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  1. Flashback: Khalidi Slams Fox News Coverage as ‘Toxic No-Nothingism’ Compared to Arab
  2. 99% of Democrats support Obama right? Wrong. look at this coming out of Florida:
  3. Illegal Obama donors: Middle Eastern Arabs
  4. Obama's aunt an illegal alien
  5. Hawaiian officials admit withholding Obama's original BC
  6. Meet The Real American People Who Will Defeat Barack Hussein Obama
  7. New York City was infamous for ballot stuffing throughout the 1800s
  8. If John McCain pulls an upset, the world may gain one more grocery bagger .
  9. McCain in PA on Sunday
  10. McCAIN MEMO,TO: McCain Strategy Team,RE: State of the Race and Ballot Position
  11. Election Day Surprises
  12. "Seventy Eight Percent of Liberal/Progressive/Democrats Are Hookers !"
  13. New Video Ad: Barack Obama Wants to Reverse Ban on Partial-Birth Abortions
  14. Bill Kristol on The Daily Show predicts a McCain win
  15. Obamas real father???
  16. Nudists in Florida Fight to Vote Naked
  17. McCain Is Taking Two-Thirds of the Catholic Vote in Virginia
  18. A Brighter (& 'right'er) Future .mccain-palin Better For America
  19. Confession of an Obomabot who works in Obama campaign - dirty tactics , eye-opening!
  20. McCain Rally Suggest A Gov't Overthrown If Obama Is Elected! [No, just "overtaken" by
  21. Obama campaign ad promising surrender in Iraq, deep military, missile defense cuts!
  22. God gap: No gain for Obama with churchgoers.
  23. Down to the wire, Va. still too close to call, poll shows
  24. Obama and Farrakhan are BUDDIES!
  25. Barack Obama, exposed: View of constitution
  26. You Must See This Ad!!!
  27. Religious Americans turn to a higher power on the candidates' behalf
  28. PUMA gets tires slashed, window smashed for McCain bumper stickers
  29. “The only thing worse than losing is to think that you’re going to win and then lose
  30. ATLAH Ministries Preacher Skewers Obama and the Media
  31. PUMA'S Say No Deal Presents Closing Arguments in Nationwide Conference Call
  32. Party officials attack Iraq War vets in closely-watched congressional races.
  33. Ego and Mouth By Thomas Sowell
  34. What's a major mistake?
  35. Obama Is in Trouble in Key States
  36. Obama's Civilian Police Force
  37. Obama on Mt. Rushmore
  38. Obama Wants 'Price Signals' to 'Change Behavior' (video)
  39. "McCain is in a good position to win every red state," Black said.
  40. San Francisco Radio Host Caught on Mic Calling for Death of Joe the Plumber
  41. Will MSM Call Florida for Obama Before Panhandle Polls Close?
  42. Only 938,161 PUMAs needed in key states for McCain/Palin to win. You betcha!
  43. You betcha, drill and mine video
  44. Obama has been surrounded by Marxists his entire life.
  45. A Downright Mean Country: A Brief Exchange with Bill Ayers Mike S. Adams
  46. REL: Obama's Reign and Ezekiel 7 (Open Debate)
  47. Holds 8-point lead among “traditional likely voters”
  48. Crazy moonbat letter in area paper
  49. Moses and Jesus- Which Biblical Archetype really suits him best? (I say Absalom)
  50. VIDEO OF OBAMA FLIPPING OFF McCAIN (just as he did Hillary)
  51. Newsflash: Obama “booed” at Florida Rally
  52. Tomorrow Exit Polls Will Favor Obama As They Did Favor Kerry in 2004
  53. The McCain-Palin Landslide
  54. Points on Obama before the election
  55. McCain-Palin 310 Obama-Biden 228 (Thanks to the PUMAs)
  56. Shocking: Obama's Attack Ad On Himself
  57. "Barak's father..A New Theory a New Conspiracy !"
  58. Early Voting...Good/Bad
  59. Undecided voters: Please stay home Tuesday,By Yael T. Abouhalkah.
  60. BEST Obama parody ever! Barack Obama's "Be Our Guest"
  61. McCain Tells Voters Obama is "in the far-left lane" of American Politics - Video 11/3
  62. Now we know Gallup's "likely voter" model:
  63. Why Would They Do This?
  64. Senator Obama's Four Tax Increases for People Earning Under $250k
  65. "Obama is going to pay my gas and mortgage"
  66. For blinky and LP - Conservatism's blonde moment
  67. Election results monitoring sites?
  68. This is so true...
  69. Dixville Notch, NH: Obama wins 15-6
  70. Obama's gonna pay for my gas and mortgage!
  71. Sigh...
  72. For Fired-Up Electorate,
  73. Black Panthers With Night Sticks Block Polling Place In Philly
  74. Why Liberals F**king Suck.
  75. Politics went too far last night.
  76. Voter Turnout
  77. Pottsville, Pennsylvania: God-fearing, gun-loving, McCain-voting
  78. A digest of latest, fascinating, voting trends, developments!
  79. Today was the hardest day of my life
  80. Man Parks Manure Truck In Front Of Obama Office,Obama sign reading "A Load Of Crap."
  81. World hopes for a 'less arrogant America,'"Read That As A 'Less Powerful America !"
  82. 1.2 Million Cubans in Miami Support McCain and this Hillary Clinton PUMA, Too.
  83. The investigation surrounding massive vote fraud in Alabama continues.
  84. Found: 2000 people registered in Indiana and Florida from one county
  85. Exit Polls On FOX Obama Is Getting slaughtered !
  86. Irony
  87. Florida Law Office Vandalized for Displaying Political Signs
  88. The Latest From Inside McCain HQ
  89. Toledo police are gearing up for "civil unrest" during and after tomorrow's elections
  90. Wilting Bush: absentee vote for President
  91. The Economy Dominates
  92. Hey Eyelids...is this you?
  93. They are already calling PA with zero prectints reporting...
  94. Before we start worrying about the Obama presidency...
  95. Anyone else watching the elections on TV?
  96. After 8 long years.....
  97. All Hail Your Messiah, and our new President - Obama!!!
  98. In all seriousness
  99. Look closely at the class of John McCain's speech.
  100. I offer sincere prayers for Barak Obama.
  101. It was NOT Palin!
  102. Thank You John McCain
  103. Congrats America
  104. It's Just My Opinion,
  105. Paid in Full!
  106. Pennsylvania is officially braindead
  107. The Fat Bastard
  108. Now when a homeless black man asks me for a dollar on the subway...
  109. Why couldn't we just rig the election for McCain, like we did in 2000 and 2004?
  110. Republicans: "Note to self: After Dole and McCain failures..."
  111. How are your local elections going??
  112. Does anyone know if the SheeHag lost?
  113. It's OVER for Conservatives & the USA
  114. Congrats to the new President & VP
  115. How long until the Republicans decide they want small government again?
  116. Where Obama stands on the issues,What To Expect !
  117. The change you have to live with
  118. The point where democracy fails......
  119. Could anything have prevented this defeat? By Byron York
  120. How do you think us soldiers feel?
  121. It's NOT over for Conservatives!
  122. Catch a Falling Flag
  123. The Election was stolen.
  124. The Tipping Point!
  125. YOUTUBE liberal agenda
  126. Change is coming to sports, too, under Obama
  127. Bad Day at Black Rock
  128. Out-of-state students possibly big definitely Illegal influence on the vote
  129. Laura Ingraham, The Day After: Lessons Learned
  130. The Republican ideal
  131. End of an era
  132. Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are
  133. "I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face ... "
  134. How Long Before....
  135. America Under Attack!!!!
  136. The Reign Of Lame Falls Mainly On Mccain
  137. Maliki Claims he helped Obama Win: Will Hold Obama to Withdrawal Timetable
  138. Obama won every single county in New England !
  139. I am just wondering how they will feel when
  140. Who here is proud that 43 % of our work force do not pay any taxes
  141. Now that the "Auction" is over...
  142. Teacher videotaped browbeating military daughter who supports McCain
  143. Constitutional Party
  144. Election 2010
  145. "I decided to vote a couple of times"
  146. To Protect and Defend by Oliver North
  147. Warning - 'My President is Black'
  148. Now can we admit how horrible McCain is?
  149. Take the Obama Challenge
  150. "Barack Hussein Obama is not half black,he is the first Arab-American President ."
  151. Here is a quick look into 3 former Fannie Mae executives who have brought down Wall S
  152. Americans Flock to Gun Shops
  153. Caption this Photo: Sheep sacrified to celebrate Obama
  154. Rahm Emanuel Obama's Chief of Staff a Hawk ?
  155. Arbiter of conservatism?
  156. Obama Uses Press Conf To Mock 87-Yr. Old Widow
  157. Jihadi Leader Says Radicals Share Obama Victory
  158. Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster
  159. What carried it was huge support from blackvoters, about 70 percent of whom backed it
  160. The Value of Sophistication: A Rather Harsh Object Lesson
  161. Republicans are not conservatives
  162. More "change" - The Clinton Appointments Continue
  163. Dealing with the new political reality
  164. Obama's Inner Circle Shares Inside Story
  165. Hey Newbies. Listen Up
  166. George Soros has Many Friends on Capitol Hill and in the New Administration
  167. Introducing The New Chicago Gang Of Seven
  168. "The Most Disgusting and Manipulative Kind of Hate Politics Around."
  169. "Obama Considers Another Janet Reno As Attorney General !
  170. Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy
  171. Morning Joe--Tucker Carlson thoughts on Obama coverage
  172. Okay. Here's what Obama's Chief of Staff has planned for you!
  173. "Obama: The Musical" opened in Kenya’s capital Nairobi Sunday
  174. Prediction for 2012 Republican Ticket
  175. Media bias largely unseen in US presidential race
  176. Obama to stay mostly in Chicago
  177. The Fall
  178. Posted by Angry New Mexican under Angry New Mexican Rants
  179. When Some Conservatives Stop Being Racist
  180. Franken about to STEAL election - votes magically appear
  181. Yes We Cake!
  182. We Blew It
  183. U.N.American Agenda,Getting to work during the Obama administration.
  184. Darth Obama and the New World Order
  185. "Gorelick Sucking Up Obama For The U.S.Atorney General Job !"
  186. Bush's Resignation Speech
  187. Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration?
  188. Just wait for buyer's remorse
  189. Obama administration: Clinton sequel? And They called Mc Cain Bush 3 .
  190. Obama baby boom?
  191. If Only Al Gore Had Been Commander In Chief
  192. "Do unto President Obama As They Did Unto President Bush ."
  193. 27,000 county ballots on hold,Federal judge or Brunner to decide which to count
  194. "Step One In Barack Hussein Obama's Israel Destruction Plan !"
  195. Alan Keyes demanding investigation into Obama citizenship
  196. A "tall black man" commanding "the strongest army on earth"
  197. Get out the Vote - President of CU polls now open
  198. In Some Parts of the South, There's Even Talk of Secession.
  199. Interesting stats on 2008 election
  200. Berg v. Obama and the looming Constitutional Crisis
  201. Meet Greg Craig, Obama's White House Counsel
  202. How Obama Got Elected
  203. “If Barack Obama can prove he's a natural-born citizen, we’ll go away.
  204. "And Up Jumped The Devil George Soros !"
  205. Um, I missed where "change" = Clinton/DLC 3"
  206. 'Rather Conservative Distrust Of Obama Will Hobble His Government ."
  207. Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis
  208. Obama Votes Present
  209. A Wider Conspiracy: 17 Lawsuits Challenging Obama's Eligibility
  210. Still in a red state--took long enough
  211. Frankenfrog Cheating???
  212. All Hail the Messiah, Obama !!!
  213. Petition For Public Release Of Barack Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate
  214. "Oh No Barney Franks Went There,Disinfect, Scrub And Wash Everything Down !"
  215. Recount, Day 3: Coleman hanging on to thin lead
  216. Thousands of Petitioners tell president-elect to prove his eligibility for office
  217. I’m serious — proclaiming, “He’s your president so you should stand behind him.
  218. Obama’s Birth Certificate Challenger Keeps Going
  219. Obama, King of Fools by Ted Nugent
  220. Obama's Kenyan Birthplace 'well known' - Kenyan Ambassador
  221. "They're About To Steal Another one And The Election Officials are All 'In The Bag' !
  222. "time Is Of The Essence" Birth Cert !
  223. Roots of Defeat: Let us study, and emulate, the Left’s online tactics
  224. Obama born in Kenya says Kenyan Ambassador on Radio Show (youtube)
  225. One numbers junkie's prediction — Franken over Coleman by 27 votes
  226. "More on the Russian Prophet Of American Doom !"
  227. Canvassing Board rejects Franken move on rejected absentee ballots
  228. The Great Minnesota Senate Seat Theft enter Dirty Harry Reid !
  229. Minnesota Recount gives us stunning view of voters and their wily ways
  230. "This Sounds As If They are Going to Admit that He Isn't Native Born !"
  231. Is it Just Me...
  232. Chicago Tribune - Dec 1, 2008
  233. Obama Fomenting A Constitutional Crisis: Constitutional Lawyer
  234. Franken likely to lose Senate race
  235. Franken May Appeal To Federal Senate, Courts
  236. Obama Won: Get Over It
  237. Georgia Senate Race. Live
  238. Concerned Americans look to media to compel president-elect to release documents
  239. You're Welcome, America.
  240. How Obama got elected - part II The McCain Voters.
  241. Minneapolis discovery costs Franken 36 votes
  242. Thomas Breaks Tradition: Forces Supreme Court to Look at Obama Citizenship Case
  243. Mr. Obama's Eligibility to be Aired Monday at the National Press Club
  244. Franken Demands Search for 133 Lost Dinkytown Ballots
  245. "Search The 'Crime Scene' Lutheran Church Says Frankens!"
  246. "THEY KEEP ON COMING:New lawsuit for Obamas citizenship, win in (Washington) state
  247. Coleman Leads by 238 with 100% of Votes Counted
  248. Why do cities tend to be liberal?
  249. Why Barack Obama's Kenyan father makes him ineligible to be President
  250. There is hope for New Orleans