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  1. Covington bishop apologizes to Covington Catholic students
  2. Another carefully reasoned statement from a "teacher"
  3. Why am I not surprised by this ?
  4. Migrant with Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found with Large Group of Border Crossers
  5. Archdiocese of Baltimore Non Apology
  6. 'Private' Refugee Resettlement Agencies Mostly Funded by the Government
  7. BuzzFeed and HuffPo Just Got Hit with the Karma Stick
  8. Covington bishop apologizes to pro-life students after pressure and petitions
  9. Google Donated $250,000 to the Southern Poverty Law Center
  10. Catholic leaders call for excommunication of Gov. Cuomo
  11. Rich Russians flock to Florida to deliver American babies
  12. Border Patrol Releases Arrest Data, DESTROYS Democrat Narrative
  13. THREE DAYS trapped in an elevator
  14. Cardinal Dolan will NEVER Excommunicate His Buddy Gov. Andrew Cuomo
  15. Angela Merkel Urges Europe to ‘Stand up’ to ‘Excessive Nationalism’
  16. 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime
  17. ICE arrests 118 during Operation Cross Check in New York
  18. 840M in gold bars prepared for loading onto Russian jet at Venezuelan airport:
  19. You asked for it , You Got it
  20. MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced To 27 YEARS In Prison…
  21. Houston cop killer executed in Huntsville, three decades after officer slaying
  22. Trey Gowdy Joins Fox News As A Contributor
  23. So this is what we elect ?
  24. We don't need no stinkin' wall
  25. Chicago PD Spox Provides An Important Update On The Jussie Smollett Case
  26. Deported Child-Molesting Kidnapper Arrested After Re-Entering U.S.
  27. Nathan Phillips's Fake Recon Ranger Hymn
  28. Border patrol agents discovered a 60-foot tunnel leading from Mexico into the U.S.
  29. Border Patrol Announces Biggest Fentanyl Bust Ever
  30. Black Slavery Is Taught In Our Public Schools; Why Isn't This?
  31. NARAL fooled the US into supporting abortion
  32. San Francisco — where drug addicts outnumber high school students
  33. The Crescent Moon Vatican Logo--What's with Pope Francis?
  34. American Bar Association: Higher Standards Are "Unfair" To Minorities
  35. Syrian who entered Canada illegally says “compared to the U.S., it’s five star”
  36. Typhus Epidemic Spreads in Los Angeles
  37. Non-Citizens Committed a Disproportionate Share of Federal Crimes, 2011-16
  38. Older F-35Bs May Be Forced Into Retirement by 2026
  39. Pete Davidson Enrages Audience with Jokes About Having Sex with a Baby
  40. 40 knife “incidents” PER DAY in London
  41. Remember That Gay Couple Married by RBG? They Just Got Charged With Rape
  42. NO pictures from first Ginsburg ‘public appearance’
  43. Denver’s supervised drug use law is useless without a matching law statewide
  44. Pope admits priests, bishops sexually abused nuns
  45. Democrats want a MASSIVE new ammo tax
  46. Fairfax Accuser Hires Blasey Ford Legal Team, Considering ‘Next Steps’
  47. New Mexico Committee Passes Legislation Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
  48. Appeals Court: Police Don't Need A Reason To Place Americans On 'Suspicious Person'
  49. Alleged NYC subway shooter, a suspected MS-13 member, was in US illegally, ICE says
  50. Tonight's SOTU address ...
  51. More about the MS-13 gangster out on $2500 bail
  52. Los Angeles To Force Contractors To Reveal NRA Ties
  53. Mayor of Mexico border city dubbed 'Tijuana Trump' blasts caravan migrants,
  54. I'm Surprised It Lasted THIS Long
  55. Suit against SPLC precursor to action against socials
  56. Cindy McCain Racially Profiled and Accused Innocent Family of Human Trafficking
  57. DHS Issues Waiver To Expedite San Diego Border Wall Amid 69% YTD Spike In Illegals
  58. Federal agents charge 19 for birth tourism in Southern California,
  59. Oklahoma House Committee Passes Bill to End Concealed Permit Requirement
  60. The Growing Assault on Private Property Are Single-Family Homes "Racist?"
  61. Oregon Defies Logic with Statewide Rent Control
  62. Right next to NY what a syrprise
  63. California police discover secret underground shooting range,
  64. Sweden Admits It Cannot Control Its Own Borders
  65. FGM
  66. Oh noooos!! I got "unfollowed" by AOC!
  67. Mercury News: ‘Facebook, Zuckerberg’s Sins Now Include Preying on Teens’
  68. Tesla Owners Complain of Cold Weather Affecting Cars
  69. A Tennessee clinic swindled the military out of $65M. This is how it got caught
  70. Not Enough Duct Tape
  71. Calling it ‘the new normal,’ feds arrest 200 undocumented immigrants in NC this week
  72. Nation’s Worst Abortion Law Forces Drs to Abort Third-Term in NM
  73. Take the Guns 1st, Due Process 2nd.
  74. South Carolina Man Converts To Islam - Plants Explosives All Over Anderson County
  75. LA considering ripping out carpets at City Hall amid typhus outbreak
  76. Woman Beats Toddler To Death Then Burned And Buried Him
  77. ICE Fights Back Against Pro-Illegal Sheriff Who Frees Criminals
  78. WSJ: Tesla Failing to Service Its Customers’ Vehicles
  79. Portland Residents Call 911 Every 15 Minutes To Complain About Homeless People
  80. Nick Sandmann’s lawyer: ‘Phillips will be sued’ over lies against Covington boys
  81. MUMPS CASES Confirmed at Texas Facility That Houses Illegal Aliens
  83. ‘Huge and sophisticated’ operation: Mexican cartel meth lab busted in Atlanta suburb
  84. Dinner Time enjoyment
  85. After El Chapo conviction, use seized $14 BILLION to build border wall?
  86. Either Awakening or Civil War in America Over Abortion
  87. Man's Inhumanity To Man Has Always Existed; but ( BUT )
  88. Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims
  89. From January 10, 2019
  90. California Democrats Introduce ‘Immunity from Arrest’ Law–for CRIMINALS
  91. Pope Francis Decries ‘Convulsive Consumerism’ Destroying the Planet
  92. Riot breaks out at migrant shelter across border from Eagle Pass, Texas
  93. French Authorities Investigate Pope’s Ambassador for Homosexual Assault
  94. Acosta Refers to Children of Angel Moms as ‘Allegedly Killed by Undocumented Immigran
  95. Why Trump wants you to be afraid of high speed trains
  96. NFL Paid Kaepernick $60 to $80 Million in Collusion Settlement
  97. Pope Francis Urges Christians to Overcome Fear of Migrants
  98. Consumer Reports Finds Cold Weather Cuts Tesla Battery Life Almost in Half
  99. Air Force's 1st Female Demo Team Commander Relieved After 2 Weeks
  100. Backlash - Glen Rock reverses decision not to join American Legion coloring contest
  101. Gas Shortages Give New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal
  102. DeBlasio spin on Amazon
  103. #AbolishICE Helped Kill New York’s Amazon HQ Deal
  104. Report: New York Questioning Amazon Facial Recognition Helped Kill HQ2 Deal
  105. Calling SVPete: The twisted world of California Politics
  106. Autopsy of a Dead Coup--Victor Davis Hanson
  107. Baltimore lawmakers push to end tax sales over water bills
  108. Farrakhan Praises Omar for Anti-Semitic Language: ‘You Have Nothing to Apologize For’
  109. Man Pulls a Gun on Sam's Club Customer Wearing MAGA Hat
  110. Censored: Facebook Bans Conservative Articles on Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax
  111. ICE Busts Millionaire Obama Donors
  112. N.M. governor faces public impeachment calls after pulling troops from U.S. border
  113. Mass Transit Fail: Albuquerque’s $133 Million Bus System ‘on a Road to Nowhere’
  114. Ruth Bade Ginsberg Death Poll
  115. Can the government force companies to rehire employees after minimum wage hike layoff
  116. EU Hails Huge Rise in Third World Migrants Flying Direct to Europe to Seek Asylum
  117. Pope Francis: Christians Should Not Fear Looking Like ‘Communists’
  118. Texas Sheriff Denounces More Border Security
  119. Cruel and unusal punishment
  120. Farrakhan: ‘Wicked Jews’ Using Me to ‘Break up the Women’s Movement’
  121. Press blackout on news top FBI lawyer James Baker wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted
  122. Walter Williams: Is Congress Committing ‘Legalized’ Theft?
  123. Boy, 7 is called 'a little Hitler' for selling hot chocolate to raise funds for Trump
  124. Transfer of Sensitive Nuclear Information to Saudi Arabia
  125. Federal Prosecutors Violated the Rights of Epstein's Sex Crime Victims
  126. Famous R & B Star Charged With Criminal Sexual Abuse
  127. Border smugglers now ramming down corrugated border fences with trucks in San Diego
  128. Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Trying to Kill Officer
  129. Geoengineering is the Primary Cause of Global Climate Change
  130. Democrats Take Down Another Judicial Nominee Simply Because He’s A Christian
  131. Amazon cargo plane crashes in Texas, 3 dead
  132. Not Parody Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comic Book Hitting Shelves
  133. Judge Rules Men-Only Military Draft Unconstitutional
  134. Florida Mayor Who Shot at Police Suspended
  135. KKK group approved to host rally in downtown Ohio city
  136. Student stabbed by Cheesburger according to Jim Himes
  137. Sweden Arrests Alleged Russian Spy
  138. Pakistan says it shot down two Indian jets as Kashmir border crisis deepens
  139. Irate Woman All Smiles Attacking Man in MAGA Hat. ICE Learns She’s Illegal...
  140. Chase Bank Withdraws Service from Independent and Conservative Figures
  141. "Federal Judges Are Appointed for Life, Not for Eternity"
  142. National Guard weighs punishment for Rep. Adam Kinzinger
  143. FLASHBACK: U.N. Predicts Climate Disaster by 2000
  144. NYPD: MS-13 Planning To Target Off-Duty Cops At Their Homes
  145. March is.....
  146. plan to pay for the wall...
  147. Keeping Illegal Aliens in the USA
  148. Social Security and Lower Fertility Rates
  149. UPS stops delivering packages to Swedish no-go zones after multiple attacks on driver
  150. California DMV to be audited after lawmakers become suspicious of voter fraud
  151. Need a Political Laugh?
  152. Hate Hoax or abject stupidity and race baiting
  153. Local Sheriff to Dem Lawmakers: ‘We Will Not Comply’ with Restrictive Gun Laws
  154. A Dragon goes to space and back
  155. With friends like this ...
  156. MS-13 in El Salvador Is So Dangerous, Police Are Fleeing
  157. Georgia Establishment Legislators Try to Hide Migrant Crime from Voters
  158. DEA seizes enough fentanyl to kill TWO MILLION people
  159. Popular Defiance Will Kneecap Gun Laws in New Mexico, As It Has in Other States
  160. New York Times Admits Mass Rape of Latino Migrants
  161. 200 Cases of Mumps Confirmed in Texas Migrant Detention Centers
  162. Satire
  163. Go back home - problem solved
  164. Illegal Aliens Arrested in Workplace Raid Sue Over ‘Rights’
  165. Stupid or Evil?
  166. 366 Pounds of Meth, Fentanyl Seized at Arizona Border
  167. Immigrants Behind 70 Percent of Violent Crime in Oslo
  168. The Wage Gap
  169. 76K Migrants Entered Through Southwest Border in February
  170. Trip Advisor
  171. Bryce Harper will save tens of millions in taxes by spurning the Dodgers and Giants
  172. 12 astounding numbers that show the whole invasion of our border
  173. DHS Secretary ICE Interdicted Enough Fentanyl Last Year to Kill Every American Twice
  174. High School Student Suspended for Posing With Pro-Trump MAGA Flag and Sweatshirt
  175. Mexico Deploys More Forces to Its Southern Border to Combat Crime amid Caravans
  176. NYPD officer convicted of running heroin trafficking ring
  177. Marco Rubio Rips Italy for ‘Desire to Curry Favor with Chinese’
  178. Buying Stock In Marijuana
  179. Kids With Guns on Social Media
  180. Ultra-Leftist Outlet Blasts ‘Medieval Disease’ Return To Liberal Utopia
  181. Its all Trump' Fault
  182. CNN to be SLAPPED with $250 MILLION lawsuit over Covington smears!
  183. Controversial Artwork Removed From State Capitol
  184. No hate crime here
  185. Utah teacher on leave after forcing student to wash off Ash Wednesday cross
  186. Yet another hate crime hoax at yet another expensive college
  187. Socialism - - - This About Covers It.
  188. The College Admissions Scandal
  190. Nick Sandmann's attorney comes out fighting with a new video.
  191. The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  192. Grand Forks woman from Somalia arrested for making terrorist threats
  193. U.N. Chief Heads to Washington with Simple Plea: We Need Your Money
  194. Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A "Mistake"
  195. One result of sanctuary ciity policies R.I.P.
  196. The Trump Dossier and the Poisoning of Sergei Skripal Read more: https://www.america
  197. Millennials are so buried in debt they can't buy into American Dream of owning a home
  198. AP, HBO, NBC could be next outlets sued over coverage of Covington Catholic student:
  199. Son defends parents caught in college admissions scandal while smoking blunt
  200. David Hogg’s Admission To HARVARD Now Publicly Questioned
  201. Mass Shootings at New Zealand Mosques.
  202. US Air Force says Boeing has 'severe situation' after trash found on refueling planes
  203. Bernie Sanders attacked by MAGA hat wearing shower door
  204. Feds charge 5 from New Mexico compound,
  205. Woman Slashed SUV Tires After Seeing MAGA Hat Inside
  206. It's about time
  207. Its ICE's fault
  208. Deported Criminal Aliens Continue to Exploit Unsecured U.S. Border Areas
  209. Antifa Chases 50+ Police Officers Out of Portland
  210. Boston-area cities to launch immigrant legal defense fund
  211. Mexican Drug Cartels Use Indian Reservation To Smuggle Fentanyl Into U.S.
  212. Coyotes Create Bus Network to Deliver Migrants into U.S. Jobs
  213. Illegals Health Care Costs U.S. Taxpayers Quarter of a Billion Dollars Annually
  214. Restrictive’ Gun Control Did Not Prevent Christchurch Massacre
  215. 16-Year-Old Body Found Burned and Stabbed 100 Times, 5 MS-13 Members Arrested
  216. Have Any Of You Ever Thought - - - - -
  217. Firearms Registration Act Introduced In Pennsylvania
  218. Dems propose U.S. give up first-strike nuclear option
  219. Boeing’s safety analysis of 737 MAX flight control had crucial flaws: Seattle Times
  220. Fox Removes Judge Jeanine Episode After Controversial Ilhan Omar Remarks
  221. Banned throughout social media: Intellectual Froglegs has a new vid on its own site!
  222. Virginia County Forces Local Pizzeria to Paint Over Pizza Mural
  223. Border Patrol Agents Rescue Two Migrants on Frozen Lake
  224. Seems Like A Well Designed Border Fence
  225. Donna Brazile Hired as Fox News Contributor
  226. The New FOX
  227. KOMO News’ Special: Seattle Is Dying
  228. Alternatives to FOX?
  229. Former Obama and Clinton aide takes his own life at age 58
  230. U.S. Supreme Court bolstered the government’s power to detain people
  231. College Admissions Bribe Scandal: Six Harvard Alumni Charged
  232. California: First Illegal Alien Appointed To State Post
  233. Google VP Stepped in After Employees Offended by Christian Video on Marriage
  234. Frustrated Seattle Shop Owner Tackles Gun-Wielding Thief
  235. Chicago Cops Want Jussie Smollett Probe of Leftist State's Attorney
  236. Germany says it will abandon its NATO spending commitments
  237. Gavin Newsom’s threat to localities is extortion by any other name
  238. Paul Harvey from 1965 If I were the Devil...
  239. Why cooperate with ICE ?
  240. bar AOC worked at shut down over rising costs, minimum wage increase
  241. People are starting to fight back
  242. German Lawmake, Calls for Expulsion of U.S. Ambassador
  243. Con Ed Cuts Off New Gas Hookups in New York Suburb
  244. Aurora pushing plan to allow non-citizens to apply for police and fire jobs
  245. Mark Steyn: Deep-State Dumpster Fire
  246. Elderly Swedes forced to share housing with young Muslim invaders
  247. Proposed Homeless Shelter in the Heart of San Francisco
  248. Another reason not to listen to Ms. Streisand ravings
  249. Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse
  250. CAIR Loses a Round in San Diego to MEF-Funded Lawsuit