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  1. Clinton comments on Obama's reelection chances
  2. The religious test
  3. A Brief Primer on Ron Paul a.k.a. Dr. Nutz
  4. Has Obama Just Kissed Off the 2012 Election?
  5. Sarah Palin: I do have the fire in my belly to run in 2012
  6. Tim Pawlenty to announce W.H. bid on Monday
  7. Please Save Us, Sarah Palin! Or the ‘Senior’ Republicans Will Put Us To Sleep
  8. Fox News Executives Dispute Quote About Palin
  9. Dennis Kucinich Will Lose His District, Washington State Saddened.
  10. Cain Leads GOP field in new Zogby poll
  11. Rick Perry is rethinking his pledge not to run for president
  12. Thaddeus McCotter considers entering 2012 presidential race
  13. Cain: no ragheads in my Gov
  14. Our Current Time for Choosing
  15. 'we Are On The Verge Of A Great, Great Depression'
  16. Obama courts jilted female followers; Bloc is vital to re-election
  17. Obama seeks reshaped image for 2012 run
  18. President Obama, DNC Mobilize 2012 Campaign Volunteer Army
  19. Carville: 2012 could be ‘very rough’ for Obama, says civil unrest ‘imminently possibl
  20. Romney runs in front; Democrats try trip-ups
  21. Republican debate
  22. A beatable president
  23. Obama Beats Weiner!......Can headline writers win Pulitzers?
  24. The Ad That Wrote Itself
  25. " Code Pink Dumps Glittery Confetti On Tim Pawlenty in San Francisco "
  26. " Rush : Any Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama "
  27. " Beating Obama Matters Most to Conservative Voters "
  28. Perry Road-Tests A Stump Speech
  29. Obama The Stupid Communist
  30. Gingrich: Message more relevant after NBC 'under God' omission
  31. Obama Gets 30% of Americans Certain to Support Re-Election in Economy Poll
  32. Here's your Frontrunner
  33. Huntsman's Family Has Donated $25,000 to Reid
  34. Poll: Only 33 Percent Will Vote to re elect
  35. Poll: Both Christie, Perry Trounce Romney
  36. Liberal American Jewish Schmucks
  37. Five Reasons Why I Believe Texas Governor Rick Perry Will Be Our President In 2013
  38. Bachmann Tied With Romney In Iowa...
  39. We Now Have a Totally Gangster Government - Michelle Bachmann Video
  40. Obama: A Bachmann Presidency Would ‘Erode the Path to Prosperity for Middle Class’
  41. Bankers Say Supporting Obama Is "Bad For Business" And Embarrassing
  42. Perry Has Obamas MSM Worried : Is Rick Perry too Texan and Southern to Win?
  43. Grayson Collecting Donations
  44. Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Mr. President
  45. Herman Cain on Hannity now
  46. Ron Paul being equated to religious fanaticism...
  47. Randall Terry
  48. Behind the scenes, Christian Right leaders rally behind Perry
  49. Ron Paul Wins Texas GOP Active Voters Poll, beating Rick Perry
  50. Why Bill Clinton likes Bachmann--according to Bill O'Reilly
  51. Herman Cain proving to be real contender
  52. Rep. Ron Paul Won't Seek Congressional Seat in 2012
  53. Republicans on Uneasy Street
  54. Bachmann by 13 in Iowa
  55. Herman Cain Says U.S. Communities 'Have the Right' to Ban Mosques
  56. Dem Poll: Obama Would Lose Today
  57. B.O. Can't even get votes from his own party!
  58. Romney-Bachmann tied in Iowa
  59. Dear Yankee
  60. Trump: I May Run for President if Economy Stays Bad
  61. ...It's Gonna Get Dirty Again..
  62. Archie Bunker's opinion on BO
  63. "Tommy Thompson is IN" — running for the Senate
  64. You have my vote, Jonathon Sharkey
  65. Communist Party USA Endorses Obama for 4 More Years
  66. Get ready for the movie..........
  67. Will the Electoral College Become a Thing of the Past?
  68. hussein's ratings state by state from Gallup...
  69. The Sleeping Giant Awakens... by Robin of Berkeley
  70. Want to ask Obama a Question?
  71. GOP Debate Thread
  72. EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Obtains DNC Memo on GOP Iowa Debate
  73. So am i reading this correctly.........
  74. shocking truth on TV
  75. Iowa Ames Straw Poll is Today
  76. Obama's Dogs Of War...
  77. And The Winner Is: Bachmann
  78. Rick Perry On the Important Issues !
  79. Palin Visits Ronald Reagans Alma Mater
  80. Scarborough: Palin Is The Republican Party’s Barack Obama’
  81. Perry tests his Texas twang in key states (Here comes the Lame Stream Media mockery)
  82. Perry, Bachmann galvanize Republicans in US race
  83. 2013
  84. Delusional Debbie: Obama's Reelection Bid in 'Good Shape'
  85. 'Obamas Magical Misery Bus Tour'...
  86. Obamas Hot And Heavy Exchange With a Tea Party Activist
  87. Perry Threatens Bernanke : Printing More Money Would Be Treason
  88. Final recalls
  89. Rolling Blunder
  90. Arrogant Obama Attempts Micromanaging the Opposing Message
  91. A Sign of the Times?
  92. Romneys Toast....
  93. Obama Steps On His Crank Once Again
  94. O.K... Forget Palin..Let The Perry Hatred Begin
  95. Perry: Track The Drug Cartel On The Border With Predators
  96. Top 10 Rick Perry campaign one-liners so far
  97. The Dark Lord Cometh, Darth Vader's Helmet.
  98. Five Fast Facts About Rick Perry
  99. The Right Candidate
  100. Now The Blacks Turn On Him ..Black Caucus: Tired of Making Excuses For Obama
  101. Our Corn Field/John Deere Huckster..'I Love America So Much'
  102. The 10th Amendment Argument For Rick Perry
  103. Five Good Reasons To Re-Elect Barack Obama
  104. Video of the buses! One is RED!
  105. To Serve..Hic..And Protect
  106. Obama's Tour Themes:Washington (not him),Screwed Up And We Should Spend a Lot More
  107. Obama Pines for the Days of Uncle Wally Cronkite
  108. Perry’s Red-Hot Bernanke Slam
  109. Perry or President Bachmann? It's the only question remaining
  110. Have You Ever Had Sex With Rick Perry?
  111. Obama Heads For Martha's Vineyard for Another,of the Never Ending, Vacations
  112. Perry: Obama’s Worst Nightmare
  113. White House Shuts Out Conservative Newspaper Over 'Bias'...
  114. CAPTION Obama
  115. Dem Rep: Obama will Have 'Very Tough Time' Winning Re-election...
  116. Rick Perry: Earth “Pretty Old” and Evolution “Got Some Gaps”
  117. Restoring America PRESIDENTIAL Event - 9/3 in Iowa (Now THIS is interesting!)
  118. Why Perry Makes Liberals Crazy,He Has Hat And Cattle..
  119. Obama:Congress Holding Back Recovery,New Construction,Trade and Payroll Tax Bill
  120. Perry Front_Runner in Ga., and Nationally as Well
  121. The Left is Terrified of Perry.
  122. Obama’s Dissociative Disorder Ploy
  123. Matthews : Perry ‘Unelectable’, It'll Be Romney
  124. Lefty News : “Eagles May Soar Higher, But Weasels Never Get Sucked into Jet Engines!”
  125. Trial lawyers vs. Perry
  126. Origin of Left and Right, plus a spelling lesson
  127. Weiner's Seat Could Go Red
  128. As the election draws near, it's important to remember:
  129. Morgan Freeman To Obama : 'Get Pissed Off'..
  130. Santorum: Congresswoman Waters is a Vile Woman
  131. Bachmann, Paul, Romney, Perry all can crush Obama
  132. Please keep it going.
  133. Hispanic Approval for Obama at All-Time Low Despite Amnesty Move
  134. Digging Up The Dirt on Perrry: Obama campaign searching for disgruntled Texans
  135. Rick Perry Leads Every National Poll by Double Digits
  136. Credo Darwinius
  137. Texas Democrats Whine About Rick Perry
  138. A Little Perry humor--the coyote
  139. Fear and Loathing : From The Mainstream Media and The Far-Left.
  140. Keller Plays The Religion Card
  141. Iowa: Perry 23, Bachmann 20, Romney 16
  142. Perry_Rubio : The Ticket Obama Fears Most
  143. SS, the Great Ponzi Scheme....Perry calls it right!
  144. Oh my: Perry 41, Romney 12, Paul 11, Bachmann 9
  145. Welcome To The Obama Recovery
  146. It's Open Season on ' Tea Party' Texas Rick
  147. Perry 44% Obama 41%; Pres Leads Other GOP by single digits.
  148. House of Rep. Special Election- NV District 2
  149. The White House Desperation Campaign: Religion and Race,It's Going To Get Very Dirty.
  150. My Fellow Americans . . Here's The Speech He Should Deliver...
  151. Insiders: Perry is Poison. Poll: Perry 44%, Obama 41%
  152. Romney 'Has More Positions Than the Kama Sutra'
  153. The Liberal Media's Slandering of the American Conservative Movement has Begun
  154. Palin Draws Double Romney's Campaign Crowd
  155. It's War.!.I Hate Rick Perry,I Hate the Way he Walks, I Hate the Way he Talks
  156. Obama's 2012 Campaign Strategy: War?
  157. The Donkey Whisperer
  158. How BAD will be the Liberal Election Losses be Next Year?
  159. Cheney Tells Hillary: Run Against Obama!
  160. That Poor Bastard Obama's Getting it From Everyone....
  161. Debate thoughts
  162. Perry Under Fire at Debate
  163. Gingrich Slams Liberal Moderators, Media For Trying To Create Republican Infighting
  164. Panelists, GOP Rivals Target Perry
  165. Rasmussen: Obama Now Underdog For Re-election
  166. The Prez's speech...
  167. Caption Contest: Did Perry Threaten Paul ?
  168. Obama and the lunatic left
  169. A Stale Speech Full of Straw Men
  170. CNN, Tea Party Express to Host First-Ever Tea Party Debate, Sept. 12
  171. Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances
  172. Republican wins Democratic district in New York race to replace Weiner
  173. Doom: Obama Falls Below 50% Approval ... in California
  174. Jewish Voters to Obama: Anyone But You!
  175. What should the White House do ?... James Carville
  176. Democrats for Romney? (to block Perry)
  177. Obamagic
  178. Rick Perry Moves In On New York Jews With Pro-Israel Rally
  179. Dinner For two With Obama.....$72,000......
  180. Obama plan is awesome — if he wants to lose the election
  181. Beating the Racism Card
  182. New strategy for Dem candidates running in 2012: Deny all knowledge of Obama
  183. Among Undecided Voters, 64% Disapprove of Obama
  184. Democrats Catching Obama-Abandonment Syndrome
  185. President Zero Ad
  186. Chicago Style Head Games
  187. Palin: "Mark My Word, It Is Going To Be An Unconventional Election"
  188. Gay Men's Chorus to Perform at Obama's House of Blues Fund Raiser
  189. Perry’s Defense of Israel Breaks New Ground
  190. Obama officially becomes the worst president
  191. Ron Paul says he'd consider putting Dennis Kucinich in his Cabinet
  192. Letter to Pelosi Begging for the Stimulus
  193. The 9/22/2011 Debate Thread!!
  194. 9/22/11 Debate Fact Check
  195. Obama drops $5 dinner raffle to $3 – again....
  196. Chris Christie may run for the GOP nomination.
  197. Morgan Freeman: Obama Made Racism Worse, Tea Party Will Do 'Whatever [It] Can To...
  198. Herman Cain wins Florida GOP Straw Poll
  199. Cain's no lightweight, folks
  200. The New Miracle Drug---Senditol
  201. Hume: ‘Perry is about one-half a step away from almost total collapse’
  202. Obama--It's all your fault
  203. Herman Cain
  204. Career politicians hands
  205. NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs
  206. Obama’s Wall Street donors shift support to Romney
  207. Survey: Jewish support for Obama drops to 45%
  208. Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-off
  209. Florida will likely hold Jan. primary, threatening presidential calendar
  210. Fox News Poll: GOP Race Top Tier Now Romney, Perry and Cain
  211. Change Me I Stink
  212. Taking Cain Seriously
  213. Fox News Poll: Majority Says as a CEO, Obama Would Have Been Fired
  214. Fmr. Clinton Adviser: 'Very Possible' Obama Will Bow Out of Presidential Race - For N
  215. Our Affirmative Action President
  216. Ann Coulter backs Mitt Romney
  217. Ok, this is Alex Jones (major gulp of salt) but he points out that Occupy Wall Street
  218. Here's Your NEW Frontrunner (October surprise)
  219. Chris Christie won't run for president in 2012
  220. Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides in new CBS News poll
  221. Speculation rises around Palin Run.
  222. By The Numbers
  223. Nine Reasons Why Republicans Ought to Nominate Herman Cain
  224. Obama's Behavior is Getting Worse
  225. Obama Campaign Pressures Potential Donors by Comparing Them With Neighbors
  226. Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll; Cain 2nd
  227. Obama's Solar Slush Fund
  228. Cain Proves the Power of Ideas
  229. Jack Welch---I want to take this administration out
  230. Why I REALLY like Herman Cain
  231. Debate tonight
  232. Herman Cain is a Racist, Unpatriotic Draft-Dodging WHAT?!?!?
  233. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan
  234. Bachmann: " if you turn Herman Cain's "9-9-9" plan upside down it becomes 6-6-6."
  235. The Problem with the 12th
  236. Laffer supports Cain's 9-9-9 plan
  237. National Poll: Cain 29% Romney 29% Gingrich 10%
  238. Is Obama Doomed?
  239. Which Republican Can Beat Obama?
  240. Cain ~V~ Obama Poll
  241. Mapping Where GOP Candidates Raise Their Campaign Donations
  242. The CNN Republican Debate Tonight
  243. Bring it on!
  244. Rush Limbaugh is right about Ron Paul
  245. Herman Cain - Pro choice or Pro Life?
  246. The Power of Herman Cain
  247. Dems Still Avoiding Obama
  248. I Will NEVER Vote for Flip-Flop Romney! EVER!
  249. Yahoo-Can Herman Cain Actually Win the GOP Nomination?
  250. What's an independent to do?