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  1. Obama, Rally Fail.
  2. Romney Besting Obama.
  3. Sunday Polls
  4. Mitt Romney Leading President Obama by 10-Points among “Independent” Voters
  5. Free Stuff---Do you recognize our current administration in this little fable?
  6. Liberals Steer Outside Money to Grass-Roots Organizing
  7. Romney arrested in 1981 for...disorderly conduct?
  8. Santorum's endorsement
  10. Watch The Republican "Establishment" Run For The Hills In Indiana!
  11. Obama Now Raffling Off “Shout-Outs” For Campaign Donations…
  12. Strange Anomalies in the Famous Situation Room Photo
  13. OBAMA!
  14. Twenty percent of NC Democrats decline to vote for Obama
  15. Obama’s Strategy Exposed
  16. WTF is wrong with Romney???
  17. Rasmussen Reports: Romney 50, Obummer 43
  18. Obama: Sometimes I forget
  19. A Brilliant Law Professor???
  20. This is what happens when the president makes a list.
  21. Our FearLess Leader...
  22. Ron Paul ends his hunt for votes.....Does anybody still care?
  23. Obama camp not ‘questioning the private equity industry’
  24. Obama 'Stereotyped, Simplified and Used' Us
  25. First Gay President Only Leads Arkansas Primary by 7 Points
  26. Funny and Frightening Pics on the Obama 2012 Campaign Site
  27. RNC Ads
  28. Romney Professes LOVE for Bill Clinton!
  29. AZ to Remove Obama from Ballot without Birth Certificate Verification?
  30. Gallup Analysis: Obama’s Chance of a Loss Greater Than a Win
  31. The little o's Chicago welcone home party
  32. Elections official: voting system is 'strong'
  33. Pigs Seen Flying Over Wisconsin Captital
  34. Marco Rubio Slams President Obama at SC Fundraiser
  35. Test of Fire---Catholic Church election you tube
  36. Hawaii responds to Bennett's Obama birth records request
  37. LA Times Vets Ann Romney's Horses
  38. WaPo: Arkansas And West Virginia Democrat Voters Are Racists…
  39. Professor Obama 2002 Syllabus
  40. Obama, the born-again Catholic
  41. Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz worn out her welcome with Obama?
  42. Pelosi: Gay marriage more important than elections
  43. Barack Obama is facing his Jimmy Carter moment
  44. The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed
  45. Obama: I’m Not A Big Spender, Now You Take That Back!
  46. Romney hits Obama on Solyndra....He is on a roll
  47. i'm Really Hoping Gov. Scott Walker Wins On June 5th!
  48. Soul Mate
  49. Here come the grey geezers---Obama beware!
  50. Funny Business In Walker Recall Election Begins?"
  51. Feds to Florida: halt non-citizen voter purge
  52. If you don't like Mitt, here's something to consider
  53. Oh my: Obama now below 50% against Romney — in California
  54. Liberal NJ GOP Establishment Is Up To Their Old Tricks
  55. DOJ sues Las Vegas casino for screening non-citizen workers
  56. Obama camp forced to clarify: Bill Clinton endorses Obama, not Romney
  57. "Hey, Here’s Who Your Neighbors Gave Money to. Sincerely, Harvard"
  58. GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz
  59. Let's not get fooled again as a nation
  60. Who you goin' to vote for----Obama of course
  61. The Wisconsin Recall Thread.
  62. Congratulations to President Obama on His Milestone 100th Round of Golf
  63. Obama calls Mitt Romney 'George' in latest election gaffe
  64. PICKET: DOJ to monitor Wisconsin recall election
  65. Dems cry foul early into Election Day; Sen. Taylor demands investigation
  67. Recounting Wisconsin
  68. Congrats to Scott Walker!!!
  69. Libtards quickly backpedalling on importance of Wis. recall now that they lost
  70. Are they lying on MS-NBC about Wisconsin recall dollars?
  71. Woman slaps Barrett for conceding
  72. Ed Schultz on Walker Win: 'Not Going to be Easy Night for Many Broadcasters'
  73. Wisconsin Democrats Claim Victory in State Senate
  74. Romney Fights Back
  75. Great Moments in Liberal Punditry
  76. Exit poll: WI in play in November
  77. Recall Protester Threatens Kleefisch, Hopes Colon Cancer Kills Her
  78. The Next Day.
  79. Florida to feds: Shove it! Come after us if you dare!
  80. Pro-Abortion Joe Kyrillos Won NJ GOP Senate Primary
  81. Barack lied; actually did join the radically socialist "New Party" in 1996
  82. Piers hands Wasserman-Schultz her sorry @$$ on a platter
  83. Jon Stewart lays into MS-NBC's reaction to Wisconsin results
  84. I knew it! The "Walker outspent Barrett 7-to-1" meme is false
  85. Here's Romney's Vice President
  86. Obama: "The Private Sector Is Doing Fine"
  87. Obama’s first post-Wisconsin fundraiser “memejacked” by S.F. Tea Party
  88. The Daily Show's "Follow that Turd"
  89. Mass. Democrats require photo ID to enter convention.
  90. ‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse Obama
  91. Obama in 10-Point Drop among Jews
  92. Obama Campaign; Grade Our Performance
  93. CBC staff: Opposition to Obama is racist
  94. Caption this..........
  95. A great editorial cartoon by Dana Summers
  96. When will Obama crack in public?
  97. Florida to sue DHS in voter registration battle
  98. Zogby: Disillusioned young voters dropping out
  99. News Flash: Reporter Scrutinizes Obama’s Past
  100. Wisconsin Exit Poll Favoring Obama May Have Flaws
  101. Nevada primary had very low turnout (apx 20%) results...
  102. Obama's Jewish Support Drops 22 Points in New York
  103. Numbers!
  104. Obama Support Among Black Voters in NC Drops Dramatically
  105. A "Fine" Case Against President Obama
  106. Wisconsin Poll: Romney 47 Obama 44
  107. This election could very easily end in a tie!
  108. Another Summer Of Obummers
  109. US won't send checks to Europe: Romney
  110. Election Day Prayers Needed ...
  111. Wisconsin Explained
  112. Obama Campaign Sends ‘Dreamers’ Fundraising Email Hours after Amnesty Announcement
  113. Obama Is in Serious Trouble in Pennsylvania
  114. Is Legalizing Weed Obama's Secret Weapon?
  115. Watchdog Group Says 12 Counties Have Too Many Voters
  116. Most Arrogant Man in the World
  117. Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'Hell No' To First Amendment
  118. Bucking Convention
  119. Allen West Fundraises Off Bill Maher's 'Racist' Attack
  120. Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts ...
  121. It's Still Romney's to Lose
  122. Random Thoughts
  123. Forkless Friday at Obama event
  124. Do we like Ryan?
  125. Cash Rules at Romney Retreat While Condoleezza Rice Steals the Show
  126. To defeat Obama in 2012 tell the story of Chicago's decline
  127. Top 5 changes at the Pentagon under Obama
  128. Three Lies Of Omission In ABC's False Attack On Romney's Outsourcing
  129. Democrats Cancel Speedway Event at Charlotte Convention
  130. Obama Does Not Know What ‘Outsourcing’ Means
  131. Obama Plugs Birth Control and Planned Parenthood in Speech at High School
  132. Obama hypocrisy: ‘wouldn’t be good for our economy’ for outsourced jobs to come back
  133. Communist Party USA says Re-electing Obama is “Absolutely Essential”
  134. Ouch, I've got 2 tea partiers running for senate this year in TN
  135. Team Romney
  136. Exclusive: President Obama Asks Campaign Donors to Send Him More Money
  137. <3 Chris Wallace
  138. Health Care Mandate Tax
  139. Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won't Fight Obamatax!
  140. Paul Ryan Exposes Stephanopoulos's Strange Failure to Note Interview with Obama
  141. CNN poll of battleground states: Romney 51, Obama 43
  142. 5 Great Gifts to Send Obama in Lieu of Cash Contributions
  143. Romney’s Wife Says Woman Being Eyed For Ticket
  144. FLASHBACK: Obama Dismisses 310,000 New Jobs in 2004
  145. Kick some ass Romney!
  146. Romney camp: Obama's staff 'out-of-control'
  147. Biden Addresses Empty Seats At NAACP Convention
  149. McCain the gaffer
  150. Why Obama's Still in the Race Despite the Bad Economy
  151. Morning Bell: Obama’s Imperial Presidency Guts Welfare Reform
  152. Romney Picks Baked Potatoe for Running Mate
  153. Obama's gotta go
  154. More than 20 People Faint During Obama Speech
  155. 29 Yr Old Obama Campaign Staffer Dies After Collapsing At Chicago HQ
  156. Feds OK Florida's access to citizens list, Scott declares 'victory' for voters
  157. PICKET:(VIDEO) Obama - 'If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that.
  158. Iowa Republican defends ending run for state Senate, joining shadow government
  159. Big labor gives Obama, Democrats big cold shoulder
  160. Of Course: Obama Campaign Won't Return Bain Capital Money
  162. Wasserman-Schultz Has Unreported Second Home in NH
  163. Obama's Offshore Team
  164. Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama
  165. The Romney ads
  166. 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama: Complete Edition
  167. Invocation speech at 2012 CO Republican State Assembly and Convention
  169. Florida: Important Message!!!!
  170. Ground zero in the battle over voter fraud
  171. CAIR Wants 'Muslims for Obama' Gear
  172. Obama's not-so-surprise "surprise" visit to vets in Portland
  173. Strassel: Four Little Words
  174. To all the Olympic Athletes participating in these games...
  175. Just Saw Obama's Class Warfare Ad
  176. Carville: 'We’re Gonna Have to Go Through Hell and High-Water to Win this Damn Thing'
  177. Wile E. Coyote Joins Obama Campaign Team
  178. Mitt Romney's Fundamental Flaw
  179. No one asked me, but it doesn't seem to be working
  180. Romney says Jerusalem is Israel's capital, vows to move embassy ....
  181. "Face the Facts"
  182. Reid: Romney’s Dead Father Would Be 'Embarrassed'
  183. CNN Absurdly Claims Romney Aide's Outburst Was 'Sort of' 'Unprovoked'
  184. Tea Party Takes Another Senate Seat!
  185. The wheels are coming off the obama express ...
  186. Econ model predicts 0bama will lose in near-landslide
  187. Tennessee Democratic Party disavows Senate nominee
  188. Moore: 'I wouldn't say I support' Obama
  189. Two Moon-bats Announce Their Bid For President
  190. obama thinks General Petraeus will be Romney's VP choice?
  191. 1 in 7 voters for 0bama 4 yrs ago won't be supporting him in Nov
  192. 2016: Obama's America
  193. Ad linking Romney to death of the wife of a laid off steelworker not accurate
  194. Massachusetts Sends Voter Registration Forms to 500K Welfare Recipients After Warren
  195. Candidate Romney should
  196. Obama Leads Romney By 7 Points As Negative Ads Take Toll
  197. No, Romney Won't Raise Your Taxes $2,000
  198. Obama Bumps Raffle Price To $5…
  199. Paul Ryan is Romney's VP pick??? Charter plane from Boston in Ryan's hometwon NOW!
  200. Ryan Unlikely to Lose His House Seat
  201. Flashback: Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obama And Obamacare In 6 Minutes
  202. Gallup: Seniors Most Favorable To Ryan Budget
  203. New Obama panic: Romney crowd sizes
  204. Videos surface of Dems, including President Obama, praising Paul Ryan
  205. Gov. Romney, You Might Not Want To Use This Sign For Your Campaign
  206. Iowa State Fair: Four More Beers
  207. Biden too stupid to be Prez...
  208. Navy SEALS Start 'Swift-Boating' Obama
  209. Libertarian Party eyes spoiler role in 2012 race
  210. Paul Ryan in The Villages: "Mom, You Did Build That!"
  211. The Coming Battle of Ideologies
  212. Cheers for Centerville, Va
  213. Trump blasts Robert Gibbs after Gibbs smears Trump (not a good idea)
  214. Romney Tax Return - 100 Million IRA, Swiss Bank Acct, Cayman Islands - problem?
  215. Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney
  216. Todd Akin
  217. Obama: "Nobody Accused Mr. Romney Of Being A Felon"
  218. An interesting Barack video
  219. Lovely Claire McCaskill's expression of sympathy---ha!
  220. Todd Akin, for the good of the country, please step aside
  221. I Am Getting Tired Of Listening To Obama-ites Parroting Talking Points
  222. Ryan Does Know That Steelers Owner Is Rabid Obama-ite, Doesn't He?
  223. RNC Chair: Bring On Biden
  224. Will Obama Keep Power 'by Any Means Necessary'?
  225. Secret Service prepping for Biden to appear at GOP convention, says Drudge
  226. Dem Convention becomes anti-Akin affair
  227. DNC refuses to reimburse town for thousands of dollars of overtime costs during visit
  228. Radical Islam Joins the DNC
  229. Obama Uses Presidential Seal at Designated Campaign Event
  230. Paul Ryan: Enough With President Obama's Imaginary Recovery
  231. Dem Convention Won't be Mom-friendly, Feminists Charge; 'War on Women'-Obsessed MSNBC
  232. Cutter: Obama Has Created More Jobs Than the Reagan Recovery
  233. CU Forecast Mitt Romney Will Win Colorado And The Election
  234. The Broader Issue is Abortion on Demand, Not Political Gaffes
  235. Carney Dodges On Why Obama Talked More About Michael Jordan Than CBO Report
  236. Obama: Romney’s Big Donors Should Give Their Millions to Scholarships Instead
  237. GOP throwing around auditing the Fed, bringing back the Gold standard at RNC.
  238. No Ron Paul revolution at convention
  239. Akin scandal hands Missouri to Obama
  240. Romney goes THERE: 'Birther' joke raises conspiracy theory
  241. UVA Declines Obama Campaign Request
  242. Biden postpones Tampa campaign event next week
  243. WP Gushed Over 'Emotional Power' of 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' Slams 'Fear-Mongering' 2016
  244. GOP Platform includes Internet Freedom
  245. I got mine, you got yours?
  246. Stop the Establishment from Rewriting the RNC Rules
  247. Giant vaginas infest Tampa
  248. ‘Keep Congress Kennedy-Free’
  249. DNC Proceeds With 2-Hour Islamic ‘Jumah’ Prayers
  250. Anybody Get A Load Of The Speakers At The Democrat Convention?