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  1. Obama's Lead Shrinks...in Massachusetts?! (Uh oh, O-bama)
  2. Liberals send "mini-army" of lawyers and investigators to AK
  3. I'm Convinced: Barack Hussein Obama is a MUSLIM
  4. DU is trying to take a poll on Sarah Palin down. Let's get'em!
  5. Poll Position: Be Very Afraid,A democrat expert says: "This election just flipped.
  6. Florida Republican Women Officially Boycott Oprah
  7. Biden makes another goof
  8. Sarah Palin REALLY IS a Social Conservative!
  9. Obam-UH's new campaign theme song...
  10. Lipstick, Pigs, and a Squad for Truth. Obama Gaffe.
  11. Gordon Brown triggers row with McCain
  12. A Bailout for Detroit
  13. Democrats Return to the Pork Barrel
  14. New Ad Hits Obama for Supporting 'Sex Ed for Kindergartners'...
  15. Swinegate ad
  16. The World's Verdict Will Be Harsh If The US Rejects The Man It Yearns For
  17. Sarah has a copyright on the word "Lipstick?"
  18. I predict a new surge in Iraq
  19. Here on a Green Card and Already Moaning About America's free elections !
  20. Well, we knew it would happen. DU is famous.
  21. Why I'm voting for John McCain, Burt Prelutsky
  22. Give Biden a pat on the back
  23. Anyone watching Barry getting his comeuppance on FOX? (VIDEO AD)
  24. New McCain Ad
  25. Russians like a Putin Obama Ticket polls show
  26. Anecdotal Evidence Suggests That Palin has Also Mobilized Liberal Women.
  27. Bob Barr asks Ron Paul to run as his Vice President
  28. It's Too Late Obama
  29. He truly is the Obamessiah - the Second Coming - to these morons
  30. Barack Obama lays out his plan to protect America.
  31. Dems are Disintegrating
  32. If Dem's were honest they would tell everyone to elect Palin
  33. Piper Palin for prez!!!
  34. Boxer on Hardball - "Alaska leads the way in rape and incest"
  35. Biden: Hillary a better VP pick then me!
  36. Rasmussen - McCain leads in Alaska 64% to 33%
  37. More Lib Psychosis from Salon,Pissed about Palin,Women, it's time to get furious.
  38. Obama Repeatedly Quotes Cartoonist While on Campaign Trail
  39. Oh this is hillarious,Some nut job .Alaskans Homer
  40. Mona Charen :: Townhall.com Columnist Is Trig the Heart of Media Reaction to Palin?
  41. What I Saw at the Two Conventions
  42. Have your liberal friends read this:
  43. Biden: Stand up, Chuck
  44. Rasmussen: Obama leads McCain in Illinois 53% to 38%
  45. Crazy, right?
  46. Obama Plagerized WaPo Cartoon During Lipstick Remark?
  47. Obama's Big Problem
  48. This B.S about Jesus being a community organizer
  49. Roger Ebert on Sarah Palin
  50. LOL: So let me get this straight..........
  51. Obama Implodes In Georgia; McCain Leads 56% To 38%
  52. Obama Ugly Telling Lies
  53. One seemed in charge and at home
  54. The View With A View, girls love or hate Gov. Sarah Palin.
  55. Sarah Palin: "War Has Got To Be A Last Option." "We Must Not Blink, Charlie."
  56. McCain Pummels Obama in Idaho 68% to 29% McCain by 39% Rassmussen
  57. The Palin interview
  58. More doom and gloom from the Democrats
  59. 9/11 Presidential Forum
  60. New McCain Ad: Disrespectful
  61. Moonbats dropping like flies, It’s Epidemic - Palin Derangement Syndrome
  62. More Polls ('cause I enjoy them)
  63. He can’t win. He won’t win. It is over,Keep us safe from the Democrats !
  64. Abc's Bungles Botches Mar Palin Interview
  65. Gina Gershon as Vice President Hopeful, Sarah Palin
  66. Gallup: Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive (Drill, Baby, Drill Paying off
  67. "Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she's a WOMAN!"
  68. "Some Black people would be angry it would be reminiscent of the [1960s] riots"
  69. Hold Your Liberal Nose and Vote, or Turn in Your Guns…It’s That Simple
  70. New McCain Ad: Disrespectful (0bama vs. Palin)
  71. ABC hyped the teaser to sound like Ms. Palin was ready to press the button.
  72. Does Race Matter In '08?
  73. Sean Hannity took issue with Charlie Gibson's interview with Gov. Sarah Palin
  74. Greta Gets First Interview with 'First Dude'
  75. Democrats desert Barack Obama and turn towards the Republicans
  76. What Makes People Vote Republican (Good Article From A Lib Alert)
  77. Support Sara, Take This Far Left AOL Poll !
  78. 'What Makes People Think Having Their Neighbor in the White House is a Good Thing?'
  79. New iPhone app for following the election
  80. Harry Reid Refers To 'president Mccain'
  81. Obama's Altitude Sickness
  82. "Kids for the Hero POW and the Mom"
  83. Temple: McCain/Palin Ad
  84. Obama's People need to learn to google
  85. Charles Gibson of ABC News was out for blood compared to George Stephanopoulos
  86. Panic sets in for Obama, Democrats,The election he had in the bag is slipping away.
  87. Barack Obama could be on the verge of falling out of contention in Florida.
  88. Anybody watch 20/20?
  89. Dobbs: Olbermann 'Hanging by a Highly Medicated String'
  90. Governor Sarah Palin Rocks!
  91. Message by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
  92. Don't take my word for it. Feminists have been screaming like stuck pigs 24/7
  93. ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview
  94. Thomas Jefferson VS Today’s Limousine Liberals .
  95. The Virginian Pilot POLL: Which candidate is more qualified to be president...?
  96. Real Clear Politics has McCain up 227-217 Electoral College
  97. "Just Like French Jon Kerry He Was For it Before He Was Against It !"
  98. "This Poor Lady Is Caught In A Liberal Crap Storm And It Will Get Much Deeper !"
  99. In the DNC War Room...
  100. How the F is Obama more qualified then Palin
  101. Florida may be falling from Obama's grasp
  102. "Do We Want a President Who Can't Even Tie His Own Shoes?"
  103. Rassmussen : South Dakota McCain by 17% 54/37
  104. Video: Vote Your Conscience, Catholic Vote 2008
  105. Bishop Vasa: Pro-Abortion Candidates are "Disqualified" - Clarifies "Faithful Citizen
  106. Campaigns shout it out,So much for nuance, or elevating the dialogue.
  107. Thirty-three reasons not to vote for Obama
  108. Zogby: New Hampshire McCain-49.1% Obama-42.8%
  109. COME ON...... they are trying to SAY OBAMA IS HONEST
  110. Why is there NO LINK to Obama's campaign web site on Hillary's site??
  111. Two candidates in Colorado
  112. Seeing through Obamanomics
  113. Obama camp in panic as ‘Xena’ Sarah Palin scythes through support
  114. Charlie Gibson Goes From Most Respected Anchor to Foolish Disgrace
  115. John McCain reaching the 50% level of support
  116. Out-Takes: The Atlantic Monthly Finances Vile Anti-McCain Propaganda
  117. After I Slapped a McCain Bumper Sticker on My Car, Somebody Tore It Off
  118. Saw first set of bumper stickers that made me laugh
  119. So why aren't liberals trotting out the "qualified" meme with other races?
  120. Dem. Illinois gov defends Palin's experience
  121. By Hook Or By Crook : Duplicate forms from ACORN ,Many Bad voter applications found
  122. Mad Libs, The liberal Media are Angry. Very, Very Angry.
  123. The Lying King
  124. As a conservative, I can not stress how excited I was by Sarah's selection.
  125. New Barack Obama Ad
  126. Alaska, the 'Welfare State'Says CNN'S Partisan Paul Begala and Michael Kinsley .
  127. Sarah Rally In Golden CO Monday - Moved To Larger Venue - Live Feed
  128. PBS video aboutGov. Palin
  129. Video Found of Obama talking about job Ayers gave him
  130. Barack Obama Embellishes His Resume
  131. DFA's shameless ad ,Have you seen this Democracy for America ad yet?
  132. Obama supporter running "Troopergate" investigation
  133. Charlie Gibson and ABC News Camera Trickery
  134. Karl Rove slams McCain's ads
  135. I taught Sarah to shoot and butcher a moose ... Washington won't scare her
  136. Why Liberal Feminists Hate Sarah Palin
  137. Palin Says Farewell to Alaska...for Now
  138. An EMAIL from Ireland
  139. McCain... thanks Whoopi for being utterly misguided about the Constitution...?
  140. Biden: Electing Black President Is Transformative
  141. does this DUer understand that Obama was not in office when the Iraq war started
  142. Obama Tried To Stall Gis' Iraq Withdrawal
  143. Pictures of McCain Rally without Palin
  144. Ohio Polls: McCain Has a Rasmussen 7 % points Lead Over Obama
  145. Obama Can't Win Against Palin , KARL ROVE
  146. Palin bounce erodes Obama's electoral map advantage
  147. Poll: Obama's NY Lead Falls to 5 Points; Down From 18 Points in June...
  148. The Biggest McCain Rally Ever,when 20,000 people flocked to see McCain and Palin.
  149. Records show McCain more bipartisan
  150. Worth a reposting: Obama colleague and friend exhibits his patriotism
  151. McCain: Kill Taxes, Raise Babies Obama: Raise Taxes, Kill Babies
  152. Obama Winning VA?
  153. Atlantic Magazine Might Sue McCain Smearing Photographer
  154. Dems look to buy votes.
  155. Atlantic photographer and her 'McCain Derangement Syndrome'
  156. Rasmussen: McCain maintains 5 pt lead in Florida (49%-44%)
  157. Obama: Not Faithful to Our Military
  158. Dear Mr.Obama, Who Are You?
  159. All Tied in Pennsylvania: Obama 47% McCain 47%
  160. McCain Holds 48% to 45% Lead in Ohio
  161. "A Time For Choosing- Rendezvous with Destiny"
  162. Born Alive Truth
  163. Obama's teleprompter hits the trail
  164. Obama discusses Palin with his staff
  165. We'll Protect Taxpayers
  166. History Dept. Chair: Palin Somehow Connected to Pacific Northwest Hate Groups
  167. Couric To Interview Palin Next Week
  168. SarahCuda: A new production from Mike’s America:
  169. "He admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer, can't send an e-mail
  170. "McCain Tie And in ..........New Jersey, Surely, You Jest ! "
  171. Obama's Backers and the Wall Street Meltdown
  172. Where are the mug shots of drunk, hooker-loving McCain fans?
  173. Tanning Bed to Troopergate:
  174. Obama Supporter Mug Shots
  175. I wish....
  176. Obama Pretends He Had a Role in Stimulus Package
  177. Fannie, Freddie and Obama!
  178. Hope She Can Spin This One! Damning Palin Video.
  179. Caladesi Island's linen-white sands along Florida's western coast
  180. McCain takes lead in 'Battleground Poll' (McCain 46%, Obama 40%)
  181. "Keith Oberman's Mulatto Little Sister Runs It's Mouth !"
  182. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter to endorse McCain
  183. The Left’s breakdown over all things Palin was as predictable as it is encouraging.
  184. Now we know why Obama supports gay marriage!
  185. Exclusive: Barbra Streisand Sings Support for Obama
  186. Hamas Palestinians Man Phone Bank for Obama
  187. Obama Change Ring
  188. FIRST AMEDMENT 101 - Goldberg's LESSON
  189. Obama-Biden Reservations Confirmed "The Spin That Didn't Quite Work !
  190. Obama’s Losing Ground Everywhere, Not By a Little, But By a Lot.
  191. A letter asking for campaign contibutions for Obama came to my house yesterday....
  192. Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him
  193. Obama Turns Down LiLo's Offer Of Help
  194. Top Attack Dog In Palin Troopergate Smear Campaign Is Phony Soldier
  195. Stephanie Curcio: Palin puts career before children
  196. Secret Service investigating a wish that Obama "gets a bullet."
  197. Economy Hurting McCain Nationally
  198. Obama Tax Plan Raising taxes in New York State by a total of $3 billion !
  199. John McCain 282.8 votes Barack Obama 255.2 Electoral College votes .
  200. Palin’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Published on Web Site
  201. Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity
  202. Obama's Housing Project Video
  203. On national security, Senator Obama is almost a caricature of Jimmy Carter
  204. Video Tying Obama to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Inescapeable!
  205. Obama to Supporters: 'Argue with Your Neighbors, Get in Their Face'!
  206. "Stick To our Narrative" In other words the DNC Talking Points and don't improvise !
  207. "Take A Look At Obama's Queen Nefertiti As America's New First Lady !"
  208. Hillary Clinton supporters ignore her plea to back Barack Obama
  209. McCain Needs to Cut This Commercial, Immediately
  210. Biden says paying more taxes is "patriotic".
  211. I encourage Barack to voluntarily pay higher taxes....
  212. Why doesn't Hegel just...
  213. Special Queef still lying with special comments during special moments
  214. Obama trailing McCain in Georgia by 16 points
  215. Lindsay Lohan's Dad Slams Obama Over Reported Dis
  216. ARG Polls Show Danger Signs For Obama - Democrats Defecting
  217. John McCain's economic adviser Carly Fiorina.....
  218. Michelle Obama - don't vote for 'cute' Palin
  219. Obama says - stop listening to 'wrong' radio shows
  220. Eyelids admits: "The MSM is in the tank for Obama so I'm not worried..."
  221. Rothchild Mops Floor With Campbell Brown - Updated
  222. John McCain to The Old Folks Home; and Sarah Palin Would be Burned at the Stake.
  223. McCain/Palin Rally in Cedar Rapids (slow internet WARNING, image HEAVY)
  224. McCain/Palin to be in my county Monday
  225. John, Spain is not Mexico
  226. Obama your'e a lair, Frankin is your finance buddy!
  227. Biden tells group why Democrats lose presidential elections and it applys Obama
  228. “We have strong evidence that the Palin pick was the big part of it .”
  229. Liberal civil rights lawyers in the largest Stolen vote-protection effort Ever .
  230. The hacker is David Kernell, the 20-year old son of Democrat Mike Kernell .
  231. Sarah Palin Should Cancel Perky Katie Couric Interview
  232. Can anyone figure out Cindy McCain's REAL position on abortion?? I sure can't!
  233. Barack Obama's Marxist Ties
  234. From the Horse's Mouth
  235. McCain's speech on the economy 9/19
  236. Dear Media: What’s This Election About?
  237. New McCain ad: “Jim Johnson”
  238. McCain Wins Endorsement of Democrat
  239. Obama pulling back into lead
  240. Changing winds?
  241. Donald Trump - endorsing McCain
  242. Obama Speech - Teleprompter Goes Out
  243. ‘Blacks Against Obama’ Interrupt Campaign Rally
  244. Comparing the US Naval Academy To Columbia !
  245. FUN with Obama's Speech this morning,Obama Tied to CEO's
  246. Obama, Allen said, is "so much better" than Republican rival John McCain
  247. Joe Biden loses Barack Obama the Catholic vote
  248. Motor Mouth Biden may have upset some crucial swing state voters.
  249. McCain-Palin 2008 Launches New TV Ad: "Overseas"
  250. Video: Prayer, God and War: The Media Elites v. Palin, Clinton, JFK, FDR, and Lincoln