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  1. SIAP- Classic- The president at bat
  2. Gop Revolts
  3. Obama Threatens Another Veto...Just hours after urging compromise...
  4. Obama's Base Crumbles, Blacks,liberals Flee In Droves
  5. Obama's Long List Of historic Firsts.
  6. FBI report at odds with ATF claim on weapons.
  7. Why I Oppose the Boehner-Reid Debt Plan.... U.S. Senator Jim DeMint
  8. Kerry Pushes : U.S. to Take Another Look at Gay Blood Donation Ban
  9. The Country Finally Can See the Obama We've Always Known
  10. ATF Manager : White House Knew About Fast and Furious Gun Runner Program
  11. Boehner, Reid scramble to build support for rival debt-limit plans
  12. If election held today, Obama would lose in 'landslide'...
  13. Obama's People Admit He Was Lying About Default
  14. No man on Earth is More Responsible for our Debt Catastrophe Than Obama.
  15. Obama’s off base Support waning, even among Black Progressive liberal backers
  16. Our Federal Government Borrows and Spends Roughly 70% More Money Than It Takes In !
  17. McCain Assails "Tea Party Hobbits"
  18. Tea Party Leader Blasts Romney,Praises Perry
  19. Obama Taking Heat over Proposed Fuel Economy Standard
  20. Little Debbie DooDoo Says: GOP seeks ‘dictatorship … spark panic'
  21. Veterans Summoned to White House, Told to Brace for Cuts
  22. If Your Government Check Stops Due to the Debt Limit: Blame Obama
  23. In the Spirit Of Liberal Compromise: Senate Democrats Promise to Reject Boehner Plan
  25. Clyburn (D-SC): Plays The Race Cards Again.
  26. More Chicago Businesses Threaten Exodus Over Tax Burden...
  27. We've Been Played for Saps: The Boehner Bill Will Become Reid Bill
  28. GOP May Not Get All It Wants — But Still Win... KRAUTHAMMER
  29. The Global Warming Fraud is Coming Apart at The Seams
  30. Debt Deal Compromise Suggested by Democrats (the fix is in)
  31. Old Mother Pelosi : Kiss Your Medicared Ass Goodbye
  32. Birmingham Alabama Bankrupt,Delays Inevitable
  33. Gunwalker: ATF Special Agent In Charge Newell Circles the Wagons
  34. North Carolina Lawmakers Override Veto of Ultrasound Law
  35. Without Tea Party Votes, Boehner Speakership Hits Rough Waters
  36. White House Mouth Carney: GOP House 'Incredibly Juvenile'..
  37. NJ Gov. Christie Is Released From Hospital ..Asthma Attack..
  38. Attack Ad Narrated by Morgan Freeman?
  39. One Nation, Under Moody’s...By Michelle Malkin
  40. Potential Debt Limit ‘Plan C’ Emerges (GOP ready to shaft Conservatives, again)
  41. Posse Comitatus ?: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City
  42. They've Lost That Lovin' Feeling..Obama still has supporters, but it's grim support.
  43. Debt limit Fight Killing Obama at the Polls
  44. a curse from the grave
  45. Obama Is No Longer Tethered To Reality
  46. America Abandons Obama
  47. The Obama Permanent Insurgency
  48. The 22 Republicans who balked Boehner
  49. Mississippi NAACP Leader Sent to Prison For 10 Counts of Voter Fraud
  50. Back When We Had A Real American President
  51. Gutting the Military, Indeed!
  52. Another Obama Green Radical at Interior
  53. US Debt Problem Visualized
  54. Playing Political Ping_Pong In The US Congress
  55. The U.S. Is Not Drowning In Debt
  56. China Scrambled Two Su-27s to Intercept US U-2 Reconnaissance Flight
  57. Now Obama's Government is Trying to Ban Sale of Your Vitamin Supplements
  58. Everything's Better in Mexico..
  59. Deal Reached: Progressive Hostage Metaphors Hardest Hit
  60. Moody's: Neither debt plan protects the nation's AAA rating [Well then Cut,cut,cut ]
  61. Sessions: The Tea Party Didn't Start the Fire - They Sounded the Alarm
  62. Dems: Obama isn't a Leader
  63. PELOSI: 'None of us may be able to support it'...
  64. One Term Only: The Far Left Are All Jumping up Obama's Butt Over this Deal .....
  65. A New US War By Harvard's Own, Special Assistant To POTUS, Samantha Power
  66. Obama’s Base: He Threw Us Under The Bus
  67. Biden charging Secret Service for cottage rental
  68. Well Known Idiot: Calls Tea Party 'Terrorists'
  69. Tea Party Leader: 'We Have Compromised Our Way Into Disaster'...
  70. POLL: Debt talks 'ridiculous,' 'disgusting' and 'stupid'...
  71. Rep. Giffords makes surprise visit to House floor
  72. Lefty Protesters Disrupt House During Debate on Debt Deal; 22 Arrested
  73. Why Must Defense Bear The Brunt?
  74. The Big Government Employees Union Doesn't Like It
  75. WRAPUP 11-House approves U.S. debt deal a day before deadline
  76. Obama Approval Rating Reaches New Low - 40% Gallup
  77. Obama's Idiotic Infographic
  78. Hope and Change in a Magic Tea Pot
  79. Reid and Obama on debt deal
  80. Politician..Naked... Pictures...N.J.. Online
  81. Biden: Republicans Acted Like Terrorists
  82. Obama's Middle Class Tax Increase Will Come In Five Months,Biggest In History
  83. Free Cell Phones...A Newly Discovered Civil Right...
  84. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) Fires Back at CNN's Piers Morgan
  85. 52 Percent of Voters say Obama Does Not Deserve to be Reelected.
  86. Roflmao...
  87. Most Taxed-Out,Semi Intellagent New Yorkers Fleeing State
  88. RNC: 'Only Job Obama Concerned With Is His Own'...
  89. Obama's 50th Birthday a 'Massive Campaign Event'...
  90. Man..If This Guy Was White They'd Be All Over Him With The Race Card..
  91. Confirmed: GOP & Dem Leaders Both Asked Pres. to Leave Room At White House Meeting
  92. Judge allows American to sue Rumsfeld over torture
  93. Holders DOJ Gave Immunity to Sinaloa Drug Cartel Smuggling Drugs Into Chicago
  94. Obama Feasts While America Burns, Our New Emperor ?
  95. White House says it 'forced Republicans to back down' in debt fight
  96. It's Not Easy To Get Three Quarters of America To Disapprove of You
  97. Al Gore Calls For An Uprising Against Conservative Tea Party Movement
  98. 31 Days Of Obama.(Obama Administration during July, over 600 Rules
  99. FishWrap Says: Time To Fear That Man
  100. Dow Plummets 512...obama Has Bbq Cookout...gains For Year Gone...
  101. Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, Tom Hanks,Whoopi Goldberg, Herbie Hancock, Jay Z
  102. Los Angeles Trial Lawyer to Plead Guilty to John Edwards Illegal Donations
  103. Thomas Jefferson Warned Us
  104. Roseanne Barr Running for President
  105. John Kerry: Media Has "Responsibility" To "Not Give Equal Time" To Tea Party
  106. FLASHBACK: 'No risk' USA will lose its top credit rating, says Treasury's Geithner...
  107. Obama’s Two Financial Crises :Why is Barack Obama president?
  108. Obama Hack Czars Attack S&P's Credibility After Downgrade
  109. Republicans Want Geithner to Walk The Plank After Credit Downgrade
  110. There Aren't Enough "Rich" to Tax
  111. Back To Gunwalker: It Must Have Been Eric Holder
  112. FLASHBACK: The Obama Downgrade.
  113. How a Free Society Can Protect Itself from Psychological Warfare
  114. Reid:S&P Downgrade Calls for More Taxes..
  115. Pelosi’s Energy Savings Program Evaporates
  116. China Wants International Supervision of U.S. Spending
  117. Palin Power Coming On Stronger!
  118. U.S. Treasury, S&P.. A Furious Exchange Minutes Before an Historic Downgrade
  119. Now S&P Warns U.S. of a Second Downgrade
  120. The Liberals Are Spinning and ,Pointing Fingers At The Tea Party.
  121. Obama Destroys America..
  122. Liberal Sources Say • Tax Pledge May Be a Tea Party Conspiracy
  123. Neb. mine find to challenge China’s dominance of vital rare minerals
  124. Kerry blames the tea party for downgrade
  125. Policies working, state is on track
  126. New Liberal Catch Phrase: ‘Tea Party Downgrade’
  127. Tiny Timmy Spins Just Like a Top ..
  128. Obama Spends Monday hiding Out Behind Closed Spending Our Money
  129. This Year Keep Your Kids Home From College... Mike Adams
  130. Obama: Time for an Apology
  131. Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate
  132. Obama Increased Inflation-Adjusted Debt More in 4 Days Than U.S. did in 1950s
  133. They really don't get it...
  134. Is Obama Smart?
  135. Obama: Our Nero in the White House
  136. U.S. Supreme Court asked to review Arizona immigration law
  137. Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances
  138. The 'Thrill' Is Gone? Matthews Attacks Obama, Compares Him to George W. Bush
  139. Obama Our Prometheus: A Kind Of God Fallen To Earth
  140. Links To Global Warming Drowned Polar Bears Melts Under Searing Fed Probe
  141. USPS Proposes Cutting 120,000 jobs, Pulling Out of Health-Care Plan
  142. Kennedy's Big Dig
  143. Obama Rips Congress: It’s Time for Certain People to put Country over Party
  144. U.S. War with China “Inevitable,” Author Glain Says
  145. Obama Defense: Tea Party And Congress Did It,Not Me...
  146. Appeals Court: Obamacare Unconstitutional
  147. The final 2 Wisconsin recall elections may produce the Wis. first Tea Party Senator.
  149. Concealing Black Hate Crimes
  150. When All Else Fails,..Out Comes The Race Card ..
  151. Little Debbi Dumb,Dumb Expaines It All...
  152. Pelosi And Jackson Lee: Like Sisters Under The Skin..
  153. Gates Balked at More Defense Cuts ,So They Shopped Panetta ...
  154. After the UK Riots,This Could Be The DNC's New Party Line....
  155. Obama's job approval now 39%
  156. To Recover,America Needs to Dump Obama
  157. "Green" leaves eventually turn brown........
  158. Obama's Cheap 'Shot',Obama dishonors our War Dead..
  159. Obama and Jarrett: Brought Together by Fickle Fate, or Something More?
  160. Bearing No Faith or Allegiance to the Constitution
  161. No Friend Of Israel, He !
  162. U.S. To Deny Taiwan New F-16 Fighters
  163. Seattle's 'green jobs' program a bust
  164. ATF promotes Operation Fast and Furious Agents
  165. Promotions of ATF ‘Fast and Furious’ Officials Draw Texan’s Wrath
  166. This Is Sure To Start a Sino-American War
  167. Eliminate Military Pensions?
  168. New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy
  169. Dems "Fact Check" Boehner and Cantor's op-ed
  170. Oh No,...Not Our Weather Boy...
  171. Union Terrorists
  172. No Changes to Military Retirement Any Time Soon, Officials Say
  173. Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress!
  174. Garofalo: Herman Cain Is A Stooge For Racists
  175. Pelosi Heckled At Town Hall Over Debt Bill: "Sell-Out"
  176. The thrill is Gone: Obama, Senate Democrats Fight over Campaign Cash...
  177. ACORN: we're back
  178. Biden Strikes Again..
  179. Is A Weaker U.S. Part Of Debt Deal?
  180. Obama End Runs Congress : His Own Little Dream Act..
  181. Perry Shuts Down Planned Parenthood In Texas..
  182. Muslim Suicide Bombers At American Military Funerals
  183. The Anti-American President
  184. Lawmakers: U.S. Justice Department Lawsuit Treads On Alabama's Sovereignty
  185. Russia Pushes To Claim Arctic As Its Own
  186. Obama's New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost of a Car More Than $11,000
  187. Lautenberg (D-NJ) :"We Got To Eliminate The Rich"
  188. Pelosi Reported Net Worth $43.45 million, up 50 percent
  189. Obamas Use Two Jets, Two helicopters For 500 mile Vacation Journey
  190. Sharpton Backs Out, 1991 Crown Heights Riot Talks .
  191. Obama: Whites Need Not Apply
  192. Verizon Installs Special Cell Towers on Chilmark For Obama..
  193. Google Internet Search Engine Manipulated Specifically Promoting Obamacare
  194. Joe Biden Does It Again
  195. Ready For a Wave of Coal Fired Power-Plant Shutdowns
  196. Exxon fighting Interior Departments...regulatory “pirates” in Gulf of Mexico
  197. SEIU Goons Assault Man After Town Hall Forum
  198. New EPA : Enemy Of American Endergy Independance..
  199. On the Nature of the Perry Attacks
  200. Old Political Ememies Trash Former P.M. Lady Thatcher
  201. Obamas Economy Tanks,And This Idiot Blames the Tea Party..
  202. Photo Turns New US Envoy a Hero in China
  203. Voting With Their Feet Out Of New York... City..
  204. Obama Is Truly Delusional !
  205. Obama Needs To ‘Fight & Fight Harder’ for African-Americans
  206. Was Fast and Furious Meant to Flood the U.S. With Mexican Refugees?
  207. A Win for Perry Could Mean Trouble for EPA
  208. Hatch’s Fighting His Tea Party Adversaries
  210. National Debt has Increased $4 Trillion Under Obama [Obama,..Bush Did It..]
  211. It's Simple..Cut The School Union Pork And The States Economy Improves...
  212. Mark Steyn Argues : After America: Get Ready for Armageddon
  213. Stanford Professor Proves Big Labor Is Reason that Billions Fail to Fix Education
  214. TARP..The Bank Bailout Was Bigger Than We Knew,... Much,Much Bigger
  215. Examine The Liberals And Their Reality Problems.
  216. Romney vs. Perry,A Time To Decide..
  217. Allen West vs Maxine Waters
  218. Lay That that Race Card on Them Whities..Baby
  219. Our Biggest Spender Ever:Obama Sets Record: $4,247,000,000,000 Debt in Just 945 Days.
  220. The Krugman Thesis: Greater Earthquake Damage Would Have Been Good For The Economy..
  221. Obama Wears Out His Welcome On The Vineyard..
  222. Illinois Huge Tax Increase Poisons the Well
  223. Rubio Saves a Falling Nancy Reagan
  224. Note to Obama: Please Stay On Vacation,...For The Rest of Your Term..
  225. Negative Tea Party talk continues; now branded “the real enemy”
  226. Schumer Paves The Way : The Next Obama Stimulus Pork Barrel.
  227. Liberals’ Wisconsin Waterloo
  228. Buffett gets Medal of Freedom
  229. Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall...
  230. My,Your and Our Rick Perry Problem
  231. Rick Perry: ‘I Dislike Washington; I Think It’s A Seedy Place’
  232. Texas Tames the Dogs of Tort
  233. Most Blacks Think Obama "Has Been Treated Unfairly"
  234. The Bundler Wears Prada
  235. Obama's Race-Based Spoils System
  236. Illinois Approves Another New Tax... (Fee)
  237. First Circuit Court: You Have A Right to Video Record Police
  238. D.C., MD, VA, "Residents have to show ID to receive the sandbags" (but not to vote)
  239. Gore Plays The Racist Card
  240. Obama's Dream: America a Third World nation by 2030
  241. The Average Price of Gasoline $3.61 a Gallon (100% increase under Obama )
  242. Only 17 Percent Hold Positive View of Federal Government
  243. Seattle Green Jobs Program Gets $20M, Creates 14 Posts
  244. U.S. Ambassador Attacked in Syria (VIDEO)
  245. Large Turnout In Nevada Special Election.
  246. Obama and Biden : Our Motley Fools
  247. VFW Accuses White House of Snubbing Annual Convention
  248. Republicans to Unveil Bill to Force Major Changes at the UN
  249. Obummer and the American Legion...a rant!
  250. Fast and Fourious ATF director demoted