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  1. The CBC should stay out of the bedrooms of the nation
  2. It’s Now Racist To Ask Students To ‘Be Respectful In Class’
  3. Emmanuel Macron goes AWOL as protests, violence plague Paris
  4. Census confirms: 63 percent of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare, 4.6 million households
  5. California teacher faces charges after forcibly cutting a student's hair...
  6. German Weapon Permits Skyrocket Amid Rising Migrant Crime
  7. Facebook censors image of Santa kneeling before baby Jesus, calls it ‘violent content
  8. Germany Most Prolific at Attempting to Send Migrants to Other EU Countries
  9. ICE arrests 105 in New Jersey operation targeting criminal aliens and public safety t
  10. France to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Riots
  11. Black American Life Expectancy Decreasing Disproportionately Due to Firearms
  12. New evidence of Alien-Human hybrids
  13. Maybe it wasn't the gun's fault
  14. Stop making sense !
  15. Chile declines to sign U.N. pact, says migration not a human right: report
  16. Massachusetts State Ban on Secretly Recording Officials Struck Down
  17. Belgian Government Collapses Over UN Migration Pact
  18. Sheriff Scott Israel Now Denies Knowing Shots Fired on Parkland Campus
  19. Denver Sheriff Department new hire under fire for Facebook posts
  20. Finland: Crackdown on Criminal Migrants After Children Gang Raped
  21. Migrant Caravan: Let Us in or Give Each of Us $50,000 to Turn Around and Go Home
  22. Google CEO: Russia-Linked Ad Accounts Spent $4,700 in 2016
  23. Jerry Brown’s ‘Twin Tunnels’ Project on Hold
  24. Feds don't want El Chapo's jury to hear about botched 'Fast and Furious' sting
  25. Mika "Butt Boy" isn't woke enough
  26. Washington State Voters Reject Carbon Dioxide Tax, Again
  27. African ‘Migrant’ Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulted Disabled Male Passenger in Texas
  28. Guyanese Immigrant Went On Fire-Bombing Spree In New York
  29. Somali Immigrant Tried To Run-Down Men Leaving L.A. Synagogue
  30. Lyft Refused To Release Indian Driver’s Name To Police After He Exposed Himself To 14
  31. Report: Boy Scouts of America May File for Bankruptcy
  32. Congress Can No Longer Use Taxpayer Dollars to Settle Their Sexual Harassment Problem
  33. 'They don't care': Facebook factchecking in disarray as journalists push to cut ties
  34. Father of Swedish terror victim attacked by migrant who vandalised her grave
  35. Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Admits She Is “Not a Person of Color”
  36. Vanuatu threatens to sue biggest carbon energy producers
  37. Former NASA Engineer Gets Revenge On Porch Pirates With Glitter Bomb
  38. Former Chesterfield sheriff's captain gets no jail time ...
  39. It's time to rename the Republican party
  40. For 10 years, George H.W. Bush was the secret sponsor of a boy in the Philippines
  41. NANCY PELOSI Is Feeling Good – Caught on Camera Singing and Dancing at DC Bar (VIDEO)
  42. Released Thanks To California’s Sanctuary State Law, Man Went On ‘Reign Of Terror’...
  43. CNN's "Journalist Of The Year" Committed Journalistic Fraud "On A Grand Scale"
  44. Police, schools had no duty to protect Parkland school shooting victims, judge rules
  45. California No. 1 in Percentage of Residents 25 and Older Who Never Finished 9th Grade
  46. We The People Will Fund The Wall
  47. Pope Francis’ hot take on migrants suggests he ‘should really read the Bible’
  48. Ill. Attorney General: Catholic Church failed to report at least 500 cases of clergy
  49. Ambushed at Home
  50. Alyssa Milano Mocks Vet’s Crowdfunding Campaign for Wall
  51. Muslim refugee stabs woman 14 times in Minnesota, and not a drop of media coverage
  52. DHS Drops Startling Facts on CNN After Network’s Attempt to Discredit POTUS
  53. Texas city featured in Al Gore film lost millions in green energy investments
  54. MIGRANTS IN THE THAMES: Hijacking Ended as Special Forces Storm Ship
  55. 3 illegals MURDER Good Samaritan over… WHAT!?
  56. The Media’s Shameless Flip-Flop on Syria
  57. The Daily Caller's List Of 2018's Worst 'Fake News' Stories
  58. Harvard Zealots Abuse Title IX to Nail the Accused
  59. Painting stolen in WWII is heading from US to Ukraine
  60. TSA Will No Longer Use Pointy-Eared Dogs At Airport Because They ‘Scare Children’
  61. MSNBC Busted Over Yet Another Bogus Anti-Trump Immigration Narrative
  62. Chelsea Clinton busted in NASTY lie
  63. Random Year End Thoughts
  64. Homeless Vagrants Face No Charges in Attack on NYPD Officer
  65. Remember These Fighting, WWII, Hollywood Idols? “Hollywood’s greatest–Compare them to
  66. More federal money well spent
  67. Miserable Twitter Troll Doxes Everyone Who Donated to #GoFundTheWall
  68. London’s Khan Demands Gang Database Overhauled as 4 in 5 Named Are Black
  69. The Worst of MSNBC in 2018 | SUPERcuts! #642
  70. Feds spent more in ONE month on food stamps than what’s needed to fund border wall
  71. Fast Train to Failure
  72. Guatemalan Migrant Father Declined Medical Treatment For Sick Child Before Death
  73. Angela Merkel: Nation States Must "Give Up Sovereignty" To New World Order
  74. Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism
  75. Germany: New Law Banning Child Marriage Declared Unconstitutional
  76. Parents Of 8-Year-Old Migrant Who Died Brought Boy For Easier US Entry
  77. NY Times Silent When DCNF Asked If It Would Support Banning Private Jets.
  78. 'Mall brawl' involving hundreds of yuts yields 4 arrests
  79. The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism
  80. John Kerry’s Family Fights for Border Security at Palatial French Villa
  81. Retiring Reps Goodlatte, Gowdy Say Crooked Mueller’s Report on Trump ‘Must be Trusted
  82. Father of Guatemalan Child Who Died in U. S. Custody Refused Medical Treatment
  83. Antonio Gates on LeBron James You Get Paid to Play’
  84. Nine migrants in custody for gang raping German teen girl after DNA match
  85. Send our boys home ?
  86. Computer virus hits newspapers coast-to-coast
  87. John Kelly trashes POTUS on the way out--that pipeline in Syria must be dead!
  88. GoFundMe Border Wall Founder Has A Fiery Message for Democrats
  89. Just love this title!
  90. Lobbyist who got Trump Inaugural tickets for Ukrainian still having...
  91. FB Is Suspending Accounts For Calling Cpl. Singh's Killer An Illegal Immigrant
  92. NBC’s NYE Coverage Slammed for Airing Chrissy Teigen Talking About ‘Vaginal Steaming’
  93. CNN's Cooper Gets Drunk On Air, Talks About Mom's Sex Life
  94. CBP Issues Statement on Illegal Border Crossings in San Diego Sector
  95. Member of New Mexico Extremist Compound Illegally In U.S. Over 20 Years
  96. John Brennan spills the beans
  97. Update on Bre Payton (meningitis)
  98. NBC Censorship: Chuck Todd Outright Bans ‘Climate Deniers’ from Show
  99. Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutdown
  100. Google Removes Ads from British Populist News Site Politicalite
  101. Google Blocks Gateway Pundit from News Search Results
  102. Parkland Investigation Reveals Massive Failure of School Administrators, Sheriff
  103. New Orleans Women's March cancels over 'drastically' declining participation,
  104. Macron Slams Yellow Vests as a ‘Hateful Crowd’
  105. City Officials Ignored Detainers on Illegal Immigrant Who Attacked NYPD Officer
  106. Michael Savage, facing death threats, heads to secret location
  107. Charlotte’s Women’s March Disassociates from National Organization
  108. State Workers Law: Strippers Quitting in San Fran!! Losing $$
  109. This is what I call gun control !
  110. Sanctuary Sheriff’ In North Carolina Released Illegal Alien Charged With Murder
  111. Why am I not surprised by this ?
  112. Finland Leader Attacks ‘Hate Speech’ Against Foreign Child Sex Abusers
  113. Doing work Americans don't want to do
  114. Migrants’ Remittances to Mexico, Central America Jump to $53 Billion in 2018
  115. Twelve Germans Beaten In Random Attack By Asylum Seeker Mob
  116. Pope Francis Tells U.S. Bishops to Close Ranks and Stop Recriminating over Sex Abuse
  117. Anti-White ACLU Admits to Targeting Whites - Asian Lawsuit May End Affirmative Action
  118. MS-13 Killer Murdered 17-Year-Old After He Was Freed By Obama-Appointed Judge
  119. This guy should have been the first black President
  120. Clinton Body Count
  121. Vigil for man killed by Somali Muslims…is attacked…by Somali Muslims
  122. Moving out. Can't stand Colorado any longer.
  123. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming
  124. Japan ONLY Admits 27 Muslim ‘Refugees’, Two Already Arrested For Gang Rape
  125. NAACP blames 'white supremacy' for Portland earthquake signs
  126. Woman Allegedly Bagged $200,000 in Food Stamps While Running $1 Million Business
  127. Man Sells Junk Guns To Buy-Back Program, Buys New Gun With Cash
  128. Tennessee judge goes on tirade about crime among black men ...
  129. Golden Globes: Anti-Gun Hollywood Surrounded By Security Walls and Armed Guards
  130. Pope Warns Populism Is ‘Weakening the Multilateral System’
  131. Video shows teacher dragging autistic student down hallways around corners
  132. New York meteorologist fired after using racial slur on air
  133. 'Traditional masculinity' deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment
  134. Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL! | Louder With Crowder
  135. Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border
  136. Women’s March Cleveland Calls Out National Organization, Denounces Anti-Semitism
  137. US Quietly Deploying Troops Overseas Ahead of Possible ‘Violent Demonstrations’
  138. Female UFC Fighter Pummels Would-Be Mugger with Punches and Kicks
  139. Perfect place for a winter vacation !! Tijuana: 18 Murdered in 18 Hours
  140. Tesla self-driving car mows down, ‘kills’ robot at CES
  141. Girls, 12 and 14, accused of murdering mom after being punished
  142. Watch Live: Trump participates in a roundtable at the southern border
  143. CNN ignores local San Diego (positive) reporting on the wall
  144. We don't need no stinkin' wall
  145. We don't need no stinkin wall (Part 2)
  146. Central Americans Riot in Mexican Immigration Detention Center
  147. German Parents Have No Right to Homeschool Their Kids, European Rights Court Rules
  148. To Wall or Not to Wall MSNBC seems confused
  149. Turkey Just Finished Construction of 764-km Security Wall On Syria Border
  150. Illegal Alien Caught In Tennessee Is Serial Child-Rapist
  151. THe REAL story behind the dossier (as supported by Page's testimony)
  152. As of Saturday, these 21 companies have pulled ads from Tucker’s show.
  153. ABC News throws Bill Clinton under the bus
  154. Planned Parenthood chief: 'Health care' is NOT Job 1
  155. 'Hate Speech' Convictions Soar Tenfold As Sweden Cracks Down On Migration Critics
  156. Los Angeles Vice Office Protected By Fence to Keep Out Homeless
  157. Women’s March losing more big partners
  158. Daycare Centers Cannot Provide The Care Necessary For A Child To Develop Correctly
  159. California Has Spent over $5bn on ‘Bullet Train to Nowhere’
  160. Hypocrite ?
  161. France, Germany To Merge Economic And Defense Policies; Create Cross-Border "Eurodist
  162. Meghan McCain Blows Up on Air! Censorship for Her But Not Navarro?
  163. Nothing wrong with this guy
  164. Another new low for the NFL
  165. Our Troller-in-Chief strikes again!
  166. Why 30,000 Los Angeles teachers are ready to strike over huge class sizes
  167. Anyone Here Roll Their Own Cigarettes?
  168. Fungus Gnats or Fruit Flies
  169. Worse than you thought: inside the secret Fitzgerald probe
  170. Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits
  171. Gillette goes full SJW, attacks white men
  172. And they wonder why they are mistrusted.....
  173. DREAMER’ Caught Selling Fake Green Cards, Stolen Social Security Numbers
  174. I *LOVE* The Five on new Fox Nation (Fox News)!!!!
  175. Amazing Facts in new government study
  176. At least 5 Saudi students vanish while facing rape, other charges
  177. Democrats: Real Border Crisis Is Lack of Taxpayer Aid for Migrants
  178. Pelosi is WRONG: DHS will have NO PROBLEM providing security for the SOTU
  179. Law enforcement agrees: The media’s border denialism is absurd
  180. Bruce Ohr WARNED the FBI/DOJ that Steele dossier was unvetted opposition research
  181. You Guys Need To Start Listening To Andrew Wilkow
  182. Israeli student on phone to sister killed in 'horrific' attack in Melbourne
  183. Response to Gillette (aka, "You wanna buy a watch?")
  184. Paul Pelosi's company charged with securities fraud yesterday
  185. Saudi embassy suspected of helping Muslim facing sex assault charge flee the country
  186. It's Worse Than It Has Ever Been": Venice Beach Residents Rebel
  187. Man planned jihad attack on White House, Washington D.C. targets
  188. Border rancher: 'We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal'
  189. Alleged Cartel-Connected Mexican Mayor Tried to Enter U.S. with False ID
  190. Portland’s homeless camps can be found on its rivers as well
  191. BLM Telling Members To Steal Flags
  192. Anyone Do Metal Detecting???
  193. President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress...
  194. Judge to hold new hearing on hit-run crash that injured San Ysidro boy,
  195. Presentation on the Drug Cartels coming through the Mexican Border--MUST WATCH
  196. Man who raped woman a week after nonprofit bailed him out gets 18 years
  197. Migrant accused of attempted sexual assault
  198. New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge
  199. Latest migrant caravan marches across Mexican border with no resistance
  200. Drug smugglers bring 700 lbs of cocaine into US, then flee into Mexico
  201. Something I forgot about BuzzFeed....
  202. Finally Finished My Oral Surgery
  203. Minnesota mom charged after car seat falls out with child in it
  204. Death toll raised to 79 in Mexico pipeline blast; new focus on fuel theft
  205. Apologies Roll In For Catholic School Protesters As Fuller Picture Of Events Emerges
  206. Suspect in four Northern Nevada murders arrested
  207. 2 in country illegally, served warrants for rape in Dyersburg, TN
  208. Haunted by Ghosts of ‘Fitzmas’ Past: Jason Leopold’s Trump/Cohen Debacle
  209. Suspect in four Northern Nevada murders arrested
  210. Paul Joseph Watson weighs in on Covington
  211. Missouri woman arrested after son, 2, falls out of her car and is fatally struck
  212. Four Men With Rifles Stormed Into His Home. He Took Down All of Them With an AK.
  213. Largest Migrant Group to Enter Arizona Burrowed Under Border Fence, Say Feds
  214. The Drumbeat of the Mob
  215. Czech Republic to Pay Non-EU Migrants to Go Home
  216. How to Help the Covington Kids (real action from Catholic Vote)
  217. FIRST Video Statement From Covington Catholic School Students
  218. Planet of the Ape
  219. Doesn't North Korea Know What We Are Capable Of ???
  220. The Covington Kids Just Met Saul Alinsky’s Disciples
  221. A REAL PRESIDENT may have just invited Covington boys to the White House
  222. There WILL be a SOTU Jan 29th--location to be announced, according to GP
  223. Fox News Bret Baier Hospitalized
  224. A Very Moving Song
  225. Native American Elder (lol!): The White Man Stole My Narrative
  226. Catholic Priest Slams March for Life as ‘Repulsive and Futile’
  227. Videos Of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts As Authentic
  228. Native American Elder (LOL!) wants a meeting with pOpe Francis
  229. 1,500 Private Jets Descend on Davos Carrying Globalist Elite for Climate Talks
  230. The Right & The Left --- Ecclesiastes 10:2
  231. Nathan Phillips rally attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine
  232. Inside the Weird, Dangerous World of Japan’s Girl ‘Idols’
  233. Nathan Phillips (aka Rambo)
  234. New York Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
  235. Students fall ill after vaping in high school bathroom
  236. Salvadoran Gang Enforcer Caught in New Migrant Caravan
  237. Notre Dame to cover up murals of Columbus in the New World
  238. Well, Skater Bob Lucky Charms "Beto" O’Rourke may have just ‘locked up the furries vote’ [video]
  239. Phillips keeps on being Phillips
  240. Ever Deal With Head Lice ???
  241. Native American Elder (LOL!!) Was Arrested for Assault, Jailbreaking, Drunk Driving..
  242. Trump says he won't give State of the Union during shutdown after being disinvited...
  243. Shutdown could last until April; Mulvaney asking for jeopardized programs
  244. Covington Catholic Asks Parents to Sign Permission Slips to Be Investigated
  245. Gunman in Sebring bank shooting killed four employees and one customer, all women
  246. Pelosi Says Wall Immoral
  247. Nailed It - - - The Problem With Liberals
  248. At least no 250,000 bond was required
  249. Oregon governor supports mandatory gov’t visits for all newborns and their parents
  250. Pope Visits Central America to Push Mass Migration to the US