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  1. Look very hard to detect the differennce
  2. EU Bill forces 5 member countries to assume the financial gap
  3. How to stop the Coronavirus
  4. U.S. Leads the way
  5. "Nobody Kill Anybody" Fails:
  6. Global Elites Shun Commercial Airlines, Look to Private Jets as Coronavirus Death...
  7. Climate Change Blamed for Toxic Caterpillar Plague in Spain
  8. I thought I posted this
  9. Maryland: you can release MS-13 murderers, but not balloons?
  10. DOD tester’s report: F-35 is still a lemon
  11. Ilhan Omar’s husband caught her cheating
  12. Yeah, but its Detroit
  13. Scandinavian Airlines pulls anti-white, unpatriotic ad
  14. NYC man thanks Democrats following 139th arrest
  15. Republicans looking to repeat 1986 amnesty
  16. 11 Children Among 26 Shot in Chicago Weekend Shootings
  17. A tour ot Seattle
  18. For all comicbook / movie fans
  19. Georgetown Mayor Caught On Mic .. (Warning: Side Splitter) 8-)
  20. More New York Bail Reform
  21. CTA Apologizes for Posting About Abe Lincoln
  22. Seattle Utopia gone bad
  23. And in other stupid east coast policy news
  24. Virginia is for Criminals
  25. Yute 14, arrested in killing of Barnard student Tessa Majors
  26. NY Career Criminal Arrested Three Times In One Day
  27. Coronavirus Poll
  28. Facebook Sued for $9 Billion by IRS
  29. Homeless filling up Malibu beachfront parking spaces, dumping sewage
  30. Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother
  31. An insight into today's socialists
  32. Bulletmore
  34. U.S. Intelligence Analyst Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified Info
  35. Indiana Couple Accused of Running Teenage Boys
  36. Check the perps out
  37. A win for the good-guys (taxpayers and law enforcement) ?
  38. Georgia Dems propose cheaper tuition for illegals
  39. Cali Sheriff Agrees to Share Jail Records With ICE,
  40. The envy of the world leads the way !
  41. The U.N. Demands !
  42. Zuckerberg doesn't like the truth
  43. Aussie Labor Party Commits to 2050 Net-Zero Carbon Emissions
  44. EU Summit Collapses can't Fill $81 Billion ‘Brexit-Size Hole’
  45. Market Owners Accused of $10 Million Food Stamp Fraud
  46. Turn about is fair play
  47. We don't need to obey no stinkin' laws
  48. More reasons to live in a sanctuary city, county or state
  49. Doing work average law abiding Americans won't do
  50. Medical care in China
  51. Greyhound Boycott
  52. 21 of the world's 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India
  53. Another democratic looser
  54. Harvard is woke
  55. Repeat after me: There is no crisis at the border
  56. Bus companies reject calls to ban immigration agents from boarding
  57. ‘I Tried To Block It Out’: Jury Member In Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial ...
  58. Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders for President (Video)
  59. He will be teaching Algabraic calculus in the fall at Cal Tech
  60. Milwaukee Mass Shooter is a Black Elizabeth Warren Supporter
  61. Medical annoyance
  62. Inability to Speak English Shouldn’t Qualify as ‘Disability’ for Social Security
  63. Like I've always said we don't need no stinkin' wall
  64. New DOJ office to strip criminals of citizenship if they lied to get citizenship
  65. NJ Public Schools To Teach LGBT Ideology In Every Subject
  66. Illegal immigrants are 'freedom fighters'
  67. BuzzFeed posts list of LGBTQ children's books
  68. "Asian boys with slim builds"
  69. Obamacide ?
  70. DeSantis Declares Public Health Emergency After Two Floridians...
  71. Sandmann’s Lawyers Filing Lawsuits Against 5 More Media Companies
  72. Californians Suffering the Consequences of Prop 47
  73. Malwaukee Mass Shooting
  74. Justice "reform" and "sanctuary cities" converge
  75. Coldwater High School in Ohio Tells FFA Members to Remove Their Trump Flags
  76. Gender-Neutral Bathroom Closed After Student Arrest
  77. Iranians Lick Shrine Believed To Be Infected With Coronavirus
  78. Long overdue: another hate hoax
  79. Report: Pelosi Security Points Gun at Trump Supporters From New Jersey Rooftop
  80. Hate hoax season begins
  81. I thought Clinton didn't have sex with her ?
  82. SCOTUS - Illegal Aliens CAN Be Prosecuted For Identity Theft
  83. Easter Island moai statue destroyed by truck
  84. Sanctuary City Funding Cutoff To Begin
  85. NY state May Sell $50 Million in Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ Equipment
  86. Two Imbeciles Fail First-Grade Math On MSNBC
  87. Illinois Supreme Court declines to dismiss Jussie Smollett charges
  88. The youth of New York City display their charm
  89. Trust me I'm from the government
  90. IL Gov puts illegal alien felons in communities to protect them
  91. VA Democrats Poised to Take Pensions from Sheriffs Who Opposed Gun Control
  92. FBI Agents Connected To Carter Page Surveillance Barred From FISA Process
  93. You gotta' love sanctuary states
  94. Locals help Police and Army Detain Illegals
  95. LeBron Refuses to Play in Empty Arenas
  96. Fair and Balanced Media
  97. Great vetting
  98. Unfair punishment to a migrant
  99. Coronavirus concerns: Don’t travel on cruise ships, US State Department warns
  100. Let's put the virus scare in some perspective
  101. Wow, there are some Brits with grit
  102. Kill the truth - internet style
  103. FBI missed chances to stop domestic terror attacks
  104. Grab you wallets folks
  105. Obviously the reliable 9th Circuit Court
  106. The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus...
  107. Just New York being New York
  108. Man released by First Step Act rearrested for meth trafficking
  109. Florida needs common sense driving laws
  110. Democratic solution to coronavirus
  111. Great Idea
  112. Princess Cruises just suspended its operations for 2 months due to coronavirus
  113. Hoaxer nabbed
  114. Basic Math Is Racist
  115. Gun Company Now Offering ‘ANGRYJOE-14’ Lower Receiver
  116. Iran's coronavirus burial pits are so vast they're visible from space
  117. Grooming
  118. 17 Diseases Named After Places Or People
  119. Gen Z Kids Have Nicknamed Coronavirus ‘Boomer Remover’
  120. Greece Deploys Large Fans to Blow Back Migrant Tear Gas Attacks
  121. Preventing Gun sales, alcohol sales and corona virus
  122. Free Enterprise Saves the Day
  123. Andrew Gillum’s gay meth alibi just blew up
  124. American youth at their finest
  125. They both can't be true
  126. We are living in Bizarre World
  127. Chinese Tycoon Who Criticized Xi’s Response to Coronavirus Has Vanished
  128. Cali train to nowhere
  129. Multiple states activate National Guard to help fight coronavirus
  130. Swine Flu
  131. Who would you least like to be quarantined with?
  132. There is nothing like modern technology
  133. Joe's type of people
  134. MILLIONS of Gallons of Sewage Flowing From Mexico To U.S. Daily
  135. Thanks Canada
  136. ICE Arresting Immigrants at JFK
  137. Release them back to their home countries
  138. Payback is a virus
  139. ACLU Threatens Lawsuit If Idaho Transgender Sports Ban Passes
  140. I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  141. 46 cases of MUMPS in county with highest illegal immigrant traffic
  142. Corona, DJIA, Gold and Democrats
  143. Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Demonstrates Who Are The Idiots
  144. MSNBC host slammed for another major math blunder…
  145. Mystery Illness Kills Ethiopian Nomads
  146. Left's pet issues
  147. CDC Fighting Racism and Obesity not Stopping Epidemics
  148. Seattle
  149. Darien CT Closes COVID-19 Testing Center As Residents Complain
  150. U.S. continues refugee resettlement from 23 countries with coronavirus
  151. Our future leaders
  152. California — 911 inundated with calls about neighbors coughing
  153. Police recover stolen semi-trailer filled with toilet paper.
  154. Something I've Noticed Over the Last Few Weeks
  155. You gotta' love bureauracy
  156. The envy of the world
  157. As with all U.N/ agencies - incompetence rules
  158. Illegal Crossers Will Get Immediately Deported To Home Countries
  159. Perfectly acceptable deaths to the Dems
  160. Junk Mail
  161. An interesting take on political correctness
  162. No wonder he wants illegals to vote
  163. Makes Sense To Me
  164. New Victoria/s Secret line
  165. Border officials allow hundreds of Mexican vehicles to cross despite Trump ban
  166. Typical New York
  167. We need non-essential surgery
  168. Martial Law Question ...
  169. Darwin Award Candidate
  170. You got the government you voted for
  171. China lying - of course not
  173. Not My President
  174. Timeline of China's Lies
  175. MSNBC deletes ‘erroneous’ tweet saying coronavirus could kill 50 percent of Americans
  176. Jailbreaker criminal terrorizes woman in her home
  177. De Blasio Releasing Hundreds Of Inmates From Rikers Island
  178. Dem Mayors sure like throwing their weight around
  179. We need $27 billion dollars ?
  180. This is just a freak occurance
  181. $35M for Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in coronavirus stimulus bill
  182. Study: COVID-19 Impacts Men, Women More Than All Other Genders Combined
  183. The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases
  184. Another I will never .... because of Trump
  185. Only in New York
  186. BREAKING: Trish Regan Out at Fox Business Network
  187. Bio-Warfare -- The Cost-Benefit Analysis
  188. States Welcome Back Single-Use Plastic Bags to Avoid Contamination
  189. Named after the first family of viruses
  190. I can't argue with the judge
  191. Virginia govChurch services banned, but abortions are fine
  192. Japanese Data Show Indoor Coronavirus Transmission 18.7 Times Likelier
  193. Swedish Health Care System at work
  194. Porn star: I didn't have sex with Trump
  195. DHS Firearm Industry As ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce’
  196. The educator of tomorrow
  197. This has to be an April Fool's joke
  198. States Closing Their Borders Off To Out Of Staters
  199. Price Gougers
  200. Coronavirus Task Force Freezes Foreign Aid
  201. Smart business by Boeing
  202. Dem governor who banned coronavirus drug relied on doctor with no license
  203. Read the previous posting first
  204. If you think this hasn't gone too far read this
  205. Eduardo Moreno: California Man Tried to Crash Train Into USNS Mercy, Feds Say
  206. Thousands of Central Americans detained for flaunting coronavirus rules
  207. Houston hit by plague of crime
  208. China wins seat on UN Human Rights Council panel
  209. And from the UN
  210. SF prohibits reusable bags to help stop Wuhan Virus
  211. Soros and the CCP virus
  212. The "woke" naming of a virus
  213. Southeast Asian Repository Syndrome (SARS)
  214. Latino Nets Sound Alarm Over Loss Of Remittances To Mexico
  215. Virginia's governor has no sense of irony
  216. Dr. Anthony Fauci Plotted ‘Global Vaccine Action Plan’ with Bill Gates Before Pushing
  217. It's working: California's curve flattens for several days
  218. ER doctor talks about Covid: "I believe we are treating the wrong disease"
  219. Just trying to make themselves look good
  220. I have a friend who probably will be dead tommorow
  221. White House Press Corps Exposed
  222. Coronavirus Hits Homeless Housed in Los Angeles Rec Center
  223. The EU is running as smooth as silk,
  224. Stockholm No-Go Suburb Most Affected by Coronavirus
  225. Turn About Is Fair Pkay
  226. After Four Years of Democrat Treachery, I Smell a Corona Virus Rat
  227. A litle corona levity.
  228. Colorado Baker Sued Again, This Time for Refusing ‘Gender Transition’ Cake
  229. Bill Maker says something smart ?
  230. You have to be careful what you wish for
  231. I didn't know this was a lawful act
  232. If Sinatra was alive would he still sing about New York ?
  233. Barr to Take 'Action' Against Government Regulation of Religious Services
  234. Registered Nurse Threatens to Deny Trump Supporter Coronavirus Treatment
  235. Boeing Finds Two More Software Flaws in 737 Max Aircraft
  236. Why Did 21 Million Phone Numbers Disappear from China After Coronavirus Outbreak?
  237. Pope Francis Calls for Relaxed Sanctions at Iran’s Behest
  238. Who wudda thunk
  239. Petition Demanding Resignation of WHO Chief Closes on 1M Signatures
  240. Pope Francis pushes for universal basic income
  241. And then there are people like this
  242. More Justice Reform from LA
  243. Justice Reform at Work
  244. Cali to give masks out to illegal aliens before citizens
  245. Portland openly segregates citizens by race and sexuality
  246. This has to be a belated April Fools Joke
  247. Local Businesses: Boots On The Ground Observations: What Do You See In Your Area?
  248. UK Border Officer Begs for Testing of Airport Arrivals for Coronavirus
  249. Kim Jong Un missing at 'Day of the Sun' honors
  250. Speaking of idiots