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  1. U.N. Report Demands Repeal of Counterterrorism Laws to Promote 'Gender Equality'
  2. Congress to Order Americans to Buy Health Insurance!
  3. Boston Muslims Planned to Open Fire on Mall Shoppers!
  4. ACORN Sting Team Releases New Video From Philadelphia Office
  5. Obama Using Dictatorial Powers Like No President in History
  6. Dems change locks on Capitol offices; tell Repubs to get lost
  7. List of All Tax Hikes in the Max Baucus Health Care Plan.
  8. FCC Wants Private Broadcasters to Pay
  9. Scozzafava holds photo op … outside Hoffman’s office
  10. House Democrats: We Have Almost Enough Votes for Pro-Abortion Health Care
  11. Mao: The Untold Story Another great Beck video
  12. Vote The Scum Out! All Of Them. Reclaim America.
  13. Secret Service strained to protect Obama (Threats up 400% over Bush)
  14. Obama's war on Fox & Half "(80 percent)" The Country
  15. Free Obama “Ineligible” stickers for download
  16. A Day in the Life of President Obama
  17. Olympia Snowe: The GOP's lonely"(RINO)" Heretic
  18. Obama Suffers Worst Quarterly Approval Drop of any Elected President in History
  19. Damaging Disclosures in Van Jones Scandal,"Valerie Jarrett ."
  20. Obama's Fox weakness shows he's a Petty man
  21. Houston Republicans!
  22. Behind Closed Doors
  23. Rasmussen : 73 percent say GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican base
  24. Hate crimes bill goes to Obama for signature
  25. White House tries to bar Fox News From Interviewing Pay Czar
  26. The End Game of the Left
  27. Hating Whitey Makes Unexpected Comeback,Kyle-Anne Shiver
  28. Obama's Regulatory Czar Sunstein Urges: Abolish Marriage
  29. "Ann Coulter Continues to Drive Joy Behar Crazy !"
  30. Sen. Harry Reid will Put Forward Health Bill WITH a "Public Option" -
  31. Kennedy Puts Smack Down On Catholics
  32. 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes
  33. The Chicago Way
  34. Obama To Congress: My Czars Wont Testify
  35. Congressman Says He Has 40 Democrats Who Will Kill Health Bill
  36. "Thirty Percent of America Believe Obama Is a Foreigner."
  37. Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund
  38. Tea Party Protesters Show Up At Dodd Fundraiser With Obama (2 Videos)
  39. Obama declares swine flu emergency .000365 Percent of the Population Infected
  40. Cavuto: Dead People, Illegals Got Homebuyer Tax Credits
  41. Obama Will Attend Opening of New Solar Panel Plant That Will Power 3k Homes.
  42. Sally Quinn Says Beltway Buzzing over White House War on Fox
  43. Cell Phones for the Needy
  44. Things to watch for during a “Declared National Emergency”
  45. You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet! [Waxman-Markey]
  46. Military Riot Control Training at Vaccination Center (video - Nat'l Guard drill in ME
  47. Heavily Armed Teams Across Bay Area(Foreign Cops-Domestic Terror drill!)
  48. Ex-Fox News Contributor Quit Because of ‘Scary’ Beck & Less Debate (video)
  49. Warmongers or Peacemakers: Who Will Be Responsible for Scorching the Earth?
  50. Not quite understanding the word mandate
  51. Protesters burn effigy of President Obozo.
  52. First Daughters Not Getting Swine Flu SHot
  53. Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group
  54. Is it time to drop the health bills?Poll
  55. Arcadia quiet on eve of president's arrival
  56. Pelosi - "public option" needs a new name
  57. Carbon Credits for Condoms
  58. Dems Flounder Without Bush/Hitler Meme.
  59. First Daughter’s Receive H1N1 Vaccine
  60. Public Option; The War is ON!
  61. Obama Admin holds peace talks with Fox News
  62. Please shake my hand...pretty please???
  63. No Bundler Left Behind
  64. "Calculator Abuse"
  65. Barack and Michelle Obama: Mr&Mrs show irks voters
  66. Let that be a lesson to 'ya! - The "Scozzafava" heard 'round the world....
  67. Any news from Va, NJ, or NY23?
  68. The Official Blame Bush for the Election results thread
  69. Q - Why are you here? A - To get some Obama money
  70. "Kenyan-Born Obama...." Article From 2004
  71. Jon Voight Speaks at DC Anti-ObamaCare Rally
  72. Official unemployment rate now over 10%
  73. Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting
  74. Obama apologizes to terrorists ... again
  75. Elementary Epidemic - 11 more 'Obama praise' schools
  76. Blackhole sun
  77. Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online
  78. Excellent anti-gov't-run healthcare commercial
  79. SPIN SPIN SPIN - it's dizzying how much they SPIN!
  80. Bloodless President Barack Obama makes Americans wistful for George W Bush
  81. Homeland Security Warns of Anti-Muslim Backlash
  82. House Health Care Bill Has Nowhere To Go In Senate
  83. Joe Lieberman - Texas Shooting was Terrorism
  84. Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox
  85. Obama snubs Merkel and Berlin Wall ceremonies.
  86. Westboro Baptist Church Protests Obama Girls' School
  87. Must-read story about the Ft Hood Killer and political correctness
  88. The Contract With Georgia
  89. Obama at Fort Hood
  90. Eric Hold to speak to CAIR
  91. White House BLocking Investigation of Fort Hood Terrorist Attack
  92. Dear Michelle Obama: Please Learn This Word-Decorum
  93. Even the Diehards are Coming Around.
  94. The Left Wants Segregated Best Seller Book Lists
  95. 'Political downsizing' is latest weapon for voters
  96. 2011:Obama's Coup Fails !
  97. [Democrat] Owens May Have to Be Removed (NY-23)
  98. RNC to opt out of abortion coverage
  99. Obama to weed out Bush political appointees who careered in
  100. Barack Obama demands exit strategy in Afghanistan
  101. (Lindsey) Graham Defends Efforts Amid Conservative Criticism
  102. Israel Wants Production Role in F-35
  103. The "Crazy Ivan" Hasan
  104. I Voted for Him I Think I Made The Wrong Decision
  105. The American Humiliation Buried at Fort Hood
  106. Everyone in Britain Could be Given a Personal 'Carbon Allowance'
  107. Bush Warns of Threats to Freedom, Economic Growth
  108. Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood
  109. Hasan Had Communications with Pakistan
  110. New York: No Evidence Obtained Through Coercion Admissable
  111. 9/11 plotters face death penalty in New York trial
  112. Napolitano: Legal status for illegals will help national security, labor unions
  113. Obama says China is Not a Threat
  114. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed The First of His 72 Virgins: Barack Obama.
  115. Newt Gingrich Warns of 'Destructive' GOP Primaries,"Dump The RINO'S First Newt" !
  116. Obama Urges Congress to Put Off Fort Hood Probe
  117. You Poll: Is The Fort Hood Shooter a Murderer or a Terrorist?
  118. Mukasey: 'Very High' Risk of Attack Over NYC 9/11 Trial
  119. O's terrible call"Will terrorists walk free?"
  120. Giuliani To Obama: Incompetent And Irresponsible
  121. Obama Sends Letter to Muslim Rebel Group
  122. Video:Obama Shows His Ass. 46 Handshakes, One Bow
  123. Japan expert to ABC : Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot
  124. ACLU Wants Terrorists to Beat the Rap
  125. Does Islam Breed Violence?
  126. US Civilian Courts Ordered 30 Terrorist Freed
  127. Is Dick Cheney an asset or liability for the GOP? Poll
  128. Obama to China - "uncensored society is healthy'
  129. The New Wave of Female Firebrands Striking Fear Into liberal America (heh)
  130. Barney Frank’s New Gay Attack on Hetero/Christian America:
  131. Report: House Bill Would Hike Health Care Costs...........
  132. Multiculturalism is Cultural Marxism
  133. NY Gov. Paterson Rips Obama's White House For NYC 9/11 Trial
  134. CNN Poll: Most Americans say Palin not qualified to serve as President
  135. Missing The Point On Fort Hood?
  136. **BREAKING** Another Acorn Video!!
  137. "The Ongoing Comedy That Is The Obama Presidency !"
  138. Deepest Bow Is Reserved For World Opinion
  139. YouTube - Obama Admits He Is A Muslim
  140. If He's So Smart Then Why Isn’t He Better at Being President?
  141. Exclusive: Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist
  142. Palin Cover Shot Called 'Sexist'.
  143. Thinning The RINO Herd?
  144. Sarah Palin Speaks: Obama Wrong on Israeli, Afghan Policy
  145. "Back to Back Traitors Against America Hanoi Jane Fonda and Code Pink's Jodie Evans!
  146. Democrats starting to panic as independents abandon ship
  147. AP Turns Heads for Devoting 11 Reporters to Palin Book 'Fact Check'
  148. Why the left fears Sarah
  149. The Coming "New York" Jihadi Trial Disaster
  150. Gaza Charity Offers Bounty For IDF Troops
  151. CBO: Senate health plan to cost $849 billion
  152. ACLU wants end to graduations at church
  153. Sales of Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ Prompt Another Press Run
  154. When did the Democratic Party go soft?
  155. Botox Tax Back!
  156. Geithner Grilled by Rep. Kevin Brady
  157. NEA Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky,The American Organizer
  158. Reid's Senate Health Care Bill Contains Massive Abortion Funding
  159. Circling Sharks Smell American Blood
  160. A View of Obama (a Dangerous Wanker) From Across the Pond
  161. Sarah Palin rolls 'Going Rogue' book tour to Fort Hood,royalties to victims' families
  162. Wall Street Tax Must Be International: Pelosi
  163. Geithner Gets Testy With Congressma
  164. Rudy Giuliani to run for U.S. Senate
  165. High unemployment depletes fund ( Employers Tax will go from $8 to $100 per employee)
  166. "Psalm 109:8 “Let His Days Be Few” -Sure to Draw The Secret Service ?"
  167. "Reid Buys Landrieu's Vote with $100 Million of Our Money ."
  168. CNN Poll: Blame for recession shifting from GOP to Democrats
  169. Breitbart (Big Government) Threatens Eric Holder.
  170. House demands answers on errors in stimulus data
  171. Unburied Bodies Tell the Tale of Detroit — a City in Despair
  172. Whistleblower Video Reveals SEIU Ballot Fraud
  173. Obama’s 43% Is Too Much for Media Matters to Bear
  174. Holder’s True Motive (KSM will put the CIA and the Bush administration on trial)
  175. A Failed Presidency is Now Unavoidable
  176. Geithner's Stock Plummeting
  177. All 40 GOP Senators To Filibuster Obamacare
  178. 1,000 turn out for conservative media star Glenn Beck in Jupiter
  179. Senate Health Bill's Progress Hinges on Two Southern Dems
  180. Congress’s Constitutional Contempt Should Worry Us
  181. Barack Obama’s Chump Diplomacy
  182. Every Dem Senator up in 2010 Cast the Winning Vote (Health Care Takeover)
  183. Hillary-Miliband, in un fumetto l'ironia del tabloid
  184. Turkish PM manhandled by US Secret Service
  185. Religious Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience
  186. Americans Are Messaging Each Other 'S.O.S.'
  187. ON Fox News now, Vote is underway!!
  188. Glenn Beck's 'Plan' Includes March On Washington
  189. Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle 60-39 vote
  190. Kennedy Barred from Communion by Bishop
  191. CNN Poll - Do you want the Senate to pass its health care bill?
  192. There Are Two America's, Each with Its Own Philosophical Founder!
  193. Who Diverted The Hasan Investigation Into Suspension?
  194. Regular Democrats losing patience with Obama
  195. ‘Million Med March’ Draws Hundreds in St. Louis
  196. President Obama's Asia Failure
  197. Political correctness and institutional stupidity in the case of Nidal Malik Hasan.
  198. Senate Regularly Passes Major Legislation Without Even Voting on It.
  199. Bureaucrats With Badges (The Joke Known As The TSA)
  200. Beck reveals his Plan at Saturday Fla rally 11/21/09 (Full video)
  201. Health-bill Foes Protest at Richmond Offices of Warner, Webb
  202. Palin welcomed by 1000+ fans at Roanoke book signing;
  203. Hasan Won't Plead Guilty, May Use Insanity Defense, Lawyer Says
  204. ACORN's "Mr" Moonbeam
  205. Obama the Racist?
  206. Tom Coburn: “Health Care Reform is malpractice!”
  207. Sodom In the Nation's Capital!
  208. White House scrambled to justify AmeriCorps firing after the fact
  209. Obama Sides with Terrorists Against Families of Murdered Marines
  210. Dobbs' staff must re-apply for jobs (The axe falls)
  211. Saint Charles Tea Party Draws 2,000 Patriots (Video)
  212. Political Correctness and the Sunset of American Power
  213. Afghan Source: The U.S. Has Offered the Taliban Control in Return for Quiet
  214. Dead of Night
  215. Schumer: Dems Can Go it Alone on Health Care(DemoRats Go nuke to Pass Bill)
  216. Massachusetts Senate Front-Runners Criticize Catholic Church at Forum
  217. White House schedules huddle with national security team on Afghanistan
  218. SEIU Leader Resigns After Threatening Legal Action Against Boy Scout
  219. Ex-Mossad official sees massive attack on U.S. homeland
  220. The Wilding of Sarah Palin
  221. Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan
  222. Obamacare is Unconstitutional
  223. The Bush Administration On Trial
  224. Obama Supporter Hopes To 'Out' Gay Priests.
  225. Lawmakers may propose "War Tax" to pay for Afghanistan
  226. MSNBC Attacks Catholic Bishop Tobin in Pat Kennedy-Abortion-Communion Row
  227. The Whore and the Pimp
  228. Holder’s “startling” Response To Senate Grilling
  229. Rep. Grayson: Change Senate rules to require 55 for cloture
  230. Couric Pimps Obamacare On News.
  231. Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%
  232. Different Presidents, A Different Corps
  233. ABC announces Oprah-Obama Christmas special
  234. America's Rebirth
  235. On Thanksgiving Eve, Obama Issues Special Hajj Message to World's Muslims
  236. America still standing on Thanksgiving Holiday
  237. What Is Political Correctness?
  238. Thanksgiving Greetings to all .
  239. Kaine, O'Malley Criticize Catholic Church Response to same sex marriage in D.C.
  240. Schumer: 'Gay marriage' is goal in all 50 states
  241. Obama Demands Massive Terrorist Release For Thanksgiving
  242. Obama Grandmama Makes Hajj, Muslim Pilgrimage
  243. Wiley jumps to 11% in NPRI statewide Poll
  244. Senate Civil Wars Heating Up
  245. KARL ROVE:Voter Anger Is Building Over Deficits
  246. Australian Government Okays F-35 Purchase
  247. Be Wary Of China Space Ties
  248. Orthodox “Manhattan Declaration” Catches Fire
  249. Barack Obama must sell base on unpopular war in Afghanistan
  250. Growing Public Backlash Over Obamacare