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  1. McCain blasts Obama, Democrats for Fannie Mae meltdown
  2. Obama says giving houses to people Who Couldn't Afford Them was a GOOD IDEA!!
  3. Ex-generals cry foul over pro-Obama video
  4. Teacher Suspended For Releasing Obama Youth Video
  5. McCain calls Obama a liar
  6. Palin criticizes Obama's ties to Wright, Ayers
  7. Newsweek: Palin Too Common, Too Stupid to be VP, She's 'Dangerous'
  8. Her rally moved from an airport hangar to The civic center that seats 10,000.
  9. Man Behind 100g 'garbage Garden' Sued Own Mom
  10. Warner attacks the NRA and other groups
  11. Part of McCain's Albuquerque speech.
  12. Why Do People Set High Standards For Everyone EXCEPT Barack Obama?
  13. Will Voters be Truthful When Pollsters Ask Who They Plan to Pick ?
  14. Racism Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels and Most in The Democratic Party.
  15. October surprise: SHOCKING photos, Obama is finished
  16. Barack Obama: The MEN behind the Man
  17. Monday's Polling: Obama Dominates
  18. Obama, Acorn, And Election Fraud
  19. Focus, People,A life-or-death election.
  20. Prominent Hillary Clinton supporter helps open Democrats for McCain
  21. Pharaobama and Michelle: Big Plans For You
  22. The great lie from the Left (Washington, New York and Hollywood)! .....
  23. The Real Obama: Part III Thomas Sowell
  24. VIDEO: Palin Fires Back At Heckler
  25. Sal In Harlem with black voters (Howard Stren show)
  26. Caplis Reports: The Obama Tapes
  27. The Real Obama: Part IV Thomas Sowell
  28. Why Won’t Obama Talk About Columbia?
  29. Sit Down For This One: CNN Throws Obama Overboard on Ayers
  30. Fox News (October 31, 2004) Florida Poll: Kerry 49%, Bush 44%
  31. Obama's Friends the Weathermen(Video)
  32. Debate 2 Live Thread
  33. Country is Headed to a Constitutional Crisis
  34. Mason-Dixon Florida Poll (Obama 48%-McCain 46%)
  35. {{{{drudge Poll}}}} Who Won The Second Presidential Debate?...
  36. Obama Won't Play Well In The Northeast
  37. ACORN office in Vegas raided in voter-fraud probe
  38. Folks
  39. A boring debate ends in a lot of bad feelings.
  40. James Carville Hints at Riots If Obama Loses Election
  41. Obama for granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
  42. The Real Obama Part II Thomas Sowell
  43. Biden gaffes are contagious
  44. Secret dangers about Obama
  45. Did You Know That Obama Speaks Arabic .Most Muslems Do !
  46. Voter Fraud in Ohio
  47. ACORN Hits Missouri,All of the Fraudulent Cards have ACORN Across the Top.
  48. Cops: Louisiana Man Threatened Voter Officials Over Tardy Registration Card .
  49. McCain Rally Speaker Refers to Obama's Middle Name,He Should change it to Abdull !"
  50. Obama Is Having Problems With Older Florida Jews ,"Fails to attract Jewish voters
  51. ACORN: Look, We Can't Weed Out Fraudulent Voters. It's What We Do.
  52. Stay Classy, John
  53. MYSTERY: 'Voters' Outnumber Residents in Indianapolis?
  54. John Corsi: Obama and Kenya.
  55. Pull the Hair Plug on This Guy
  56. October 2000 - Gore 51%, Bush 40%
  57. Robert Gibbs takes on Sean Hannity!
  58. Who Wrote Dreams From My Father?
  59. Bob Barr: Alternative Voice Needed in Final Debate
  60. Cindy Goes Off!
  61. Question for our liberal members about Sarah Palin
  62. Pollster: Don’t believe the Dem hype
  63. LAKE COUNTY ,Election officials accuse ACORN of fraudulently signing up 2,500 new vot
  64. Acorn Vote-fraud-a-go-go
  65. Barack Obama, Socialist?
  66. It’s Time to Shut Down ACORN, and Work Against Voter Fraud
  67. "Is There No End to This Foreign Assault on Americas Sovereignty ?"
  68. “The latest allegations of voter registration fraud by ACORN.
  69. Sarah Freakin Palin! (This is going to drive the Liberals Crazy!)
  70. New McCain ad: Ayers
  71. "How 134 Registrars Follow The State Voting Laws in Virginia And Obama Doesn't like
  72. (Obama: "I've Been Fighting Alongside ACORN..."
  73. McCain promises to go after Obama in final debate
  74. Fired Up Crowd Tells McCain To Fight!
  75. Cindy McCain:
  76. Louis Farrakhan Calls OBAMA the messiah
  77. “ I'm really mad!” Not the Economy. Socialists Are Taking Over Our Country.”
  78. John McCain has pulled to a solid seven-point lead over Barack Obama in Indiana
  79. New RNC Ad: Chicago Way
  80. Thousands of voter registration forms faked, officials say
  81. Harry Reid Implies Radio Host is Racist for Tying Fannie Mae Exec to Obama
  82. How Acorn Got Me Into Vote Scam
  83. 1 Voter, 72 Registrations 'Acorn Paid Me In Cash & Cigs'
  84. Is Obama Bush's 3rd Term?
  85. Connect all the dots on Barak Hussein Obama
  86. USA in 2011 with Obama in control (funny video)
  87. Sarah Palin Lays The Smack Down... Video
  88. Barack Obama's Involvement with ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Recovered
  89. PUMAs don’t forget to say you are voting for Barack Obama if polled…
  90. MSM's largest campaign contribution yet
  91. Investigates Dead Voters (4,000 in Houston!)
  92. Pennsylvania GOP Claims Group Threatens Election Integrity
  93. The Sarah Palin Mob
  94. Who do you think will win?
  95. John Mcain Ad - "Acorn"
  96. From Kadafi to Obama - with love
  97. The "A" List: Obama's "Associates"?
  98. "It Sure Like There Are Some Dark Couds in Obama's Heaverns ."
  99. Voter Fraud Will Not Be Tolerated in Louisiana
  100. Do you think this is legit? Absolutely unbelievable. Obama shakedown.
  101. No Ma'am, No Ma'am, No Ma'am......
  102. "In Some Circles Obama Is About As Popular As A Social Disease !"
  103. The Repeat Cycle -- Obama Inevitability Plays Out as a Dull Rerun
  104. Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer seeking Ohio voters' records
  105. RNC: Obama & Acorn Fact Sheet,The Acorn/Obama Rhetoric
  106. Another screw up.
  107. Barack Obama Couldn’t Pass a Routine Background Investigation
  108. More on the Berg v. Obama lawsuit
  109. Sen. Barack Obama was clearly concealing the truth .
  110. Black Radio Host Threatened After McCain Rally
  111. Special Report Stealing Pennsylvania: "Massive Fraud"
  112. October Surprise? Phillip Berg on Obama.
  113. Is Three Weeks Enough Time? Yes, of course it is.
  114. The Obama/ACORN/Gallup/MSM Kenyan 2-Step Campaign Strategy
  115. Stolen Election? (ACORN spokesperson Scott Levenson Defends ACORN)
  116. Beware of Party Weighting in Polls,Seriously. What's up with the polls?
  117. Want Change? A letter to the Editor
  118. Blunt links ‘sordid’ ACORN to Obama
  119. The Indefinable Barack Obama Mark Steyn
  120. Obama Caught Saying Acorn And Friends Will Shape His Presidential Agenda
  121. PUMA Version Of The 'Celebrity' Video
  122. Two McCain Ads, I think they're internet only right now.
  123. Obama & Friends - History of Radicalism
  124. PallinMessiah "Hockey Mom" Booed at Philadelphia Flyers game
  125. Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters.
  126. Check this guy out. Pastor Manning
  127. Liberal Outrage: A Pro-McCain March In Manhattan
  128. Poll on Felons and the right to vote in Florida
  129. A Weird Campaign Gets Weirder [Victor Davis Hanson]
  130. John Kerry almost assured of victory and thus becoming our next president.
  131. BREAKING: Obama Campaign Implicated DIRECTLY in Election Fraud(Attention PUMAS) .
  132. 30,000 Felons Illegally Registered to Vote in Florida...
  133. Obama Votes to Raise Taxes 94 Times (McCain/Palin Ad)
  134. ACORN registers 7-year-olds
  135. "]America Needs a Trustworthy President - Not a Lawyer
  136. Met A "Democrat" For McCain Today
  137. Can we Call him a Socialist yet?
  138. Bradley Effect Debunked
  139. How Many Non-Citizen Voters? Enough to Make a Difference !
  140. An update on the Ohio voting FUBAR. The SOS is still hiding.
  141. PBS running poll on Sarah Palin. AFA counters by running poll on Barack Obama.
  142. Here Are Over a Dozen More Virulently Anti-American Obama Friends
  143. Obama & Cronies are the REAL Cause of Mortgage Crisis and Bank Failures!
  144. Obama "My plan is to spread the wealth around"
  145. 3 Men who brought down Wall Street
  146. Who Wrote Dreams From My Father?
  147. "I Will Follow Him": Obama As My Personal Jesus
  148. O Obama, what sayeth you!
  149. McCain's Prospects Depend on Telling Truth About Obama
  150. It's time people register their dissatisfaction about these clowns.
  151. The Lowdown on The Weathermen (William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn)
  152. For the Record....
  153. Police, elections board investigate alleged assault over marked ballot
  154. Let Freedom Ring ad
  155. Voter fraud has been a part of the DNC “get out the vote” strategy for years.
  156. IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Two
  157. Obama Campaign Issues Talking Points
  158. Angry Phone Call by Michelle Obama to African Press International?
  159. RICO Lawsuit filed against ACORN - its started
  160. The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama
  161. Florida AG: "No excuse" not to purge voter rolls of felons
  162. "What makes America special, is what's in this room tonight"
  163. A Threat of Historic Proportions, and Potentially Catastrophic Consequences.
  164. Another "faux" conservative abandons McCain because of Palin pick
  165. Registration Fraud, Voter Fraud and now, Credit Card Fraud?
  166. Woman tells off Obama campaign caller; gets visit from Secret Service
  167. Barney (FAG)Frank rebuffs GOP calls for ACORN hearings
  168. Chicago is home base for African-American Muslim organizations.
  169. Obama In A Nutshell (Unbelievable video on ACORN)
  170. Murtha: Western Pa. Racist
  171. Brunner: I'll obey court order, but thousands could lose their right to vote
  172. Final Debate: Let's hear what you think
  173. Sarah Palin surprises shoppers with visit
  174. "This Has Reached the Point to Call off the Elections and Bring in the FBI !"
  175. Dumb Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey
  176. Fox to change World Series time for Obama
  177. Obama Hasn't Closed the Sale
  178. "Kill him" allegation unfounded, says Secret Service
  179. Obama SMOKED POT Before Every Debate!
  180. Ground Zero for the Post Election Riots
  181. Ohio's Attorney General filed an emergency appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court
  182. Joe Biden disses Joe the Plumber.
  183. Congressman Says Western Pa is Racist But Obama Should Win
  184. Investigation launched into questionable voting assistance
  185. Dems just can't count
  186. My Letter to the Editor
  187. I voted
  188. The Rise Of The United Socialists States Of America !
  189. An American PUMA in Italy !
  190. Eighty-four Percent Say They'd Never Lie To A Pollster
  191. Open Letter to Nation's Sportsmen (2nd Amendment)
  192. Conversations with an internal pollster for Obama...
  193. Sarah Palin: The Biggest Rockstar In Politics (Video)
  194. Thaddeus McCotter on ACORN
  195. McCain’s support in Ohio has ticked up two points in this latest poll,
  196. McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest web ad, entitled “Joe the Plumber
  197. Video: THE IDGIT VOTE ,Why Some People Should Not Vote
  198. Poor CW! Intelligent, coherent, and correct!
  199. Palin says God blessed America with oil and gas (Elect Her Now )
  200. Obama: though it reduces tax revenue, he wants higher tax rates to punish rich people
  201. Liberal Attack on Joe the Plumber
  202. McCain is Speaking at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner.
  203. Too Stupid to Vote?
  204. John McCain Rocks the House at the Alfred House Dinner
  205. Liberals Lie, Conservatives Die... Laughing
  206. What If McCain Had Been Palling Around With a Terrorist?
  207. Obama Finally Admits Who He Is!!
  208. Compare the two
  209. Morning Call Poll dissected (More Pollsters Fraud!)
  210. Angry Democrats Threaten Boycott of Maryland Hotel with McCain Sign
  211. Trashed Obama sign a few blocks away
  212. Chicago Tribune endorsement: Barack Obama for president
  213. AP/Yahoo Poll - 44 Obama, 42 McCain
  214. Obama the ELITIST Food Snob
  215. La. first lady is on the McCain campaign trail
  216. New McCain Video - "It's 'Cause of Obama!"
  217. 99 Problems and the Bitch ain’t one
  218. Obama Draws 100,000 in St. Louis
  219. ALIENS to Support Obama!
  220. Did Anyone Catch Sarah Palin on SNL, Tonight?
  221. The best "person on the street" interviews EVER
  222. Is Obama a socialist?
  223. I Saw Barak Obama's Bus Today!!!!!!
  224. New McCain Attack Ad
  225. 'Socialist,' 'Muslim' — Ugly reception for Obama
  226. Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.? Fair enough.
  227. Biden: 'Gird Your Loins' for Obama on FoPo
  228. Rasmussen Virginia: Obama 54% McCain 44%
  229. Biden to supporters: "Gird your loins" !
  230. Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights? by Orson Scott Card
  231. When "Joe the Plumber's" Taxes Go Up, Everybody Else's Taxes Go Up
  232. Obama nears record for spending on ads
  233. Can a Catholic Vote in Support of Abortion? By Bishop Robert W. Finn
  234. Why McCain Will Win Big
  235. Barack Obama--october Surprise
  236. So, What’s The Big Hang-up, Joe?
  237. McCain quitting IA, NM and CO to focus on PA?
  238. A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned by David Swanson ACORN
  239. The McCain Ad You'll Never See: the Fort Dix Dance
  240. A newscast from a future we must never see:Video
  241. Every Latino Needs to see this video before November 4
  242. An Open Letter to Obama
  243. It's not over. In fact, McCain is probably going to win.
  244. The disastrously counter-productive strategy of Obama's supporters
  245. A Personality Profile of Barack Obama's Leadership
  246. Obama's New Welfare: Tax Cuts for Paying Zero
  247. Ohio Elections Chief: Web Site Breached,with death threats in e-mails and telephone .
  248. Hey, you know what often overstates Obama's support? (Conservative Effect)
  249. What Just Happened?
  250. Anti-McCain vandalism hits Maryland