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  1. Nike Defends Flag-Shoe Recall
  2. ‘Nobel peace prize in stupidity’
  3. Rapists from "good family"
  4. Massachusetts might be in for a law-suit
  5. 40,000 Barrels of Bourbon Destroyed in Jim Beam Warehouse Fire
  6. Dunkin' dumps store owners for hiring undocumented workers
  7. Pope Francis to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican
  8. Illegals can’t find a way to court, but find a way to welfare office
  9. Austin city council votes to allow homeless camping on sidewalks
  10. Hypocrits Much ?
  11. 'Mini AOC' ends parody videos after receiving 'death threats,' 'harassment' from the
  12. This is a horror show if 5% true
  13. llegal immigrants’ clever “fake family” trick to cross border
  14. Lessons to be learned from the modern Left
  15. And it's not even Florida!
  17. Reports of scabies, shingles and chickenpox at Texas border facility
  18. Gun-Controlled Chicago: At Least 66 Shot, 5 Killed, over July 4th Weekend
  19. not seeing much diversity here...
  20. Trump signs EO to ease cost of transplants
  21. Epstein Skated On Sex-Offender Check-Ins, But Checked In Often At Hollywood Parties
  22. HOA Wants Iraqi Immigrant to Remove Religious Statue From Yard
  24. Justice Department Sat On A Mounrtain of Evidence
  25. Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants
  26. Anglo-Saxons deserve reparations for the Norman Conquest
  27. Can Unelected Officials Rewrite Federal Law? This Supreme Court Case Will Tell Us
  28. Tommy Robinson's Plea To President Trump
  29. 3 cheers for 3 tweets
  30. French inventor soars above Champs-Élysées on flyboard at Paris parade
  31. Rapid DNA testing reveals a THIRD of migrants faked family relationship with children
  32. FBI Uncovers Secret Gangs of Tattooed Los Angeles Deputies
  33. Austin, TX hopes homeless people will act responsibly and clean up their trash
  34. LAUSD Resolution Calls For Study Of Measure To Allow Voting By Non-Citizen
  35. Los Angeles Residents Using Prickly Plants, Boxes to Fend Off Homeless
  36. First female pastor at NY’s Riverside Church ousted, allegedly took ministers to ....
  37. A MUST-WATCH: The Secrets of Ilhan Omar
  38. US Women's Soccer Team Goalie Blasts Christian Player: 'You're Intolerant and Homo...
  39. "We're leaving!" Pakistani refugees are outraged after Denmark cut welfare ...
  40. Illegal Aliens. In Case You're Interested, I Can Do This 24/7
  41. DHS inspector general confirms investigation into leaked ICE raids
  42. DPSS statement on investigation of possible hate crime at Michigan Medicine
  43. Previously deported Guatemalan accused of killing mother and two daughters in Iowa
  44. Fort Lauderdale could be without water until Friday due to water main break...
  45. My browser, the spy: How extensions slurped up browsing histories from 4M users
  46. Dollar stores are everywhere. That's a problem for poor Americans
  47. Google likely ‘thoroughly infiltrated’ by Chinese govt., expert warns
  48. Mercedes Thieves Showed Just How Vulnerable Car-Sharing Can Be
  49. There is no crisis at the border
  50. Alien Smuggler Sentenced Salvadoran Smuggler Caught
  51. Gibson's Bakery
  52. Fraud In The Making
  53. Haynes Baked Beans Commercial - Not for Astronauts
  54. Marianne Williamson Asked White People to Apologize to Black People US News & Politi
  56. The Weiner is back
  57. Mexican officials bust ‘massive’ migrant smuggling ring
  58. Stanford University Launches Investigation After Noose Found on Campus
  59. NYC Police Have Water Dumped On Them, Objects Thrown At Them
  60. Why cooperate with ICE
  61. New York Dives Into The Black Hole Of Wind Turbine Energy
  62. Hmmm: Palm Beach Sheriff Launches Internal Probe Of Epstein’s “Jail” Time
  63. Library Deletes Photos of Children Fondling Drag Queens
  64. Back to the Moon?
  65. If obama had a son(s)
  66. Over Open Mic, Chicago Mayor Calls Police Union Official a 'Clown'
  67. Ginsburg defends Kavanaugh
  68. Mollie Tibbetts Trial
  69. Marvel’s Next Phase Gets Super-Duper Woke
  70. 8 Shot, One Fatally, Overnight in Gun-Controlled Bulletmore
  71. Trump can use Pentagon funds for border wall
  72. Emmett Till Memorial
  73. Washington State Releases Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens
  74. I'm shocked
  75. John Ratcliffe: AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who commi
  76. Kid wins 3m playing fortnite
  77. Senate Confirms Judicial Nominee Attacked for Catholic Faith
  78. Former Mexican Cop Caught with enough Fentanyl to Kill 10 Million
  79. Baltimore Received $1.8 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus Law
  80. Baltimore mayor calls into CNN with message for President Trump
  81. This picture is in black and white!
  82. Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby for $80 in Guatemala to Get Priority Release in US
  83. Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid
  84. Tin foil hat alert ...
  85. Gillette becomes the billion-dollar losing segment of parent company ...
  86. A gun store's billboard targeting the congresswomen known as the 'Squad'...
  87. Incredible
  88. Update on serial killer Billy Chemirmir
  89. # ???? Illegal alien (fill in your crime of choice here)
  90. Ohio gunman described himself as pro-Satan 'leftist' who supported Elizabeth Warren
  91. Dayton shooter appeared to have leftist Twitter feed
  92. NYC Business Owners: The New Minimum Wage Is Forcing Us To Lay People Off, Cut Hours
  93. "Oberlin College plans to drag out litigation because it knows I’m dying"
  94. Police chief: Non-homeless, non-handicap man making $1,000/weekend panhandling
  95. Mass Killings
  96. N.Korea's Kim says missile launches are warning to U.S., S.Korea over drill -KCNA
  97. Texas Grandma Praised For Stopping Alleged Planned Mass Shooting
  98. Tucker Carlson goes on vacation as criticism mounts over false claim...
  99. Boy body slammed for not removing hat.
  100. muslim mom trying to indoctrinate kids
  101. Man Arrested After Stabbing Spree Leaves 4 Dead in Orange County
  102. Comey: Trump ‘Lifts the Control Rods’ on American White Supremacy
  103. Baltimore Sun Attacks Conservative Scott Presler For Cleaning Up Trash
  104. Another whining ex-FBI agent
  105. It Turns Out McDonald’s Cannot Recycle the New Paper Straws
  106. Russians rush to buy iodine after blast causes radiation spike
  107. Cop fired for refusing to train females.
  108. Attack on civilian employee of Baltimore police captured on video
  109. Trump promotes Epstein-Clintons conspiracy theory...
  110. More Hollywood Illiterati thinking
  111. After ICE Raids, US Citizens Flock To Jobs
  112. Bruce Ohr Acted as Conduit
  113. Judge rejects FBI plea to keep Comey memos redacted
  114. The Latest Swedish method of preventing rapes
  115. Jeffrey Epstein’s Guards Fell Asleep For Three Hours
  116. Jeffrey Epstein Had a Portrait of Bill Clinton in a Dress on his Wall
  117. Epstein Injuries Consistent With Homicide
  118. Muslim Rally to Protest ‘Terrorist’ Cops Day After Assault on Cops
  119. Warning Signs Missed?
  120. Anderson Cooper
  121. illegal aliens accused of raping 11-year-old girl in sanctuary Maryland county
  122. Radical Black Group To Hold Rally In Defense Of Cop Shooter
  123. Don Lemon Being Sued For Sexual Harassment
  124. 'They stole her life': Grandmother grieves 9-year-old girl killed by crossfire
  125. Xi in a box?
  126. Turning the other cheek in Sweden
  127. Coroner Finds Cocaine In Dayton Mass Shooter’s System
  128. Muslim migrant Uber driver rapes drunk passenger, then charges her $150
  129. NC State Vice Chancellor Mike Mullen Resigns After Calling GOP ‘Neo-Nazis,’ ‘KKK
  130. Baltimore deputy police commissioner, wife robbed at gunpoint
  131. RIP Kip Addotta.
  132. I wish this wasn't satire
  133. Why am I not Shocked By This
  134. Germany To Strip Asylum Status of ‘Refugees’ Who Go Home on Holiday
  135. Epstein Prison Guards "Not Cooperating" With DOJ Probe
  136. Death toll from methanol-tainted alcohol in Costa Rica rises to 25
  137. Medical Exam Disputes CNN Report, Shows Detained Immigrant Was Not Lactating, ICE Say
  138. Now on DVD.....
  139. Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking
  140. Philly Cop-Shooter Was Federal Informant
  141. Non-citizens made up 64% of ALL federal arrests last year
  142. These people protect and educate children ?
  143. Former nursing home worker sentenced to life for sexual assault of patient
  144. Anyone catch "The Stury with Martha MacCAllum"tonight on FNC?