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  1. A soldier's report to Obama's visit in Afghanistan
  2. Couric tries to pin down Obama on the surge
  3. Hello My Name Is B Hussein Obama I'm Here To Help You !
  4. Obama Fan Goes Nuts.
  5. "No Gas Tax Free Ride For DNC At Denver Democrat Circus !"
  6. SnObama throws own father under bus
  7. I didn't know Obama was Jewish...Did you?
  8. How much $$ will AAs get when Obama is elected?
  9. Obama Whines that Troops Watch FOX News...VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!
  10. HEATHER Wilson Waxes Wexler/Matthews Double-Team
  11. A Presidential Catastrophe In The Making For America
  12. More Reasons To Vote Against Obama (Second part of a three-part series)
  13. Media Mutiny! ABC Newsie Exposes Obama Ego. Must See!
  14. The anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action
  15. Obama talks compassion, McCain does it
  16. Divided Loyalties, Obama’s Eligibility Problem, PART 2
  17. Barack Obama: He Came. He Saw. He, er, left
  18. "Mc Cain Dumps The Tree Humping Green Meanies And The Big Bucks Roll In !"
  19. Blackwater Protected Anti-Blackwater Candidate in War Zones
  20. Our Energy is in a Crisis. A Domestic and National-Security Crisis.
  21. "Can You Say Socialism As In Destroy Our American Democracy ?"
  22. "As I predicted them Arabs Got Mad about His White Yarmulke ! "
  23. "This Should 'Rot Your Sox'",Obama:Too Many Old and Stupid People in Florida
  24. Gains for McCain in latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll
  25. Democratic convention brings challenges to Denver
  26. Former Landstuhl CSM releases statement on Barack Obama’s canceled visit
  27. New Slogans For Barack Obama
  28. Obama ... without reality ... It’s just Disney
  29. Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts
  30. No bounce for Obama from European trip
  31. Save the neglected Obama school in Kenya!
  32. "The Radical Who Would Be President Of The United States ."
  33. Black Bar Association Warns Of Election Racism.
  34. Once again, Obama promises to do what has ALREADY been done.
  35. Pacifism: The Last Refuge of Hypocrites,Burt Prelutsky
  36. Obama Taking Illegal Campaign Contributions from HAMAS?
  37. The One... a new ad by McCain about Obama.. Great Ad!
  38. Obama's 'Stuck on Stupid' 'Emergency' Economic Plan
  39. Obama's Top Ten Flaws That Will Cost Him in November
  40. Special Report: Red Faces Over Obama's (Communist)'Mentor' Frank Marshall Davis
  41. "What If Obama Loses ?"It Cannot Be,It Will Not Stand !"
  42. Obama backs away from McCain's debate challenge
  43. McCain vetting Va. congressman as possible veep
  44. "Old Joe LIberman Is Going To Pull A New 'Zell Miller '!
  45. Joe Lieberman: The Democrats' Worst Enemy
  46. You’ve Seen Funny Ads, Even Great Ads. This Independent Ad Tops Them All.
  47. Cindy McCain's Views on Abortion are RELEVANT
  48. Republicans to Mock Obama With Tire Gauges
  49. Obama Wants U.S. to Be First in Space,"This Bum Really Thinks That He Is The New JFK.
  50. Poll: Who does CU think will win in November?
  51. Obama says tire pressure can save our oil!
  52. Illegal Obama donors:Middle Eastern Arabs Gazan brothers from Rafah.
  53. "Even The Massholes are getting 'wise' to the 'Artful Dodger '!
  54. Obama: Tire guages better than drilling
  55. McCain gets loud welcome at Sturgis bike rally
  56. * Sister Maya’s Name Uncovered on Alleged Obama Birth Certificate [Update]
  57. Obama Promises to 'End the Age of Oil in Our Time',"Is This Idiot Still On Drugs ?"
  58. Riots if Obama loses?
  59. Man heckles Obama Because He hadn't called for the pledge himself
  60. Obama Against Nuclear Energy and Energy Independence
  61. Debate Moderators Named
  62. Paris mocks McCain in Ad
  63. McCain -- Paris Is My Energizer Bunny
  64. Sen. Hillary Clinton Seeks Democratic Convention Voice
  65. Obama Accuses Reporter of Serving as McCain's 'Proxy'..video
  66. Florida Poll Released by Survey USA: Barack Obama 44%, John McCain 50%
  67. "The Daily Kos,Should Be Renamed The Daily Crock O Crap !"
  68. Edwards Urged To Address Love Child Flap
  69. Democratic jitters as Obama heads for Hawaii
  70. Obama: America not a model for the world?..Video
  71. Obama accuses McCain of......(wait for it)....FLIPFLOPPNG!
  72. Democratic jitters as Obama heads for Hawaii
  73. Does O Understand Anything About Anything, especially Ballistic Missile Defense?
  74. "If You Donate Anything To MC Cain They'll Get You !"
  75. New Obama Sign And Salute!
  76. Obama's Aging Hippies,for three days of peace, love, and music.
  77. New McCain add hammering Obama ("Painful")
  78. YouTube - Barack Obama's wife plays race card on '60 Minutes'
  79. "Sounds Like The Next POTUS Talking About "Russia's Aggression".
  80. Obama:"Our Enormous Tragic History"...watch as he and Michelle insult America
  81. Obama has Kenyan citizenship (Rocky Mountain News)
  82. Missouri: McCain Now Leads By Seven in Classic Swing State
  83. Catholics are by no means a single-issue voting group.
  84. Barack Obama supports UN'S “Middle Man” Tax On American's Foreign Aid
  85. So Now That We Know That The Press Covered For Edwards
  86. "Yet Other Voices :Obama Running in Volation of US Election Law"
  87. Veteran gets one-on-one chat with Franken
  88. The Democratic Platform includes Preschool from age Zero!
  89. The name on Obama's Birth Certificate is Barry Soetoro.
  90. Are the Democrats and the American People About to be Mugged by a Con Artist?
  91. CNN: "Did media hide Edwards affair"?
  92. McCain adviser ducks single-term pledge
  93. Wolfson: Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination
  94. "John McCain's new Obama,"Weak in the Knees" "Fan Club" web ad "
  95. Why Obama is in Trouble,Obama has no chance of being elected president in 2008
  96. The Obamalympics
  97. Zer-0 visits typical old white lady
  98. Putin for POTUS - Now more than ever...Spengler
  99. Obama Symbol Designer Hits Back At Critics.
  100. Dem's drop "safe, legal and rare" language from abortion position
  101. "Are Thery Planning An Attack On Obama To Cause A Race War ?"
  102. I Do Believe the Obama Campaign May Have a Big Surprise Come Nomination Day.
  103. Obama gets the ultimate endorsement: the Communist Party USA!
  104. Book on Obama Hopes to Repeat Anti-Kerry Feat
  105. Is McCain suggesting that Obama is the Affirmative Action candidate?"
  106. But Only 34 to 37 Percent of Old White Men Support Barack Mohammed Obama .
  107. "Canadian Arab Brings One Pound Of Cyanide To Denver DNC HoeDown !"
  108. Presidential Race Draws Even-GOP Base Getting Behind McCain
  109. McCain House Party Tonight
  110. The entire DNC party platform (PDF)
  111. Dem Convention Protesters Beware!!!!
  112. Saddleback
  113. Barack Roll (Best Thing Ever)
  114. Obama: "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time."
  115. "It’s the Economy Stupor" (Obama's stupid strategy)
  116. Obama: Dumber than Dumb
  117. Flag Upside down on Obama tickets
  118. Obama's Tax Plan Is Really a Welfare Plan
  119. Who will be VP Choices?
  120. The Time for Liberty
  121. A young African-American's view on Barack
  122. Veterans Solidly Back McCain
  123. Polls show bad news for Obama
  124. RNC: McCain Won’t Choose Abortion-Supporting Running Mate
  125. The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress
  126. Giuliani to give keynote at GOP convention
  127. DNC host committee assures taxi drivers they'll be paid
  128. DNC Interfaith Gathering - Black Liberation Theology
  129. Obama's brother living in a hut
  130. McCain Will LOSE My Vote if Mitt Romney is VP Pick!
  131. What are some good Conservative YouTube Channels
  132. SnObama Lies Again in Ads Against John McCain
  133. McCain not sure how many houses he owns
  134. Michael Moore's advice to Barack Obama on how to win the election
  135. Will McCain pick Romney for VP?
  136. Mccain Fires Back Hard In New Ad, Featuring Rezko... Developing...
  137. Fake "Hillary Supporters" may show up at convention
  138. Reid: 'I can't stand John McCain'
  139. Obama Wants to Give One Billion American Dollars to the Republic of Georgia
  140. If the Electoral vote is Obama:269 McCain :269
  141. RNC Versus DNC Stages
  142. Hillary gets stiffed
  143. Will You Mr.Obama Now Admit that You Were Dead Wrong on the Surge?
  144. Chet Edwards as Obama's VP
  145. Obama/Bayh Stickers Being Printed (Developing)
  146. Repub vs Dem 08 Victory Party
  147. ‘Yes we can'? Make that: ‘Oops, we may not'
  148. ‘Just Words’ That Joe Biden Would Like To Forget
  149. Evil right wingers question Obama's American citizenship
  150. Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate
  151. Obama: Stop Ayers commercial!
  152. "Racism is the only reason Obama might lose."
  153. "Old Big Gator Mouth Biden Will Add A certain 'Charm' to The Campaign !"
  154. Michelle, Anti-American Radicals, and University of Chicago
  155. NEW McCain AD: Biden's own words (LOL!!)
  156. "This Video is running in VA and it is pissing Obama's team off big time."
  157. Obama Picks Cliff the Mailman,With the addition of Slow Joe Biden
  158. But a Huge Mistake by Obama in Choosing a Self-Important Clown for Vice President
  159. Joe Biden, Who has Been Marinating in The Senate for No Less than 35 Years.
  160. Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender All Love Old Slow Joe Biden
  161. Obama introduced Biden as the next President
  162. Michael Steele on McCain's Ticket
  163. RNC Launches Biden Gaffe Clock
  164. Obama and Biden, #1 and #3 most liberal senators
  165. New 'Cheney' is safe pick as Obama chooses Biden's experience
  166. McCain Campaign Representative Takes Obama-Biden Ticket Apart! - Video
  167. Joe Biden Speaks Out On Saddam's Dangerous WMD
  168. The "Magic O" and Slow Joe Show,This is Going to Be So Much Fun.
  169. HillBuzz has interesting info on Obama
  170. American Prayer - New Obama Musicvideo
  171. Barack Obama HUMILIATES Joe Biden on DAY 1 - UNBELIEVABLE
  172. Dems Give Full Voting Rights to Michigan, Florida
  173. Hillary Releases Delegates
  174. Obama Yoga
  175. The Republican nominee is viewed favorably by 63% of Tennessee voters
  176. Are they preparing for a Democratic Convention or the institution of martial law
  177. The Men Behind Him had a Crip or Blood Bandana to Hide Face.
  178. Do you remember this debate with Biden?
  179. Video of the Fox News crew in Colorado...
  180. The Case Against Barack Obama - David Freddoso Interview 1
  181. "It's Sad to see this Old Socialist Warthog at Deaths Door,He should Be In Church !"
  182. Behind the public face of unity, tensions are boiling and both sides are trading bar
  183. Obama humiliates Secret Service detail
  184. Are you watching the Democrat Convention?
  185. Biden: a step back for Obama
  186. Including Having algore Introduce Obama for His Acceptance Speech
  187. Barack Obama and his defeated rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  188. Jesus Was Dark, Liberal: Why Fear Obama?
  189. It's been a long McGovern summer for Sen. Obama his lead dwindled
  190. Obamessiah's ties to domestic terrorism
  191. RNC Happy Hour for Hillary
  192. Pepsi Center is filling with water
  193. OBAMA bin BIDEN
  194. "Obama's Gang Are Afraid of a Full Roll Call Vote !"
  195. Is The Presidency Above Obama's Mental Pay Grade?
  196. Protest Protest Bans At Dnc
  197. In Denver, Deep Doubts About Obama,Undecided voters have trouble supporting the nomin
  198. Poll: More than half of Clinton backers still not sold on Obama
  199. Live from DNC: Obama Says Gays ‘Crucial’ to Democratic Victory
  200. "Every Freak In America Will Be There,Zombie Time with Photos !"
  201. Comedy Central
  202. Another Dem like me voting for McCain.
  203. No victim politics;Pelosi
  204. Obama to DOJ;block terrorist ad
  205. Clinton crossover vote ad for John McCain
  206. RNC up with Video ad spotlighting Hillary critique of Obama
  207. "Lets Keep It Hidden FGS And Out Of The Public Eye's !"
  208. The Tturmoil continues in Denver; now it's Bill (Hillary's destiny was stolen)
  209. Prickly PUMAs' Permanent Pout Perpetuates Pundit's Plumbing Problems
  210. Pamella Cash-Roper lifelong Republican or female Jeb Eddy?
  211. Five Game-Changing McCain VP picks
  212. Sen. Obama's gaffe factory,Sen. Biden is a racist, plagiarizing, tax-and-spend liar
  213. "Self-Described Anarchists Yelling “Kill Michelle Malkin”
  214. Thousands of lobbyists, corporate sponsors descend on Denver
  215. "Denver Police Scanner Live Actup68 Heaving Bags Of Crap And Urine !
  216. Joe Biden, the Kiss of Death,the beginning of Obama’s demise.
  217. Bill Clinton twists the knife……in Barack’s back.
  218. Know Enough? (New Obama & Bill Ayers ad) - Barack and the terrorist
  219. Awful lot of Hillary supporters at the DNC...
  220. You can't make this stuff up!!
  221. Another Radical Obama Association? a Muslim named Khalid Al-Mansour
  222. video Clinton delegate may sit out the election(emotional breakdown after her speech)
  223. Clinton delegates being forced to vote for Obama
  224. No Bounce for Obama in Post-Biden Tracking
  225. McCain Says Obama Is Confused About America's Global Standing
  226. "The Return Of The Great God Zeus To Us Poor Foolish Mortals !"
  227. IN 52 SECS WHY BARACK OBAMA WON'T WIN [Advocates disarmament of U.S.]
  228. Conservative Dems bailing on Obama; Rasmussen has no Michelle O bounce
  229. Candidate pledges on YouTube clip to gut military spending, research
  230. "Liberman is out And Hutchison's Conservative enough !"
  231. video:Bill Clinton's Not-So-Subtle Diss of Barack Obama
  232. Strategic Vision Poll Results - Florida (McCain 49% Obama 42%)
  233. Obama As Oedipus King of Thebes/America .
  234. Obama Rage Sweeps Kenya; Elders Plan to Fine Clinton A Few Cows .
  235. Stupid Republicans
  236. Sans Class DNC Delegates,Wisconsin Congreewoman pulls out condoms.
  237. Hillary Supporters for McCain: West Virginia Democrats aren't warming up to Obama.
  238. Democrats fear John McCain will pick a woman as his running mate, there goes PUMA
  239. O' Hail the Messiah High Lord Obama
  240. McCain/Hutchinson = NO SALE!
  241. Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Democrat Senators With Big Donors .
  242. Republican Michael Wilson (Iraq vet) nominating BARRY??
  243. Obama: Cub fans 'not serious', Only 'beer, beautiful people' at Wrigley
  244. Obama's Greatest Accomplishment: Global Poverty Act of 2007
  245. WHAT, exactly, are Hillary Clinton's supporters so angry about?
  246. "I don't like him, I don't like Michelle, I don't like his policies," Meeks said
  247. Obama Limericks
  248. U.S. News and World Report: Romney’s out
  249. View From Denver: A Party In Pieces,Democrats emerging unified is laughable.
  250. Biden's Bishop Is Playing Catholic Hardball With Him