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  1. Christine O'Donnell
  2. Lisa Murkowski Calls Tea Party Group "Extremist"
  3. Spare Me the Defeatist Crap
  4. DeMint on GOP
  5. Christine O’Donnell- I wouldn't lie to Hitler to save a Jewish life
  6. Hmmm: What did Mike Castle talk about with Obama and Biden last night?
  7. The 'tea party' gears up for 2012
  8. My Opinion On Christine O'Donnell
  9. Waters aides expelled from Pelosi event
  10. John Boehner: the second of 12 kids from Ohio who is Barack Obama's elitist target
  11. ‘Left coast’ conservative turns Senate battle into a dead heat
  12. Great new Ad "Mourning in America"
  13. 58% of independents are upset with politics, new poll shows
  14. Webster vs. Grayson
  15. Spitzer (D) Says Cuomo (D) is "Dirtiest, Nastiest" Player
  16. Castle write-in bid?
  17. Chris Christie smacks down heckler
  18. Let's really look at the two economic systems being debated
  19. The former guerrilla set to be the world's most powerful woman
  20. Venezuela election loosens Chávez's grip on power
  21. Vulnerable Dem Rep. Embraces Bush In Latest Ad
  22. The context behind Grayson’s despicable “Taliban Dan” ad
  23. 7 GOP Candidates Who Can Demoralize The Left In November
  24. Latest From Real Clear Politics
  25. Obama: GOP hasn't been honest with Americans
  26. Now Thats a Political Ad
  27. Feingold Campaigns with Obama's Teleprompter
  28. DELAWARE POLITICS: Coons distances self from Obama
  29. Gallup’s astonishing numbers and the Lake Superior congressional districts
  30. Combative George Stephanopoulos Pushes Idea That the Tea Party May Be 'Losing Tractio
  31. "I'm not a witch."
  32. Goodbye, Phil Hare: GOP’s Bobby Schilling Raises $375K in a Quarter
  33. Franken to Stump for Coons in Race Against Non-Witch
  34. I would love to have a national debate
  35. Biden: 'You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to'
  36. Brown Supports Whore Comment Describing Whitman
  37. This is exactly what OBAMA wants so why doesn't he just admit it
  38. The argument libs make that obama is a moderate
  39. Michael Barone Comments on 1894 Political Scenario of 21stCenturyWaves.com
  40. From the Daily KOS newsletter
  41. am i crazy of did OBAMA say
  42. Is it just me or did Christine McConnel sound great?
  43. OK if this is Weird then I guess I am weird also
  44. The Truth
  45. At 54 Percent of Likely Voters, Conservatives Now Outnumber Libs, Mods and Pubbies
  46. Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’
  47. GOP prods Justice on military vote
  48. In South Dakota: Another Sarah Palin?
  49. Military ballots may not count in Illinois
  50. Cute Rocket Scientist Takes On Dem Grijalva In AZ-7 (With Evidence Pics)
  51. Rich Whitney is '"Rich Whitey" on some Chicago ballots
  52. First Lady Campaigns Inside Polling Place
  53. How the left is controlling what comes up on search engines
  54. BUSTED! John Conyers (D) Meets With Marxists - How Democratic Politics REALLY Works
  55. Senate Democrat leader battling to save Nevada seat
  56. Brown Pledges Special College Admission for Illegals; ‘One of First Bills I’ll Sign’
  57. Dems find careers threatened by Obamacare votes
  58. Dennis Menaced? Is Kucinich in trouble?
  59. Obama On GOP: "The Empire Is Striking Back"
  60. Christine O'Donnell was RIGHT
  61. The rent too damn high!
  62. This is what desperation looks like...
  63. AP-GfK Poll: Likely voters ready to embrace GOP
  64. Tea Party poised to storm Washington
  65. Planned Parenthood Seeks To Smear McMahon With WWE Pix.
  66. Hick On Hicks: 'Bitter Clinger' Moment In Colorado.
  67. Campaign's Big Spender
  68. GOP Rep. Mike Pence: No, We’re Not Going to Compromise With Obama if We Retake House…
  69. Real Clear Politics Predicts House is Now GOP.
  70. Dems back third-party candidates to undercut GOP
  71. Ouch.
  72. It seeems like everything Libs support goes against america
  73. Obama brands Republicans as extreme radicals
  74. The Early Vote: Signs of GOP Passion
  75. The last four years: A Summary.
  76. WV: Dem Senatorial candidate distances himself from healthcare law he once supported
  77. Dems: Our defeat is the Gays Fault!
  78. Entering Final Week, The GOP Has A Death Grip On The House (90% Probability)
  79. GOP: It's Payback Time!
  80. Five Signs that You're Screwed and Your Party Is Doomed
  81. Finally A Funny Political Ad
  82. "Voter Fraud In North Carolina,And So It Starts,Voter Fraud Is a Fact ."
  83. Hendon calls [Il GOP Candidate] Brady 'idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic'
  84. Voter Fraud Watch: They’re At it Again
  85. "He can take his endorsement and really shove it"
  86. Top Ten Possible House Race Upsets
  87. Independents Oppose Party in Power ... Again
  88. Tea Party Express Rescinds Minnick Endorsement - he won't work to Repeal Health Care
  89. My random thoughts
  90. 600 absentee requests tossed
  91. More Republicans head to ballot box early in Colorado
  92. Nevada Voters Find Voting Machine Bias For Dems?
  93. A question...
  94. RCP Now Gives The Senate Back To The Democrats
  95. The Best and Worst Campaigns Ads of 2010 Elections
  96. "Voter Fraud:SEIU Technicians Pre Programs Reid's Name Into Nevada Voting Machines."
  97. Angle Campaign Attorney: Reid “intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outr
  98. Speaker or Nothing!
  99. Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges
  100. " Crooked Texas Democrat Lawmaker Found Guilty of Tampering, Perjury."
  101. Harry Reid, Sharron Angle Campaign Gets (Even) Nastier
  102. " Nowhere are Democrats More Clearly Threatened with Heavy Defeat Than in The South.
  103. You Don't Have to be Crazy to be a Democrat, But it Helps
  104. " Welcome to American Elections,Hugo's Venezuelan style."
  105. Grayson Style Attack Ad in Iowa by Bruce Braley.
  106. Can you see a problem with this?
  107. Notes on the Democrat Civil War Already In Progress
  108. Democrats Release Disgusting Anti-Catholic Ad For Final Election Push
  109. With Poll Numbers Sinking, Democrats Sink Down in the Political Gutter
  110. "What Should Happen in Nevada" by Susan Estrich
  111. Audit resolves voting irregularity questions
  112. Did Clinton prod Meek to end Senate bid?
  113. Beer for Votes? (Va. Dem group appears to have violated federal election law)
  114. Take a look at this ?
  115. Voter Fraud Alert: Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population
  116. "Are You Ready For A Race War? Tea Party Against the Black Panthers ! "
  117. Soros Group Launches Attack on Poll Watchers
  118. NC democratic candidate supports troops, but flier shows wrong army
  119. Candidate Files Criminal Complaint Over Firm Handshake
  120. Top 20 best and worst political ads of 2010 US elections: Part 1
  121. Totenberg's 'Very Afraid' of These Elections; Thomas Thinks They're 'A Joke...Politic
  122. Get out and vote Tuesday!
  123. Justice to Send Election Observers to AZ Amid Concern About Illegal Voters
  124. Dem leads Pledge in House, omits “under God,” claims she “took a breath"
  125. "We're Not Gonna Take It...Any More!"
  126. Requiem for the Pelosi Democrats
  127. "Harry Reid,..Traitor !"
  128. "ACORN Rises With The Dead !"
  129. " What Is It With Liberals and The Dead ?"
  130. BBC Tea Party Documentary Tonight, U.S. Mid-Terms Tomorrow
  131. Alleged CBS 'Child Molester' Plot Rocks Alaska Senate Race
  132. The Top 8 National Races To Watch This Tuesday
  133. Childish Radio Ads
  134. TV station “forgets” to run Christine O’Donnell’s 30 minute commercial. Twice.
  135. 64 years later - The Atom Bomb vs. Gov't Welfare
  136. Midterm elections 2010: Prepare for a new American revolution
  137. Party to file complaint against Macomb County prosecutor
  138. Official poll results thread
  139. Unhinged Perriello/Obama supporter rips up GOP signs, screams “You f**king House ...
  140. TOTAL RETARDS! Is Obama A Keynesian? Rally For Sanity, 10/30/10
  141. Republicans Give Access, Democrats Hunker Down for Election Night
  142. Another Sign of Absolute Desperation
  143. and it starts....
  144. What kind of Voting Machine did you use today?
  145. Opossum With Death Threat Found In Candidate's Yard
  146. Angle Lawyer Requests DOJ Investigation of Reid Campaign, Harrah’s
  147. Tribute to Nasty Pelosi
  148. Nevada Voter Fraud!
  149. "Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It,Obama ."
  150. Celebration Time!!!!!
  151. DU-Tards Crying About Crotch-Fruit Grayson Ejection *vanity*
  152. Utter Bullcrap: Media Too Scared To Call The Race For Rick Scott
  153. "Iowans Vote to Oust all Three (Fag Hag) Supreme Court Justices ".
  154. John Boehner
  155. Jerry Brown
  156. John Kerry; "Harry Reid isn’t just Dracula"
  157. Rossi Campaign: 500,000 Ballots Left to Be Counted
  158. Pelosis' Statement On The Midterm Elections
  159. The Dead Win Again!
  160. "If You Want to Vote,Become a Citizen."
  161. I just Heard Chris Mathews Say
  162. Republicans Should Win House Popular Vote by 6-7 Points
  163. the Obama Response
  164. Further Proof of the Idiocy of Dems.....
  165. Allen West & Marco Rubio
  166. 'Sore Loser San Fran Nan."
  167. State Initiative Results
  168. Greens desperate to avoid blame
  169. The Observer at His Own Funeral
  170. Senate GOP Leader McConnell Pledges Guerrilla Warfare to ‘Eliminate’ ObamaCare
  171. E-mail Shows illegal Activity in Reid's Campaign
  172. "Seventy Five Missing San Francisco Ballots Found Floating in Pond"
  173. Presidental Campaigns of the past
  174. Missouri GOP Congressional Candidate Alleges Foul Play at the Polls
  175. Uncounted Ballots Found In Connecticut
  176. And some parting words from Alan Grayson.
  177. Barack Obama is doomed – enter Mrs Clinton
  178. The Real Reason Democrats Took a Beating at the Polls
  179. "Ten Democrats Removed From the House Armed Services Committee."
  180. Allen West: I’ll Join Congressional Black Caucus
  181. Non-Citizens Voting In Georgia Elections
  182. Centrist Dems rip 'tone-deaf' White House
  183. Candidate Argues Spelling Should Count in Alaska Vote
  184. Obama faces tough road in Indiana in 2012
  185. Obama Lies about Palin
  186. Nicolle Wallace: 'Heaven Forbid' Palin Becomes President
  187. Palin's Foes May Push Her to Run in 2012
  188. What are you looking for?
  189. Gov. Bobby Jindal: Sarah Palin "Absolutely" Electable for President
  190. Left sees tax surrender, says Obama reelection bid now crippled
  191. 2012 Senate Race Ratings
  192. Will Barack Obama Lose His Young Base?
  193. Santorum: A 2012 long shot tests the water
  194. Arizona swings away from Democrats
  195. Alaska High Court Throws Out Miller Claims
  196. Obama likely to base re-election campaign in Chicago
  197. White Flight (From Democratic Party)
  198. Namestorming
  199. Can Obama be beat in 2012?
  200. Herman Cain has announced his Presidential exploratory committee
  201. Joe Lieberman Won’t Seek Re-election!
  202. Right urges Pence to fill GOP 'void'
  203. By This Time in the Last Presidential Cycle, 14 Candidates Had Jumped In
  204. Liberals trying to draft Keith Olbermann for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat
  205. Americans Think Obama Would Lose In 2012
  206. Daniels Interview on running in 2012
  207. GOP Candidate Would Tie Obama in 2012, Poll Finds
  208. Number of Solidly Democratic States Cut in Half From '08 to '10
  209. Democrats Outsmart Themselves
  210. Scott Walker Poll (Newsmax)
  211. Gingrich
  212. Democratic senators ditch 2012 runs
  213. Majority Leader Says Redistricting Pledge Not Broken
  214. Lots at stake for GOP in Pennsylvania redistricting
  215. Obama's job approval at 37 percent among independent voters!
  216. Ahead of the 2012 campaign, states debate voting rights
  217. 'I had an affair because I love America', claims presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich
  218. Donald Trump to President Obama: Go to Japan!
  219. Libya could become Obama liability in 2012
  220. Bachmann Exploring Possible 2012 Run
  221. Voters Think New Jersey's Christie Can Beat Obama
  222. Trump fails to produce birth certificate
  223. 2012 Pres. Election.
  224. John Phillips: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012
  225. Obama Campaign Ad?
  226. Ron/Rand Paul 2012
  227. A strange campaign theme emerges for Obama 2012.
  228. Captionfest: Biden Falls Asleep During Obama's Speech
  229. Gary Johnson announces presidential bid
  230. The Unhappy President
  231. Why Trump should drop the "birther" issue......
  232. The Rev. Graham on 2012 GOP field
  233. Mitch Daniels sounds fiscal alarm, but Indiana Republican hesitant to run in 2012
  234. Invasion of the Paulestinians
  235. 5 reasons why Republicans don't want to run in 2012
  236. President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012
  237. The Sticky Note Campaign hits Georgia Supermarkets
  238. Rand Paul’s Birther Demand for Trump: I Wanna See Your Republican Voter Registration
  239. Club for Growth Releases 2010 Scorecard
  240. MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her
  241. Partisan Trends: Number of Unaffiliated Voters Up for Fourth Straight Month
  242. Economy still key concern for 2012
  243. 2012 thoughts?
  244. Herman Cain
  245. Is Christie or Daniels Really Mr. Right?
  246. What I'd like to see in the 2012 Republican platform...
  247. Newt
  248. Gingrich Feels the Heat for Appearing in Global Warming Ad With Pelosi
  249. Huckabee To Announce
  250. Why Sarah Palin Scares Them