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  1. Poll puts Walker up nine in recall fight
  2. Stealth Ceremony for Rush Limbaugh — and His Bust
  3. MoveOn.org Urges Members to Write Letters to the Editor on Romney’s “Bullying”
  4. Indefinite Detention of Americans Without Charge or Trial
  5. Boehner Is Stalling Holder Contempt Citation On Fast And Furious
  6. Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate
  7. Biden Apologizes to Obama for Same-Sex Marriage Comments
  8. Military Detention Law Blocked by New York Judge
  9. Catholic university drops student health insurance, cites ObamaCare
  10. The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and
  11. Senator questions $18B for job training, as study suggests rampant waste, abuse
  12. Iraqi Court Likely To Release Hezbollah Commander Transferred By Obama Admin
  13. 9th Circus Takes Plush Maui Vacation At Taxpayer Expense
  14. A new kind of Republican?
  15. Pakistani doctor who helped US in bin Laden raid sentenced to prison
  16. Reddit love
  17. Bill Clinton Under Secret Service Protection From....
  18. Obama - Pete and Repeat
  19. Obama's war on private equity is all rhetoric
  20. Obama's Uncle Charged With Drunken Driving, Held by Immigration Officials
  21. SC congressional candidate arrested for drunk driving with co-ed in the car
  22. Police Accuse Al Sharpton And Wyclef Jean of Laundering Money For A Drug Kingpin
  23. Senate dems betray Lilly
  24. Two years ago today: Obama celebrates Solyndra
  25. VIDEO: Senator Tom Coburn on the “Debt Bomb”
  26. Top Five Ways Obamacare Crushes the Middle Class
  27. Another Tax In Illinois
  29. WATCHDOGS: HHS loses millions in Medicare charges
  30. Russia Condems Syria for Massacre
  31. Bob Schieffer Laughs Out Loud After Playing Video of Obama Bragging
  32. DHS is Watching YOUR Social Media Posts
  33. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski calls Obama ignorant and incompetent
  34. AP Exclusive: Calif. 9/11 fund raided for deficits
  35. Penn. Democratic leader defects to GOP, cites Catholic faith as reason
  36. Liberal Crasher Tells Veteran 'F You' at Allen West Event.
  37. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a Total Asshole!
  38. Soledad O'Brien CNN Got Owned!
  39. Brit Hume on twitter
  40. Issa: Fast & Furious Wiretap Applications Reveal Senior DOJ Involvement
  41. Voter Lookup Tool
  42. Leaked Emails Endanger Obama Nominee
  43. Russia Seeks to Enlist Iran in Ushering Out Syria's Assad
  44. Labor Dept. counts oil lobbyists, garbage men, bus drivers as ‘green jobs’
  45. Administration admits to ‘hundreds’ of meetings with jihad-linked group
  46. Gates to National Security Team on Osama Raid: 'Shut the F--- Up'
  47. Romney's trans team leader favors 0bamacare
  48. Labor Department backs off plan forcing reporters to use government-issued computers
  49. Syria rebels gaining ground, strength
  50. Spotted owl could be game-changer in Tombstone water war
  51. From Peace Prize to Paralysis
  52. Online Armageddon
  53. The Walker Vote Earthquake
  54. Oh No You Didn't: Mossad Agents Claim Obama Lying About Stuxnet
  55. Rep. King: Obama using leaks to build image, trying to be like 'John Wayne'
  56. Indiana gov suggests public unions should go
  57. Inquiry into EPA’s armed visit to NC man’s home
  58. Holder: 'I Stuck By My Guns'
  59. Major Networks IGNORE Tens of Thousands Participating in Religious Freedom Rallies
  60. Right Direction or Wrong Track, 29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
  61. Dems: Obama could lose, donors better get moving
  62. Panetta Warns of Cyber Pearl Harbor
  63. Mandated defense cuts could lead to war, top US military official says
  64. Pakistan demands 'unconditional apology' from US for troop deaths
  65. Chinese official explains forced abortion policy funded by Obama administration
  66. A new political piece
  67. Rep. Steve King to sue Obama admin over amnesty order
  68. Statements from The Daily Caller regarding exchange in White House Rose Garden
  69. Who's side is he on anyway?u
  70. Emanuel defends his school tactics
  71. Obama’s policy strategy: Ignore laws
  72. Panetta celebrates gay pride month by saluting LGBT military members
  73. White House Quietly Moves Obama-Praising Text From Past Presidents' Bios
  74. MSNBC caught redhanded smearing Romney as out of touch by editing video
  75. Schweizer Applauds Barr Slamming Pelosi For Insider Trading
  76. The star of the ‘Life of Julia’ has gone missing
  77. Public execution in North Korea
  78. Proof: Obama has created jobs!!!
  79. FLASHBACK 2007: Obama Attacked Trying "To Hide Behind Executive Privilege"
  80. DOJ Secretly Drops Terrorism Charges In Taliban Case
  81. Morgan Freeman: 'We're In a Lot of Trouble If We Don't Reelect Obama'
  82. Green Energy Gulag
  83. President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History
  84. Obama Briefed Calderon on Fast and Furious?
  85. Holder Retracts Gunwalking Accusation Against Former Bush AG
  86. Obama’s need for “Executive Privilege”
  87. Supreme Court Ruling
  88. So 0bama Now Owns Fast and Furious
  89. Tensions rise as justices kick healthcare ruling to next week
  90. Inside the Supreme Court Health-Care Decision
  91. No spiking of the ball if court strikes down health law
  92. Matthews Slimes GOP as Racist for Going After Holder: An 'Ethnic' 'Stop-and-Frisk'
  93. Fast and Furious Desperation
  94. Fast and Furious vs Wide Receiver
  95. Eric Holder: 1995 We Must Brainwash People
  96. Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police
  97. Biden, in Leaked Memo, Told Obama the Afghanistan 'Surge' Plan Was Flawed
  98. Joseph Biden Q&A 2007
  99. DWS on Her Way Out
  100. Germany Rejects Obama’s Calls To Fight Euro Debt Crisis
  101. Obama to Court: Drop Dead
  102. Gov. Brewer: Obama Shows 'Utter Disregard' for Arizona in Canceling Immigration Enfor
  103. Turkey threatens military retaliation along Syria border, drawing defiance from Assad
  104. SCOTUS decision clears way to sue sanctuary cites, states ...
  105. Obama's "report card"
  106. Biden: Millions of Americans Are In a ‘Depression’
  107. Holder in peril as Dems break ranks on contempt resolution
  108. Black Lawmakers Plot 'Walkout Strategy' During Holder Contempt Vote
  109. The Left, the Right, and the Constitution
  110. Democrats' Bad Bet Comes Due Tomorrow
  111. Obama Faces Verdict on Victory in 100-Year Health Fight
  112. Journos Declared ObamaCare Would Be Upheld 8-1
  113. John Roberts is playing at a different game than the rest of us. We’re on poker. He’s
  114. Cantor: House will vote to repeal healthcare bill next month
  115. Another $40-60 million down the Obama crapper
  116. Who are the racist ones again?
  117. The Democrats Now Own Obamacare
  118. Gohmert: ‘It’s Time for the American People to Get Outraged’
  119. The Road to Hell
  120. White House salaries grow...
  121. Murdoch: 'Doubtful' Romney can win
  122. Roberts switched views to uphold health care law
  123. The Supreme Court Is Not Our Friend ...
  124. Liberals need to stop lying about divorce
  125. Michelle Obama: There is ‘No Place Better’ Than Church to Talk About Political Issues
  126. USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Mocks Ann Romney's MS Therapeutic Riding 'Habit'
  127. Stung by Recession, Young Voters Shed Image as Obama Brigade
  128. Romney adviser: Health care not a tax
  129. Obama Turns His Back on Israel at the U.N.
  130. Is Meritocracy A Sham?
  131. Nice Try: Obama Released Restrictive New Energy Plan Under Cover of SCOTUS, Holder Co
  132. Source: Iran preparing to down American passenger planes
  133. York: For conservatives, the question: Who is John Roberts?
  134. The Problem with Stereotypes / Notes From A Veteran
  135. Can I get an "AMEN"?
  136. A penalty for being healthy?
  137. Eric Holder says Republicans have made him a ‘proxy’ to attack President Obama
  138. DC Area Out Of Power, Obama On Vacation
  139. Clinton apologizes to Pakistan for airstrike deaths, says supply lines to re-open
  140. Romney accuses Obama of 'vicious lies' on Bain Capital
  141. States Should Flatly Reject ObamaCare Exchanges
  142. Whistleblower Reveals Fraud In The IRS
  143. With Keystone in limbo, VFW helps vets get work on Canada's section
  144. Media, Obama Coordinate Romney Smear with Pro-Occupier's Vanity Fair Article
  145. I guess I am a terrorist.
  146. COUNTRYWIDE won influence with Congress through discount loans...
  147. Strassel: Obama's Imperial Presidency
  148. Darrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications in Congressional Record
  149. Scott Walker-Bashing Bill Maher Calls For Public Pension Reform
  150. Obama's Life Lies
  151. Obama and Frank Marshall Davis, Socialist roots
  152. Hear ye hear ye, The king hath decreed!
  153. Culture Of Rat Corruption
  154. Allen West: True Racism Lies With White Liberals
  155. Unemployment Rate Dropped in Every State that Elected A Republican Gov in 2010
  156. Wow. Minnesota's SoS Ritchie is a real jack@ss
  157. Obama NASCAR tickets flop
  158. Democrats = liars (but you knew that). Estimated cost of Obamacare skyrockets.
  159. We are at a Turning Point - Judge Napolitano
  160. Like father, like son............Jesse jackson, Jr.
  161. The Islamist ascendancy
  162. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who refuses to release tax returns invested in
  163. Pot, meet Kettle.......
  164. NRA President on Differences Between 'Wide Receiver' and 'Fast and Furious'
  165. Sheila Jackson Lee Shoots.. fails.
  166. Top Ten Felons, Fugitives, and Shady Characters in Obama's Life
  167. 0bama: If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That ...
  168. "You didn't build that" officially becomes a meme
  169. Ok if Romney does this we have a chance
  170. Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released
  171. Obama's hypocrisy on Bain; says "you are responsible for your operations"
  172. Blunt is Better for Romney
  173. President Obama's jobs panel missing in action
  174. Bachmann: Letter on Clinton aide was 'distorted'
  175. Paul Harvey: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor
  176. Return of a Weiner?
  177. Surviving Obama
  178. Questions about Huma Abedin
  179. Bernanke To Dems: Put Your Fiscal House In Order
  180. Bank-Bashing Dems Drop The Name Of A Charlotte Convention Venue
  181. Chick-Fil-A Publicly Acknowledges It’s Conservative, Media Upset
  182. July 4th Parade-- My kind of town !
  183. The military & Biofuel
  184. Democratic Sen. Feinstein suggests some leaked info came from the White House
  185. Extend the success against AIDS to other devastating diseases
  186. Blaming the Tea Party
  187. GOP Leaders Indicate They Will Fund Obamacare
  188. Pat Toomey Signals 'Fiscal Cliff' May Push GOP To Accept Tax Increases
  189. Ice-T Argues Against Gun Control: 'Thats the last form of defense against tyranny'
  190. H.R. 459 Gets passed in the House
  191. Obama: Small Business Comment Taken Out Of Context
  192. Liberal hypocrisy regarding local state legislator
  194. GM headed the way of Solyndra
  195. Disgraced Penn State President Hired by Obama Administration for Top Secret National
  196. As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons
  197. Romney: 'Looking Forward to the Bust of Winston Churchill Being in Oval Office Again'
  198. House Passes Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill
  199. Romney: US has 'moral imperative' to aid Israel in its defense against a nuclear Iran
  200. London Mayor’s Olympic Sized Failure After Mocking Romney Critique
  201. Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was ‘A Mistake’
  202. Romney calls Jerusalem capital of Israel, hits Iran
  203. Grand Mufti Emanuel's Chicago Values
  204. Local Republican state legislator harassed for kids not sharing candy at parade
  205. 'DREAMers' Take Advantage of ICE No-Enforcement Policy
  206. Obama Cancelled Bin Laden Raid 3 Times at Behest of Valerie Jarrett
  207. Rep. Mike Kelly just gained a lot of new fans.
  208. Too Dumb To Vote In Minnesota
  209. Radicalizing the Military
  210. Chicago church leaders roast Rahm Emanuel over Chick-fil-A stance
  211. Black pastors: Obama does not have the black vote ‘in his pocket’
  212. 'Fast and Furious' gun case doomed by reckless strategy: report
  213. House passes bill eliminating Senate confirmation for presidential appointees
  214. N.J. Gov. Christie signs law imposing Iran sanctions
  215. Boehner pledges to reconvene if Senate acts on fiscal cliff
  216. Obama draws criticism after landing at Guard base threatened by cuts
  217. Georgia lumberyard owner hammers Obama on 'You didn't build that'
  218. Cal Thomas Column: Annoy a Liberal, Eat More Chicken
  219. Psychiatrist's warning about Holmes ignored when he dropped out
  220. What's your analysis and opinion on this chart
  221. Obamacare hurts small business--you know, the ones no one really built....
  222. Obama Administration Frees Terrorist Who Tortured To Death 5 Captured U.S. Soldiers
  223. Costs, conflicts arise in Reid push for green power
  224. Obama: Negative ratings in 37 states, but king of DC
  225. All in the (Political) Family
  226. Chris "Tingles" Matthews goes down hard on Obama -- we're talking deepthroat, people
  227. Liberal Decay
  228. H.R. 347...Are You Freaking Kidding Me?
  229. Charlie Daniels unloads 'dag-blamed truth' on Obama
  230. The day after GWB's inauguration...
  231. Is Obama using the Justice Department to scare off Romney's supporters?
  233. 'Call Obama's Bluff!'
  234. Pelosi helps Reid double-down on Romney taxes smear; PolitiFact says "pants on fire"
  235. Obama Considering Executive-Branch Action on Cybersecurity
  236. Obama Complains that Michelle Doesn't Make Money As First Lady
  237. Allen West Responds To CBC On “Everyone Was Offended”
  238. Hawaii Officially A State of Hate!
  239. Chris Rock
  240. Owned a couple of Dem douchebags today
  241. Obama Administration in full panic mode because of Stef Cutter lie?
  242. 0bama: Let's repeat auto industry "success" for every industry
  243. Reid aide talks about source for Romney attack, but quickly retracts
  244. Prosecutors mistakenly release confidential Zimmerman evidence, including body photo
  245. Code Pink to send privates pics to Repub. convention
  246. 0bamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls for Free--Without Parental Consent
  247. Syria crisis: Arab League calls emergency talks
  248. Romney Campaign Raises $3.5M within 24 Hours of Ryan Pick Announcement
  249. 0bama praises patriotism of Huma Abedin at WH Ramadan dinner