In Amsterdam
  142. Woman Finds Her BofA Safe Deposit Box Has Vanished
  143. Evviornmentaly Friendly Windturbines
  144. Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros
  145. Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized
  146. WH Attacked for Barring CNN Reporter, Gave Obama Rousing Applause for Doing the Same
  147. : Migrants Arrested After Middle-Aged Woman Gang-raped on World Cup Night
  148. Border Patrol Agent Assaulted by Mexican Migrant at Border
  149. Cruise line faces backlash over shooting of polar bear
  150. Report: NFL Tells Jerry Jones to Stop Talking About Anthem Issue
  151. Plutocrat Charles Koch: Trump Tariffs ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Unfair’ to Foreigners
  152. Corbyn Ally Attacks ‘Jewish Trump Fanatics Making Up’ Anti-Semitism Claims
  153. A Reminder That Newsweek Is Very, Very Bad News Site
  154. The samples at Costco were free. Two men in their 70s got into a fight over them, SC
  155. Follow up on illegal alien attempted robbery in Texas
  156. Man in prison for violent sex crimes gets 7 more years, will be deported
  157. Federal Judge puts the final nail in the coffin of California Global Warming Lawsuit
  158. Portland Police Refused To Help ICE Agents Who Called 911, Agents Say
  159. Trump’s Tax Cuts, Tariffs Force Trudeau To Retreat On Carbon Taxes
  160. Politico’s Marc Caputo Mocks Trump Rally Attendees: Toothless ‘Garbage People’
  161. When Announcer Declares No Singing of the National Anthem, Crowd Sings Anyway
  162. FBI Admits to Using Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center
  163. Exclusive: In Letter to Trump, DOJ Blasts FIRST STEP Act
  164. NY Democrat Escalates ‘Abolish ICE!’ Wants to ‘Prosecute ICE!’
  165. Facebook Concealed Racially-Charged Trolling from Foreign Influence Report
  166. Watchdog Files Suit Against DOJ Seeking Comey’s Personal Emails
  167. Nurses in Australia May Soon Have to Apologize to Minority Patients for Being White
  168. Undocumented Immigrant Accused Of Raping Springdale Girl
  169. Guatemalan National Detained on Child Pornography Charges
  170. Cory Booker With Anti-Israel Radicals, Holds Sign Calling for Elimination of Israel
  171. Illegal Aliens Arrested and Referred for Prosecution for Voter Fraud
  172. Mythical Creatures in Pennsylvania Vote in Federal, State, and Local Elections
  173. Mental health company offers free therapy sessions for Mets fans
  174. 90% Of Wildfires Are Caused By People, Not By "Climate Change"
  175. Super Duper Doomsday
  176. Illinois Lawmakers Seek To Engulf K-12 Students in “LGBT History”
  177. Iraqi immigrant accused of shooting Colorado cop has criminal history not deported
  178. Writer Says Aborting Babies is Great for Families: “What Sadist Would Deprive Women”
  179. NRA mocks David Hogg for employing armed security during protest at its headquarters
  180. Twitter Suspends Candace Owens — Then Says It Was ‘An Error’ After Backlash
  181. Food for Thought...Rebuilding The Armed Forces Quickly
  182. Pic of Mueller Hanging With Ukrainian He’s Prosecuting Manafort Over Surfaces
  183. Black Conservatives Speak Out Against NY Times Hiring ‘Racist,’ ‘Vulgar’ Sarah Jeong
  184. Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad
  185. 'We have to regulate every aspect of people's lives'
  186. All the Banning: Top Drudge Headlines
  187. Intewresting Inspector General Investigative Summary
  188. Biden Foundation Targets Parents Who Don’t Support Child’s Gender Transition
  189. Who is colluding Who?
  190. Give me your tired, your poor etc.
  191. Coach Tells Player to Choose Between Posting Firearm Photos or Playing Lacrosse
  192. 170 Registered Voters in Ohio’s 12th District Listed as Over 116 Years Old
  193. History Teacher Removes Student from Class for Wearing NRA Shirt
  194. Facebook Deletes Louis Farrakhan Video Attacking Interracial Marriage
  195. State Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Swore to Apparent Falsehoods in Court
  196. Blacked-Out Parkland Shooting Doc Released,
  197. The Purge!
  198. Judge blocks administration from deporting asylum seekers --
  199. Three Miami Dolphins Protest During the National Anthem
  200. LeFraud James’ School Is A Scam, Here’s Who’s Really Paying For It
  201. Illegal Alien Smuggled ‘Daughter’ into U.S. and Raped Her
  202. Atlanta Charter School Gets Rid of Morning Pledge of Allegiance
  203. Major TV Factory’ Closes, Blames Trump’s Tariffs
  204. California Legislature Wants ‘Gender Diversity’ on Every Corporate Board
  205. DOJ Report on Illegal Aliens
  206. Police Association Calls for Mass NFL Ticket Returns After Anthem Display
  207. Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne
  208. Gun-Controlled Chicago: 20 Shot from Friday Morning to Saturday Morning
  210. Black Lives Matter Activists Surround Cars, Attack Drivers: ‘Back the F*ck Up!’
  211. Charlottesville Students Issue Anti-Police Demands
  212. Hey Jackass
  213. How Would Bob Casey Justify’ Sanctuary Cities to Child Rape Victim?
  214. More Arkaside ?
  215. Death by Entitlement
  216. death sentence for Jordanian immigrant convicted of two “Honor killings”
  217. Refugees in Greece not happy at luxury hot spot - start protesting for new apartments
  218. San Francisco Is Spending $750,000 on a ‘Poop Patrol’
  219. CAL-Exit and TExit May Happen Via the Supreme Court
  220. Arizona Democrat Supports Minors Obtaining Abortion Without Parental Consent
  221. Minn. Dem Candidate Voted Against Bill to Stop Insurance Payments to Terorists
  222. Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst stripped of security clearance
  223. SEC Subpoenas Tesla over Musk’s Premature Go-Private Tweets
  224. More Planned Parenthood Videos ?
  225. Louisiana Attorney General Denies $600 Million to Citibank, BOA Over Gun Control
  226. Weird and Sketchy Federal Behavior Surrounds New Mexico Terror Training Compound….
  227. Bill Kristol Goes from Gateway Pundit Fan to an Obama Puppet
  228. Khan’s London: Six Arrests After Teen ‘Disembowelled’ in Quadruple Stabbing
  229. JUST IN : NO VERDICT in Second Day of Manafort Deliberations; Jury Requested Back Mon
  230. Weep for Brexit: the British dash for independence has failed
  231. Philadelphians Alcohol Intake Has Soared Since The City's Soda Tax Was Imposed
  232. New Froglegs: The Media that Cried Trump!
  233. Shocking News
  234. Obama Lackey Says Brennan Was Behind bin Laden Takedown
  235. 'I met my IS captor on a German street'
  236. White House counsel has spent 30 hours sharing details for Mueller probe (The Hill)
  237. San Francisco Preparing to Open Safe Injection Sites
  238. NYT Editorial Board’s Mara Gay: ‘America Was Never Great’ Is ‘Honest,’ Not a ‘Gaffe’
  239. Bishop Morlino: Homosexual Subculture in Church ‘Wreaking Great Devastation’
  240. Facebook: 99.9999% Drop in PragerU Traffic an ‘Error’
  241. Tucker Carlson Blasts Left for ‘Propaganda’ in Illegal Alien Joel Arrona Lara Arrest
  242. Jewish Hate Group SPLC Gets Boot from US Federal Government Partnership Programs
  243. Ecclesiastes 10:2
  244. Doctor Stabbed to Death in His Own Surgery by Somali Asylum Seeker
  245. Illegal immigrant committed multiple rapes after 2012 ICE detainer not enforced
  246. )Dulles CBP Arrests Illegal Immigrant WANTED on FELONY CHILD FONDLING CHARGES
  247. Illegal Immigrant Who kille GF then, slashed Own Throat WAS PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED
  248. Another Body Associated with the Clintons
  249. Democrat No Parental Consent For 13-Year-Old Girls To Terminate Their Pregnancy
  250. Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing teen boys has disappeared, church says