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  1. Obama:Caught Lying Again-Making Back Room Deals with Pharmaceutical Lobbyist
  2. The Obama Family wages war: On health care
  3. Conyers & Kilpatrick looking vulnerable next year too?
  4. "Snide" Report Of Obama Family Arriving In Martha's Vineyard
  5. Video: Ashleigh Kenny - “R.I.P. U.S Constitution”
  6. Wallace Challenges Veteran's Admin. to Remove "Death Booklet"
  7. DeMint And Bachmann Call On States To Collectively Fight ObamaCare If Passed
  8. Will America's bucking bronco finally be broken?
  9. Secret Service Visits Kennedy Compound:'No Plans' for Obama Visit
  10. A Free Texas: August 29 To Be Historic Date
  11. Joe Lieberman Says Health Care Needs to Wait;
  12. I withdraw my consent....
  13. Senator Kennedy Demands Right to Name Own Successor
  14. Video Showing Obama Hysteria on Martha's Vineyard
  15. Secret Service confiscates cell phones of tourists near Obama
  16. FactCheck: House Bill Covers"All Abortions" Under Obamacare
  17. Captain Jim Hill's Letter To Barbara Boxer
  18. Ronald Reagan's 1961 Speech Denouncing Socialized Medicine
  19. Beck Exposes Obama's Radical "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones
  20. Dr. James David Manning are we're ready for a black president
  21. Watch Yuri Bezmenov predict Obama's agenda.
  22. The New Obama Nation
  23. Obama's War on our Spies
  24. Democrats planning 1,000 health care reform events
  25. Fifty-five percent (55%) Now Oppose Closing Gitmo
  26. John McCain Booed For Saying Obama Respects Constitution -
  27. King on Holder: 'You wonder which side they’re on'
  28. Glenn Beck is getting vicious
  29. Opps. Feds give Stimulus Money to Convicts
  30. A John Maynard Keynes Quote
  31. Michelle Malkin On Radicals In The White House
  32. Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out'
  33. Jesse Kelly for Congress
  34. Once high-flying political star Jeff Smith was brought low by lies.
  35. Chappaquiddick
  36. Howard Dean Called a "Baby Killer" at Raucous Virginia Town Hall Meetin
  37. '08 race worker held in damage to Colorado Democratic HQ
  38. With Ted Kennedy's Death, The Health-Care Battle is Over!
  39. Matthews: America's Mood Like Dallas 1963
  40. Bob Schieffer Reviews the "Trials and Tribulations" of Sen. Ted Kennedy
  41. How The AMA, AARP And PhRMA Have Sold Out To Obamacare
  42. Chappaquiddick: No Profile in Kennedy Courage (Wow-ABC Doesn't Wait)
  43. Byrd wants health bill renamed for Kennedy
  44. Obama's Summer of Discontent
  45. Stations Respond To (Kennedy) Death By Yanking Conservative Talk
  46. Obama to deliver Kennedy Eulogy
  47. Ronald Reagan Nails Every Aspect of ObamaCare, Nearly 50 Years Ago
  48. Preschoolers Shill For Census.
  49. Senator Inhofe: "We’re Almost Reaching A Revolution"
  50. Congressman Mike Rogers' opening statement on Health Care reform
  51. Obama Wants A Civilian Security Defense Force
  52. Inside Story of Leon Panetta's Tirade Over CIA Probe
  53. State-Run Media Refuses to Run TV Ads Critical of Obamacare
  54. Democrats Playing "Death Card" to Pass Health Care Bill
  55. Medicare Recipients Will Have to Give Up Some Current Benefits For Obamacare
  56. Democrats To Return Arrested Donor’s Cash
  57. Use Ted Kennedy's own tactics against them! Continue to Give 'em hell!!!!
  58. ~~~~THE official FRIDAY silliness THREAD~~~~
  59. Why Americans are Up in Arms
  60. Rush Limbaugh Says "Ted Kennedy Screwed Up Everything He Touched"
  61. Download: 50 Threats To Our Liberty In Obamacare!
  62. Ted Kennedy’s Death Exposes the Left’s Power-Hungry Hypocrisy
  63. "Where's The Birth Certificate?" Billboards
  64. Sarah Palin Vs. Dr.ezekiel Emanuel
  65. Guess who's back?
  66. What is your overall feeling about Kennedy? (Poll Question)
  67. Krauthammer Says "the Trial Lawyers Own the Democratic Party"
  68. Save yourselves while you still can.
  69. This is America! "It ain't no more.."
  70. Gingrich urges Obama to fire AG Holder
  71. Barack Obama must abandon the Kennedy way, or he will fail
  72. Fl. Sen. Bill Nelson--cosponsor to S773--White House to control internet
  73. Text Of Kgb Letter On Senator Ted Kennedy
  74. Obama is Going After the Very People Who Have Kept America Safe
  75. Kennedy Jokes to Dodd: Cancer Surgery Beats Attending Town Hall Meetings
  76. Senior Citizens Abandoning Obama
  77. Liberal Astroturfing exposed!
  78. Notes From A Cop (Is a Revolution or Civil War On The Horizon?)
  79. Ted Kennedy: 'A coward beside heroes'
  80. Why Ted Want(ed) His Death Exploited
  81. U.S. Mulls Alternatives for Missile Shield
  82. The people of Massachusetts should elect their next senator.
  83. It Ain't America No More! Ok?
  84. American People Will Not Stand for Obama Authority to Seize Internet Control
  85. Thousands Voice Anger over Health Care Reform
  86. 57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress
  87. Shea-Porter has constituent arrested at town-hall forum
  88. Ted Kennedy's Burial Site at Arlington National Cemetery - Video 8/29/09
  89. There Are No Communists in Washington (Video)
  90. We Did Not Vote to "Remake the Nation; We Love This Country"
  91. McCain On Face The Nation Shows Why You Simply Can't Count On Him
  92. Health Care Horror Story
  93. Americas Eleven Most Expensive Catastrophes .
  94. The Middle Finger "to America" has always been the Kennedy family crest
  95. Vote on Bernie Sanders webpoll
  96. An Ivy League Huey Long
  97. "Never Before have we Faced as Great a Threat as Obama. "
  98. The Lobbyists-First Healthcare Reform Bill
  99. Experts see double-digit Dem losses
  100. Top 10 Ridiculous Democrat Quotes on Health Care
  101. We gave them Hell!
  102. AZ pastor takes it a little too far when he wishes Obama dead...
  103. Tucson Townhall Meeting Violence
  104. Republican Promises To Reverse Obamacare If GOP Wins In 2012
  105. You will not arrest me! Cop:Put hands behind back or I'll shoot you w/ a tazer
  106. Rahm wanted back in Congress in 2010
  107. Wexler’s health care forum only open to union members
  108. Orlando Health Care Town Hall
  109. Obama Has Surrounded Himself with Radicals to Lead a "Silent Revolution"
  110. Oh my : New Zogby poll shows Obama’s approval at … 42%
  111. Obama Website: Critics of Obamacare Are Heirs of Bin Laden
  112. "Barack Hussein Obama II The Muslim is Celebrating Ramadan !"
  113. Ex-CIA Counter-Terrorism Expert: Obama and Holder 'At War' with Agency
  114. We Are Protected by the Enormity of Our Stupidity
  115. Dick Morris Tells Hannity that Obama as President is "Totally Inept" -
  116. Read The Book On U.S. Collapse Predicted for November 2009
  117. "I'm not afraid of August - it's a month" - Nancy Pelosi."
  118. Ted Kennedy to Cardinals: You're All Bigots!
  119. Harry Reid UNLV Town Hall Bars Anyone Not Supporting ObamaCare;
  120. Bipartisan plan would end ACORN electioneering
  121. Report of H1N1 and off to the Plague Camps !"
  122. "Tea Party Express" to Keep On: "They Fear You in Washington"
  123. Democratic Leadership, AFL-CIO Push For $100 billion Investment Tax
  124. John Kerry "channeling" Ted's Thoughts
  125. Dumbfounded as Taranto Suggests Dick Cheney for President in 2012
  126. The Fifth Column at the Department of Homeland Security
  127. Reid: Teddy's death "going to help us"
  128. “I guess it’s true: Washington really can change people”
  129. Murthaville-The city that pork built
  130. Challenging Obama to "Stand with Senior Citizens" - Video
  131. RINO FL Gov Appoints Friend With No Experience As Senator
  132. Consistently Underestimating
  133. “Until they have reformed their lives”
  134. "Harry Reid Sends Aide To Videotape Tea Party Express"
  135. Ted Kennedy's Letter to Pope Benedict, Vatican's Response
  136. Video: Kennedy’s name booed at health-care town hall
  137. Obama White House Has Secret Plan To Harvest Personal Data From Social Networking Web
  138. GOP senator warns of 'minor revolution' over health care
  139. Obama's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones: Republicans Are "A**holes"
  140. ACORN/SEIU killing our economy
  141. Leftist on camera 'training' pro-obamacare zombies
  142. Kennedy's legacy: Chappaquiddick end-of-life care
  143. Obama to Begin New Health-Care Offensive, Top Aide Axelrod Says
  144. Obama slashes Medicare in 2010 for Heart, Cancer Docs -- Media Silent
  145. Take the poll:Is Dick Cheney a huge embarrassment?
  146. Democratic legislators play solitaire while Republican speaks...
  147. Hoyer may not support Health Care bill !
  148. Pelosi and Reid Invite President Obama to Address Congress
  149. TIMBER !! Gallup Reports Democrat Party Support Continues to Fall
  150. TakeThis Poll Should Joseph P. Kennedy II Run?
  151. Coming soon to America,Sentenced to Death By the Liberals
  152. Pelosi: Health bill will come to the floor soon, and it will pass.
  153. Chester Alan Arthur: The Barack Obama of the 19th Century:
  154. Lowering Taxes Doesn't Violate the Establishment Clause,
  155. Expectations for Justice Sotomayor:
  156. Ann Coulter's Not Surprised Americans are Turning on Obama
  157. The CENSUS BUREAU Wanted To Come To Our Church Tonight!
  158. Small Business Owner Goes Nuclear At Town Hall Meeting
  159. Obama's Death Panels to Unravel Lightbulb Savings
  160. Rasmussen: Americans despise Democrat Congress
  161. FOX News' Griff Jenkins Goes Behind the Scenes of the "Tea Party Express
  162. ‘Green Jobs’ Goal is ‘Complete Revolution’ Away From ‘Gray Capitalism’
  163. Curt Schilling for Kennedy's Senate Seat?
  164. Jason Mattera Goes Undercover Inside Pro-ObamaCare Activists at Rally
  165. Who Is The Terrorist?
  166. Kennedy memoir reveals guilt over Chappaquiddick
  167. ***Van Jones Will Be Gone By Monday***
  168. This Is My Town Hall Meeting. I Set the Rules.
  169. A Perfect Political Storm Heading for Democrats,Karl Rove
  170. POTUS UNDER FIRE ! "No Public Option No Bill"
  171. The Real Van Jones Scandal: Why Glenn Beck Is Right
  172. Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Linked to Real Estate Scandals -2008 Rezko
  173. Government Option Trigger Designed To Avoid Future Debate
  174. Saudi Prince Blasts U.S.: You Can't Live Without Our Oil
  175. Barack Obama's Civilian Army
  176. Obama, the Mortal
  177. Can Pete Stark Be A Bigger A-hole?
  178. Timing Of Protest Is Suspect (Flash Back: Obama Czar Supports Cop Killer)
  179. Imagine a Van Jones in a Republican Administration
  180. Interesting Van Jones Essay
  181. Ashcroft liable for detentions .
  182. Florida:5-17 year olds forced Hear Obama's "necessary" speech OR ELSE
  183. Judge Napolitano : Revolution is Duty of the People
  184. BREAKING On Cavuto now: Finger biter fingered!
  185. Petraeus, Scarborough eyed for '12
  186. Obama Wants Americans to Fight "Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists"
  187. Battle Now Born: Reid takes heat in YouTube ad
  188. Wikipedia Fraud and why Conservatives Should Act
  189. Larry Kudlow Smacks Down Former Air America CEO
  190. US fury as Israel defies settlement freeze call (Bibi to Zero: Screw you)
  191. Business Owner at Town Hall "On the Record" - Video
  192. "Obama's Dept Of Education Brainwashing 101 !"
  193. Senator Inhofe blasts Obama at Town Hall: "He has disavowed America"
  194. Pelosi Stands By Her Beleaguered Man
  195. The Real Van Jones Scandal: Why Glenn Beck Is Right
  196. Fox News Discussion of Van Jones Turns Into Yelling Match
  197. Glenn Beck Traces History of the FCC and the So-Called "Fairness Doctrine" -
  198. Waco Texas Town Hall Meeting.
  199. This is the entire Glenn Beck show from Friday; September 4th, 2009
  200. Obama’s Friends ‘Out’ the Death Panels
  201. PRC Flag on the WH South Lawn?
  202. DNC TV Ad: "Republicans Want to End Medicare"
  203. "Tea Party Express" in Dallas - "We're Taking America Back" - Video 9/4/09
  204. The Hottest Races in the Senate for Democrats (Reid, Dodd, Boxer)
  205. For Obama and Democrats, Colorado Becomes Less Welcoming
  206. Congressman Mike Rogers' Healthcare Video
  207. Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law?
  208. "Fox & Friends" Discuss the Resignation of Van Jones - Video 9/6/09
  209. Rush Limbaugh TV- Ted Kennedy's Unintelligible Introduction
  210. Krauthammer hits it out of the park again, Obama the Mortal
  211. Jones was recruited not in spite of his wacky beliefs but because of them
  212. "Meet The Press" Attacks Internet and Bloggers
  213. Valerie Jarrett - Also Raised out of Country - Iran
  214. An Insult to Our Democracy."Murtha is a turd in a suit".
  215. Hispanic man refuses to speak English at Health care townhall
  216. Civil Rights Commission Demands Voter Intimidation Answers .
  217. 100,000 expected for Friends of America in West Virginia
  218. Tea Party Express Patriots Share Their Feelings In Addison
  219. More czars on conservative hit list
  220. The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
  221. “It’s kind of scary! They have learned all of the tricks,”
  222. Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?
  223. Obama the Weak
  224. VIDEO of Candidate Obama November (2007) I know how to choose talent
  225. Radicals in robes: why extreme right-wing courts are wrong for America
  226. Till the Revolution Comes
  227. DUmmies want to get rid of Hank Williams Jr..
  228. White House Drops Plea For Students To Help Obama
  229. NAACP Editorial Staff Calls Glenn Beck a 'Pompous Little Troll'
  230. New Fee on Health Insurance Companies Is Proposed
  231. Axelrod's Disturbing Revelation
  232. The Crashing Liberal Agenda
  233. Democrats jittery as unpopular Congress returns
  234. CNN Guest: Racist Glenn Beck Is the ‘Right Wing’s Political Terrorist’
  235. Gibbs: Opponents of Obama starting 'Animal House food fight'
  236. Former Rep. Joseph Kennedy nixes Senate campaign
  237. Defying Critics, Obama Names Another Czar
  238. "Chavez wants Iranian Nukes In South American ."
  239. Man Calls for Resignation of Senators Snowe and Collins
  240. Obama is fast losing white voters' support
  241. Barney Frank wants Cabinet post
  242. Huge Crowd of 10,000 Greets Tea Party Express in Obama's Own Backyard -
  243. White House Uploads Photo On Blog With A Halo Around The President's Head
  244. Don Imus: Obama's a 'Hypocrite and a Phony'; Biden's a 'Moron'
  245. Should President Obama have given that pep talk to students?
  246. Senator Helps Mexicans Take Americans’ Jobs
  247. Thomas Jefferson at Harpers Ferry
  248. Congressman Erupts Arrogantly; Local Newspaper Fails to Cover Blowup
  249. Obama to be Chairman of the UN Security Council
  250. The Democrats’ Control of Congress Will Go Down in Flames