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  1. State Senator Files 'Piers Morgan' Gun Law
  2. Noonan: The Sleepiness of a Hollow Legend
  4. Planet Hillary
  5. Ignoring Facts and Attacking Character (Sowell)
  6. Arizona GOP censures McCain for 'liberal' record
  7. Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’
  9. SOTU thread
  11. To Be or Not To Be
  13. The Little Victims of the State
  14. President Obama and me, round three
  15. Farm Bill won't surprise you- wealthfare
  16. Gender Theory and the classroom
  17. Fry Cook Shifted to Part-Time Work Confronts Obama
  18. GOP Creates 'Benghazi Central' web site...
  19. glitch girl
  20. First amendment upheld
  21. Immigration and what to do about it...
  22. GOP Surrender Monkeys
  23. Obama...the NBC interview...
  24. Faulconer wins mayor's race
  25. Sean Hannity or Willie Robertson...?
  26. Happy Valentines Day....
  27. Dr Ben Carson--could be dems worse nightmare
  28. They Call Me Hater
  29. Trey Gowdy Call Nancy Pelosi Comment "Mind Numbingly Stupid"
  30. Does Obama have a CBO problem?
  31. BREAKING! Battleground Texas Caught Cheating Gathering Illegal Voter Data
  32. Obama To Violate The Constitution Yet Again
  33. Mallard nails it...
  34. Keystone XL
  35. Those who work in D.C.
  36. Credit Unions in trouble
  37. Mark Steyn: Hath Not a Jew Eyes?
  38. Gay Marriage and the Next Round of Civil Disobedience
  39. ‘Ha, ha, ha,’ says Boehner to retirement rumor
  40. Iowa Refers 80 Cases of Voter Fraud to Prosecutors
  41. Member of the Joint Chiefs to Resign in Protest?
  42. Biden to women: Thanks to ObamaCare, you can quit working
  43. Move along folks, nothing to see here...
  44. Now we have a contender!!
  45. Kerry Surrenders US Foreign Policy, Putin Carves Out Imperialist Future
  46. Putin Adviser Threatens To Dump “More Than $200 Billion” In U.S. Treasury Bonds
  47. Gay marriage: a case study in conformism
  48. Alan Grayson Accused of Domestic Violence
  49. Slovakia Might Amend Constitution to Protect Marriage. Gay Lobby Angry.
  50. So why is Vald making his moves?
  51. Russia backs Crimea vote, dismisses sanctions threat
  52. Georgia passes Convention of States Resolution....
  53. Lt. Col. Allen West: U.S. Demonstrating Weakness in Handling of Ukraine
  54. My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood
  55. Sharyl Attkisson leaves CBS News
  56. Trey Gowdy Needs To Run For President
  57. John Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine
  58. Russia Massing Military Forces Near Border With Ukraine
  59. Breeders: How Gay Men Destroyed the Left
  60. Oklahoma Sheriffs Visiting State Capitol Building Ordered to Disarm
  61. The Man Who Keeps Harry Reid Up at Night
  62. Six Trivia Questions..........
  63. Kremlin: Crimea and Sevastopol are now part of Russia, not Ukraine
  64. Rhode Island speaker's work, home raided in probe
  65. The Symbol of a Lie
  66. Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs
  67. Soylent Green is next.........
  68. Secret Service agents on Obama detail sent home from Netherlands after night of drink
  69. The Democrats are a crime wave....
  70. 10 richest U.S. House districts
  71. I feel pretty.
  72. NASA suspends work with Russia over involvement in Ukraine.
  74. Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political Party
  75. Poor Underpaid Members of Congress!
  76. IRS Responsible For Leaking Mozilla CEO’s Prop 8 Donation To Pro-Gay Liberal Group
  77. CAIR’s Jihad against Honor Diaries
  78. Jack Cashill: What Mozilla Has Taught Us
  79. The latest from Chicago
  80. Pelosi Twerks
  81. Emails Show Lerner Fed True The Vote Tax Information To Elijah Cummings
  82. Bait And Switch: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy
  83. The ObamaCare Enrollment Trifecta
  84. Barack Hussain's Legacy: The Top 10 Greatest Achievements and lessons to the world
  85. Obama: In 2014 It’s ‘An Embarrassment’ That We Have This Problem
  86. Robert Oscar Lopez: Stop Crying over Mozilla and Start Fighting Back!
  87. Ron Paul group to defy IRS
  88. The Other Side
  89. Mark Steyn: The slow death of free speech
  90. Analogy by Charlie Daniels
  91. Jack Cashill: What Hank Aaron needs to know
  92. From a Demon.......
  93. David Brooks: Obama 'has a manhood problem in the Middle East'
  94. LGBT Cultural Imperialism and AIDS
  95. Obama Family Values
  96. Body of Ukraine Politician Rybak Found Tortured, Murdered
  97. Group finds duplicate voters around Virginia
  98. A List of Cliven Bundy's Supporters, Now That We Know He's a Pro-Slavery Racist
  99. The disappearance of America’s will
  100. DUmmie escapes to N. Korea....gets arrested.
  101. Can We Make It?
  102. This Black Does Not Think Bundy is Racist
  103. The origins of Political Correctness
  104. McMorris Rodgers says ACA likely to stay
  105. Why immigration reform isn’t the answer to Republicans’ demographic woes
  106. ObamaCare and Common Core: Two Fronts of the Same Coup
  107. Little League Raffling Off AR-15, The Left Flips Out
  108. Benghazi emails suggest WH aide involved in prepping Rice for ‘video’ explanation
  109. National Review: MSNBC Parody--"White flight"
  110. Sen. Ed Markey Proposes "Hate Speech" Legislation
  111. Washington State Dem Gov. Jay Inslee Imposes Cap-And-Trade Through Executive Order
  112. Seattle mayor announces $15 wage Min. Wage Hike
  113. Black congressman stands by comment that Clarence Thomas is an ‘Uncle Tom’m’
  114. Gubernatorial candidate to hand out Klan hoods
  115. 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner (Never heard of this guy)
  116. High court ruling favors prayer at council meeting
  117. Who Really Created the ‘Rape Culture’?
  118. IRS Agrees to Turn Over Lois Lerner's Emails
  119. Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. Blocked Terrorist Designation for Boko Haram
  120. Did Harry Reid bend the rules?
  121. George Soros-Funded Transparency Survey Ranks His Think Tank Dead Last
  122. Christian Brotherhood an Impeachable Offense; Gay Incest Celebrated
  123. 74% of Obongocare sign-ups already had insurance
  124. Mayor Emanuel Announces Internships And Job Opportunities For DREAMer Students
  125. Obama Regime Urged Nigeria To Show “Restraint”
  126. Missouri legislature passes bill to withdraw from Common Core
  127. Research in India suggests Google search results can influence an election
  128. Congressional candidate Keith Crisco dies suddenly at home
  129. Wisconsin Democrat’s bike business hasn’t paid state income taxes for three decades
  130. The Do Nothing Contract....
  131. Obama:Immigration Bill Necessary For Our Safety and Security
  132. Rep. John Conyers is not on the ballot for November
  133. Obama's similarities to Hitler ~ A must hear speech by Kitty Werthmann
  135. DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List
  136. Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA -- and in America
  137. Death penalty opponents, have I got a deal for you!
  138. Kirsten Powers: Liberals' Dark Ages
  139. glasses worn by Clinton used to treat double vision
  140. Dept of Agriculture Orders Submachine Guns with 30 Round Magazines
  141. Allen West President?
  142. Benghazi
  143. Thomas Sowell – Campus Rape Cases Should be Handled by the Criminal Justice System
  144. A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent
  145. United States of Secrets
  146. Too muddy to recognize
  147. Democrats to join Benghazi select committee
  148. Are Republicans really antiscience?
  149. What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans
  150. Obama blames Founding Fathers’ ‘structural’ design of Congress for gridlock
  151. The "Professional Homosexual"
  152. Democrats Privately Calling Obama 'Detached,' 'Flat Footed,' 'Incompetent'
  153. Jack Cashill: The 'Twisted World' of Elliot Rodger
  154. PC Thugs target legal scholar
  155. White House Accidentally Exposes Afghanistan CIA Chief's Identity
  156. So much for "Racism"
  157. Back Again......
  158. French students rally to 'save democracy' from far-right
  159. michelle obama on veterans day
  160. This Man Needs To Be President Someday
  161. Where will he be this year?
  162. The true villains behind the Gibson Guitar raid are revealed (unions)
  163. Bergdahl release arrangement could threaten the safety of Americans, Republicans say
  164. Obama To Announce Executive Order On Monday Limiting Carbon Emissions
  165. Obama arrives in Europe, his foreign policy facing questions again
  166. How UCLA Lies about Affirmative Action
  167. Harry Reid: 'Glad' to Get 5 Taliban Out of Gitmo and Into Qatar
  168. Mark Steyn: Polar Bear-Faced Lie
  169. Michelle Malkin Reveals the True Deserter Story
  170. Any institution left that Obama hasn't corrupted?
  171. Twitter Chews Up Obama after Gum Gaffe at D-Day
  172. Bordering on the ridiculous
  173. Dear President Nieto
  174. Hanoi Jane?
  175. Robert Oscar Lopez: It's Personal: Confronting the Academy's Leftism
  176. U.S. to open third military base to illegal child immigrants
  177. Now the White House says Hagel made final call on Bergdahl as criticism of Obama over
  178. Judge Rules Teacher Tenure Rules Are Unconstitutional
  179. Mark Steyn on Eric Cantor and Illegal Immigration
  180. Fresh off Mosul victory, militants in Iraq wrest control of Tikrit
  181. Top ten reasons Eric Cantor lost
  182. Ex-border agents: Immigrant flood 'orchestrated'
  183. Osama/Obama?
  184. Bikers Enroute to Free U.S. Marine In Mexico Prison
  185. Green Smoothie Cleanse Tops Hillary in Best Seller List
  186. Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution
  187. Obama's Legacy--Golf and Fundraisers
  188. Anyone see Hillary on Fox tonight???
  189. Why the Duke rape case is still important.
  190. Sources: Chorus grows that al-Maliki has to go for Iraq's sake
  191. Dana Milbank's Heritage disaster
  192. Bradshaw On Hitlary
  193. Paul Ryan to IRS Chief: Excuses On Missing Emails 'Unbelievable'
  194. Feminism and Its Discontents: ‘Rape culture’ at Harvard
  195. It's sad...
  196. Immigration has consequences - charlie rangel faces hispanic opposition
  197. IRS Scandal: the movie....
  198. YOU are a rapist; yes YOU!
  199. ‘Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,’ Rape Victim Says
  200. ‘Just nailed Koskinen to the wall’: Trey Gowdy brings the heat to IRS hearing [video]
  201. White House now faults Republicans for weak border security
  202. Exclusive: Republicans ready messaging campaign aimed at women
  203. EPA Now Claims It Lost Emails, Issa Threatens Contempt
  204. Supreme Court Rules Obama’s Recess Appointments Unconstitutional
  205. High court voids 35-foot abortion clinic buffer
  206. Supreme Court: Police Need Warrants to Search Cellphone Data
  207. Guess where the 7 cirashed IRS computers were?
  208. Pelosi on the Border: We Have to Use This 'Crisis' as an 'Opportunity'
  209. Hillary Runs Her Mouth About SCOTUS
  210. o loves you
  211. The Hobby Lobby Case Is a Small Victory, But a Real One
  212. We Were Wrong’ To Endorse Obama; He’s Even Worse Than George Bush
  213. Poll: Obama Is Worst President Since WWII
  214. Obama Ridicules Separation of Powers
  215. Corporations Are People? It's a Real Legal Concept
  217. DeLAY: From King George III to King Obama I
  218. Those Poor Little Gays: The World Is Saying No
  219. Hillary Clinton Donates All University Speaking Fees
  220. This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary
  221. Doctor Speaks Out Against Feds Silencing Medical Staff on Border
  222. Big-money executives rescue vet’s home in fight over flag in flower pot
  223. Pat Buchanan book busts 'myth' Nixon was racist, had Vietnam 'secret plan
  224. 9th Circuit Rules ‘Dreamers’ Can Get AZ Drivers Licenses
  225. Obama at West Point
  226. Iran resistance fighters need asylum in US, Lieberman says
  227. Apolitical Aphorisms
  228. Some people just shouldn't run for political office........
  229. Lois Lerner Email Found — Warning That Congress Might Read Her Emails
  230. Leaked DHS Report Reveals Obama Admin Deception on Border Crisis
  231. Wendy Davis: Obama should make Texas border trip
  232. Obama around the world--what a piece of work
  233. House Resolution Directing the Sergeant-at-Arms to Arrest Lois Lerner for Contempt
  234. Obama's Summer Vacation
  235. Obama Nominated For an Emmy (No Joke)
  236. Muslims Give Obama Strong Approval Ratings in Poll
  237. Hobby Lobby’s Impact on Colleges
  238. ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 199 Times in Speech Vowing Unilatera
  239. Jackson vs. Obama
  240. Quotes of the Year from Ben Stein
  241. EDITORIAL: Colorblind Harry Reid continues to divide
  242. Next Obamacare Battle, Could End It
  243. The Conservatives Who Deserve Blame for the Border Breakdown
  244. L'Etat, C'est Gay: Taking the New Sexual Fascism Seriously
  245. Would You Believe, Another Crashed Hard Drive?
  246. Senate considers a bill that would prohibit abortion restrictions
  247. Rep. Ann Wagner on Media: Conservative Women ‘Fight 3 Times as Hard’ To ‘Have Voices
  248. Aaannnnnddd Another Scandal To Heap Onto The Pile
  249. 'It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy': Obama sparks anger
  250. I supported our euthanasia law, but I was terribly wrong: Dutch ethicist