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  1. Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) will resign Monday at 5pm
  2. Losing In Fall OK With Democrats If It Means They Win Health Care
  3. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (-17 and dropping)
  4. Reach To Impeach?
  5. Confirmed: 50 Democratic Senators on board for reconciliation?
  6. DO NOT change our health care system it is the BEST IN THE WORLD: (charts and graphs)
  7. "Tweety Bird Calls Liz Cheney 'Daughter of Dracula'"
  8. CBO: Huge deficits to average $1 trillion per year over the next decade
  9. Earmarks Abuse Feared After Ethics Panel Ruling
  10. Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes?
  11. Sestak says federal job was offered to quit race
  12. Nevada Governor: Rory Reid Now Trails Two GOP Hopefuls
  13. Recent data show economy slowing -- sharply
  14. The Democratic Party is Destroying Itself
  15. "Old 'Lard Ass' Predicts:Democrats'Ass-Whoopin' of Biblical Proportions"
  16. Geert Wilders is awesome, and he speaks the truth..... We need a Wilders here...
  17. “Rahm Emanuel is Son of the Devil’s Spawn,”
  18. Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
  19. Dietary Supplement Makers Up As McCain Withdraws Bill Support
  20. Barack Obama Opponents Urge Census Boycott.....
  21. "About Bloody Time :ACORN Workers Charged With Felony Voter Fraud"
  22. Palin Sticks Up for Blue Island Navy SEAL Accused of Mistreatment
  23. Dan Rather: 'Articulate' Obama Couldn't Even 'Sell Watermelons'
  24. Obama To Appear On 'America's Most Wanted's 1000th Episode (hopefully in handcuffs)
  25. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, ObamaCare
  26. Biden Gambit Will ‘Blow Up the Senate’
  27. Consider the Possibility that Congress Isn't Very Smart.
  28. Ten Wrong Reasons to Oppose Health Reform (worth a laugh)
  29. How Government Wastes Money
  30. Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”
  31. American Citizens May Be Held Without Charge During Hostilities,PoliGazette
  32. We're Coming for You, Congress, Billboard
  33. "But What if The Democrats Can Pass the Bill with No House Vote at All?"
  34. The Democrats' Pickett's Charge
  35. Sen. Byrd Single-Handedly Stopped Clinton From Using Reconciliation
  36. Gibbs: If Senate Bill Passes House It Will Go to the President’s Desk
  37. "Pelosi:Cancel All Hearings For Care Negotiations, (2010 the LibRats are toast)"
  38. Ex-Obama Adviser: Democrats May get 'Slaughtered' in the Fall
  39. "Obama's AG Holder's D.O.J Shuts Down ACORN'S Investigation !"
  40. House Democrats' 'NO' Votes are Piling up As Healthcare Reform Moves Forward
  41. HUD next O’Keefe Video Sting Target
  42. Slaughter solution!!!
  43. Sarkozy is Tougher on the U.N. than Obama
  44. "Pelosi's Festering Swamp: Massa Mess Plagues Pelosi,Michelle Malkin"
  45. Virginia Lawmakers Say "No" To Health Care Reform (First in the Nation)
  46. Pelosi, Democrats Abandon Pro-Life Lawmakers to Keep Abortion in Healthcare Bill
  47. Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents
  48. Obama's Wild Ride
  49. Pelosi: Senate Parliamentarian Ruling ‘Not Very Troubling’
  50. More Senate Healthcare Horrors: Starving Seniors, Alzheimer's Cuts
  51. Texas ed board vote reflects far-right influences
  52. Somebody Up There Doesn't Like ObamaCare
  53. Health Care Bill 'Still a Jump Ball,' White House Official Says
  54. Christian right leaders deeply troubled by the growing Tea Party movement
  55. "U.S. Promises Arabs it Will Halt Israeli Building in East Jerusalem ??"
  56. Why Our 'Post-Modern Presidents' Fail
  57. "Massachusetts Sen.Brown Bashes Obama's`Bitter' Health Push"
  58. "Americans' "confidence in leaders."Harris polls shows that we're not fooled"
  59. Stupak Slams His Own Democratic Party
  60. Dems Don’t Have Votes For Health Care Suicide Pact
  61. Hillary Rodham Clinton's Harsh Words Stun Israel
  62. Think Washington is Partisan Now? Wait Until After Obamacare
  63. The coffee party miniphenomenon
  64. "Demon Sheep Sequel: The Boxer Blimp"
  65. Don Imus’s Take on‘TehranTom’Hanks:‘Another Panty-wearing Liberal Dickweed’
  66. Graham to Axelrod: American People 'Tired of This Crap'
  67. UN-US and Human Rights
  68. Gibbs: By next Sunday, Healthcare Reform Will Be 'Law of The Land'
  69. "The Slaughter Strategy,The Last Stand For Obamacare "
  70. "Remington 870 short barreled shotgun For The Department of Education?"
  71. O's Twitter plan to get HCR through
  72. The Metamorphosis of The American Republic Into Government By Fiat
  73. "Supreme Court Justice's Wife Launches 'Tea Party' Group."
  74. "They're Going to Do It;The “Slaughter Rule” is a Go."
  75. The House Health-Care Vote and the Constitution
  76. Where are the black faces at the Coffee parties?
  77. The Slaughter Solution: Bending the Rules Beyond Belief
  78. Michele Bachmann: Pelosi Plays Dirty
  79. Pelosi: 'I Have No Intention Of Not Passing This Bill'
  80. Anti-Military 'Green Zone' Bombs at Box Office
  81. Another Billboard Mystery in Minnesota?
  82. Now that Virginia has passed a bill banning
  83. We the People
  84. Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?
  85. Billboards from around the country (Pics)
  86. Israel doesn't need to grovel for U.S. forgiveness
  87. Nearly One-Third of Doctors Could Leave Medicine if Health-Care Reform Bill Passes
  88. Alert!! Final stand against the Dem's treacherous push for ObamaCare
  89. Barack Obama threatens to withdraw support from wavering Democrats
  90. Are “Al Queda 7 Lawyers Among Those Who Violated Rules at Gitmo
  91. House Republicans to Force Vote on Pelosi’s Slaughter House Solution
  92. Reconciliation Bill Posted: INCLUDES PUBLIC OPTION!
  93. Barky Obama on Fox News Tommorow! BWAHAHAHAHA!
  94. Tea Party gets legal OK to oust dem
  95. Limbaugh gives out house number on radio show
  96. "Even Hamas Has His 'Number' !"
  97. Top 10 Reasons to Vote Against the Healthcare Reform Bill
  98. Dems' 'Deem' Scheme
  99. "Throw Dem bums Out: Poll"
  100. Conyers Throws Corrupt Wife Under Bus.
  101. 'Self-executing' healthcare - unconstitutional
  102. "How to Legally Refuse to Participate in the Census Survey"
  103. Interesing find on Louise Slaughter
  104. Stupak Says His 12 Is Hanging Tough
  105. The GOP health care count: 209 no, 204 yes, 18 undecided
  106. "O'Bummer Is Into Voodoo,Tells Group Ted Kennedy is Watching Them."
  107. Why Obama Is Unhappy,Doesn't he Deserve to be Omnipotent Too?
  108. The Health-Care Wars Are Only Beginning Of Bitter Fights over Funding and Policy"
  109. Obama Says “Louisiana Purchase” in Obamacare Will Cover Earthquake in Hawaii…
  110. Our Unconstitutional Census
  111. "Pelosi's Ego is Out Of Control,The Fog of War has Enveloped the Speaker"
  112. House Speaker Pelosi is Teetering on the Edge of a Cliff
  113. Washington sharpens Crisis with Israel, May give Palestinians Military Shield
  114. "Latest (B S)Version of Health Overhaul to Cost $940 Billion Over Decade."
  115. Rep. Zach Wamp (R- Tn) on health care
  116. Pelosi's Own Whip Calls Health Bill Vote Idea 'Disingenuous'
  117. Three-Way Ballot: Democrats 34%, GOP 27%, Tea Party 21%
  118. WOW! Sen. Coburn Lays it Out: Sell Your Vote and We Will Publish It
  119. Obama Pitch: My Presidency’s Sunk,"(With Or)" Without, Obama_Care
  120. Requiem For a Lightweight--The Final Days of Barbara Boxer?
  121. GOP Doc Asks Pelosi: 'Are you so Arrogant ... Ignorant ... Incompetent?'
  122. Just one word to describe the current Congress.
  123. There Will Be Blood
  124. The Deem-o-crats' Towering Deception, Michelle Malkin
  125. SEND A MESSAGE: Rallies in D.C. on Sat. 03/20/10 (& ramifications of passage)
  126. The Obama Administration Restores ACORN Funding
  127. Warning: Reading May Cause Nausea
  128. Supposedly uncommitted congressman--PLEASE CALL
  129. Brick Thrown Through Rep. Slaughter's Window.
  130. Pelosi:Today We Pray To St. Joseph The Worker For This "Life-Affirming Legislation"
  131. GOP opposition makes people more likely to support health care reform
  132. call your representative
  133. Memo Purportedly Urges Dems to Keep Quiet on Critical Health Care Topics
  134. "McConnell:More Medicare Cuts,More Taxes,Tax Funded Abortion in New Bill..".
  135. "Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Demand, Courtesy of a Muslim,Catholic and a Mormon"
  136. Obama's Bizarre, Unhinged Health Care Rally (Video: Obama Looks drunk and/or drugged!
  137. The Heat Is On: Congressman’s Office Says Constituent Calls Are ‘Harassment’
  138. Obamacare Doesn't Protect Servicemembers,Families
  139. New McLaughlin polling spells big losses for the Democrats in the South
  140. Call Stupak's Office Now! I Just Got Through To A Live Person.
  141. The Health Vote and the Constitution...
  142. Rules Committee Meeting Descends into Chaos
  143. Key House Democrat: "There Are No Rules Here ... We Make Them Up As We Go Along"
  144. Tea Party Protesters Refused Entry into Congressional Buildings
  145. 144 Year Old Quote Still True Today
  146. Brewing Tensions Between The Tea Party and GOP
  147. Griffith Rips Obama, Pelosi for Pressuring 'Nameless' Members to 'Sacrifice' Careers
  148. “What’s wrong with a little bit of Socialism?”
  149. Rep Gingrey: Not Sure There Will be a Vote Tomorrow
  150. Obama Punished Israel by Diverting Anti-Iran Bunker Bombs
  151. Health Care Vote Today! Do the Democrats have enough votes?
  152. Stupak says health care deal looming
  153. Watch the debates on C-Span!
  154. We are Seeing a Man Sell his Soul on National TV
  155. Scenes From the Capitol in the Final Showdown Over Health Care Reform("Chaos Reigns")
  156. Congressional Black Caucus - (Lewis and Emmanual lied, video proof)
  157. Bwany Fwank: 'Mass Hysteria' on the Hill (Barney:Tea Party Like Salem Witch Trials)
  158. Democratic Response to low Approval Rating
  159. "Judas Stupak Announces His Thirty Piece Reward."
  160. Obama To America - I Win, You Lose
  161. Stupak deal
  162. 233 years, 8 months, 18 days and its over
  163. Sen. DeMint to begin repeal
  164. Breaking: “Fix” Bill May Not Advance In Senate
  165. "Stupak “Defender of Life”,Anti-Abortion Award Withdrawn."
  166. obamacare recorded votes...
  167. The Docs Strike Back
  168. Sign the pledge to repeal Obamacare...
  169. "And For those Living In California's Hyper Space Vacuum."
  170. Liberals exited over nothing. The SCOTUS will kill this bill.
  171. 13 attorneys general sue over health care overhaul
  172. BREAKING NEWS: David frum is a total idiot
  173. There are clever traps in the HC bill...
  174. Ronald Reagan speaks on National Health Care.
  175. Flaw Emerges in New Health Care Law Regarding Protection for Children
  176. dems Threatened
  177. California to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana This November
  178. 12 Taxes in Health Care Law Violate Obama’s Pledge
  179. Cantor Says Campaign Office Was Shot At, Accuses Dems of Exploiting Threats
  180. Senator Levin regarding HCR
  181. Obama readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed
  182. Blacks criticize fried chicken comment
  183. How the Left fakes the hate: A primer
  184. Tea Party: time to vote em out
  185. How easy it is to start wars..........
  186. John Mccain, a Real Tea Party Conservative
  187. White men shun Democrats
  188. Tea Party Summer Rebellion,Liberty tree blooms again!
  189. Obama's perverse foreign policy
  190. Searchlight, Nevada
  191. Fight at Obamacare Protest!
  192. Grade Obama
  193. Marx Would Be Impressed
  194. Philadelphia man arrested for threatening to kill top Republican
  195. Laura Ingraham Throws Down With Matt Lauer on Today
  196. Obama's white-flight problem
  197. Meet Ray McBerry
  198. Dems Win Dirty but Still Lose the Argument
  199. Shut Up, He Argues
  200. Henry Waxman's War on Accounting
  201. Conservative leader tells donors to stop giving to RNC
  202. Republicans Move Ahead in 2010 Vote for Congress
  203. Fear Itself
  204. Rep Phil Hare (IL-D) says he "doesn't worry about the Constitution"
  205. PMSNBC and their "Unbiased" reporting
  206. $20 million in loans to felons - by Illinois Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate
  207. Largest Job Growth Since 2007 This March. We are turning back around!
  208. Obamacare's secret surveillance
  209. American Indians Furious Obama Broke Treaty
  210. Justice Stevens possible retirement
  211. Court Ruling on Wiretap Is a Challenge for Obama
  212. Tea Party 48% Obama 44%
  213. Maxine Waters: don't wave that flag
  214. Constituents Laugh At Dem Rep. Shea-Porter's Health Care Budget Claims
  215. Barack Obama's old Senate seat in danger of turning Republican
  216. Survey: Four in 10 Tea Party members are Democrats or independents
  217. Obama's deficit deception
  218. Meet Your Lords and Masters: Seven Democrats Who Run Your World
  219. IRS could tap refunds for health insurance penalties
  220. Smearing Ralph Peters
  221. Maxine Waters Demonstrates Unabashed Hypocrisy
  222. Headline - 'Conclusion: Sarah Palin Speaks Like A Toddler'
  223. "What Am I? I used to be a Kennedy-style "liberal." Then I wised up."
  224. The Rape of America
  225. Conservatives Blast Census Bureau for Counting Gay Couples (counted as married).
  226. Obama's Science Czar: Forced Abortions and Mass Sterilization to Save the Planet
  227. Obama's Private Army now law.
  228. Carroll And Buescher Intent On Bringing Acorn Voter Fraud To Colorado
  229. Unbelievable Mark Critz Ad (Democrat running for Murtha's seat)
  230. Palestinian Officials in US Demand Obama Help Them Seize Jerusalem
  231. FBI Arrests Man for Threatening Pelosi Over Health Care Reform
  232. "Accused San Francisco Man's Liberal Mother Blames Radical Fox News For His Behavior
  233. "RNC Steele: Obama and I Are in the Same "Racist" Boat"
  234. Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Obama's Nuclear Summit
  235. Obama Does It Again:US Refuses Visas to all Israeli Nuclear Scientists
  236. "They're All The Same: GOP RINO Conservative Tom Coburn Slams Fox News."
  237. Gingrich Calls Obama 'Most Radical President in American History'
  238. Vote And Run: Scared Stupak 'to Retire'
  239. "Obama is willing to do more damage to the U.S. economy than Iran's"
  240. "Dem Grayson Crashes a GOP Gathering and Has Meltdown Fighting with Tea Party Member
  241. "Barney 'The Butt' Frank Won't Run For Reelection (Laura Ingraham On Twitter)"
  242. White House Touts New Transparency Rules
  243. Andrew Breitbart: We didn't declare war on the Left. They declared war on us
  244. Congress is Derelict on Black Panther Case,An Unaccountable Justice Dept is Dangerous
  245. How Bad Can It Get?
  246. Aint it funny how...
  247. "73% of Texas Voters Oppose New Health Care Law the Same Percentage Favoring Repeal."
  248. Schauer in Coldwater [Bye bye Marky Mark]
  249. "Which Southern State Will Be The First To Go this Time ?I'll Say Texas !"
  250. What is a Libertarian?