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  1. House Ethics Panel to Fully Probe Congresswoman's Alleged Campaign Misconduct
  2. WH rejects subpoena request for Solyndra docs
  3. Newsbusted
  4. Recall Effort Against Gov. Scott Walker has Unexpectedly Begun
  5. Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar'
  6. Cain Accusor has had Financial problems
  7. Obama's New Christmas Tree Tax
  8. Breaking News: Dems Walk Away From Super Committee
  9. David Axelrod's Pattern Of Sexual Misbehavior
  10. Pelosi Explains Why No Budget.
  11. Super Committee Democrats Reject GOP Tax Proposal
  12. Cain: Obama 'on the wrong side' of Arab Spring
  13. Pelosi busted by.......CBS?
  14. Palin endorsement tonight on Greta Van Sustern
  15. Diversity not so good when it's the white house getting shot at.
  16. MISSISSIPPI! Take one giant step forward!
  17. Biden Transparency Meeting Closed To Press!
  18. Obama: No regrets over Solyndra
  19. Petition to US goverment to keep internet free
  20. NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle ...
  21. Blame Obama for supercommittee’s failure
  22. GOP Won't Defund 0bamacare
  23. The Bell Tolls for Obamacare
  24. Uh-oh! Not lookin' so good now.........
  25. Speaking of Historic Opportunity
  26. Voters Still Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Economy
  27. Sen. McCaskill Requests Probe Into $433M Smallpox Drug Contract
  28. Barney Frank
  29. Obama Board Game
  30. Obama 'Gives Up on White Working Class'
  31. Does Obama Know The Difference Between England and Great Britian?
  32. Obama: I've done so much for Israel
  33. NETFLIX Hates Christmas!
  34. U.S. launders drug profits for probe
  35. Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations
  36. On private call, Republicans say attacking Obama personally is too dangerous
  37. GOP filibusters judicial nominee
  38. Clinton's Gay Rights Speech, Obama's Directive: LGBT Figures React
  39. H. Clinton Email
  40. Obama To Veto Payroll Cut If Keystone Added
  41. Some political humor...
  42. Fear Of Big Government At Near-record Level
  43. Dem lawmaker blasts ‘Professor Obama’ as arrogant, alienating
  44. 2008 Obama/HillaryElection Ballot Petitions Were Faked
  45. GOP Candidates Looking to 'Close the Deal' in Last-Chance Iowa Debate
  46. Deal Reached in Budget.
  47. White House Signals Pipeline Provision Not a Deal-Breaker in Payroll Tax Cut Debate
  48. Obama Compares Himself To Biblical Heroes
  49. Arsenal Benefits from Recently-Passed Defense Authorization Act
  50. Michelle Obama’s Unsavory School-Lunch Flop
  51. Holder Cites Race in Explaining Scrutiny of Justice Department
  52. White House using fake numbers in payroll tax fight
  53. Dems need to 'get real' on energy
  54. Sinking into the 'great stagnation'
  55. Trump dumps GOP
  56. Def Dept Agrees To Allow Muslim Cadets To Wear Hijabs
  57. Obama Commits Cronyism at its worst.
  58. Sen Coburn
  59. Wealth in Congress climbed as others saw net worth stay stagnant, reports show
  60. Political Predictions for 2012 - Pelosi, Reid, or both will be out by Years end!
  61. Obama Admin Opens New Hotline
  62. Keith Olbermann Gets Rejected by Another Employer?
  63. The name “Fast and Furious” ring a bell, Eric?
  64. Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2011
  65. On a $4M Vacation, Michelle Seeks $3 From Backers
  66. Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis talks party-switching
  67. Absurdistan
  68. Univision shows bias, negotiation tactics in New Yorker piece on Marco Rubio, immigra
  69. Rubio in letter to Obama: You are turning America into a 'deadbeat nation'
  70. Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama's Reelection
  71. Romney and Bain Capital, the rest of the story...
  72. World Bank Economist Blames America For Its Wealth
  73. ‘Obama’ is how you spell relief
  74. Obama's Secret Palestinian Deal
  75. DNC Chair BLAMES Tea Party For Tucson Tragedy
  76. Defense Spending Is a ‘Shovel Ready’ Investment
  77. Pro forma confusion at White House
  78. State of the Union address...
  79. Whitehouse Will Not Support SOPA Or PIPA
  80. Mark Levin: ‘Obama and Democratic Party Have Become Fanatical Utopians’
  81. Wed. 1-18-2012 SOPA/PIPA blackout...
  82. Obama touts Magic Kingdom; GOP laughs
  83. First Obama Re-Election Ad Filled With Fibs
  84. MPAA publicly bribes politicians to stay bought.
  85. Investigate Chris Dodd and the MPAA for bribery
  86. The truly dismal state of the union
  87. The 68-year-old senator had two black eyes and a swollen nose.
  88. SOTU Speech 2012
  90. 0bama Regime Supports ‘universal Values’ Not 'american Values'
  91. Brewer, Obama have heated exchange
  92. Geithner is done at year end.
  93. Georgia Birth certificate decision: For all you Birthers
  94. Sen. Sessions on Obama, Reid: ‘We have no leadership’
  95. Soros: Not Much Difference Between Obama And Romney
  96. Allen West being redistricted out of existence
  97. The truly dismal state of the union
  98. This Conscience Thing
  99. Obama: The most polarizing president. Ever.
  100. Obama's Big Six State of the Union Tax Myths
  101. First lady Michelle Obama cites 'remarkable progress' on the economy
  102. Prayer Breakfast
  103. After cutting ties with Planned Parenthood, Komen donations up 100 percent
  104. Obama Throws Another Graft Party, Taxpayers foot the bill
  105. Obamas Racist Gesure?
  106. The Forgotten Man
  107. Reid: Senate will not pass a budget this year
  108. Who Castrated Ann Coulter?
  109. Newt is sounding desperate
  110. Barone:Obama's isolation leads to skewed decisions
  111. Catholic Leaders Distribute Letter Slamming Obama Admin Contraceptive Mandate
  112. Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are
  113. Purity tests and the conservative movement
  114. You're all militia extremists now.
  115. Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama
  116. Well, now we know who the stupidest congressman is!
  117. Rep Allen West CPAC speech
  118. Romney Plots with Mike 128!
  119. JCPenney CEO: Ellen DeGeneres Shares SAME VALUES As Our Company
  120. Obama re-opens door for donors to give to a super PAC
  121. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worst then the SOPA bill.
  122. Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank
  123. Sarah Palin ‘I’m Game’ To Run For Office, ‘All Bets Are Off’ In A Brokered Conv
  124. Chris Christie lowers flags for Whitney Houston
  125. Romney: Republicans in Washington Need to Stop Acting Like Democrats
  126. Santorum's satan warning
  127. Carney: Obama Didn't Turn Down The Keystone Pipeline
  128. Michelle Obama Follows Center for American Progress' Guidelines on Food
  129. Obama administration sent presidential earmarks
  130. Politicians fiddle while fiscal crisis looms
  131. Obama The Movie
  132. Democrat Lawyer Declares All-Out War On Media Matters!
  133. Man Literally Struggles to Stay Awake During Biden Speech
  134. Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth
  135. Bill Would Strip TSA Badges and Uniforms
  136. They Are Going To Release Breitbart’s Tapes Of Obama During His College Years
  137. No There There
  138. That Darned Conservative Majority
  139. Anti-Occupy Movement Rallies Against ‘Obama's War on Nature’
  140. Taking back property rights
  141. ‘Buying’ House Votes for Unpopular Legislation
  142. Energy Will Be Obama's Waterloo
  143. Bill of Rights is now Bill of Wrongs
  144. Good News! More Cronyism In The DOJ
  145. OBAMA: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof
  146. Live In Wisconsin?
  147. Obama: Folks Faint All the Time at My Events
  148. Obama Forced His Students to Read Bell at University of Chicago Law School
  149. Sebelius Has ‘No Idea’ If Obamacare Adds to the Deficit
  150. Obama's 999 Plan
  151. Bill introduced to regulate men's reproductive health
  152. UPDATE 4-Obama defends energy policies amid gas price pain
  153. Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your bedroom
  154. CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs
  155. Poll: Obama leads all GOP candidates in head-to-head contests
  156. DNC Letter
  157. Reporter Asks President Whether Dog Favors Releasing Petroleum Reserves
  158. Breitbart Is Here
  159. How the Roberts court could save Obama’s health-care reform
  160. Palin: Let The Vetting Begin
  161. A Community Organizer's
  162. Senators Urge IRS To Leave Politics Out Of Tea Party Inquiries
  163. The little o's energy policy
  164. Anti-Rush Campaign Was in the Works
  165. Media matters boasts to al-jazeera: Obama mistreated netanyahu
  166. Who Keeps 404ing Stories about Malia Obama’s Spring Break Trip to Mexico?
  167. Painter Depicts 0bama With Burning Constitution
  168. 29 Wisconsin judges sign recall petitions
  169. Sheriff Joe: 'Tons' more shocking Obama info
  170. Fla. shooting stirs memories of civil rights era
  171. John Edwards In Trouble Again
  172. Analysis: Why U.S. high court may uphold healthcare law
  173. Senator Inhofe calls President's Okla visit 'disingenuous'
  174. Fast and Furious may have deliberately armed Juarez cartel (Narco News/Global Rsch TV
  175. Americans’ liberty hangs on Obamacare ruling
  176. Obama tells Medvedev he'll have 'more flexibility' after election
  177. Rabbit ‘shot’ in strange new Herman Cain video
  178. 5 reasons ObamaCare is already good for you
  179. My Congress Person.
  180. The Obama Women Are in Vegas
  181. Biden: "We Want To Create A Global Minimum Tax"
  182. Not-So-Smooth Operator
  183. Keith Olbermann’s Lawsuit Against Gore
  184. Brzezinski Says Romney Lacks ‘Grasp’ of Foreign Policy
  185. More of those vaunted and upright Obamy supporters.
  186. William Ayers: 'I get up every morning thinking ... today I'm gonna end capitalism'
  187. Obama: Supreme Court won’t overturn health care law
  188. FBI: Russian Honeypot Tried To Sex Obama Cabinet Official
  189. With leaks, obama's last excuse on israel gone
  190. Backdoor Amnesty?
  191. Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case
  192. Obama Instructs Journalists On How To Report His Positions
  193. Democrats boycott Coke, Walmart because they won't support voter fraud.
  194. Obama's Supreme Court comments become political football as Justice preps explanation
  195. "Judges use what's known as the rope-a-dope trick. It's judicial tradition."
  196. Tim Ryan D- OH Introduces H.R. 4189
  197. Not like 1930's Germany ... right?
  198. President Scofflaw
  199. For what it's worth: Sheriff Arpaio, March 31, 2012 (Birth Certificate)
  200. Prominent Democrat says GOP not waging 'war on women'
  201. Well, ya gotta admit that Obama has balls.........
  202. Obama White House pays women less than men, records show
  203. Fox News Poll: 56% Say Obama Tried to Intimidate Court on Health Care
  204. Tea party leader warns Romney ...
  205. Obama tax return shows 2011 earnings of $789,674
  206. DOL forcing media to use government computers
  207. Obama's White House Pay to Play.
  208. Judge Rules that NLRB can't force Businesses to go Union
  209. Barney Frank: Obama Made 'Mistake' With Health Care Push
  210. Will the Supreme Court Let the Death Panel Stand?
  211. Bishop: Obama following path of Hitler and Stalin
  212. Obama Signs Natural Gas Executive Order
  213. Obama Nationalizing Americas Waterways by Executive Order
  214. Funeral for the space program.
  215. Biden get's the bird.
  216. Dem Senator Doesn’t Know If He Will Vote For Obama
  217. Dem Culture of Corruption
  218. Obama Administration Using Media Matters As Source to Refute Fast & Furious
  219. ANWR
  220. Democrats plan bill to undo Arizona immigration law if it is upheld by court
  221. Shift on executive power lets Obama bypass rivals
  222. John McCain, the 2008 Election, and Civil Unrest
  223. Gingrich daughter: Campaign to 'reassess' standing
  224. If I wanted America to fail
  225. Protest outside of Paul Ryan’s speech at Georgetown Univ lacks actual protesters
  226. Last Minute Provisions on CISPA
  227. Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit
  229. Jimmy Kimmel & President Obama Flatline At White House Correspondents Dinner
  230. America's Useful Idiots
  231. $10,000 bounty offered for Obama college transcripts
  232. Will The Navy SEALs Swift Boat Obama?
  233. Scuttling health care act will freeze Medicare, White House warns
  234. Clinton "bets on Bangladesh" despite turmoil
  235. Eric Holder Invokes Trayvon Martin Case in Speech to Detroit NAACP
  236. French president-elect Hollande: I won't be ‘difficult' for Obama
  237. Red tape twister? Alabama county blocked from putting up signs directing people...
  238. Obama's Composite Girlfriend Revealed!
  239. Six-term Senate veteran Lugar defeated in Indiana primary
  240. Against Obama, even a jailbird gets some votes
  241. Justice Dept. Plans to Sue Arizona Sheriff Arpaio
  242. Levin Goes Off On CIA Double Agent Leaks: 'This is a Disgrace!'... 'Treason!'
  243. Educating Shepard Smith
  244. DOJ defends staffer who called Mississipians ‘disgusting and shameful’
  245. 324,000 Women Dropped Out of Labor Force in Last Two Months
  246. House Dems Take Training Course On Playing The Race Card
  247. Family: Romney prank 'factually incorrect,' politically motivated
  248. Obama's campaign team 'paid Rev Wright to stay quiet during 2008 campaign'
  249. Sen. Rand Paul: Didn't think Obama's view 'could get any gayer'
  250. African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama For Gay Marriage Support