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  1. Attorney General Says ACORN Can Be Funded by Federal Govmnt...
  2. The President's Address on Afghanistan Deployment.
  3. Obama May Allow US Soldiers to be Tried in the Hague
  4. Liberals Vow to 'Spank' Obama for Sending More Troops to Afghanistan
  5. How America Will Fall to Islam
  6. Wake Up, America! (Part 2)
  7. Tempers Flare At Anti-War Rally At Travis AFB
  8. Buchanan: Gore’s Moment 'Passed' –No Proof of Manmade Global Warming;
  9. Impossible Numbers Certified in NY-23,ACORN ?
  10. 7 stories Obama doesn't want told
  11. Resist DC: A Step-by-Step Plan for Freedom
  12. Eric Holder Won't Investigate His Radical Friends at ACORN
  13. Police remove man who criticizes Kennedy at Brown forum
  14. SOS Save "Our" SEAL: A Serious Nation Doesn't Prosecute Its Heroes
  15. Every Generation Needs A Revolution
  16. Why Won't We Face Iran's Evil?
  17. A Liberal Pleads With Obama to End the War:‘We F*#&in' Hate These Generals’
  18. Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine (Video)
  19. UN Marks Anniversary of Creation of Israel as Day of Mourning.
  20. EU Joins PA’s Diplomatic War on Jerusalem
  21. So long,"Fool": Good Riddance to UN's Gullible Nuclear Watchdog, Iran's No.1 Pasey
  22. WH Uses Poorly Written Joke Email To Lampoon 'Politico'
  23. Hater sites take flight,Erika Lovely
  24. Turning Point:Perky Little Katie Couric Rips Obama a New One !"
  25. New"Obama TWAP" Poster Appears Around Los Angeles
  26. Thank You, President Obama-Another School Exploition Video
  27. 7 items you didn’t know were in the Senate bill
  28. Well, I've done it!I've Read the Entire Text of The Health Care Choices Act .
  29. POTUS Speech Thread.
  30. Increasing Numbers of Americans Abandoning Democrat Party
  31. EXCLUSIVE: Navy Secretary Boots 4 Pendleton Troops Involved in Iraqi Killing
  32. Obama vs W at West Point
  33. Matthews On West Point : Obama Went to the “Enemy Camp” Tonight, Didn’t He?
  34. The Struggle in St. Louis: Assault on the Catholic Church by Opponents of Marriage
  35. Setting Up Our Military to Fail
  36. Copenhagen Poster
  37. Medal of Honor winner, 90, ordered to remove flagpole
  38. Lord Monckton Releases The Definitive Report on ClimateGate
  39. Carlin: Climategate Will Now Hit the EPA
  40. New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill
  41. Blanche Lincoln in serious trouble,trails 4 Republicans in Arkansas Senate Race.
  42. Poll:Do You Expect Jobs to Increase in 2010?
  43. Lou Dobbs: 'Who The Hell Does This President Think He Is?'
  44. Dem senator: I don’t recall anyone comparing Bush to Hitler
  45. More troops to Afghan??? Why?
  46. A Call To Arms So Ambivalent And Dispiriting CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
  47. White House Aides Insisted F-22 be Removed From Obama Speech Venue
  48. "Massachusetts SJC Throws Out Attempted 3 Year Old Child Rape Conviction."
  49. Dems Doing Liberalism Badly
  50. Contentious White House exchange
  51. The Islamo-Fascist Fifth Column
  52. Breaking: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom
  53. Saudis 'in a Panic Mode' as Shi'ite Rebels Move North From Yemen
  54. Among Other Problems, Obama's Safe School Czar has Ties to "NAMBLA"
  55. EPA Set to Declare Carbon Dioxide a Public Danger
  56. Borrow to the hilt to stop global warming, says Lord Stern
  57. Harry Reid Faces Huge Problems Back Home
  58. " Greedy' Senate Democrats Target 'Greedy' Health Execs."
  59. Health Care’s Coming Heart Attack –A Pre-Obama Care Death Panel?
  60. PROMISES, PROMISES: A closed meeting on openness
  61. Marxist! Marxist! Marxist!
  62. The embattled Razzle Dazzle Czar (No Creche Display at the White House)
  63. Gay Advocates See Bloodbath For New York Dem 'No' Voters
  64. December 7 Navy SEAL Court-Martial Protest! We Need Your Voice!!
  65. CEI Will File Suit to Block EPA Endangerment Finding
  66. Obama Health 'Czar' was Chief of Legally Troubled Firms
  67. New poll shows 'Tea Party' more popular than Republican Party
  68. Reid faces criticism after comparing opponents to civil rights opponents
  69. Obama's 47 Percent Approval Lowest of Any President at This Point
  70. President Obama told me to stop ‘demeaning’ him, says Rep. Conyers
  71. Campaign to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat
  72. 'Hate Speech' Penalties Tossed by Appeals Court
  73. Detroit Extorting its Own Teachers to Meet Payroll
  74. Costco Expects Palin Fans to Camp Out Overnight
  75. Sen. Feinstein Says It’s ‘Morally Correct’ to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion
  76. EPA Scientist Silenced in Coverup
  77. The Islamification of America, and the Emasculation of the U.S. Military
  78. Do You Agree With This Glenn Beck Video?
  79. Kentucky Votes No
  80. Sean Hannity & Michelle Malkin Break Media Silence on Fistgate
  81. Raw Video: Flight 297 Passenger Brent Brown
  82. "Obummer Never Misses an Opportunity to 'Bash' America While Overseas."
  83. "Obama Is Now A 'War President'"-Escalates War."Helen "Quagmire" Thomas
  84. SHOCK POLL: 44% want Bush back over Obama...
  85. Government Giveth and Taketh Away
  86. Mary Matalin: Global Warming Is A Money Scam
  87. GOP Senator Enzi: "2,074 Pages Isn't Nearly Enough" To Cover Health Care
  88. The Democrats' Assault On Seniors: Wrecking Medicare To Save Obamacare
  89. Tea Party Patriots, Protesters Plan to "Storm Senate"
  90. "Reid:Maw Those Nasty Republician's Are Picking On Me Again!"
  91. "They Ran Dirty Harry Reid Off His Fundraiser !"
  92. Saudis will pay Legal Fees of Muslim Accused of Killing Binghamton Professor
  93. Chris Dodd in Trouble In Reelection Effort
  94. The Next Surge: Counterbureaucracy
  95. Why No Harry Reid Meets Mary Landrieu In New Orleans
  96. Democrats To GOP: Keep Out And Shut Up
  97. Armed UN Security Officers Stop Questions About ClimateGate
  98. Perspective Of A Russian Immigrant (No.4)
  99. Biden: Dodd is 'getting the living hell beat out of him' (Good! Send 'em all packin)
  100. "The Rats Are Bailing out" :Hawaii Democrat Abercrombie Announces Resignation
  101. The Obama 4-year Plan to Remake America
  102. Those Who Giveth to ACORN Can Also Taketh Away!
  103. Tyranny of Minority Trumps Maryville Tradition
  104. "USA.St. Louis Missouri's Arresting Developments"
  105. "Obama At -19....23%Yea,..42% Nay.Start Spinning Gibbs."
  106. Anti-Obama Sentiment Brewing on Internet as Tea Party Threatens Boilover
  107. Palin’s Post Op-ed On Climate Change 3rd Most Read Of The Year
  108. Lieberman & Nelson to VOTE NO!
  109. The Left, From Progressive to Oppressive
  110. Lieberman Refuses to Vote for Health Bill
  111. " Expanding Medicare has Been Obama's Plan All Along."
  112. Rules of Engagement Killing U.S. Soldiers
  113. "Do Nothing,Majority Says-ObamaCare is Now as Unpopular as it is Monstrous"
  114. Harry Reid Slips Lifetime Limit Into Senate Bill
  115. If This Doesn't Get You Charged, Nothing Will
  116. Bush and Obama now equally popular?
  117. End ‘Authority’ on Climate Change
  118. 76% Reject the Left's 'Church and State' Myth
  119. "Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Hollow Point Rounds to Homeland Security"
  120. Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?
  121. Conservatives in Oklahoma stand firm on their Constitution rights by passing laws
  122. Why Democrats Push Health Care, Even If It Kills Them
  123. NEA recommended reading
  124. "White House to Close Offutt Air Base If Nelson Doesn’t Vote for Obamacare"
  125. Immigration overhaul bill unveiled in House
  126. Unchurched, Unmarried, Poor, Inexperienced and Pro-Obama
  127. Reporter Fired Over Gay Marriage E-Mail
  128. Gore once again refuses to answer journalist's questions...
  129. What Three Liberals Do You Most Dislike?
  130. "SEIU Pulls Support For Dirty Harry's Reids Abortion of a Bill!"
  131. Letter Sent to Mr. Rand... Executive Director of AARP
  132. vote on healthcare sight unseen
  133. "National Police Force,Who Needs The Military ?"
  134. "The Obummer's AG Refuses To Do It So The GAO Will Have To !"
  135. Nelson Rejects "Compromise" on Abortion Funding in Senate Bill
  136. "U.S. to contribute to Annual $100B Climate Fund:Hillary Clinton"
  137. "Left Rebels Against Health Reform,His Base Is In Revolt !"
  138. How Serious of a Problem Do You think Global Warming Is?
  139. Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen....
  140. John McCain Upset Over Lieberman-Franken Snub (Video)
  141. Obama, Medvedev to Meet on Nuclear Arms Talks (Obama to Bow and Apologize)
  142. Dems Plans Christmas Eve Vote!
  143. Axelrod : Left “insane” for wanting to kill the bill
  144. "The American Queen Bars Republicans from Copenhagen Press Conference"
  145. "Chuck The Schmuck Schumer Does It Again !"
  146. "Man These Brain Dead Liberals Crows Sure Are Mentally Challenged !"
  147. Reid Must Get 60 Votes By Midnight Tomorrow
  148. Castro mocking pezbo again
  149. Obama Snubbed by Chinese Premier at Climate Meeting
  150. Breaking: Nelson will vote for cloture
  151. "Nelson Caves in To Reid And Votes For Health Care Bill."
  152. May be hope to kill the bill. A Dem siding with the GOP!
  153. My Letter to Senator Nelson today
  154. "Jane Fonda's First Husband :“It’s Time to Strip the Obama Sticker Off My Car.”
  155. Obama Does It Again
  156. The Copenhagen farce is glad tidings for all
  157. "No Seat For The OBugler ."
  158. "Nebraska Abortion Foes ‘Stunned'".
  159. "Grayson(D:Orlando)Wants To Send Critic to Jail For Five Years"
  160. "Conrad:It’s The Senate Bill Or Nothing at All."
  161. MSNBC's Ratigan Yells At Congresswoman (VIDEO)
  162. When the Chips Are Down,All Democrats Are Liberals
  163. Claire McCaskill “Obama’s Joker” Signs Seen in St. Louis Region
  164. Seniors Abandoning AARP for Conservative Counterpart
  165. Former Justice Ginsburg: Supreme Court may eventually overrule Heller
  166. "There'll Be Nowhere to Run From the Coming New World Government"
  167. Abortion in plan... Please read and answer my question.
  168. Top Nine Health Care Charts You've Never Seen Before
  169. Who's Responsible for the Senate's Middle-of-the-Night Vote?
  170. The White House,Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release
  171. A Warning and a Ray of Hope from an Intelligence Operative
  172. Reid Bill Says Future Congresses Cannot Repeal Parts of Reid Bill
  173. Obama Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order
  174. Reid: It's Christmas,Can't We All Get Along?"Where's My Rope ?"
  175. Blue Dog Jumps Ship.
  176. "Maxine Waters: House liberals To Put Up Tough Public Option Fight"
  177. Rasmussen: More, (46 percent) 'Strongly Disapprove' of Obama Than Approve
  178. "HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius :You Will Pay for Abortions Like It or Not."
  179. Democrats Ensure America Will No Longer Be the Last Best Hope of Earth
  180. Health Care Overhaul: What's in It for the "Politicians, Screw the People?"
  181. Landrieu Closes Office:Constituents Turned Away at the Door,Only Busy Signals
  182. Top Brass Speaks out ! Ft. Hood
  183. Obama's Health Care Pledge: Getting a Deal Trumps Making the Process Transparent
  184. Senate sets Christmas eve vote on U.S. debt limit
  185. "Senate Liberals Have Gone Insane For Health Care Vote Payoffs."
  186. "Seven State Backlash for Nelson’s Nebraska Deal"
  187. Did Sen. Landrieu Sell Her Self? Poll
  188. Leadership, Obama Style, and the Looming Losses of 2010
  189. The Impudent Tyranny of Sen. Harry Reid
  190. "With Taxes Set To Skyrocket, Obama Doesn't Intend to Run for Reelection"
  191. Reid caught cooking the books on insurance assination
  192. For Their Next Trick . . .
  193. "The Bill Would Actually Increase Deficts by Nearly $300 Billion"
  194. "Schumer Mum on Senate Health Care Bill That Brings $1 Billion Cuts to New York"
  195. Dodd Is Not Unelectable, Stammers Dodd
  196. "Orlando Sentinell: Grayson Making a "Mockery""
  197. Another Democrat to switch sides?
  198. Obama: "I didn't campaign on the public option" - SALON castigates Obama
  199. 'Obama Winter White House' $9 Million Hawaii Estate at $4000 Per Night
  201. Ray Stevens We the People (Seniors and Obamacare)
  202. The Reid Bill Is Blatantly Unconstitutional
  203. Grayson Wants Critic Jailed for Claiming to be His Constituent
  204. "Dirty Harry Reid's Christmas Coal"
  205. A Christmas Miracle in the Senate, and a Hair-Raising New Year for the House
  206. An Odd Couple Takes Aim at Rahm Emanuel
  207. Health bill's unpopularity'has peaked', legislation will 'become more popular'.
  208. Keep the Big Tent big
  209. Fannie Mae Executive Compensation
  210. Pro-Life Democrat Predicts Senate Health Care Bill Will ‘Go Down in Flames’
  211. Our President: Bringing America to its Knees, Before the World
  212. Nebraska Governor:“The Federal Government Can Keep that Money.”
  213. Why Governor Palin stepped down (And Who was Behind the Attacks)
  214. "Who In Hell Is This Guy In Our White House ?"
  215. More Mush From the Wimp
  216. Sen. Conrad ‘Assumes’ Constitution’s Commerce Clause Gives Congress Power
  217. "The'Ditch Bitch'Is Back,Sheehan's Washington Monument Anti-Obama Camp."
  218. SNL Parody of Obama & Jintao Press Conference in Beijing
  219. Debt Limits
  220. Michigan Forces Business Owners Into Public Sector Unions
  221. "Baucus is Drunker Than a Skunk On The Senate Floor"
  222. Emergency Recall of Israeli Senior Diplomats
  223. Rep. Hoekstra: Attempted Airline Bombing Should 'Connect the Dots' for Obama
  224. "Hannah Rosenthal, Obamas New Anti-Semitism Czar's First Target is Israel"
  225. "George Soros and Obama:Americas Enemies of Liberty."
  226. "Why Did The Chinese Choose to Publicly Humiliate Obama at Copenhagen?"
  227. "Seniors are The New America's Jews !"
  228. "Attack Us and We will Hunt You Down and Kill You! Period, End of Story."
  229. "Napolitano is An Airhead-She Says Security System Worked ."
  230. China Says U.S. Too Big To Fail, Offers Obama Bailout
  231. Is Obama's rhetorical Support of the Iranian People Enough? Poll
  232. Obama Denies Crotch Bomber Conspiracy
  233. Crotch Bomber:There's a Lot 'More like Me' On The Way."
  234. Welcome To Obamaworld: No Passport? No Problem!
  235. Dem Congresswoman Demands Terrorist Tracking System Changes
  236. "Senator Ben Nelson down 30 points After Selling His Soul to Dirty Harry Reid."
  237. Nancy Pelosi: Free Will Trumps Catholic Church's Pro-Life Teachings on Abortion
  238. "Schwarzenegger Seeks Huge Federal Bailout for California,Billions."
  239. NBC Groups Palin With 'Flabby Thighs, Cheap Men' on 2009 'Purge' List
  240. Political Correctness Makes Airport Security A Farce
  241. "FBI List Of Top 2009 Terror Cases Leaves Out Key Word...'MUSLIMS'.."
  242. "Candidates Face An Ultimatum: Kill Obamacare, or else ..."
  243. "Profile Muslim Passengers,Islamic Extremeists At War With Us"
  244. On Terrorism it's Time to Know,to Profile,and to Discriminate, Newt Gingrich
  245. Why More Airport Security Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks (Profile instead!)
  246. Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians of 2009
  247. Fire Napolitano, Give Us 'Change' - Airport Security an Expensive Joke
  248. "Interpol: How the EU Will Gain Power In America ."
  249. "Obama's UN Attempts to Destroy Our Constitution "
  250. "Democrats to Euro-Socialists: Obama's Socialism Thwarted by Anti-Government Culture