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  1. Ted Nugent: Liberalism is America's curse
  2. Wall Street Journal Fails to Identify GOP-Bashing Author as Gay Activist
  3. Corporate Fraud + Government Intervention = Bailout Nation
  4. Experts Say About 80 to 88 Percent of All of the Oil Offshore Is Off-Limits
  5. Siena New York Poll: With 50 Days Left, New York Is Far From True Blue
  6. What do you mean Charlie Rangel is a crook he made a simple mistake.
  7. Media Bias? You Don't Say ...
  8. Obama Screws the Democratic Party
  9. Bill Clinton has invited John McCain to give opening remarks live
  10. Ayers & Dohrn Given Rings Made From US Planes Shot Down Over North Vietnam
  11. Obama / I worked with the "community organizer" in 1994: Not personable, not tolerant
  12. Hillary cancels -SARAH was coming!!!
  13. Schwarzenegger Vows First-Ever Calif. Budget Veto
  14. "It's Time To Send This Far Left Liberal Old Bat Back To Her Grandchildren !"
  15. Now Here's a Switch ,Voter Registration Fraud Alleged by Democrats
  16. D.C. Second Amendment Enforcement Act Passes House, Moves to Senate
  17. Bob Barr wants Mccain, Obama off Texas ballot
  18. "No Oil or Gasoline For You America, We Need To Save The Planet !"
  19. Jill Greenbergs Photo Agency has Just dropped her from its client list.
  20. The Democrats have demonstrating yet again they are unfit to lead
  21. Palin: E-mails explain 'Troopergate' firing
  22. Congressman's son caught smuggling immigrants (And Meth)
  23. Move over, Al Gore:
  24. State rep confirms that son is subject of Palin e-mail chatter
  25. Obama campaign files suit over "voter-foreclosure" plans
  26. Drilling for cover: Pelosi's Poodle Armys Phony Bill .
  27. Metro State Prof Investigated For Palin Assignment
  28. Donald Young Murder - Obama connection?
  29. Congressional Leaders Were Stunned by Warnings
  30. ASTONISHING: Rep. Rangel Calls Palin 'Disabled
  31. The IRS imposed No Penalties or Interest because He Oversees Their Budget .
  32. Now CA Democrats want to get rid of 2/3 majority for budgets
  33. So where are the Democrats? Why no news conferences explaining themselves?
  34. Kerrys wife $2 million of AIG ,Pelosi,$500,000 in AIG now $2.69 share.
  35. Rangel's Illegal Free Parking May Be New Tax Woe
  36. 72 Year Old Environmentalist Caught On Camera Vandalizing Hummers
  37. [Ted] Kennedy 'very ill' ... A Kennedy update
  38. UPDATE: Bob Novak's Health,A statement from the Novak family:
  39. Franklin Raines’ Criminal Enterprise and Barack Obama, His Accomplice
  40. It's the drumbeat of the left. It is political, philosophical,theological,and social.
  41. McCain attends 50th class reunion at Naval Academy
  42. Liberals are afraid ,Very Afraid .The election has poisoned the atmosphere
  43. Where Was Sen. Dodd? the Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking Committee
  44. Un'stable' Rangel (faces Losing Low-rent Apts)
  45. Congress is corrupt. the benefit of the people” is no longer the purpose.
  46. Mahoney is Registered to Vote at a Barn with an Apartment ."
  47. FBI serves search warrant against UT student in Palin case
  48. "More Fun And Games At The Democrat Department Of Education ,Why Even Bother ?"
  49. Low turnout for Barack Obama rally in Green Bay, Wisc.
  50. "Pelosi is Telling America Kiss My Butt, No New Oil Wells ! "
  51. Pelosi Continues Book Tour While Nation Teeters on Economic Calamity
  52. Both parties in Washington are about to screw us over on an unprecedented scale.
  53. Marin County Town Changes Name To 'Obama'
  54. Anti-Iran Rally Turns Into Anti-Obama Rally
  55. Record interest in political news coincides with record distrust in media .,
  56. Biden's helicoptor FORCED down
  57. McCain campaign savages New York Times
  58. FL Paper making up the news as they Report On White Woman as Racist Against Obama,
  59. Those behind market crisis should be punished: Sarkozy
  60. Palin will help GOP win 'four or five' congressional seats in Pa.
  61. Poll: Most, 53 percent oppose govt. intervention .
  62. Bush Fought to Regulate Freddie Mac , Mae 5 Years Ago Until Democrats Stopped Him
  63. Biden does it again
  64. "These critters are going to Rape America,$700 billion and counting !"
  65. Newt Gingrich: Kill the Paulson Plan. Hard.
  66. Senator Jim DeMint (R - South Carolina)
  67. House GOP Rises Up Against Bailout and Cheney
  68. Breaking News: Dems to let offshore drilling ban expire...
  69. A Note to Bill Clinton....From Paul Slansky @ HuffAndPuff !
  70. Millions of acres could be opened for offshore drilling
  71. Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kapture
  72. Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism on Schools
  73. Barney Fag Tells A Wopper And attempts to Rewrite History:
  74. Louisiana plan to pay woman $1,000 to have a tubal ligation
  75. Barney Frank's Former 'Spouse' Was a Fannie Mae Executive !
  76. House To Launch Investigation Into Rep. Rangel
  77. Reid changes his tune on McCain involvement - and for good reason
  78. Was the US Constitution Written to be a Source of Power or Instrument of Limitation?
  79. She wants John Boehner George W. Bush holding her hands when she leaps.
  80. Where do you stand on the Paulson’s $700 billion banking plan?
  81. "Once Again Slick Willy Screws America !"
  82. More on Obama and his radical socialist mentors
  83. Was Obama blindsided by McCain announcement?
  84. Is Capitalism on the Ropes? ..Nonsense !
  85. CAIR Files FEC Complaint over Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.
  86. Bill Clinton: Don't 'Overly Parse' McCain Request to Delay Debate
  87. "That Miserable Little Turd Harry Reid Tries a Sneaky Slick Move !"
  88. Fox News Blames Democrats for Financial Crisis, Bill Clinton Agrees
  89. Feds may indict Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich
  90. How Is It (has) $700 Billion plus?
  91. Republicans offer alternate bailout plan
  92. "Them Liberals Are Afraid Of Taking All Of The Bailout Blame !"
  93. Hurrah for Senator Bunning! the buyout is socialism and he's voting against it!
  94. Good Idea??? (Fixing the Banking Mess)
  95. No deal on bailout, says House GOP
  96. Congressman Ron Paul Statement before the Joint Economic Committee
  97. 1999 NY Times Article Revealed True Cause of Current Fannie Mae Crises
  98. Obviously, Sen. Dodd had plenty of buyers for the influence he was peddling.
  99. Barack Obama and Alinsky's Rules for Psychopaths
  100. Ahmadinejad here for the show
  101. WaMu seized. Largest U.S. Bank failure
  102. Outstanding Speech On Bailout By Thaddeus McCotter [R-MICHIGAN] -- Video Linked.
  103. "Democrats Load Up Bailout Bill With Their Political Pork !"
  104. Another ACORN Voter Fraud Case, ACORN blamed for Florida voter fraud
  105. Obama's ACORN to get 20% of Bailout???
  106. What Really Happened In The Bailout Cabinet Meeting Room...
  107. "Lest We forget Just Who Got Us In This Mess in The First Place !"
  108. The second reason Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose
  109. Media Mum on Barney Frank's Fannie Mae Love Connection.Video
  110. McCain Camp Says Republican Will Resume Campaign Activities, Travel to Debate Tonight
  111. To Put Another Way, the Wall Street People Crapped the Bed – Let Them Sleep in It. .
  112. Watch Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
  113. "Ahmadinejad met for two hours with the disgusting Code Pink group ."
  114. Sen. Ted Kennedy Taken to Cape Cod Hospital, Condition Unknown
  115. ACORNhole,*Any resemblance to Chris Dodd is purely coincidental*
  116. One Hundred to One,Note that Only The Congressional Democrats Are Yapping
  117. Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae
  118. Join People United Means Action or PUMA
  119. The Great American 'Screw Job' the liberals have layed on America !
  120. Staffers' Blackberries Confiscated as the Tough Negotiations Begin at Congress
  121. Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement
  122. "Well What Do You Know The Old RINO May Be Worth Something After all !"
  123. Economists say bailout plan is flawed and isn't needed
  124. The Bailout Passion Play There will be blood – and a vote.
  125. "Here Is A Prime Example Of Obama's Lack Of Sound Judgement, Picking Biden As VP !"
  126. Senator Dodd Hides His Sweet Deals,When Will He Release Records?
  127. And The Congressional Cluster (...) Continues !
  128. Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son's Bracelet... Where is Media?
  129. U.S. Rep. Kucinich Shares Details Of His Bailout Proposal
  130. "The Collapse Isn't Over Yet By A Long Shot .Just Wait Until China Dumps America !"
  131. Why Henry Paulson must be “contained” By Michelle Malkin •
  132. On Politics, We Can Always See the Whites of Their Eyes.
  133. Gingrich: Bush doesn’t understand fiscal crisis, and treasury secretary should resign
  134. The European bank Fortis is about to fail.Wachovia may well fail next week.
  135. Just so you know ....
  136. Beth Winkinson - Fannie Mae
  137. Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
  138. Liberalism and Conservatism in U.S. Politics .
  139. The ACORN issue is off the table.Fevered opposition to the provision
  140. Old White People Are Insane, Evil.
  141. The House is in session on C-Span. Hang on to your shorts! [live thread]
  142. "And This From a Dem Congressman: 'We put thieves in jail, we don't bail them out'...
  143. Here's why Americans are revolting over the Wall Street rescue plan.
  144. Frank was and remains a stalwart defender of Fannie Mae
  145. Tennessee - Former Sen. Ford sentenced to 14 years
  146. Monumental Day: Bailout Fails Dems Panicked About Election Aler
  147. Local Congressional Delegation Opposed To Failed Bailout Plan (Duncan Hunter rocks!)
  148. McCain: It's Time to Fix the Problem [Video}
  149. Poll: Who is at fault?
  150. House members, who face the voters in five weeks, listened to their constituents
  151. Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer
  152. Boston Herald readers put blame on Barney Frank .
  153. Five Lies the Democrats Have Told You
  154. Nancy Pelosi's speech kills bailout bill - Republicans say - and stockmarket plunges
  155. Pelosi Supports Every Bailout the of "Failed Policy" Bush Administration
  156. Murtha Explains His Vote For Bailout Plan
  157. Zardari’s Palin flirt earns him a fatwa
  158. House Republicans: No Bailout Until After Election Day
  159. Top recipients of money from Freddie Mac, AIG, etc.
  160. "Oh Great Joy Now We Have The THief 'Who Soar's Bailout Plan !"
  161. Huffington’s House of Horrors,FarLeft Flame-Throwing,Name-Calling, and Attack-Dogging
  162. Mocks Playwright for Claiming Palin Opposes 'Thinking' and Polar Bears
  163. How the Media Votes,The Media Elite .
  164. House Speaker Pelosi Used Political Donations to Pay Husband's Firm
  165. McCain, Obama Give Same Answer On ROTC Ban. Guess Who Got Booed?
  166. Cynthia McKinney - mentally unstable??
  167. "The Poor Innocent Girl Is Getting Angry EMail From Angry Americans !"
  168. "This Will Be America If The Progressive Idiots Have Their Way !"
  169. "Good Old Smoking Joe Biden Does It Again !" The UGLY AMERICAN OF THE WEEK !
  170. House limits constituent e-mails to prevent crash
  171. Couric Ratings Down From Year Ago -- Even With Palin!
  172. ( Or A How to Manipulate a Tracking Poll in one easy step)
  173. Vatican official attacks U.S. Democrats as “party of death”
  174. Louisiana judge has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption.
  175. A "Big, Fat" Interview on The Factor
  176. Bishop of Scranton pledges vigilance in correcting pro-choice Catholic politicians
  177. Harry Reid opens mouth, sends stocks plummeting
  178. "Grand Larceny" on a Monumental Scale
  179. Did Anyone See O'Reily Go Off on Barnie Frank ?
  180. County rejects 5,000 ACORN invalid voter registrations forms
  181. Mika Brezinski looks miserable
  182. The Mother of all Bailouts!
  183. FBI raids Obama friend's office
  184. What Just Happened?
  185. McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama
  186. Lawmaker Accused of Fannie Mae Conflict of Interest
  187. A Real McCain Supporter? Or Just a Clintonite on the Rebound?
  188. Fox News Special: Saving Our Economy: What'$ Next
  189. AP blackmails McCain: change subject from economy, we’ll make you racist
  190. Obama Pal Ayers Threats of Murderous Violence against US Elected Officials
  191. RNC Press Release
  192. High school's ban of American flags has students outraged
  193. Sarah Palin....LIED!!!
  194. 4 Weathermen terrorists declare support for Obama
  195. 59% Would Vote to Replace Entire Congress
  196. Obama awarded Illinois grants to relative's group
  197. CNN links Ayers and Obama
  198. Feds delay Rezko sentencing,Will cooperate with federal investigators.
  199. The Administration's Unheeded Warnings About the Systemic Risk Posed by the GSEs
  200. ACORN raided in Nevada vote fraud probe
  201. Anyone for Toast?
  202. Retirement accounts have lost $2 trillion
  203. Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit: DNC file motion to delay discovery
  204. Barney Frank Has Lost His Marbles
  205. The lowdown on ACORN
  206. ACORN registers the Dallas Cowboys to vote in Nevada
  207. Barack Obama and The New Black Panther Party
  208. Obama Campaign Unlawfully Misuses Proprietary Firearms Industry Media List
  209. A Wide Range of Sweeping Changes to The 401(k) System Were Proposed
  210. Pelosi wants 150B to prop up economy until Barry gets in.
  211. Dumb As Dirt Joy Behar: France, Denmark, and England 'Solved' Healthcare
  212. BREAKING: Word in Chicago: Patrick Fitzgerald heading RICO investigation of ACORN and
  213. Lee County Sherff Scott ethics inquiry to take weeks
  214. The Obama-Khalidi Connection (updated)
  215. NRA Makes It Official: Endorse McCain-Palin
  216. McCain Talks About Ayers
  217. Conn. looking into voter cards submitted by ACORN
  218. “RICO:Any Crime With Two People Across State is a Corrupt Organization "
  219. Brunner must check for voter fraud, judge rules
  220. Obama secretly tried to sway Iraqi government to ignore Bush deal on keeping troops i
  221. Obama used Senate EMAIL for personal business
  222. Barack Obama and ACORN Sued CitiBank For SubPrime Loans
  223. If history is guide,the path to White House is through Missouri
  224. Cramer on Colbert: Dems to Blame for Fan, Fred Debacles
  225. Barack Obama and Raila Odinga -- Did the Illinois senator violate the Logan Act
  226. Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign
  227. HOW I SEE IT: Time to vote incumbents out of office
  228. John McCain’s Warning About Fannie Mae
  229. California Is Headed for a Real Fiscal Train Wreck
  230. Stealing Pennsylvania: "Massive Fraud"
  231. Pair arrested after large McCain sign torched in Sellwood yard
  232. Explaining Liberal Thinking In A Single Column
  233. Despite reforms, Congress hides $3.5B in defense earmarks
  234. Candidates differ on female draft
  235. ACORN in Lake County, Indiana: All 2,100 of 2,100 ACORN Registrations Fraudulent
  236. Best Political Ad Ever,Kidneys for Taxes
  237. Not registration fraud, VOTER fraud
  238. Negative Advertising
  239. Oy Veh!
  240. Cheney in Hospital. An opportunity?
  241. African Press: Michelle Obama Lashes Out at "White Racists"
  242. Iran hails world financial crisis as 'end of capitalism'
  243. Murtha: "No Question Western Pa is Racist"
  244. Racist Michelle Obama Strongarms African Media
  245. FBI investigates ACORN for voter fraud
  246. New Evidence of Nancy Pelosi Associate Supporting Chavez, Marxists, & Terrorists
  247. Alfred E Smith Dinner on Fox
  248. Four Freakin’ Words. We. Can't. Afford. It.
  249. Barack Obama surrounded by fried chicken
  250. Sheehan seeking restraining order