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  1. Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry 'carbon ration cards', say MPs
  2. Hey all
  3. Nasa Help, Send a Porta_Potty.. quick !
  4. China has upped security in every phase of the Beijing Olympics—even the tickets.
  5. How Big Is Your Belch?Complete this form to calculate your one-day Carbon Belch!
  6. "I sure as hell want to be careful and not run out on little Israel,"
  7. Support wanes for Argentina's 'Hillary'
  8. Too Funny!!
  9. Ted Kennedy is a vile POS
  10. State: Gay marriage to begin June 17 in California
  11. Pentagon wants laser attack warnings for satellites
  12. FOXNEWS #1 For the 77th consecutive month...
  13. Craig to write book for release next year
  14. Air $cam-erica Guy Arrested In Guam
  15. Why do John McCain and George Bush hate Vets?
  16. How Clinton and the Democrats Enabled China To Launch ICBM's at America !
  17. Al Gore's secret deal with Russia,Documents Release forced by FOIA !
  18. Court: Sect children to return to their parents
  19. But Did the Defendant Come in Through the Bathroom Window?
  20. Tzipi Livni: challenged the Kadima party leadership of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
  21. Worst Conservative Website Ever!!!
  22. Just to see where everyone stands. Test.
  23. Dunkin' Donuts pulls Rachael Ray ad
  24. Gun thread
  25. Stupid Liberal Tricks...
  26. Large Hadron Collider Enables Hunt For 'God' Particle...
  27. Why the US doesn't win wars anymore.
  28. Why are we paying so much for gas???
  29. WOOT!!! Evil "Green" Explosives!!!
  30. U.S. Faces Scrutiny at Food Conference
  31. Burma Delays Cost 'Thousands Of Lives'
  32. Ten AGs ask California court to stay gay marriage ruling
  33. This just blows my mind
  34. CNN: Obama leaving his church
  35. Texas children roped into Islamic training Class by CAIR teaches: 'There is one god,
  36. Man sues over testicle removal,the part removed wasn’t cancerous ..ouch !
  37. Confederate group plans giant flag in Hillsborough County
  38. VIDEO: Hillary Supporter Rage (voting for McCain)
  39. "Whats going on with these things,Its starting to be more than a coincidence !"
  40. Another liberal 'Happy Camper' Throws a Hissy Fit,Denver Will be Such Fun !
  41. Harriet Christian - Typical Democrat
  42. Hawking searches for African Einstein
  43. Australian Chickenshits
  44. Less cars on the road?
  45. Hurricane season begins with storm present
  46. Vanity Fair Probes Bill Clinton
  47. Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days
  48. What's the Matter with Bill Clinton?...The Comeback Id
  49. "How Modern Liberals Think"
  50. Remember my pro-power plant LTTE?
  51. Anti gun campaigner stabbed to death
  52. American Christians Face 'Hate Crime' for Preaching Gospel (Birmingham, England)
  53. Commentary - Peter Schweizer: Conservatives more honest than liberals?
  54. The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate America Media
  55. Moral Politics (a political test)
  56. Neighbors Kick Family Out Of Home
  57. Kennedys Surgeons Operate and Remove as Much of the Tumor as Possible .
  58. Gay marriage.
  59. MOH Awardee
  60. Food Bank Shortages
  61. GORE: 'It's important we change the laws'...
  62. Here is something for the little kids Eyeball and Little Owl,_The Higgs Mechanism
  63. (Letterman Last Night
  64. Fat People Cause Starvation Says UN
  65. Brigitte Bardot Convicted of Racism
  66. Christopher Hitchens debates some conservative guy from Texas...
  67. Bill Clinton's ego drowns out Hillary's exit,Where's Waldo ?
  68. I am sick of poor, uneducated white people deciding elections
  69. EF5 Tornado rips up a bank!
  70. Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early
  71. China Nuclear Screw up.Nuclear Explosion Suspected at Epicenter of the Earthquake
  72. Eyeball This is a Great Way To Vacation,Try It
  73. Petition: DRILL HERE! DRILL NOW!
  74. "The Huggers Will All Be Pissed,Screw America Save The Cross eyed Woodchucks !"
  75. Olbermann Tainting ‘Face of NBC News’
  76. Irrelevant Apologies
  77. Homosexual activist Frank Kameny says that bestiality is OK
  78. Deposed San Joaquin (CA) COE diocese bishop tried to transferl church ownership title
  79. Built a new puter question.
  80. I am one of those Hillary supporters that will vote McCain
  81. George Will Owning Stephen Colbert
  82. Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson
  83. Oregon Offers to Pay to Kill, but Not to Treat Cancer Patient
  84. Isn't it ironic...
  85. How would the "gay gene" affect gay marriage?
  86. Hollywood Ponders Strike By Actor Scum.
  87. Baby Miraculously Survives Abortion, Expected to Live 'Normal' Life
  88. Ouch! The New GOP ad against Obama
  89. More Info about the Confederate Flag
  90. Ill. scandal threatens to cast shadow on presidential race
  91. UAV Sniper a highly accurate air vehicle with a 50-caliber sniper weapon system
  92. Military shoots down missile in test off Hawaii
  93. Minnesota Teens Barred From Graduation for Displaying Confederate Flags on Pick-Ups
  94. Obama and the fist bump
  95. How many will hold their nose...
  96. Ghoulish con men--prepaid funeral scam
  97. More dip early into funds for retirement
  98. Dirty Harry comes clean
  99. Perception and Politics - Charlie Daniels
  100. Oil rises jump almost $7, (Fear not Americans, ANWR is still off-limits)
  101. 10 airports install body scanners
  102. Porked: Earmarks for Profit
  103. Eyelids disagreement on Veterans Thread
  104. Four better or four worse for marriage of four
  105. MTV Networks Europe has been fined ($484,500) by U.K. media regulator Ofcom
  106. Dumps....... in ......Space Possible Again !
  107. Tanker Crash Aftermath Calls For Big Repairs, Patience
  108. "Freedom of religon and speech is going away in Canada !"
  109. The Little Girl Who Was "Born" Twice
  110. Get Ready for the Oil-Price Drop,The world economy can't handle current energy prices
  111. The Power of Four Dollars Gas
  112. These days ,a college classroom is an epistemological famine.
  113. Free Speech in the US? Not if the Chinese government as its way.
  114. No hurdles necessary to find a room at Beijing Games
  115. Sexist and racist theology advanced in a bizarre cartoon about Mormonism...
  116. Chertoff urges speed in building fence (Opposition puts border agents at risk, he say
  117. You'd think this would be oil shale's moment.
  118. Bears Openly Roam the Streets of Ouray ( Colorado )
  119. Is Israeli-style airport security coming to America?
  120. The Marcellus Shale,a "super giant" gas field.
  121. OK, this is funny stuff.
  122. Earthquake swarm picks up again in northern Nevada
  123. Pressure from oil prices spreads
  124. Police unveil cardboard cops, GUESS WHICH OFFICER IS REAL:
  125. OPEC sees no need to pump more after price surge
  126. This is PC Gone Way Too Far
  127. Open Carry Movement Gains Momentum.
  128. Eastwood on Spike Lee: "A guy like him should shut his face."
  129. GAAAH Fingerprint Registry
  130. Iraqi Officials Oppose US-Iraq Treaty
  131. Massachusetts Seeks to Criminalize Lawful Gun Owners (a peek at an Obama presidency)
  132. Sex in Antarctica
  133. Bush orders contractors to check legal status of employees
  134. I almost wish I was their father
  135. Oil Future Traders Face New Regulation
  136. A Nationwide Investigation into Manipulation of the Oil-Markets.
  137. Plea deals often suck
  138. Oregon University Hosts Talk by Notorious Holocaust Denier, Amid Protest
  139. Active American Oil Refineries and their Capacity !
  140. Pastors question sports on Sundays
  141. Israeli Treachery towards the US
  142. True racism in America.
  143. Roundhouse kick to the lib congress
  144. Help With Avatar
  145. More Offensive: Illegals W/ Mexican Flag, or U.S. Citizens with Confederate Flag?
  146. Bomb kills head of Saddam Hussein's tribe in Iraq
  147. Glen Beck's Soviet Hat---the libs Hate him!!
  148. Police: Things get ugly at California gas pumps,Gas Rage ?
  149. Free Speech?
  150. Graduating Senior Arrested, Handcuffed at Commencement for Flipping the Bird
  151. Dixie Outfitters School Protest Shirts
  152. 11 arrested on suspicion of burying mafia rubbish
  153. Chrysler Building On The Block
  154. What should McCain do about Cheney?
  155. Why the Oil Price Is High
  156. Belgian Brewer Buying Bud?
  157. Why the Unions support Democrats
  158. "Raiding California" - The Drug War
  159. Hate speech or free speech? What much of West bans is protected in U.S.
  160. Drugging children
  161. Some stats about the Iraq war
  162. McCain: Troop withdraw date 'not too important' in Iraq
  163. local news that makes me want to kill.....
  164. Gas, Lib vs. Rep
  165. The US Male
  166. knew this would happen.....
  167. Is Pakistan really an Ally in the GWOT?
  168. Deafening Silence
  169. Bush's America: 100% Al-Qaeda Free Since 2001
  170. 'Scottish Islamic state plotted'
  171. Cheap gas in Missouri
  172. Obama has new anti-smear website
  173. Vision -- Why We Need Allen West In Congress
  174. Greens Continue to Thwart Gasoline Production
  175. Racial Identity's Gray Area,The Definition of Whiteness Continues to Shift
  176. The Big Picture Behind Abortion
  177. Muslims plan Scotish Gaelic translation of Koran
  178. Barack Obama's dad bought his first for 14 cows and other tidbits
  179. South Carolina first to get 'I Believe' license plates
  180. The Jihad Five-Stevens,Kennedy,Souter,Ginsburg,Breyer.
  181. "Countdown" beats "O'Reilly Factor" in Key Demo
  182. Fire their asses
  183. What In the World Is Going On?
  184. ANWR Not the Frosty Paradise It's Cracked Up To Be
  185. The Supreme Court Wins, America Loses
  186. Powell tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama
  187. Pat Buchanan attacked by Neo-cons
  188. Obama: Payroll tax on incomes above $250,000
  189. Historic 'Name Trees' Carved by U.S. Soldiers During WWII Cut Down in France
  190. RAF pilot refuses US order to trim moustache,I skipped ten, ok ?
  191. Ireland rejects EU reform treaty
  192. Oil companies spend more on taxes than on oil supply development
  193. "How interesting that we have a homosexuality, transsexual caucus in congressional
  194. The UN to The UK,Lose the Old Broad !
  195. New Fuel Cell System 'Generates Electricity with Only Water, Air'
  196. "Oil Futures traders in London are against any US restrictions on their Oil Markets
  197. Teen tied to tree overnight dies
  198. The Original Computer
  199. Gaddafi warns Obama against 'inferiority complex'
  200. X-troofers
  201. Flag Day Is Every Day For These O.C. Residents (CA)
  202. Where are the looters in Iowa????
  203. Militants Attack Afghan Prison With Car Bomb, Free 870 Inmates
  204. Oil V2.0 (renewable petroleum)
  205. SUV Taken Out by F-16 in Utah,with big holes to prove it !
  206. Watch Terrorist die
  207. Very moving letter today
  208. A simple question...
  209. The 'legacy' question trails Bush on his European tour
  210. Massachusetts Gay Couples Find Marriage Is no bed of roses !
  211. House's new energy push,“We want something we can pass.”
  212. American kids, dumber than dirt..biggest pile of idiots in U.S. history.
  213. Rev. Al Soaks Up Boycott Bucks -biz Giants Pay Or Face Race Riots
  214. Magnitude 6.8 - EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
  215. Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic
  216. CA: School districts tense over new diesel rules (How far will CARB and the GReens go
  217. A defect on tires has links to China
  218. Reporter Gets Bug In Mouth; Flips Out
  219. U.S. Drivers Tapping Tijuana Gas Stations ($2.54 per gallon)
  220. "French John Kerry Wants To Be US Secratary Of State!"
  221. I hate people sometimes.
  222. I have a dream!!!
  223. . “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value,”
  224. Are Democrats Dumber than Dolphins?
  225. Are Intelligent Design and Creationism the same?
  226. 'Pro-Life' Drugstores Market Beliefs
  227. Shadow Home Sec. David Davis Resigns
  228. Cry Wolf - A Review
  229. <3 Crazies
  230. The most fundamental fact about oil worldwide is that there is lots of it.
  231. the cost of illegal health care...........
  232. Why Israel is the world's happiest country.... Spengler
  233. The pope, the president and politics of faith....Spengler
  234. AmericanSolutions.com
  235. Pro Israel pukes clebrating today
  236. Susan Atkins wants to go home to die.
  237. Bush never lied to us about Iraq
  238. Coal miner killed in eastern Pa. accident
  239. Judge: White House can ignore e-mail information requests
  240. Listing the polar bear endangered was a political decision under political pressure.
  241. Marine flinging puppy over cliff
  242. Gates Sends More Predators, Reapers To Centcom
  243. Teachers’ Pet: Big Oil ,You just have to love this.
  244. The 10 percent Drink tax makes Pa. county executive unpopular
  245. 5th human foot washes up on Canada coast
  246. The Arrogance of European Leaders
  247. Iraq: Haditha case attorneys feel case may be dropped
  248. What, no Armageddon?
  249. Bush never lied to us about Iraq
  250. ESPN Spanked For Hitler Comment.