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  1. What's the Top Electoral College State This Year?
  2. Palin Pick Puts Many New York Women on the Verge Of Suicide !
  3. Early US presidential voting starts in battleground states
  4. Hoo boy...this organization is calling out Obama big time tonight
  5. Sandra Bernhard issues 'gang rape' warning to Sarah Palin
  6. "I'm a Neo-Con": Conservative, Redefining Cool Message to the Media
  7. The Palin Effect: Her enemies are bellowing like a wounded moose
  8. A Vile, Arrogant, Angry Man in a Tailored Suit
  9. A new Michigan Poll hit the front page of the Detroit News this morning
  10. Another Black Preacher Warns About Barack Hussein Obama
  11. Poll: Racial views steer some away from Obama
  12. How Liberal Trolls Are Working To Get McCain Elected President
  13. Obama Says If He Wins Florida, He Wins the White House
  14. One year ago today...
  15. The Left's Crooked Umpires
  16. Barack Obama: toxic mentors start to corrode pristine campaign
  17. Can Obama Survive the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and Association with Bill Ayers?
  18. Florida: McCain 51%, Obama 45%
  19. Poll says McCain to take Idaho in Nov.
  20. Obama, Pritzker, subprime loans and the CIA
  21. Call for Senate Hearings RE: Obama and the Logan Act
  22. Palin Commentary: When Atheists Attack
  23. Obama can't have my Beretta!
  24. ‘Attack by Association’ Viewed as Fair Game by McCain Camp
  25. Palin Hurting McCain in FL?
  26. "New York Femi-Nazi's Are Afraid of Sara Palin !"
  27. Barack Obama - Veggie Burger Hill
  28. Do Republicans have a site similar to ActBlue?
  29. "I think she's going to eat Joe Biden's lunch at the Debate."
  30. 60 minutes - 1 minute 49 seconds in to the interview
  31. Obama yells at an Old lady questioning him about national security.
  32. Media Not Reporting Failed Financial Agencies Are Big Donors to Obama
  33. Did Obama Fund Web-based Smear Campaign Targeting Palin?
  34. Palin Draws Crowd of 60,000 in Florida
  35. The View - Look at the difference!
  36. Deep secrets of campaign 2008, part 2
  37. "Obama Campaign Hides Jim Johnson, the former CEO of Fannie Mae and a close friend."
  38. "The Big Dipper Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman, more than $165,000. "
  39. Vote Fraud Experts ACORN Resurrecting Dead in North Carolina
  40. 25% of Hillary support going to McCain-Plain, a number Obama cannot hope to win with.
  41. Feminist Organization supporting Palin CENSORED by COMCAST
  42. Former Clinton staffers jump to McCain
  43. The Mother Of All Frauds
  44. Hard-Hitting McCain Ad Links Obama to Chicago
  45. New ARG Polls - Looking good for McCain in NH, MI, MN, et al
  46. What if ...
  47. Bill Clinton agrees with ME!!! (Thank you Elizabeth for asking the question!)
  48. ‘SNL’ Palin-Incest Joke Falls Flat In Sketch Lampooning New York Times
  49. Well, since Blinky thinks polls are so damned important....
  50. The Facts As Reported By the New York Times !
  51. Video: NRA drops four new ads on Obama
  52. Gallup’s Internals and Our Nation’s
  53. US election: McCain aides attack group's voter registration processes
  54. Biden says mocking McCain was "terrible"
  55. Bill Cinton lust for Sarah Palin
  56. If Barack Obama loses the 2008 election, liberal hell will break loose.
  57. The Press has discovered racism, and it's in you --- yes, you
  58. Obama Dollars,Watch the money flow. Obama dollars can tell us a lot.
  59. Is anyone afraid of race riots if Obama loses?
  60. Losing Michigan and North Dakota put Obama behind McCain.
  61. "PUMA'S Never Forget What They Did To Hillary !"
  62. Palin bans reporters from meetings with leaders
  63. Obama backtracking on wide range of policy
  64. Who is Obama? He says he is a "Community Organizer".
  65. Young Jews plan a 'Great Florida Schlep' for Obama
  66. Philly Dems note discomfort over Obama among some white voters
  67. Obama is dangerously unfit to be president
  68. Weekly Standard confronts a Winner and Associates Astroturfer
  69. Enthusiastic crowd greets the Republican candidates
  70. Ohio senator: Phones 'ringing off the hook' against bailout
  71. Obama upset with Biden - AGAIN!!
  72. Democratic Jews have their priorities ass-backwards ,Your abortions or your lives!
  73. Man held for approaching Sen. Obama's Kenwood home with gun, bulletproof vest
  74. "Franklin Raines, Clinton's Budget Director, ran Fannie and collected $50 million."
  75. Parsing the political present tense, Obama's 'Present' votes
  76. Biden, Foot in mouth "Twice"
  77. The Man Who Never Was: Media Campaigns Hard for Obama
  78. Know Enough? (Obama & Bill Ayers ad) - Barack and the terrorist
  79. Barack Obama: The Trojan Candidate
  80. McCain-Palin 2008 Launches New Web Video: "Where Is Obama?"
  81. Bill 'sympathetic' to Todd Palin (Clinton, that is.)
  82. Election 2008 Latest Polls Wednesday, September 24
  83. Fox’s Megyn Kelly vs. Obama Spokesman on NRA Ads
  84. A Video: Voters Guide for Serious Catholics !
  85. Just A Peek: Katie’s Interview With Sarah Palin
  87. Breaking: Obama Refuses to Delay the Debate
  88. “Anybody with guns and shooting moose don’t care about Jews and blacks.”
  89. All’s Foul in Love and Politics
  90. Fannie Mae CEO Obama and the Dems the "Family" and "Conscience" of Fannie Mae
  91. Bella Star Eduardo Verástegui Urges Hispanic Voters to Reject Obama Over Abortion
  92. Obama And Dems Try To Steal The White House
  93. Palm Beach problems have officials worried about potential repeat of 2000
  94. "Bill Clinton Drags His Feet For Obama and Turns Jewish Just for The Holy Days !"
  95. With polls showing John McCain leading among Hispanics in Florida .
  96. Vote!
  97. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? I absolutely detest the media.
  98. Obama is a vapid demagogue, a hollow man that despises American culture
  99. Media covering for Obama, remains unknown
  100. Obama is not black
  101. "Palin 'Don't Care Too Much What They Do With Jews and Blacks' "
  102. McCain Losing Ground in Key States
  103. Obama grant being probed
  104. Bogus WPost-ABC poll is an example partisan media outlets manipulate "news."
  105. Time Magazine's Obama supporters like Joe Klein, Ana Marie Cox, and Karen Tumulty?
  106. Obama's "Garden to No Where"
  107. Excellent video-Obama in his own words:-)
  108. The Campaign Gets Hotter Still…Obama wins/McCain wins
  109. Pure Independents: Obama 24%, McCain 38%
  110. Awesome: McCain’s acting in good faith in pulling out of the debate, says Clinton
  111. Deal May Be Dead: Democrats Blaming McCain
  112. Canada and Russia are in Alaska?
  113. Code Pink Obama Bundler
  114. McCain will be at the debate
  115. Obama voter reg. website: "Unfortunately, only US citizens are eligible..."
  116. ACORN, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, voter fraud and Obama
  117. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Do you want the truth or the Kool-Aid?
  118. "his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982."
  119. "Now Here's A Real Suprise, American Arabs Favor B Hassain Obama !"
  120. Obama Continues to Subvert Free Speech
  121. Bogus Poll Intended to Boost Obama
  122. Letterman lets McCain have it
  123. SnObama's thuggery by Glenn Reynolds
  124. POLL:"Twenty Percent Of W.Virginian's Think B Hussein Obama Is a Muslem !"
  125. Kathleen Parker: Palin Should Quit
  126. Paulson and Obama (The Audicity of Incompetence)
  127. Debate Thread
  128. Debate question
  129. Sarah Palin SHOULD Have Told Perky Katie Couric to GO STICK IT!
  130. Is this legal?
  131. Take this poll from the Virginian-Pilot
  132. "Oh No, Next They Will Want My ID When I cash A Check Or Use An ATM !"
  133. Gov Palins Parents - 9/11 Response Team
  134. " Here's A Partial Post Debate Poll List ,The DUmp is All Over These !"
  135. 300 Retired Generals And Admirals Endorse John McCain For President
  136. The DUmmies found a smoking gun,Horsesh*t
  137. Obama Spittle Globs = Obama Sweats on Camera
  138. Choosing The Next President Of The United States
  139. John McCain / Barack Obama First Presidential Debate - Complete Video 9/26/08
  140. "Obama Boy Is Running Scared. Of Old John In The First Debate !"
  141. Zogby predicts potential McCain landslide
  142. McCain, Obama, or someone else?
  143. After Complaints, Postal Service Shifts Course to Provide Absentee Ballot
  144. Signs of liberty (SnObama style)
  145. Obama directly tied to voting fraud group ACORN .
  146. Video: Sarah Palin is carved into cornfield
  147. Promise (Devastating New McCain Ad on Nobama)
  148. In Too Deep,Working away from a “stunningly irresponsible” bailout.
  149. Online Polls - Who really Won?
  150. "Just A Quick One To Crank Up The Twit :McCain 63%, Obama 37% ."
  151. Mother to Obama - 'TAKE OFF THAT BRACELET!'
  152. "Verdict on Obama's Debate: Mealymouthed, Pathetic ."
  153. More Funny Obama Clips they're Everywhere !
  154. Pretty Cool Ad for Obama
  155. National Enquirer Names Palin's Secret Lover
  156. "Tweety Is Unhappy With Obami Boy !"
  157. Video of Democrats in their own words
  158. New McCain Ad: Mum
  159. What We Learned From The Debate
  160. The Financial Mess: How We Got Here
  161. Obama spokesmouth outtted on Fox and Friends
  162. "Flash David Axelrod And Obama's Senior Aides Are On Superior Drugs Again !"
  163. Our next door neighbors are foreign countries
  164. Rate The Debates
  165. TN Poll (Mccain-48 Obama-36 Adults) (Mccain-55 Obama-35 LV) (Sep. 15-27th)
  166. Jibjab - Obama Breakdown
  167. McCain Losing Ground Coast to Coast
  168. New McCain Ad: Rein With a cameo appearance from Bill Clinton
  169. Esp. for Eyelids - schoolchildren sing the praises of the Obamessiah
  170. "If This Old Fool Used His Daughter As His Model Somethings Incestous is Going On !"
  171. The Antics Of Acorn
  172. What does a Community Organizer do?
  173. Unlike Clinton, Biden Gets Pass
  174. If I were a Republican Strategist right now I would be licking my lips .
  175. "We wanted to be absolutely sure it couldn't be hacked into," Brewer said.
  176. Black Florida congressman apologizes for Palin comments
  177. ARG polls: McCain leads in NV, NC and VA (conveniently absent from the news)
  178. As If It Weren't Obvious
  179. Obama's Ties To 'ACORN'
  180. Gwen Ifill Breaks Ankle - The Show Will Go On
  181. Boston Herald Endorses McCain
  182. Sarah Palin on Hugh Hewitt's show
  183. McCain Takes 21-Point Lead in Arizona
  184. When he faces Sarah Palin,Joe Biden will have his hands full.
  185. Pretty soon, people will realize Obama is the emperor with no clothes
  186. Vets For Freedom Ad — Skipped
  187. Race, unfamiliarity could defeat Obama in southeast
  188. Voting for president begins in pivotal Ohio
  189. Obama policies will deepen recession
  190. WARNING: Sarah Palin MUST Boycott VP Debate if Gwen Ifill Remains Moderator!
  191. VP Debate Moderator Pens Pro-Obama Book
  192. A Debate “Moderator” in the Tank for Obama, Michelle Malkin !
  193. US electoral college forecast shows McCain is way ahead of Obama
  194. Obama's Friend
  195. Ohio Voters Head to the Polls
  196. New Pro-McCain Ad: Chose
  197. ACORN registering Homeless Ohioans for Obama in droves;
  198. Debate Watching Event Philly Area
  199. New McCain Ad Targets Obama Aide’s Freddie, Fannie Connections
  200. Biden Secret Service Code Name: 'assassination Insurance'
  201. Today's State Polling
  202. THIS IS THE ARMY - 1943 Patriotic Stuff
  203. Educate The Idiots
  204. Great video: Who is responsible for this mess?
  205. Channel 666
  206. FL GOP Hold Emergency Meeting
  207. McCain leads Virginia in new Mason-Dixon poll
  208. The Bradley effect means this: Voters lie to pollsters about black candidates,
  209. Palin’s new plan: Be Aggressive. Palin plans to Go after Biden at the Debate .
  210. McCain Gives up Michigan
  211. Obama’s Fishy $200 Million
  212. "The Psychics Have Spoken: Bush Will Carry out His Term Indefinitely."
  213. My fellow Obamites - don’t gloat too soon.Jabbering Joe Biden Could blow
  214. Lou Dobbs, Alone in MSM, Reports on Ohio Early Voting Abuse
  215. Debate Lingo
  216. State Supreme Court overrules Brunner on absentee-ballot check-box issue
  217. POLL:liberal national media's blatant bias against Governor Palin?
  218. VP Debate
  219. Biden's 14 Lies
  220. "Dick Morris Rips Little Alen Colmes a New Bung Hole on Fox News !"
  221. poll:What did you think of the candidates in Thursday's vice presidential debate?
  222. Palin field dressed Biden. She stalked him, lowered her sights on him,
  223. Take the poll: Who did a better job in the vice presidential debate?
  224. Analysis: Stakes high, Palin tops expectations
  225. Vistors to the worlds most popular web site say PALIN WON DEBATE
  226. biden had a BOUNCEY!!!
  227. Sarah Biden, Vice-Presidential meltdown.
  228. The Enigma That Is Obama
  229. McCain - Bush should veto bailout
  230. Newsies Nervous About Exit Polls.
  231. "Cooking The Polls For Obama At the AP !"
  232. What a difference 2 years makes
  233. How Dems can defeat Obama....
  234. "Watch Sarah Paulim Chew Him Up And Leave Him Sputtering !"
  235. Ohio's Election Being Stolen---Video Evidence
  236. Ohio VOTE FRAUD Happening Right Now!
  237. Welcome To Camp Obama
  238. "Sic Em Sarah,Tell Them All About This This Guys Terrorist Buddies !"
  239. Raving moonbat letter to the editor time again!
  240. Allah Will Send an American Gorbachev to End the American Empire Soon
  241. Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s “Dreams”?
  242. McCain Brother Joe Calls Northern Virginia 'Communist Country'
  243. Sarah Palin hits Obama for palling around with terrorists
  244. Democrats systematically targeted military ballots
  245. Leaked: Homer To Vote For Obama
  246. Why Barrack Obama Shouldn't be President
  247. Top 20 industry recipients in this cycle
  248. Another stupid poll from the left -
  249. Barack Obama & Friends Sean Hannity Special
  250. Close-up on Juvenile Justice .Author, Former Offender Among Speakers