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  1. Rand Paul to address auditing the Pentagon at the RNC?
  2. Who’s the mystery speaker at the Republican convention?
  3. McCain wasn't bad...
  4. Go Condi!!!
  5. Governor Susana Martinez (NM)
  6. The best line of the convention tonight.
  7. Brian Williams is a PO____
  8. Go Jeb!!!
  9. Clint's Speech
  10. Romney...
  11. Libtard wonders: "Where is George W. Bush?"
  12. The Obama campaign doing GOTV in college English classes at OSU.
  13. Mikey Moore isn't a happy camper!!!
  14. Bill Whittle: "Incredible Shrinking" Obama
  15. Too Funny
  16. Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags'
  17. On What Planet Do These People Live On?
  18. Reporters scolded by Democratic garbage police
  19. God removed from Democratic platform
  20. 2016: Obama's America
  21. How 0bama can handily win re-election
  22. Now whose party is divided
  23. Dem Organizers Scrambling Since No Balloon Drop Following Obama Speech
  24. Dems change platform to include Jerusalem language after Obama intervened
  25. Democrats don't pander to racist stereotypes
  26. photoshopping the DNC
  27. CNN’s Anderson Cooper Says Debbie Wasserman Schultz Exists In An Alternative Universe
  28. What the hell is Bubba Babbling about???
  29. Awesome Trolling at DNC: Ban all Profits!
  30. The Breakup
  31. Allen West's new commercial: Three Times
  32. The President's name...
  33. Timothy Dolan closing the Dem Convention
  34. Result of DNC vote on God and Jerusalem was decided beforehand!
  35. Dear Leader Plotting Our Grim Future
  36. Thought Police Patrol Convention’s Radio Row
  37. Kerry: Ask Osama bin Laden if he's better off now than he was four years ago!
  38. The party of tolerance
  39. Big surprise -- Dems end convention in the hole
  40. Candidate Taste Test
  41. The party of "tolerance" shows it's true colors once again
  42. Dems: "Downpour in Charlotte! Good call, Obama!" Guess what the reality was.
  43. Dem Convention Video of God Vote
  44. Obama To Soldiers Overseas: No Voting For You!
  45. Caption Time
  46. Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence
  47. CNN??? Reality Check - the dims are in trouble now.
  48. These Polls Suck!
  49. It's advantage Romney after Obama fails to move the needle
  50. Why Democrats, including me, are abandoning Obama
  51. Bush Administration Tried to Reform Freddie and Fannie Five Years Ago
  52. VIDEO We Have Heard It All Before DNC 2012 Edition Exposes Obama Making Same Promises
  53. Limbaugh Predicts ‘End Of Republican Party’ If Obama Wins Re-Election
  54. White House clarifies Obama’s statement that Egypt is not an ‘ally’
  55. Whose Democratic Party?
  56. Our Embassies Attacked, Our Ambassador Murdered, And Obama is...
  57. If Romney Wasn't A Mormon, He'd Have A Double Digit Lead Right Now
  58. Die Welt: Obama's Foreign Policy 'In Ruins'
  59. Bernanke Unmasks Obama’s Big Lie
  60. Sounding and Acting Like Reagan
  61. Fighter jets in Democratic convention’s military montage were Turkish, not American
  62. No wonder Romney's speeches aren't strong nor message clear
  63. Why Obama Has Been Polling High!
  64. Controversial private fund-raiser video shows candid Romney
  65. 40 Reasons Obama Should Not Be Re-Elected
  66. Jimmy Carter's Unemployed Grandson Behind Secret Romney Video
  67. Agents of Change
  69. 2012 Meet Mitt Rally!!!
  70. For Florida voters
  71. Want to Stop The Political Phone Calls?
  72. Sarah Silverman opens up her piehole again to continue proving her stupidity
  73. Romney Campaign Question
  74. Why Romney Is Going to Romp over Obama in November
  75. A chair for Joe
  76. "We've Heard It All Before"
  77. Letterman Stunner
  78. Why The Polls Understate Romney Vote
  79. Free Barack: Elect Romney
  80. A Chicken in Every Pot: Food and Presidential Politics Read more: http://www.america
  81. Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012
  82. 60 Minutes leaves this out...
  83. Obama Considers Ambassador's Murder A "Bump In The Road"
  84. I'm Becoming More And More Convinced That The GOP Doesn't Want To Win
  85. Skewed and Unskewed Polls
  86. Madonna threatens to strip naked if Obama re-elected...
  87. Romney Pulls Ahead
  88. Mitt's Potential: Better President Than Campaigner
  89. Spreading disinformation about voter ID
  90. Got me an Obama Phone!!
  91. SEIU Paid Protesters at Romney Cleveland Ohio Rally
  92. Soros donates $1.5 million to pro-Obama super PACs
  93. Biden promotes free colonoscopies to seniors in Florida
  94. Thrill still gone for Obama among young adults, polls find
  95. Ah, Nothing Like Tolerant Liberals
  96. Polls Project More Heavily Democratic Electorates Than in 2008
  97. Current List of President Obama's Executive Orders
  98. Obama gets endorsement he doesn't want -- from Chavez
  99. Christie responds to Obama whopper: ‘Stop lying, Mr. President.’
  100. Debating Mitt Romney
  101. White House to contractors: Hold off on layoff warnings
  102. Romney says he won't revoke young illegal immigrant visas under new Obama program
  103. NY Post: Full Page Pro-Obama Ad Misspells Obama's Name
  104. Joe Biden: Middle Class "Buried The Last FOUR Years" (Under Obama)
  105. Obama Campaign: “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend on It”
  106. Obama Supporters' Dirty Tricks to Win the Catholic Vote
  107. Romney overcame similar deficit in ’02 race
  108. Joe Biden Does It Again: "The Middle Class Has Been Buried The Past 4 Years!"
  109. How Obama Won the Upcoming Debate
  110. Doctor offers brutal diagnosis of ObamaCare in video
  111. Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote
  112. Ten Simple Things Mitt Should Do or Say During the Debates
  113. Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence
  115. What to Watch For in the First Presidential Debate
  116. Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama After Debate: Romney Was "Winning"
  117. Obama and Romney to face real lie detector test during debate
  118. Incumbent Debate Curse: Barack Obama Falls to Mitt Romney
  119. How well did Romney do? Ask Bill Maher!
  120. Romney-Ryan Crop Art In Michigan
  121. Fact check on a couple of Obama statements from last night
  122. Obama campaign conducts damage control in wake of debate (by lying his butt off)
  123. Lehrer needs to go back into retirement - NOT!!
  124. NAACP Official: Obama Campaign Staffer Threatened Me
  125. File Photo of Romney Ryan
  126. Bin Laden movie to air weekend before election
  127. Obama-Romney presidential debate 2012: Mitt clobbers Obama
  128. Snoop Dogg Promotes Ten Reasons To Not Vote For Mitt Romney
  129. Obama Flying to LA to Reassure Hollywood Donors
  130. Has everyone registered to vote?
  131. Magic Johnson Comes Out for Obama
  132. Team Obama Blames John Kerry for Debate Loss
  133. Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates
  134. Political Yard Signs Tell More Than a Candidate's Name
  135. Black Actress Supports Romney, Libs Implode
  136. Military Times Poll: Romney bests Obama, 2-1
  137. Did Obama deliberately try to stage a hostage taking in Benghazi??
  138. Obama pisses off Big Bird
  139. Obama 'believed he had BEATEN Romney' in Denver debate
  140. Romney Surges in Penn.
  141. Romney Leads In All 11 Swing States!
  142. Obama camp challenged on push to label Romney 'dishonest'
  143. The VP Debate
  144. U. Of Colorado Has Romney Winning Big
  145. What would Obama’s Supreme Court look like?
  146. Move Aside Obama Girl, Mitt's Is Better!
  147. I never thought I'd live to see times like this...
  148. Obama campaign refers to liberal bloggers as “tinfoil hat crowd” (DU mentioned)
  149. Unions Fine Members Who Don't Show Support for Elizabeth Warren
  150. BFD: Biden's Failed Debate
  151. As Election Day nears, Romney crowds are surging
  152. Let's Clean House
  153. Rupert Murdoch Predicts ‘Nightmare for Israel if Obama Wins
  154. Obama Owns Shares Of Sensata, Benefits By Outsourcing To China
  155. Obama Campaign Office Window Shot Out
  156. Obama to be more ‘aggressive’ in debate
  157. Presidential Debate Number 2!!!
  158. An Election Poll that really matters
  159. Candy Crowley Admits Romney Was Correct About Libya Attack But Simply Couldn’t Stop H
  160. MSNBC Undecided Voter Panel Leans More Toward Romney After Debate
  161. Once again, Obama’s record wins it for Romney
  162. Sorry We Voted For Obama in 2008!
  163. Jimmy Kimmel Features People Saying Who Won ‘Last Night’s’ Debate
  164. Obama Campaign Walking Away From Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado…
  165. "Women at MSNBC get paid less." Babara Comstock (Romney Sr Advisor)
  166. Why Do The Gallup Poll's Likely Voter Results Differ From The Rest?
  167. Alfred Smith Dinner
  168. the dems "useful idiots"
  169. Romney's Trump Card for the Foreign Policy Debate
  170. Romney Leads 44-40 Among Likely Jewish Voters!
  171. Pot Prizes May Have Lured More Eagle Rock Residents To Vote
  172. Reason Enough To Vote Against Obama
  173. Lee Iacocca endorses Romney
  174. MSNBC's Matthews claims it's unconstitutional for Romney to challenge Obama
  175. Cuckoo rumor of the day: Romney will ban hair weaves and the Dollar Menu
  176. Tracking poll thread
  177. NC Dem State Senate Candidate Arrested For Trafficking Heroin
  178. International monitors at US polling places draw criticism
  179. Fluke takes center stage in Reno
  180. Chavez, Castro, Putin: Four more years!
  181. CBS News Calls Election For Obama.
  182. Hollywoodpecker Streisand calls for emergency $$$$
  183. Wisconsin Senator Neal Kedzie's Son Viciously Beaten
  184. How Much of a Set-Up Was Crowley's Libya Question? Read more: http://www.americanthi
  185. Debate on C-span
  186. Should play on every Spainish channel in the US
  187. Debbie Whatshername Schultz: Romney Didn't Mention Israel Once
  188. Will cocooned liberals be surprised by Romney?
  189. Sorry Mr President, but the troops DO need horses and bayonets!
  190. A Drunk DEMOCRAT City Councilman Caught Stealing ROMNEY Signs, Then...
  192. Michiganders, thoughts on state proposals.
  193. Michael Moore: Start Practicing The Words ‘President Romney’
  194. Voters Decide on President by Body Language: Romney Won the Presidency Last Night
  195. Vote fraud... what vote fraud?
  196. Clint Eastwood: 'Obama's Second Term Would be a Rerun of the First'
  197. How Bill Clinton May Have Hurt the Obama Campaign
  198. Color me shocked....
  199. Such Presidential Language
  200. The weekly memes........
  201. Obama Donation Scandal Continues, China Reacts.
  202. I voted.....
  203. O Campaign Releases Bizarre, Double Entendre, Voting Ad ...
  204. Video of Ann Dunham giving birth to Obama in kenya... seriously... watch this
  205. Question...
  206. My Electoral Map
  207. ballots sent to U.S. military serving in Afghanistan 'destroyed in crash'...
  208. Words from the father of the heroic slain seal--spoken to the White House cowards
  209. Countdown to Election
  210. What to expect in a Lame-Duck presidency........
  212. Is Obama's 'firewall' crumbling?
  213. Obama Supporters Shocked! To Find Out They Hate His Policies
  214. Politics Counts: Spotlight on 5 Ohio Counties
  215. Momentum: Romney Increases Lead In National, Swing State Poll
  216. Green Bay bishop urges parishioners to vote against candidates who support abortion..
  217. The Two Polls That Have Chicago Terrified
  218. I'll probably be the target of a stupid bouncy tale.
  219. Minnesota may be in play. That's right: MINNESOTA.
  220. Jeanine Pirro - Mr. President They Know!
  221. Sandy and the Election
  222. Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%…
  223. Obama's "Seal Team Six" propaganda film---here's how to help block its impact
  224. Cooling Out the Voters
  225. Dems nervous, GOP upbeat as vote nears
  226. Michael Moore's New Ad "We will burn this motherF****r Down"
  227. Romney Suspends Campaign. Obama Does Not
  228. Seals against Obama
  229. Campaign to resume Wednesday
  230. Biden: 'I'm Going to Give You the Whole Load Today'
  231. Axelrod said he'd shave his mustache.....
  232. Here comes the landslide
  233. 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'
  234. Five inside-the-Beltway indicators of a Romney victory
  235. Pentagon denies claims general was fired over Benghazi attacks
  236. This Has To Sting Some For Obama
  237. Got My Sample Ballot Today
  238. Michael Bloomberg Endorses Obama For Reelection
  239. Ohio Voting Count 'Nightmare' Looms
  240. Obama's Loss: Inevitable for Years
  241. 2012 Election night predictions
  242. Rove: Sifting the Numbers for a Winner
  243. 'Huge Crowd' : 40 Students Gathered by the Potato Statue to Listen to Sandra Fluke
  244. Concerns raised over possible exploitation of mentally disabled voters
  245. Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily
  246. Controversial Interview Exposes 5 Signs Stocks Will Collapse in 2013, Hurts Obama’s R
  247. Will Benghazi be Mentioned by Romney?
  248. Obama’s campaign efforts ‘coming from his loins,’ says Axelrod
  249. NYS Board Of Elections: It’s Possible Voting May Be Permitted Beyond Tuesday
  250. Romney dealt death blow!