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  1. White House hands out 'Medal of Freedom'
  2. Dear President Obama, You Scare Me.
  3. How and Why did Obama Travel to Pakistan in 1981?
  4. Officials cut their expenses, salaries
  5. California public union OKs strike authorization
  6. Democrats in Va. Still Running Against Bush
  7. US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill at Town Hall
  8. MSNBC Duo Engage in Screaming Match with "Attorney" for the "Birther" Movement
  9. MSNBC In Full Court Press To Smears The Town Hall Protesters
  10. WI Rep, Steve Kagen-D, blasted at listening session in Green Bay
  11. Time To Go, Grampa
  12. "Tea Party Movement" Going Strong in Ohio - Video
  13. Democrats Plan to Pass ObamaCare with Only 50 Votes After August Recess - Video
  14. Schumer: Healthcare Changes This Year 'No Matter What'
  15. There's a method to the Democrats' madness
  16. George W. Bush: Comic-Book Villain?
  17. Congressman Warns Rahm: This Isn't Chicago
  18. If You Oppose Obamacare at all, the White House Wants to know about it
  19. Clinton talks Kim Jong Il into releasing two American journalists..
  20. White House Website Asking for Informants on Anti-Healthcare Advocates
  21. Poll: Should Bill Clinton stay in North Korea?
  22. Obama Joker Tee Shirts are already out
  23. Lawmakers Face Hostile Groups At Town Halls
  24. California told to prepare massive prisoner release
  25. Democrat to challenge Specter
  26. Obamacare Will Replace Medicare
  27. Update On Kenyan Birth Certificate Validity (hillary Left For Kenya)
  28. Mobs of right-wing extremists are attacking our health-care town halls!
  29. Tea Party-Bashers Gone Wild,Michelle Malkin
  30. Why Pennsylvania Boos Obamacare
  31. Healthcare opposition shut down at Town hall meeting in Worcester MA
  32. North Korea Asked for Bill Clinton
  33. DNC goes nuclear - calls townhall protestors "right-wing extremists"
  34. Democrats Never Had A Problem When The Left Was Protesting (Videos)
  35. Some Say Census Questionnaire Getting Too Personal
  36. White House: Town Hall Anger "Manufactured"
  37. House Orders Up Three Elite Jets
  38. VIDEO: Snowe: Dems Are Trying To "Railroad" Health Care Through Congress
  39. Guantanamo Ire Provokes Senate Threats
  40. Boxer: Protesters too well dressed to be sincere (video at link)
  41. It’s Not Just an Insurance Company Plot
  42. Obama Joker poster/pic discussed in Facebook group
  43. RNC Routes Angry Phone Calls to DNC
  44. F.c.c. Votes Down Fairness Doctrine In A 4-0 Decision
  45. Lanny Davis wants you photographed and investigated , Michelle Malkin
  46. They Are Even Protesting ObamaCare In Massachusetts
  47. Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices
  48. Pelosi: Town Hall Protesters Are "Carrying Swastikas"
  49. Obama should love Town Hall Protesters since he was one in Chicago,
  50. Republicans Target 70 House Democrats for 2010
  51. Obama's Great Race to Change America
  52. Who We Are....
  53. Georgia democratic congressman not sold on current health care reform legislation
  54. www.youcanstopobama.com
  55. Americans Say Obama Presidency Bigger Failure Than Bush's, Too Liberal
  56. Marxist Maxine Spills The Socialist Beans
  57. Dem Congressman Answers Boy's Question About Grandfather with Talk of Soldier Suicide
  58. Hitler Rants About Obama Healthcare And Right Wingers
  59. I turned myself in today!
  60. Rowdy crowd grills congressmen over healthcare reform
  61. Tension at town hall meeting
  62. Obama Health Plan Draws Majority Disapproval in Poll (Update1)
  63. A First Hand View of a Raucous Town Hall Meeting
  64. Previously Unseen Obama Interview From 1993 To Be Given New Life (1993 Video Clip)
  65. B.R. [Boca Raton, Fl.] Police Censoring ObamaCare Discussion @ ACORN's Request
  66. White House to 'Punch Back Twice as Hard'
  67. "Protestors Outside Let Us Speak" Kathy Castor Town Hall
  68. Kiss the Ring
  69. An Arrogant President Obama Once Again Declares "I am the President" - Video 8/6/09
  70. Angry Mob of Racist Extremists Beats Black Man at Town Hall Meeting
  71. Dems Sneak Union Thugs Into Carnahan Town Hall.
  72. Latest Poll Shows Health Care Outrage is REAL!
  73. Are We In America Or Amerika?
  74. Six people, including P-D reporter, arrested at Carnahan meeting
  75. Obama Supporters Sneak Union, ACORN Cronies in at town hall
  76. Geithner asks Congress for higher U.S. debt limit
  77. A "Bloodless Coup"? (Is Obama imitating Hugo Chavez?)
  78. Seiu Obama-supporter Smashes Woman Tea Party Protester In Face
  79. North Carolina Town Hall Meeting 8/7/09
  80. Grassroots vs. Astroturf
  81. White House call to 'flag' dissent loathsome
  82. Seniors wary of Obama's plans
  83. GOP Congressman Booed for Telling People to Turn Off Glenn Beck
  84. Lawmakers' Global-Warming Trip Hit Tourist Hot Spots
  85. Good Lord!! Is Obama's buddy Gates another tax cheat!! ??
  86. Health care town hall presentation by Rep Brady of TX (Highly informative)
  87. Questioning our Patriotism - Return of HUAC?
  88. Drooping polls undercut scripted protest claims
  89. Both citizen and government dig in, as the fight for individual freedoms goes on
  90. "Conservatives, Shut Up and Step Aside"
  91. Clinton loses her cool when Congolese student asks what Bill thniks...
  92. The Community Is Restless,The firm hand of greater organization is needed.
  93. Rep. Elijah Cummings: Town Hall Protesters Are "Un-American"
  94. PMSNBC host: Is 'socialist' the new 'N-word'?
  95. Another Iowa Gem! Representative Boswell Town hall.
  96. House leaders drop their plans to buy fancy jets
  97. VIDEO: Sen. Ben Cardin Booed, Heckled By Crowd At Town Hall
  98. Sola Civis,Salt and Light,Mike the Citizen - God bless him!
  99. Opponents of ObamaCare Dominate Sen. Ben Cardin's Town Hall Meeting in Maryland
  100. Rabinowitz on the "tone deaf" president
  101. Bill O'Reilly's 'Ambush Journalism' in 87 seconds
  102. Congress not listening to the people’s objections to health care reform
  103. Obama's Healthcare Fight Gameplan: Lies, Smears, and Secrecy
  104. Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare,Chuck Norris
  105. AARP Facing a Backlash for their Involvement in ObamaCare
  106. Put ACORN and SIEU Goons Up Front For Today's Obama Visit.
  107. Agnry White Men-Pat Buchanan
  108. Obama Pretty Blatantly Lies About Single Payer at New Hampshire Town Hall
  109. Harry Reid is in big trouble (he's not the only Dem facing grim re-election prospects
  110. Beat Me in St. Louis ,Mark Steyn
  111. Overhauling Social Security on the Agenda, Summers Says
  112. Letter to the Editor: Comments Please!
  113. Sen. Claire McCaskill Scolds Town Hall Meeting Crowd for their Boisterous Reactions
  114. Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare
  115. UNTANGLING THE SPAGHETTI,Steyn on America
  116. At what point does a liberal become a Stalinist?
  117. Barack Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist
  118. President Obama’s clumsy, smirky staff is sinking him
  119. Obama and his hero Alinsky
  120. Who Is David Axelrod – Obama’s Political Advisor?
  121. Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky:
  122. A sacred trust betrayed - hell hath no fury like a constituent scorned
  123. Was Obama’s Election an Economic Coup De Main?
  124. What Does A Community Organizer Actually Do ?
  125. Emanuel Apologizes for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments
  126. VIDEO: Don't Tread On Me
  127. Dem Congressman: Town Hall Protesters Are "Political Terrorist[s]"
  128. The Truth About Health Insurance
  129. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky outlines his strategy in organizing
  130. Obama Bumper Sticker? NO PARKING
  131. Lawrence ODonnell Serves Katy Abram a Crap Sandwich on Hardball (Video)
  132. Surprising lack of outrage over black assaulted at town hall meeting
  133. Georgia Police Chief Illegaly Prevents Public Videotaping Of Town Hall .
  134. Rasmussen Polling
  135. Obama delegate pretends to be a doctor at town hall forum
  136. Robert Gibbs goes off message
  137. Roadblocks to Push Back Health Care Town Hall Protesters
  138. Health care town hall anger rages on
  139. Greta w/ Sheila Jackson-Lee
  140. Dobbs Vs DNC communications director Karen Finney
  141. Email volume to White House tests servers
  142. Hezbollah suspected of setting up camp in Venezuela
  143. Pork-barrel spending increases in 2009
  144. Armey leaves firm amid health care flap
  145. Democratic Culture Shock
  146. The Joker Disses Postal to Promote Government Health Care
  147. Who's "Un-American?"
  148. Ronald Reagan on the Welfare state
  149. Gov. Rick Perry compares Texas/Mexico to the Gaza Strip
  150. Silent No More
  151. Now even Bilderberg-ers turning against Obama
  152. Arlen Specter Tries to Call Charles Grassley
  153. The President's Stubborn DriveTowards Political Suicide
  154. Saturday Night with The Magnificent O
  155. ACORN Activists Being Bused in to PA Town
  156. College Kid Challenges Obama To Debate Health Care
  157. Rally at Babs Boxer Book Signing in San Jose, CA
  158. Limbaugh Plays Song Making Fun of ObamaCare.(Short People)
  159. Emanuel Wields Power Freely, and Faces the Risks
  160. Anti-ObamaCare Protesters Turn Out in Atlanta to Speak Out
  161. A Veritable Bevy Of liberal Bungholes .
  162. 158 Lies told by Obama... And the list will grow
  163. How's This for an Angry Shouting Mob, Madam Speaker?
  164. "Ted Kennedy's DOES NOT deserve the Medal of Freedom."
  165. Obama The Joker Enraging The Left
  166. Saul Alinsky Rules for Commie Radicals
  167. Let's Send This Video To flag At The WH...
  168. It's Official-They're willing to Drop the Public Option...
  169. Administration Official: "Sebelius Misspoke."
  170. Vote this poll - In God We Trust on US Currency
  171. Union Members Pack Obama's Town Halls
  172. Field Guide to the Hypomanic: Hothead of State (Rahm Emanuel)
  173. Gingrich Predicts Anti-liberal Eruption
  174. On being ruled by fanatics
  175. THE COMPLETE LIVES SYSTEM by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel
  176. Israelis sour on Rahm
  177. Democrats on Verge of Crack-Up Over Health Care?
  178. Born In Hawaii? Says Who?
  179. Emanuel Wields Power Freely, and Faces the Risks
  180. Mike Huckabee Wants Wal-Mart To Run U.S. Health Care
  181. Jake Tapper Reports on Future of Health Care Public Option
  182. [Alan Grayson] Holding Orlando Town Hall Tonigh
  183. Observations On Politicians
  184. Rahm Emanuel and the Israel Policy
  185. Inside Obama’s Acorn
  186. Obama, ACORN, and the SEIU? They Go Way Back
  187. Dem wants to eliminate private health insurance altogether
  188. Churches out supporting Obamacare, where's the IRS threats?
  189. David Axelrod's Very Big Problem
  190. Rep. Frank Talks Down Constituents:"What's The Matter With You All?"
  191. Schultz: 'Left Considering Dumping Obama'
  192. Backlash grows on Obama’s health reform (60 House Dems Bail on 0)
  193. Glenn Beck Talks to Nancy Grace About Efforts to Silence Town Hall Protests
  194. NYers Tired of "Worst in Nation" Government: Poll
  195. Why 'ObamaCare' is Failing
  196. Frank Defends Health Overhaul - Dartmouth Town Hall
  197. "NY Dem Rep. Massa calls Sen. Grassley a Traitor !"
  198. Dems Torn By Intraparty Rift Over Public Option
  199. It's not a "public option", it's the "GOVERNMENT option"
  200. Where's the Money? Ask Rahm Emanuel
  201. First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants
  202. Holy O Turns 'faith' Healer
  203. The next healthcare battle: Cutting Medicare Advantage
  204. It Still Reeks: Senate Issues Wristslaps
  205. You're A Racist! The Ultimate Emotional Intimidation
  206. You're not smart enough to worry
  207. Obama File 72 Obama Appoints "Former" Communist To White House "Green Job"
  208. MSNBC hides just a little bit of truth in order to accuse racism...
  209. Who elected these clowns?
  210. America, they're lying to you
  211. 'Closing in on Rove'
  212. Let's push for stricter state election laws before 2010
  213. Video: Insurance Companies On Waxman's "Request For Information"
  214. Vacationing President's TFR Rankles Vineyard Pilots
  215. Obama Approval Hits New Low In Florida, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds;
  216. Fake Town Hall
  217. Democrats Infight...Blame Republicans
  218. You Know Obama's In Trouble On Healthcare Reform When...
  219. GOP Must Mobilize the Elderly Against Obamacare
  220. Shut Down Senate If Dems Use Procedural Tactic
  221. Obama "Guarantees" Health Care Reform... Sounds Dire for Our Side...
  222. If ObamaCare Wins, Obama Loses
  223. Vocal Crowd Packs Health Care Forum Underway NOW In Abingdon
  224. Obama and the Upchuck Factor
  225. The "Obama Misery Index"
  226. Man With Cane Erupts On Congressman Gene Green At Town Hall
  227. DOCTOR'S ORDERS: Obamacare to be 1 big 'death panel'
  228. Tom Ridge becomes first man to give Rachel Maddow an orgasm
  229. The gall of this guy...
  230. Obama's Special Ramadan Message to Muslim World
  231. Holder's Black Panther Stonewall
  232. Air America; It makes me puke that we have just been 'Cheneyed' by a guy named Barack
  233. Michael Steele Talks About The Nuclear Option On Hannity
  234. Obama ‘Quite Comfortable’ As One-Term President, White House Spokesman Says
  235. White House Snitch Humor
  236. A recklessness born of arrogance
  237. Paterson Brings Up Racism for His Low Standing
  238. Silent On National Day Of Prayer But Acknowledges Ramadan.(Video)
  239. Constitutional ‘Nuclear Bomb’ Blasts Obama’s Eligibilty To Smithereens
  240. A Blue Dog's Lament: People Are Scared
  241. New York Times To Seniors: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
  242. America is Waking up in 2009
  243. 'After an era of selfishness and greed, I'm here to spread the wealth'
  244. Poor starving 'Palestinians' at the start of Ramadan in Gaza
  245. Senior Citizens Convinced ObamaCare Will Harm Them
  246. Charlie Cook: Dem situation has 'slipped completely out of control'
  247. Rally Speaker in West Virginia Details Abortion, "End of Life"
  248. Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty
  249. ObamaAmerica and Democrats to create more protest among elders?
  250. Senator Reid is in Trouble