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  1. "Old Joe Bidens Former Senate Seat Going Big to A Conservative ."
  2. SOTU Drinking Game Rules '10
  3. GOP threatens Dems: Don't try reconciliation
  4. Obama’s First Year Most Polarizing of Any President, Poll Says
  5. The State of Our Union
  6. Pols: Tri-Staters Not In Love With 'New' Obama
  7. Reich says Fox News Led Conservatives in '94
  8. What’s It Like to Work at Media Matters?
  9. Media Malpractice - March for Life
  10. "Irish Bookies Bet on Obama Saying ' Life is Like a Box of Chocolates'!"
  11. Pelosi: No Healthcare Bill Not a Possibility
  12. "Poor Timmy Geitner Has Been Beaten Like A 'Red Headed Step Child'."
  13. "Obama Has The Most Radical Group Of Advisors Ever For A U.S. President."
  14. Reforming Immigration Could Add 8 Million Democratic Votes
  15. "Halleluiah. Obama Will Lead us to His Promised Land ."
  16. "San Francisco Pro-Lifers Outnumber Pro-Choicers 500 to 1 at Massive Rally"
  17. Confirmed: Obama to call for repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” tonight
  18. Annual Stretch Pelosi SOTU Blink Count Pool
  19. State of the Union Transcript
  20. Progressives’ Anger Grows Against White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
  21. Justice Alito's 'You lie' moment?
  22. Obama's Tax Fallacy: "I gave 95% of all Americans a tax cut..." Really?
  23. "CNN (Not Rasmussen) Poll: Sixty-Nine Percent Say Dump Health Care "
  24. Jawa's Theory on O'Keefe:
  25. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was glad the president called out the Supreme Court.
  26. Health care moves to back burner
  27. White House Considers Moving 9/11 Trial Out of New York City
  28. "Pelosi Says She’ll “Pole Vault” Obamacare Through Congress (Video)"
  29. AG candidate in federal court -- as the defendant
  30. President is taking questions from Republicans right now.
  31. Clyburn: House Dems Do Not Trust The Senate
  32. Obama Assails Republicans...
  33. "Holt Rips Mic from Hands of Woman at Town Hall; Denies Her Right to Speak!"
  34. Generic Ballot Polls Suggest Possible Epic Disaster For Dems
  35. California State Senate passes single-payer plan
  36. Maybe I’m Getting Paranoid … About Obama
  37. Off Color: On Race, Dems Misspeak But Republicans Take The Heat
  38. Democrats Quietly Working to Resuscitate Healthcare Overhaul
  39. "Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) Seat In Play According To GOP Poll ."
  40. The Revolution (Awesome New Video- Revolution)
  41. Bin Laden Adds Climate Change to List of Grievances Against U.S.
  42. Amanpour’s Viewership Soars -- on Fox News!
  43. Poor Handling of Christmas Day Bombing Suspect...Krauthammer
  44. "By The Time the Trial Starts the NY Times Will be In Chapter 11"
  45. "The Queen Of America Blows Two Million On AirForce Three Travel !"
  46. "How Do You Spell Brazen Liar ?"
  47. "Obama's Guts Americas Missile Defense "
  48. "The Most Important Story You Didn't See Last Week (And Will Never )"
  49. "STEYN: Talking That Talk"
  50. "Jon Stewart Obama Jokes May Signal Collapse of Remaining Obama Support"
  51. Obama unveils 2011 budget with $3.83T in spending
  52. "Workers Should Not Be Able to Choose Against Having A Union"
  53. A Census Workers Who is More Than Willing to Fudge The Numbers
  54. California's Knack For Electing Obnoxious Women
  55. Scott Brown to be seated in Senate Thursday, 11 Feb!
  56. "SEIU and AFSCME Unions Try To Take Down Tea Parties."
  57. "The Height Of Chinese Arrogance,"China warns Obama not to meet Dalai Lama"
  58. Specter Gives Refunds, Loses Bragging Rights
  59. Specter: Democrats Must Use Reconciliation To Pass Health Care Fixes 'Simultaneously'
  60. A political fundraising report card
  61. "Tweety Matthews Sails 'Far Around The Bend' Calling Republicans 'Murderous'!"
  62. Iran slams Clinton sanctions remarks
  63. Virginia Senate bills say no to requiring health insurance
  64. Does this Idiot Even Listen to Himself?
  65. " Poll:Sen. Blanche Lincoln Getting Crushed in Arkansas Voted for Health Care !"
  66. MSNBC is Shocked, Poll: What Republicans Believe
  67. How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran
  68. Republican Surprise: 10 More Scott Browns (10 individual articles)
  69. Palin Races for Bottom in Amazing Display of Stupidity
  70. "Tricky Dick Durbin and Schmuck Schumer Fight Over Reid's Old Senate Seat !"
  71. "Baghdad Bob Gibbs Spins Like A Whirling Dervish."
  72. He hates us, he really hates us
  73. IRS Purchasing Shotguns - No, Really
  75. Obama to Senate Democrats: Don't Worry About Your Jobs
  76. New Federal ‘Hate Crimes’ Law Challenged On Constitutional Grounds
  77. Carly Fiorina Releases Rare Psychedelic Attack Ad
  78. "DOJ Is About To Hire More Mentally Retarded Trial Attorneys"
  79. "Illinois GOP Plays Hardball.Alexi Giannoulias: He'd Make Tony Soprano Proud !"
  80. Obama makes a mockery of his own lobbyist ban
  81. Dem nominee for lt. gov was once accused of holding knife to woman’s neck
  82. Obama Mispronounces "Corpsman" At Prayer Breakfast (TWICE)
  83. " 'Dirty' Mary Landrieu Says Republicans Should 'Shut Their Mouth'"
  84. FOX News Poll: Most Say Founding Fathers Would Disapprove of Washington
  85. "Kerry:Brown's Senate Arrival Lacked Sensitivity,He Just Kicked Kirk Out !"
  86. "This Day In History Washington is Elected President of The United States Of America"
  87. "It's Time To Put The Kennedy Political Dynasty Too Bed !"
  88. Kennedy Kid Whines About Brown: "...in the tank for the Republicans..".
  89. Is the "conservative" grassroots movement just meant to support Republicans?
  90. “Democrats have a Nazi collaborator Funding their Grassroots Organizations.”
  91. "Dirty Harry Reid Is In Deep Re_Election Poop !"
  92. The Great Peasant Revolt of 2010,Charles Krauthammer
  93. "Now Russia Doesn't Like The Mini ABM Missiles in Romania ."
  94. "Holder, Emanuel Reportedly Battle Over 9/11 Trials"
  95. Something In The Air
  96. Palin Hand Crib Notes Attract Scrutiny
  97. Obama & Dems Steal Our Money, Wreck Economy, Demand We Pay For It
  98. Independent Governor's Candidate in Michigan
  99. Obama Getting Desperate On Health Legislation
  100. "They're Afraid Of Sarah,If She Decides To Run in 2012 They're 'Screwed' !"
  101. Murtha would still be alive if...
  102. Murtha succession will be competitive
  103. "Poll Shows Voters Abandoning O'Bummer in Droves"
  104. "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The New American S.S. ?"
  105. Becker Goes Down (Scott Brown Voted NO! Alert)
  106. "Matthews: Palin Has Nothing Going On "Mentally"..Video "
  107. GOP Sends Out Valentine's Day Cards Mocking Democrats
  108. Obama's; "willing to start from scratch on health care"
  109. Comic Book In Hot Water Over Tea Bag Jab.
  110. Pelosi: Democrats Will 'Definitely' Retain Majority
  111. Pelosi aide: Dems to use legislative "trick" to pass Obamacare; So why have a summit?
  112. "The Justice Department Is Not Subject To The Law In Panther Investigation "
  113. "Matthews Attacks Debra Medina
  114. Deception As a Principle of Governance
  115. "TheTexas Board of Education To Vote To Replace "American" with "Global Citizen."
  116. Napolitano: ‘I Wasn’t Scheduled To Be At That Hearing’ on Jan. 27 About Christmas Day
  117. "Barney The Pig."
  118. Visible Votes
  119. hussein fails history...again!
  120. " Lawrence "Mad Dog" O'Donnell Goes Crazy On Air,VIDEO"
  121. Republicans Best Positioned for 2010 Elections
  122. In Al-Jazeera TV Debate on Obama's First Year
  123. Sarah Palin displays her pitch-perfect populism
  124. "Nothing to Fear But We American Citizens "
  125. Is Obama About To Throw Holder Under The Bus?
  126. Virginia Sovereignty: Both Houses Pass Health Care Freedom Act
  127. Is Pelosi Now 100 Votes Short On Obamacare?
  128. Some Key Dates in Patrick Kennedy's Life
  129. "U.S. State Department Issues Worldwide Caution [Travel Alert]"
  130. Obama's Chance To Be Next FDR or Reagan Fading Fast
  131. " Which Airport is Fat Albert Gore Stranded And Freezing At?"
  132. "Senior White House economist Romer: Historians Will Praise Stimulus..the Porkulus"
  133. "Obama a Marxist in College?:Drew Sheds Light on Obama College Years "
  134. "Statement by Republican Leader John Boehner on the Health Care Summit."
  135. "It's Started:'Impeach Obama' Billboard."
  136. Why J.D. Hayworth Will Beat McCain for U.S. Senate
  137. Jay Rockefeller: Obama 'Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me'
  138. "The Pig Fest is over and the Political MassRats Are Bailing Out In Droves."
  139. "The Left Hates Free Speech,Sometimes,Especially From The 'Wrong' Corporations!"
  140. Obama the agnostic, Jobs bill and Medina the truther...
  141. "What Issue Will The Liberals Run On?"
  142. McCain is a Conservative
  143. Cap and Trade Nullification: Arizona’s “Freedom to Breathe Act”
  144. Pennsylvania: A Battleground State Leaning Red
  145. OK. I've healed from the last election, and I'm back!
  146. I Really Like Sarah Palin... But...
  147. "Ann Coulter Calls Biden A Drunken Irishman Twice on FNC ."
  148. "O'Bummer 'Brings Out The Clowns', Biden On 'Meet the Press'. "
  149. Text of Gov. Chris Christie's budget speech
  150. The Republican Party is a Tripod That Can't Win With a Missing Leg
  151. White House mulling indefinite detention of GITMO detainees
  152. "Poor Eric Holder,he's None too smart but then Janet Reno Wasn't That Bright Either."
  153. No Thanks?
  154. "Liberals are at it Again,they're Worrying that the U.S. is "Ungovernable."
  155. "Clinton to Canada Often If Palin Wins Presidency."
  156. Frank: Partisanship is out of control in Congress
  157. Podesta: Obama administration in 'mess'
  158. "Dirty Harry Reid Must Be On Some Good Drugs These Days !"
  159. "After this Health Care Fiasco The Polls Scare The Liberal Congress Critters !"
  160. Olbermann wonders... 'Where are all the black faces..?'
  161. What Union Leaders Really Think
  162. "Reid Doesn't Have the Votes to Pass $15 billion Version of Jobs Bill."
  163. Students React to Being Blocked From Filming Town Hall
  164. Iowa Law To Reward Illegal Immigrants
  165. "Two Mounties Grab Crazy Man Who Almost Gets To Biden ."
  166. "CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up"
  167. "Slick Clinton Is Set To Smear The Tea Party Movement !"
  168. Intermountain West loosens its embrace of Democrats
  169. Boxer and Gore Begging for Money in Same L.A. Room
  170. "2010 Is A Referendum On The Very Identity Of Our Nation"
  171. "Britain Needs Anther PM With 'Iron Balls' Like Lady Thatcher !"
  172. Union Admits Buying Politician, Wants $ Back
  173. Obama’s Faith-Based Adviser Harry Knox Bashed Pope and Catholic Church For Many Years
  174. "This Is Not Good For The Socialist Congress or Maoist White House."
  175. "O'Bummer,Disarming America Just As Our Enemies Rearm !"
  176. Gay Republicans Face Cool Reception at CPAC
  177. "Great Now We Have The Terrorists Former Lawyers Prosecuting them ."
  178. America 'Teetering Toward Tyranny' - DeMint
  179. Herman Cain's Speech at CPAC (Video)
  180. EDITORIAL: Obama The Philosopher King
  181. Dick Cheney Urged to Run for President at CPAC (Now we're talking!)
  182. Obama has simple fix for Social Security
  183. Specter signs public option letter, Toomey told him not to
  184. Ron Paul wins CPAC stra Poll
  185. Glenn Beck’s CPAC Keynote Speech (Embedded Video)
  186. "Ann Coulter at CPAC 2010.She Skewered Clinton,Edwards and Cooper."
  187. Poll-Axed! Obama Polls coming in very negitive!
  188. And here comes the Cavalry to seal the healthcare deal.
  189. Government's Only 'Broken' When Left Can't Enact Its Agenda
  190. Obama’s ‘Chicago mafia’ blamed for paralysis at the top
  191. Sen. John McCain: I was misled on bailout
  192. The Census is Getting Personal
  193. Harry Reid: "When men are out of work, they tend to become abusive"
  194. Can They Make Obamacare Worse? Yes They Can!
  195. We The People Billboard
  196. Obama Appointed Gitmo Radicals to DOJ
  197. "U.S. Rep. Barney Frank in Orlando to Rump for Grayson"
  198. Obama’s Rules of Engagement: Calling lawyers For Permission to Kill Terrorists
  199. Tea Party Groups say Tea Party of Nevada is a Front for (Dingy Harry) Reid
  200. Lieutenant Michael Behenna
  201. Unemployment Map
  202. Tea Party Needs "Simple" Booklet To Understand Obama.
  203. " State of Georgia Announces Intent to File Suit against Obama DOJ."
  204. "Tea Party Activists Distance Themselves From Both Republicans and Liberal Dems."
  205. "McCain Bill May Destroy Freedom of Access to Nutritional Supplements.."
  206. Arrest Warrant Requested For ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
  207. "Obama the Time Hog, Declares "I'm the President" !"
  208. "The Slimy Obama Democrats have Outdone Themselves Again !"
  209. "Liberal to Push This Pig Through With or Without GOP or The Rest Of America !"
  210. Obama campaign arm focuses on talk radio
  211. Obama: "We're not campaigning anymore." WTF??
  212. Tea Party Activists Around the Country Say It Is Time For John McCain to Go.
  213. Another DIMINAL: Does corruption get punished if you're a DIMocRAT?
  214. A Very Special Episode of Rasmussen
  215. Gov. David Paterson pulls plug on election bid, but will not resign
  216. Going Nuclear!
  217. Pelosi Says She’s Running ‘Most Ethical’ Congress Ever (video)
  218. Someone Needs to Tell the President His Health Care Plan is Dead
  219. We're Coming For You, Harry! (Showdown in Searchlight)
  220. "The Rats Are Dumping Poor Old Charlie."
  221. Pelosi Struggles to Corral Votes for Health Care Bill
  222. ATF Seizes 30 Toy Guns, Infuriating Local Business Owner
  223. Pelosi The Idiot: "'A Bill can Be Bipartisan Without Bipartisan Votes"...
  224. British Tea Party
  225. "Are Democrats Behaving like Lemming to run off a cliff with ObamaCare?"
  226. You saw it here first, DUmmies;
  227. Emanuel exit?
  228. Farrakhan blames Obama woes on Jews, whites
  229. Doc to Obama recommended "moderation of alcohol intake."
  230. Pete Stark's Bizarre Ethics Interview
  231. Who are the "elites" in our society?
  232. "Now it’s personal … America’s Coming For You, Congress! "
  233. "Poor Old Crooked Charley Rangel Can't 'Catch a Break' !"
  234. US Plans 'Dramatic Reductions' in Nuclear Weapons
  235. King and Parliament, American-Style
  236. Film Critic Ebert Belittles Tea Party.
  237. Harold Ford: Democrats Are 'Scared'
  238. Legislator proposes banning Japanese cars at Toyota hearing
  239. RNC document mocks donors, plays on 'fear'
  240. Edwards to be indicted?
  241. Should the United States act with humility in international affairs?
  242. Scott Brown Calls Reconciliation ‘Political Chicanery’ (video)
  243. "UK:Clergy Could Be Sued If they Refuse ‘Gay Marriages’,Traditionalists Fear"
  244. "Obama calls Dems to Pelosi's/Pickett's Last Charge ."
  245. The Truth About 'Teabagging': Is the Term Offensive?
  246. Pelosi: Lawmaker Healthcare Concerns Can be Satisfied."Pelosi's Parallel Universe"
  247. Obama 9th Circuit Nominee: Constitution Must Adapt to Changes in the World
  248. Nancy Pelosi Gets Angry, Calls Pro-Life Democrats Liars
  250. The House Dems Don't Have the Votes Without Stupak