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  1. Path to victory cuts through Ohio
  2. Former Hillary aide backs Romney
  3. Few knew about Stevie Wonder appearance for President Barack Obama at Cleveland State
  4. Live Watch Judge Jeanine-Benghazi
  5. I'm Praying My Buns Off ... Are You?
  6. Rand Paul questions Obama administration on Libya
  7. NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocating For Obama
  8. Southern Nevada woman is arrested on suspicion of trying to vote twice
  9. Florida judge extends early voting, as state Republicans appeal decision
  10. Military Times Poll: Romney bests Obama, 2-1
  11. Seaside Heights: No power, no water...but Obama is sending military for their VOTE
  12. Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village
  13. 2012 Poll Closing Times
  14. Will New Black Panthers be back this year?
  15. Early vote tracking.
  17. Presidential Bellweathers: Romney takes Ohio, NH.
  18. Just Want To Say This Before Tomorrow.
  19. Get out and vote!!!
  20. Be forewarned.
  21. States excluded from Exit Polling
  22. Romney filmed in an off-the-air conversation
  23. Election Hijinks
  24. Just voted for Romney in PA
  25. “what the heck is wrong with Philly”
  26. Someone hacked Obama's facebook account
  27. George W. Bush voted for Obama today
  28. Catastrophe' in N.J., poll watchers say
  29. Foreign election officials amazed by trust-based U.S. voting system
  30. Unofficial presidential election thread.......
  31. Pregnant mom casts ballot for Obama while in labor
  32. Let me tell you how irresponsible some of the networks are
  33. Shittiest jukebox ever!
  34. Google search of "who is running for president" spiked before election.
  35. Dick Morris, U. Of Colorado, & Other Assorted Idiots
  36. No doubt in my mind the outcome of this election was pre-determined.
  37. Allen West About To Lose
  38. Romney Couldn't Even Garner The Same Amount Of Voters McCain Did
  39. Congrats to President Obama
  40. In a way, we Conservatives are lucky Obama won.
  41. Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama
  42. Christie vs Hillary in 2016 (or post your own)
  43. The most important lessons from last night for Republicans
  44. Arizona ‘Toughest Sheriff’ Arpaio Wins After Hispanic Opposition
  45. 20 things that went right on Election Day Michelle Malkin
  46. Chris Matthews expresses regret for Sandy remark on election night
  47. Citizens United and this election.
  48. Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
  49. 'I'm really proud of all of you': Gushing Obama breaks down in tears...
  50. Obama to win Florida, CNN projects, sweeping all battlegrounds
  51. Update on the West campaign
  52. Something big we've all overlooked in this election...
  53. Elections Have Consequences
  54. a national retirement system ???
  55. Recount underway in West-Murphy race
  56. Conservative Republicans fight back after Romney loss
  57. Allen West concedes to Patrick Murphy
  58. Liberals are upset today because free-market economies are growing too fast