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  1. WaPo Gives Obama 'Three Pinocchios'for Uncle Liberated Auschwitz Gaffe
  2. Experiencing Obama By Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder
  3. I Didn't Know This About Obama's Uncle, Did You? (Obama's Great Uncle:
  4. US Republicans smell blood,Clinton is stripping away her adversary's lustre.
  5. Clinton claims to lead in 'every poll'
  6. I keep hearing about these Michelle Obama "Kill Whitey" videos.
  7. Obama's Subcommittee
  8. McCain May Tap Alaska Governor For VP Spot.
  9. How Smart Is Obama?--Not smart enough.
  10. Bullies and Appeasers
  11. You Can't Appease Everybody
  12. "Fiscal Conservative" = Social LIBERAL
  13. The Why and Wherefore of the Obama Candidacy and Frankly I don't understand Obamania.
  14. Winning Again, Clinton Weighs Her Options
  15. Can New Voters Deliver November Victory for Obama?
  16. " a Collection of Youtube.com Torqued out Hillary Liberal Critters !"
  17. Floor Fight!
  18. It's time for a CHANGE!!!!
  20. “Hard-core Hillary feminists” cost Obama backer's job in Massachusetts
  21. No MÉnage-À-trois For Obama
  22. McCain is on TV now
  23. And Obama Wept,Inspiration is nice. But some folks seem to be getting out of hand.
  24. Voters Don't Forget Rev. Wright,Time to worry Eyeball !
  25. Obama Associate Talks About His Pro-Palestinian Background
  26. Who Will Win The 08 Presidential Election?
  27. Michelle Obama's Problem With "Whitey" Vox Populi
  28. In 52 Secs Why Barack Obama Cannot Win A General Election
  29. Words mean nothing to liberals. They say whatever advances their cause at the moment
  30. Do You Ladies And Gentlemen Entertain The Nation That McCain Might Lose?
  31. New Policy of DNC
  32. Obama and McCain
  33. Tom DeLay Called Barack Obama A "Marxist"
  34. meetbarackobama.com
  35. LIBERAL New Jersey GOP Corrupts Primary AGAIN!
  36. Constitution Party?
  37. The Audacity of the Democrats
  38. For an 'Obamacon,' Communion Denied
  39. Barrack Hussein Obama is Constantly Having to Clarify his Own Words.
  40. Cheap Ass ed Liberal Scrooges Fancy Themselves as "Friend of Goodness "!
  41. Democrats in rural strongholds refuse to give backing to Obama
  42. We support Barack Obama for President because he is sympathetic to Muslims
  43. Finally we meet Obama's "typical" grandmother!
  44. "Who Do we Trust to Run the World in these Dangerous Times,..Barack Hussein Obama, Jr
  45. At the Official Obama Site: 'How the Jewish Lobby Works'
  46. Paul_Bots are Trying to Put their Representatives in Leadership Positions.
  47. McCain Campaign Declines to Meet with Billy Graham
  48. The Masters of Disaster,Hall of Fame honoring stupid Democratic Party campaign ideas
  49. The Questions We Have For The Congress About Energy !
  50. PUMA!!! Grrrrr...
  51. Grumbling Clinton supporters make Democrats nervous
  52. The Dems attack McCain for his disability payments (for being tortured in Vietnam)
  53. Anti-semitic page at the Obama'08 website
  54. Perhaps it's time to stop crying
  55. "Obama backers will blitz Florida"
  56. McCain pulling his commie crap again
  57. OKLAHOMA Democratic Rep. calls Obama,liberal, declines to endorse
  58. Webb's rebel roots: An affinity for Confederacy
  59. Pat Buchanan: How Obama Won -- and May Win
  60. Sounds as if that 'Old Broad' Maureen Dowd (Spinster) is up to her old tricks again
  61. ABC - Managing the news As Usual !
  62. Obama: Not Exactly
  63. Obama ARROGANCE
  64. Your Whiteness is Showing
  65. Kanjorski caught in another ‘gotcha’ moment with video, Man was “physically accosted
  66. Potential Obama administration candidates
  67. Blue Balled: Having Run Out Of Ideas, Dems Fall Back On Sex.
  68. a guy named "Joe"
  69. John McCain's Townhall
  70. Voter Registration - Democrat Style
  71. Six Ways Obama Wants to Change America
  72. Beware of "False-Flag Sexism"
  73. DNC convention: a train wreck???
  74. Clinton delegate to vote for McCain
  75. No Mitt Vp!
  76. Barack Obama, the Messiah of "Change"
  77. Ron Paul (finally) calls it quits
  78. Obama: I'll talk to Raúl, lift travel curbs
  79. Is every Black in America going to vote for Obama?
  80. If Obama Wins, Right Wing "Crazies" Will Take up Arms, Civil War Possible.....
  81. At Reuters Summit, McCain seen as best choice for economy
  82. Obama's accomplishments?
  83. Lieberman irks Democrats by criticizing Obama
  84. 'Maverick' McCain bedevils Democrats Image attracts moderate voters
  85. Al Gore to endorse Obama
  86. Barack Obama winning in VA
  87. factcheck.org say's SnObamas health plan is BOGUS
  88. Barack Obama holds 71-20 lead in Latino Voters
  89. Barack the Magic Negro
  90. Why Winnie the Pooh should shape US foreign policy
  91. Muslims barred from picture at Obama event
  92. Obama Promises Tuition Tax Credit
  93. How will Obama destroy the military?
  94. Russ Feingold (left hero) criticizes Obama
  95. Michelle Obama's "Makeover" (satire)
  96. President B. Hussein Obama Looks Inevitable
  97. It's there in the Arctic and oceans.Obama won't touch it, McCain is only half-willing
  98. Bloomberg Defends Obama, Courts Jewish voters in Florida, he’s a New Yorker at heart
  99. GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’
  100. McCain in a landslide? Could be , polls large majority supports drilling for oil !
  101. The Two Obamas Fast Eddie Obama's finest hour as the second coming of Adlai Stevenson
  102. Obama will allow bin laden trial in US
  103. Bob Conley - SuperDem?
  104. I'm vote'n Liberal
  105. Conservative Blacks Choose Pigment Over Principle
  106. Great Obama video
  107. The Democrat Voters must be dumber than ducks,only 71% Know Pelosi is a Democrat.
  108. Obama Gets Another Unwanted Endorsement
  109. Obama's ties to 'ethanol interests'
  110. Obama's fake POTUS seal redesigned:
  111. BET Awards frothing at the mouth over Obama.... Secretary of Culture????
  112. Nader: Obama 'talking white'
  113. Obama To Women: Get Over it.
  114. The Descent of the The Hon. St. Barack H Obama ESQ.
  115. exposeobama.com Check it out
  116. Obama's anti-smear site relies on a phony document
  117. The Greenest Dog and Poney Show on Earth:Democrats Gear Up for Denver
  118. Obama to get Hanuman "The Monkey God" Idol !
  119. I'm for McCain, but not the GOP.. Ralph Peters !
  120. Is Barack a Muslim ? ad
  121. Obama Surges to Double Digit Leads
  122. How Can a "Fellow Black........... Republican" Oppose Obama?
  123. McCain Doesn't Work Weekends.
  124. The gaffe of the week
  125. Barack Obama's Bump
  126. I'm Very Disappointed in J.C. Watts!
  127. Out of Africa: Candidate Obama's Birthplace
  128. Obama Picketed in Miami
  129. What Obama REALLY thinks ...
  130. Obama claims to be against same-sex marriage and the federal Defense of Marriage Act
  131. American Political influence even comes from Israel,the whole world wants the vote !
  132. "More Liberal 'Smoke and Mirrors','Jesus Was an Illegal Alien'!
  133. Obama: I was for the D.C. handgun ban before I was against it
  134. Obama is shifting toward the center (read: slithering invertebrate)
  135. "America's not Ready for Communism Obama,"The numbers in this poll are staggering.
  136. McCain busted on taxes
  137. The Mystery Man Obama,Who is Barack Obama?
  138. City Vehicles Painted with Anti-Obama Sayings
  139. Obama's ACORN
  140. McCain sings to dazzle the youth
  141. Democrat with military background assails McCain's credentials
  142. Thomas Sowell "Cocky Ignorance" article
  143. "I Give You That Disgusting Little Liberal Rodent Harry Reid ."
  144. Michelle's Homemaker Side
  145. High-Stakes Courts
  146. "Barry Hussein Gives Em The Old "Kansas City Shuffle."
  147. Kos Throws Obama Under the Bus,The Daily Kos: Rewarding good behavior.
  148. Obama Got Discount on Home Loan
  149. Poll: Public cool to Michelle, doesn't know Cindy
  150. Quayle respects Obama, McCain has uphill battle
  151. "Ancient Embalmed Liberal Cadaver Endorses Obama ."
  152. The McCain Bounce
  153. Grim proving ground for Obama's housing policy
  154. Destroying Hillary ClintonPart two ,And Randi Rhodes calling Clinton a "f*cking whore
  155. McCain aide takes over day-to-day campaign duties
  156. Mr. Obama: Don't Betray My People.. Amil Imani
  157. Paid volunteerism. More Obama.
  158. "B.H. Obama Man of Mystery :So Where Was He Really Born ?"
  159. Interesting Obama Youtube video's July 4, 2008
  160. "Jinxing and Jiving To The Center Obama Makes Most HardCore Liberals nervous !"
  161. Hey EyeBugger; SnObama's "bounce" NOW!
  162. Could either of these become the greatest Tim in history?
  163. The Obama "flip-flop" score card
  164. The question is no longer on what has Obama backtracked,but rather on what has he not
  165. Nobama Girl answers Obama Girl
  166. Weird idea: How about Nancy Reagan as McCain's VP?
  167. Straw poll of 325,200 voters:Obama 38 % Mc Cain 62 %,What think you of those apples ?
  168. "Oh Good Luck One That OBama Boy,You have a better Chance of Seeing GOD !"
  169. Typically Hollyweird
  170. Bill Clinton On Unstable ex-POWs
  171. Mahmoud Abbas is pulling for Democrat Obama to win the US presidential election.
  172. Georgia GOP in attack mode for Obama visit
  173. Obama tries to make Georgia seem in play; it isn’t
  174. Obama Endorses Forced Servitude.
  175. Petless Status Dogs Obama.
  176. "He's Imploding,His Political Base is Incensed And Up in Arms !"
  177. Barack Obama as “Tricky Dick Nixon ,Let me make one thing perfectly clear.”
  178. Bill Clinton,P.O.S, On Unstable ex-POWs,The Hidden Dangers of John McCain
  179. Obama: Your kids should learn Spanish,Chinese,French or perhaps Arabic.
  180. Obama a flip-flopper? Shut your mouth.
  181. Obama's online muscle flexes against him
  182. DNC Flip-Flops On "Green" Convention Menu.
  183. Merkel warns Obama not to use landmark for 'electioneering'
  184. Judicial Watch files complaint over Obama’s mortgage
  185. Obama Wants Your Kid To Learn Spanish
  186. "Medal of Honor Winner Backs John McCain For POTUS !"
  187. McCain avoids Viagra question
  188. "Does This Mean,Gasp, That B.H.Omama is a Bast*rd ?"
  189. " Our oil addiction",This Guy Has Gone Beyond Stupid !"
  190. McCain/Obama in Dead Heat
  191. Unconventional Denver wants to shut down, disrupt or delay the convention;
  192. "Here's a Preview of How This ' Maoist Turd' Will Govern If Elected !"
  193. The Obama Warning Signs are Flashing with Strobe-Light Urgency
  194. Obama is scared of the military
  195. "Liberal Google Blocks Anti-Obama Blogs !"
  196. "Dimocrat strategy on gas prices is ‘Drive small cars and wait for the wind"
  197. Never Doubt Republicans can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  198. Actor pins hopes on victory for Obama
  199. McKinney running for president as Green candidate
  200. FormerObamaSupporters.com just launched
  201. How can Catholics for Obama rationalize their support for the pro-choice candidate?..
  202. ANOTHER ACORN SCANDAL (corrupt lefties in voter-financial fraud scandals)
  203. EGO-BAMA Explained "To Know Me is To Love Me".
  204. Obama's Jerusalem Flip-Flop Now Complete,"I Was For It Before I Was Against It !"
  205. LA Times: Obama, McCain agree on many once-divisive issues
  206. New Yorker Cover Shows Obama In Turban With Gun-toting Michelle...
  207. "0" flip flops on Trinity Church
  208. "Will they have the Balls to revew it Just before the election ?,I think Not !""
  209. Obama's Not Exactlys
  210. President To Be McCain Voted a better POTUS Than Obama !
  211. Anti-Obama Bloggers Question Why Google Froze Their Accounts
  212. Obama's Dishonest Op-Ed
  213. Michelle Obama: Let Them Buy Earrings!
  214. "Obama Loves Them Mc Cain Opposes Them,Who Would Have Guessed ? "
  215. "The Black Messiah Sees Into The Future,With Hindsight !"
  216. "It's Racist," and Merely to acknowledge racism, for them, is to be racist."
  217. Political Hay,"By Simply Googling "Obama Lies !"
  218. Our Friends at JibJab!
  219. Poll: Obama isn't closing racial divide
  220. Why is McCain Wasting Time at NAACP??
  221. Several PUMA's recieve death threats from SnObama supporters
  222. SnObama illegitimate child, and he knew it
  223. Clinton says he's ready to campaign for Obama
  224. "Obama As ....The Liberal/Maoist Messiah And GOD/KING..!"
  225. Kraythammer Nails it
  226. "OMG They Smeared Crap On Her 'Gods Face'!"
  227. Obama needs more than the black vote
  228. Vile Olbermann Calls America's Most Decorated Living Veteran a "Clown" - Video
  229. " Any White Public Figure Using The N-Word Would Have Been Destroyed Overnight!"
  230. Is Obama the new JFK? No, he's the new Jimmy Carter
  231. McCain's bravery, as seen by one man imprisoned with him
  232. Zer-0 rolls Medal of Honor recipient Max Cleland under the bus. Wheelchair and all.
  233. Surprise Visit by Bob Barr at Netroots Conference
  234. Dobson shifts positions, may endorse McCain
  235. Obama won’t carry Georgia
  236. Why the Left can't get it Right
  237. Nyt Rejects Mccain's Editorial; Should 'mirror' Obama
  238. MSN Poll---is Obama's coverage fair?
  239. The Obama World Tour t-shirt finalists
  240. Daily Outrage Publishes 17 Obama Cartoons .
  241. Maoists in America
  242. 'Perky' Katie Couric Makes Me Sick!
  243. The Man Who Could Topple Jack Murtha
  244. Why don't you ask your buddies to speak louder so I don't have to repeat it?" -Obama
  245. "My New Bumper Sticker: "Keep the Lights On, Vote Republican."
  246. SnObama's flip-flops
  247. Obama Changes His Story Again.This Guy Has the Worlds Worst Memory Or ?
  248. Obama Caught In Brand New Gaffe
  249. Scene at Western Wall
  250. "This Guy Is Liberal Crazy And Unelectable !"