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  1. McManus: The third-party wild card
  2. Herman Cain Ad; Get Real
  3. Bill Daley, Unplugged
  4. Romney's Flip Flops
  5. Herman Cain - America Is Ready
  6. Don't forget the Supreme Court in 2012........
  7. My Letter to the RNC
  8. Cain team denies report of sexual harassment
  9. PICKET: Cain campaign has biggest online fundraising day
  10. Herman Cain: The Attacks On Me Are Racially Motivated
  11. Republican Delegate Selection Process
  12. America’s missing middle
  13. GOP Candidate Beats Obama in Swing States on Jobs, Deficit
  14. Bachmann on Cain....
  15. Election 2011
  16. The pushback against Sharon Bialek begins...
  17. Who is Sharon Bialek
  18. Herman Cain's Harrassment Response
  19. Cain Accuser Filed Complaint in Next Job
  20. Gene Simmons Endorses Rick Perry
  21. Republican Debate tonight...
  22. Watch Rick Perry's Campaign end right before your eyes
  23. David Axelrod's fingerprints are all over...
  24. Poll: Which candidates should drop out....
  25. Racial discrimination is alive and well at....Time "magazine"
  26. Liberals suddenly care about sexual harassment...again
  27. Next Debate on tonight...
  28. Polls: Gingrich Grows on GOP Voters
  29. Obama Seems To Be Taking His Defeat In The 2012 Election Rather Well
  30. Bloomberg Iowa Caucus Poll: Four Way Statistical Dead Heat
  31. Military Donations to Republican Candidates
  32. Perry's call for Fed Gov Overhaul
  33. Obama’s Choice: Ohio or Virginia
  34. Mike Huckabee to Host GOP Presidential Forum
  35. I think I agree with Ann
  36. Why Newt's Surge Will Continue
  37. Obama’s 2012 Re-election Strategy
  38. GOP Debate Schedule
  39. Poll: How should I vote in the Republican Primaries 2012?
  40. Dems: Obama Should Abandon Run for 2nd Term
  41. Another RePublican Debate!
  42. Trump Threatens to Spend Millions on a Presidential Run
  43. Marcus Luttrell Endorses Perry
  44. PBS had an interview tonight with Michele Bachmann
  45. Editorial: Cain on Foriegn Policy
  46. Obama campaign tweets Black Friday deals
  47. 25 least Influential People Alive - Guess Who Made The List!
  48. Newt gets a big endorsement...
  49. Newt To Obama: Let's Debate, You Can Use Your Teleprompter
  50. Does Obama really want to win?
  51. Obama's Job Approval Drops Below Carter's
  52. So How Does Newt go from 8% to 24% in NH?
  53. What Americans really want to hear from their president
  54. Cain's making an announcement tomorrow
  55. Donald Trump is moderating a GOP Presidential debate?
  56. Hot Air Presidential Survey Results for December
  57. The Case for Gingrich
  58. Funny Adbot at the top of the page here
  59. Iowa Poll: Gingrich leads GOP pack, then Paul, Romney
  60. 2012 Republican Primary Ads
  61. Why Obama Will Lose the 2012 Election
  62. The Cain Train
  63. Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up
  64. RNC Comes Out Against Trump Debate
  65. STUDY: Voters Fleeing Both Major Parties; Especially Bad For Democrats
  66. Gingrich may well be our next president
  67. The higher a monkey climbs on the pole, the more you can see his butt'...
  68. A Brokered GOP Convention? Don't Bet on It
  69. Trump out....
  70. REAL Pro-Life Candidates Will Attend 2012 Annual March for Life LIVE!
  71. obama Wants Republican e-mail addresses
  72. Ron Paul statistically tied for first in Iowa
  73. Debate on Fox last night
  74. I don't care if the Pope endorses Flip Romney! He still will NEVER get my vote!
  75. If Ron Paul wins the nomination...
  76. Michele Bachmann Needs To Get Rid Of That 'Up-Do'
  77. Obama Golf Counter
  78. Santorum, the Dark Horse
  79. What’s next for Herman Cain
  80. Perry ballot petition rejected in Virginia
  81. 2012 Election Outcome
  82. Ron Paul illegally using campaign funds?
  83. Obama Places Himself on the Continuum of Greatness
  84. Ben Nelson retiring from Senate
  85. Shakeouts starting in ernest in the primaries...
  86. Rick Santorum Surging In Iowa
  87. Sowell Prefers Gingrich
  88. Virginia Attorney General Intervenes in GOP Primary Ballot Dispute
  89. America Loses If Obama Wins
  90. Who to vote for?
  91. Your Tue. Prediction.
  92. I'm Concerned.......‏
  93. So....how many knew...
  94. Your Iowa Field Guide
  95. Obama Will Speak!
  96. Gun Owners Of America Grades for GOP Candidates
  97. Townhall live voting results
  98. The Iowa Caulki begins!!!!
  99. Mitt 24% Rick 24% Ron 22%
  100. 999
  101. Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan
  102. I think Bachman is done
  103. Votes Per $1000
  104. An Open Letter to Everyone
  105. Ron Paul is an idiot!
  106. Rick Santorum, Conservative Stalwart
  107. ABC new Match-o-matic
  108. The Answer That Would Have Won the Nomination
  109. New Hampshire 2012
  110. Poll: Newt Surging in South Carolina
  111. Mitt (Flip) Romney's Abortion "Issues" Page is BLANK!
  112. Republican Debate from Myrtle Beach!
  113. Sarah Palin is Right: Keep the Process Going, Vote for Newt in SC
  114. The Romney File
  115. Santorum claims Iowa win
  116. The Final Four tonight in Charleston!!!
  117. Republican to run as Democrat against Zippy
  118. Obama: Incompetent or Evil?
  119. Poll from Drudge Report
  120. "Scheduling Conflicts" = Go Screw Yourself
  121. Newt Winning SC
  122. Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing
  123. Primary Delegates
  124. The Dead Has Voted Again.
  125. Monday Night Debate Florida
  126. 2012 "Top Priority" for the President
  127. NBC/WSJ poll: Obama benefits from growing economic optimism
  128. What do you want???
  129. ANOTHER debate tonight...
  130. Rush and Michael Reagan dispute Romney's ads
  131. Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left
  132. Romney widens lead over Gingrich in Florida: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  133. A letter to Mitt from a Florida voter
  134. No Mas, Mr. President
  135. Debt ceiling skyrockets, Obama no longer calls Bush 'unpatriotic' for increases
  136. A dolphin could be Romney’s undoing
  137. New Poll---Gingrich pulling closer
  138. Election Day in Florida!!!
  139. Santorum Needs To Drop Out & Endorse Newt
  140. Santorum income and abortion
  141. Newt doesn't call Romney after Florida loss
  142. Obama To Roll Out Bin Laden Death Photos For 2012 Election
  143. Florida primary might not be a done deal
  144. Gallup Predicts Obama to Lose in a Landslide
  145. Trump endorses Romney
  146. Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot
  147. hey DUmbass128....
  148. Roseanne Barr joins the race for U.S. president
  149. Why Romney is Clear Channel's candidate: the Bain link
  150. Paul hits the gun store, Gingrich plays for pet lovers, NV 2012
  151. Romney eyes second straight win in Nevada, rivals look to upcoming contests
  152. Florida: Voter fraud
  153. Again, Why Not Santorum?
  154. MO, MN, and CO tonight
  155. Santorum Landslide!!
  156. 20% of Republicans leaning to Obama!
  157. Vote Wisely Nov 6 2012
  158. Top Republican at CPAC: Jeb Bush could emerge as nominee at a brokered convention
  159. Will Maine give Republican Paul his first win?
  160. Who is this Santorum guy?
  161. Romney Wins Maine Caucuses Preference Poll
  162. Conservative Site, "TheRightScoop.com", REFUSES to Post Romney's CPAC Speech
  163. Obama launches 3 New Websites, and starts “Truth Team”
  164. Prayers Needed for THe USA
  165. Santorum's turn
  166. "African-American's" For Obama
  167. Romney Machine Set to Destroy Santorum
  168. Just a Taste of a Second Obama Term
  169. Poll: Good economic news brightens Obama’s re-election prospects
  170. Leftists Launch 'Operation Chaos' Effort to Boost Santorum
  171. This Can't Be Good
  172. Female Military Pioneer Running for Congress
  173. Debate on CNN Now ...
  174. Can Ron Paul Go Away Now?
  175. Santorum: I'll cut $5 Trillion in 5 years
  176. Romney’s Economic Closet
  177. Obama plays Race Card...again.
  178. Another RINO Bites The Dust
  179. Romney projected winner of Michigan, Arizona primaries
  180. Brokered GOP Convention: Who I Will/Will Not Support
  181. Sheriff Joe to release investigation of 0bama
  182. This Makes My Blood Boil
  183. The problem with santorum
  184. Romney Flip-Flops...AGAIN!!
  185. Obumbler Did The 'Contraception' Thing On Purpose!
  186. The "Nuge" endorses Romney...Mike.128 on suicide watch!
  187. Obama Leads Santorum by 3, Romney by 6
  188. VP Pick?
  189. Will Obama Super PAC Return Misogynist Bill Maher's Million-Dollar Donation?
  190. Super Tuesday Results
  191. Obama To Dems: No Money, No Help From Me
  192. Rep. Dennis Kucinich suffers primary defeat in Ohio
  193. THE VETTING: Ben Smith Releases Selectively Edited Obama Race Video
  194. m00 vs everyone who supports Romney
  195. Poll: Obama vs. Romney
  196. Shock poll: Romney 48% obama 43%...
  197. A Message from Rick Santorum
  198. Obama Sinks to New Low in CBS News Poll
  199. American Samoa Caucus Today.
  200. Biden hails middle class at wealthy fundraiser
  201. Stop Being an EGGHEAD, Newt, and GET OUT!
  202. Massachusetts Liberal, Flip-Flop Romney, Did NOT Even Make A Speech Tonight
  203. Maher Insults Alabama and Mississippi Voters: 'Toothless Tuesday Too Tight to Tally'
  204. Politico editor John Harris: Voters are stupid
  205. Justice Department protectis voter fraud
  206. “It’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys around here,”
  207. Puerto Rico votes in Republican presidential primary
  208. Cee Lo Green Performs "F**k You," Flips Off Crowd At Obama Fundraiser
  209. Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council Jeff Immelt To Jump Ship And Vote For Romney
  210. The Whole Truth television commercial
  211. Jeb Bush: Romney should pick Sen. Rubio as running mate
  212. DeMint calls for GOP assessment of race, praises Romney
  213. Santorum: Might as well have Obama over Romney
  214. I Just Got My New Etch A Sketch Today!
  215. Romney: Why I'd repeal ObamaCare
  216. Sonny Johnson At Repeal Rally
  217. RINO ALERT!! Rubio endorses Romney, saying he's 'earned' it.
  218. PRAVDA endorses Obama ...
  219. A Sarasotan's negative sign
  220. Biden Blames High Unemployment on ‘This God-Awful Recession We’ve Inherited’
  221. Is This REALLY What You All Want?
  222. DNC Jewish outreach: "Jewbags", "Jew cash money team"
  223. 20% of Romney Supporters Would Actually Vote for Obumbler!
  224. Obama’s Willie Horton
  225. Allen West Says He Would Consider VP Slot If Asked…
  226. Obama Funds the Egyptian Government
  227. 90,000,000 Americans have given up looking for work
  228. GOP Superdelegates: It’s Over, Romney Is Nominee
  229. James O’Keefe demonstrates voter fraud as Eric Holder
  230. O'Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder's Ballot
  231. Stunning lack of diversity in Obama campaign, photos reveal
  232. 2012 United States Presidential Election Betting Odds
  233. Michael Savage: Is the election rigged?
  234. Now is the time to rally around a Romney/Rubio ticket
  235. Newt Gingrich stiffs Utah
  236. HA!!!
  237. Democratic strategist Rosen apologizes for attack on Ann Romney
  238. National Right to Life Endorses Romney?? Seriously??
  239. Obama Tells Univision Romney Supports Racial Profiling
  240. Republican Estab't Campaigns Against Conservative Candidate
  241. Why Romney Has a Real Chance
  242. Thought for the day
  243. Political poster at work: brave or insane?
  244. Black Conservative Wins Utah Nomination
  245. Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism
  246. Obama pays unannounced campaign visit to Afghanistan
  247. MItt Romney is not the first millionaire candidate to come from Massachusetts
  248. Obama: 'New York girlfriend' was composite
  249. Mitt Romney is the Next Ronald Reagan:
  250. A New Direction For America from my email ---- in 2007.