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  1. De Blasio, aides accused of ‘criminal’ fundraising activity
  2. Brexit hypocrite: Remember when Obama accused Netanyahu of meddling in America’s affa
  3. Court Strikes Down California Effort to Reveal Donors to Nonprofit
  4. The smug style in American liberalism
  5. How Obama and Merkel learned to love one another
  6. Sheriff Clarke: Hillary's "Positive Gangs" Comment Shows She's "Totally Disconnected
  7. Sen. Grassley: FBI investigation of Clinton email server could leak if there is ‘poli
  8. "Gay" Parenting study unwittingly shows that lesbians get angrier at their children
  9. New Faces for the Political Paarties
  10. White Privalege Police
  11. U.S. Senator: 'Global Warming is...the Moral Challenge of Our Generation'
  12. Austrian government “shocked” as opposition sweeps early presidential balloting
  13. Remember when they said churches wouldn't be forced to do "gay weddings"?
  14. CBS and NBC Ignore Dem Governor's Move for Felons; ABC Barely Covers
  15. Federal judge delivers huge win for voter ID laws
  16. Bee: Andrew Jackson Was a ‘Genocidal Prick’ ‘Like Trump With Better Hair’
  17. Charlie Rose Tees Up Obama to Slam Europe’s ‘Far Right’ Refusing Refugees
  18. A tribute to Alfred E. Newman
  19. Stephen Moore is ANGRY!
  20. Democratic PA congressman loses primary on eve of his corruption trial
  21. Pepper spray flies as Trump supporters, opponents clash in California
  22. Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals
  23. LAWSUIT: Stanford muzzled student accused of rape and tampered with his statement
  24. Watchdog Says State Department Withheld Clinton Email for Two Years
  25. What Fiorina Brings to Cruz’s Ticket
  26. Progresive Democrat Brain
  27. WH Mocks Sen. Cotton’s Concerns About Iran Heavy Water Purchase: ‘Maybe He Should Wri
  28. Horrific: British MP Apologizes Over Remarks to Ethnically Cleanse Israelis
  29. Meditation rooms or makeshift mosque? U. of Iowa prayer spaces draw scrutiny, critici
  30. White House struggles to explain weak economy as Obama boasts of job growth
  31. 24% Opt Out of a Clinton-Trump Race
  32. Blacks, Weed, And Culture
  33. Are Bill Clinton and his team the key to the FBI’s Hillary investigation?
  34. CNN's Cuomo Blandly Tags Violent Protesters as 'Dissatisfied Citizens'
  35. Obama WH Blames Republicans for Weak Economic Growth
  36. N.Y. City mayor’s office subpoenaed amid corruption probe
  37. Sally Kohn: Most of Trump’s Supporters ‘Are Only Voting For Him Because He’s a White
  38. Climate Change
  39. Bernie Sanders abd Friend
  40. Why are we so understanding towards the crimes of Communism?
  41. President Obama Takes Aim at CNN, Trump, Hillary
  42. Department of Education Publishes ‘Shame List’ of Faith-Based Colleges Seeking Title
  43. Fatal flaws remain in revised leniency legislation for drug offenders
  44. George Will joins the #NeverTrump brigade of doom
  45. ‘It Is Not Acceptable’: Cruz Calls Out ‘Leftist Agitators’ for ‘Trying to Silence’ Tr
  46. Illegal Alien Thug Murdered Man’s Son, Crowd Raging MAD At Details
  47. Planned Parenthood makes "pure profit" on baby parts (Video)
  48. Kerry's Latest Moronic Excuse for Islamic Terrorism...
  49. Watch: ICE Chief 'Irked' about Criminal Aliens Skipping Bond
  50. Obama Orders Kansas To Take Refugees, Shocked By Their Blunt Response
  51. Trump's rise is driving immigrants to become citizens
  52. Judicial Watch: Benghazi Email Trail Leads to White House
  53. Cruz signs copy of 'Communist Manifesto'
  54. Obama Admin Plans End Run Around Congress with Obamacare Bailout Scheme
  55. Abortion activists hijack College Republicans event with lawmaker investigating Plann
  56. Hillary
  57. WH: Navy SEAL Was ‘Killed in Combat,’ But ‘Not in a Combat Mission’
  58. Retirees Driving Surge in Montana Gun Sales
  59. The White House’s Iraq delusion
  60. Storm Hillary
  61. Exclusive: President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico
  62. White Men Should Stop Running For Office, Colorado Group Says
  63. Urth Caffe disputes lawsuit claiming it forced women out for 'appearing to be Muslim'
  64. Rep. Barbara Lee: 'Country Now...in War'; Obama 'Needs That Authorization'
  65. First on CNN: FBI interviews Clinton aides including Huma Abedin as part of email...
  66. DOD: 'Largest Group' of U.S. Forces in Iraq There as 'Security Protection for Adviser
  67. Hillary Clinton Features Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham In Anti-Trump Video
  68. Bikers Revving Up To Protect Trump From Protesters
  69. Must be racism: More than half of UNC academic dishonesty cases involve students of c
  70. Dozens of families sue the feds for forcing school to let boy in girls’ locker room
  71. SDSU president’s ouster sought for defending free speech, making Muslim students feel
  72. Victory: ‘Jesus Lunches’ to continue as school ceases attempts to shut them down
  73. Toomey Urges McGinty to Join Obama Admin in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities
  74. Paul Nehlen: ‘Paul Ryan’s Elitism is Showing,’ ‘His Disdain and Disrespect for the Am
  75. ABC Show Trashes Angry 'White Men' and 'Filthy Country People'
  76. Many Americans Renounce Citizenship, Even Before President Trump
  77. Did NBC Sit on Guccifer Claims on Hacking Hillary Server?
  78. Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Depar
  79. More Boston Globe Headlines
  80. Mary Matalin Leaving GOP for Libertarian Party
  81. Makes sense
  82. Either way the elephants stampede now
  83. Kerry slams Trump's wall, tells grads to prepare for 'borderless world'
  84. Racist Obama Sends Nasty Message To White Kids, Proving They Don’t Matter
  85. "Students doubt that there really is anything fundamentally that they need to learn."
  86. Dem Senator: More Gun Control Could Not Have Prevented Sandy Hook
  87. Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
  88. Twitter user wins the Internet and crushes Hillary Clinton with a single Tweet
  89. Facebook is being sued over facial recognition and tagging because… paranoia
  90. Chancellor vetoes ‘multicultural student government’: violates state law, divides peo
  91. Sheriff Clarke Drops Scathing History Lesson on ‘Racism’ in Politics in Response to C
  92. A Confession of Liberal Intolerance
  93. Planned Parenthood Is Offering ‘Transgender Hormone Services’
  94. NK v US
  95. Louisiana court system struggles with whether or not 17 year olds are adults
  96. Lawsuit: Democrat Flint Mayor Diverted Water-Crisis Money To Her Political PAC
  97. Obama’s Toilet Revolution (and the 10th Amendment)
  98. Paul Ryan Revives a Lost Washington Art
  99. Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio, leaders of the Democratic Liars Club
  100. Obama to make historic visit to Hiroshima
  101. Clinton Dumbfounded by Rising Cost of Obamacare
  102. Feds Promote Rainbow Badges for Teachers, Staff at Public Schools to Identify as LGBT
  103. Lindsey Graham - A true republican
  104. Who Are You? Roger Daltrey Calls EU Leaders ‘Bunch Of F***ing Useless W***ers’
  105. Harvard hates single-sex clubs, but Duke just approved one for women to avoid ‘male i
  106. Obama’s Lawsuit Against North Carolina Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing
  107. Pentagon Says U.S. Forces in Yemen for 'Short Term' But With No End Date
  108. Syrian Refugee ‘Surge’ to U.S. in April: 440 Muslims, 10 Yazidis, 1 Christian
  109. Marco Rubio to Trump: Not Interested in VP Job – Find Someone Who Embraces Your Campa
  110. Romney Warns Against ‘Demagogues’ Scapegoating Immigrants and Muslims
  111. Steven Crowder Officially Files Legal Motion Against Facebook Requesting Information
  112. FBI Confirms It WILL Interview Hillary Clinton
  113. Harvard Prof Urges Liberals to Treat Evangelical Christians Like Nazis
  114. Hillary’s Emails Hacked by Russia – Kremlin Deciding Whether to Release 20,000 Stolen
  115. Man With Gun Stops Man on Deadly Knife Rampage at Mass. Shopping Mall
  116. Bill Kristol Says Anonymous People Cheering Him On To Stop Trump
  117. Harry Reid to Alan Grayson: 'I want you to lose'
  118. 5 voters decide $5.65 million in Fort Bend bonds
  119. Lawmakers Introduce Bill Making it Illegal to Ban Any Alien Based on ‘Religious Litmu
  120. White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white
  121. (DHS) Magical Mystery Tour: Too much of nothing
  122. Washington Post assigns army of 20 to dig into 'every phase' of Trump's life
  123. De Blasio, London Mayor Khan team to attack 'ignorant' Trump
  124. UCLA College Republicans promise legal fight if punished for ‘only two genders’ sign
  125. University of Chicago student government on commitment to free speech: ‘No thanks’
  126. Air Force whistleblower: We could have saved Benghazi victims
  127. Republican Convention to Be Assailed by 100 Naked Moonbats
  128. Facebook’s List of Authorized News Sites Includes Communist State-Run Media, The Onio
  129. Reverend Clooney Speaks
  130. Maple Match
  131. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo: ‘Trump Is So Stupid, My God’
  132. How Congress Mysteriously Became a ‘Small Business’ to Qualify for Obamacare Subsides
  133. Democratic congressman writes Anonymous tell-all book slamming 'nation of naive
  134. A name for our election process for this year.
  135. Democratic congressman writes Anonymous tell-all book slamming 'nation of naive
  136. Clinton Finishes Third In West Virginia County That Literally Gave Her The Finger
  137. Mark your calendars: Obama administration preparing immigration raids in May and June
  138. Persian Gulf Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million [VIDEO]
  139. I'm Just a Bill
  140. The Hillary Myth
  141. KKK: ANOTHER S.F. Politician Attacks Breitbart Reporter
  142. Breitbart News, #15 Facebook Publisher, to Zuckerberg: Forget the Meeting — We Want T
  143. Black Pastors Slam Obama Admin’s Equivalence of Gender Identity Ideology with Black C
  144. Trump’s Former Butler Interrogated by Secret Service Agents Following Threatening Fac
  145. Bill Clinton took 26 flights with sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein
  146. State Orders Baltimore’s Election Results Decertified
  147. ‘We’re running a f—ing casino’: (dim) Politician tells all in manifesto
  148. Latest Insult=> Russia Now Sells “Screwing Obama” Underwear (Photos)
  149. Seattle U. students demand curriculum that ‘decentralizes whiteness’
  150. Clinton’s Alleged Ex-Lover: Hillary a ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Sex Addict’ Bill Told
  151. Black Panther Corruption Makes Case For Mandatory Minimums
  152. Ind. City Councilman, Charged With Murder, Sworn In While in Jail
  153. Madeleine Albright a war criminal? Scripps College's baffling crusade for simple thin
  154. Governor warns of deficits as California tax campaign begins
  155. Tossing Koskinen? House to consider impeaching IRS chief
  156. Nebraska Republicans PASS RESOLUTION to Reprimand #NeverTrump Senator Ben Sasse
  157. Busted! Anderson Cooper Caught Protecting #CrookedHillary Clinton (VIDEO)
  158. Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Shell Groups Trying to Convince Republican Lawmakers’ to
  159. Horowitz: No Apologies for Calling Bill Kristol ‘Renegade Jew’
  160. Students demand homeland secretary’s disinvitation, say he makes them feel unsafe
  161. Provost: Milo Yiannopoulos posters are ‘bigotry,’ but anti-Semitism? ‘File an intoler
  162. CPAC Organizer Will Not Attend Facebook Discussion With ‘Conservative Leaders’
  163. Bowe Bergdahl Court Martial Delayed Until New President Takes White House
  164. Cotton: Obama taps ‘yes men and fan boys’ for national security
  165. Obama: Put Nordic Countries ‘In Charge for a While’ Because ‘They Could Clean Things
  166. U.S. Ambassador Marks 'International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphbobi
  167. NEW YORK CITY, New York — Donald J. Trump, the billionaire businessman and presumptiv
  168. Angelina Jolie Pitt: ‘Don’t Brexit, and Keep your Borders Open to Migrants’
  169. Eyewitness report from Nevada State Convention from "The Other McCain"
  170. Burlington College Feels the Bern! Will Close Thanks to Crushing Debt Acquired by Mrs
  171. Iran: U.S. Encouraging Islamic Republic to Keep Illicit Missile Tests Secret
  172. ‘Disappointing But Typical’ Says Oversight Chairman After WH Says Rhodes Won’t Testif
  173. Marine Commandant Hit DOD for Delayed Equipment Delivery
  174. Iranian Government: Kim Kardashian An Enemy Of The State
  175. Judge refuses to accept brief raising free speech issues stemming from “fair housing”
  176. New Selective Service Legislation Inflicts Immediate Harm on Women
  177. Congressman Introduces Bill to Withhold Funds, Travel Visas from Countries That Refus
  178. Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government Surveillance Program In The Bay Area
  179. Bowe Bergdahls’ Former Platoon-Mates Endorse TRUMP – Then Drop a Bomb on Hillary (VID
  180. Disgusting! Discredited #NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro Says TRUMP Supporters are Anti-Semi
  181. Obama Spending Millions of Tax Dollars on Summer Jobs for Refugees
  182. Rep. Chaffetz Castigates EPA Over ‘Systemic Cultural Problem’ as He Reveals Shocking
  183. WH: Bathroom Controversy Started by Republicans 'Seeking a Political Advantage'
  184. Exclusive — Immigration Hawks: Facebook Engaging in Deliberate Suppression of Our Con
  185. University forms ‘first responder … Bias Response Team’ made up of 7 top-level admini
  186. Gowdy, Defending Sen. Cotton, Questions Ben Rhodes’ Qualifications
  187. Pope Defends Right To Refuse Recognizing Same-Sex Unions
  188. Black pro-life speaker shouted down at Harvard Law event, called ‘f*cking piece of sh
  189. Susan Collins moves to prevent AFFH defund
  190. Big-name law professors blast Department of Ed for endangering ‘free speech and due p
  191. Former DefSec Gates Questions Trump ‘Discipline’ After Missing EgyptAir Tweet
  192. Navy secretary fires back at conservatives: Will name warships as I please; no politi
  193. Ben Shapiro Throws Epic Twitter Tantrum: Exclusive Footage
  194. Charlotte Observer: Girls must overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in lo
  195. UNREAL! Paul Ryan Mocks Conservatives in Latest Donations Email: Should Obamacare Be
  196. Shocking New Polls Show Donald Trump Leading Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton
  197. Steer Clear of the Clinton Scandals, It Will Backfire, Ever Helpful New York Times Wa
  198. Whoopi Scoffs: If These Emails Really Were 'So Classified’ Why Didn’t Anybody Warn Hi
  199. Seattle University students protest ‘dead white dudes’ curriculum
  200. Great America PAC
  201. "You cannot pimp the civil rights movement."
  202. After national outrage, college rehires Lt. Gen. who criticized transgender-friendly
  203. Bernie Sanders Promises to Pardon Unrepentant Marxist Terrorist Oscar López-Rivera
  204. Judge Hanen blasts Obama’s Department of Lying for Injustice [with comment by Paul]
  205. House Votes to Ban Confederate Flag at National Cemeteries
  206. Health Expert Blasts CDC: Ignores Own Study, Allows Refugees Into U.S. Without Latent
  207. EXCLUSIVE: Migrant Aid Groups ‘Shut Down’ Talk Of Minority Persecution By Muslims Cla
  208. House Democrats Block Bill Aimed at Easing Pesticide Regulation to Combat Zika-Carryi
  209. Interesting site
  210. Colion Noir Delivers Brilliant Response To White House Shooting
  211. Obama Pushes for Zika Funding: ‘Mosquitoes Don’t Go Through Customs’
  212. Paul Ryan to NRA Convention: We ‘Must Not’ Elect Hillary in November …But He Won’t En
  213. Common Core testing group wages aggressive campaign against critics on social media
  214. Susan Rice: Too Many Whites On National Security Team Putting America At Risk
  215. Latinas for Trump
  216. VIDEO=> ANGRY Protesters SCREAM PROFANITIES at Officer Nero’s Family – CHASE Them Dow
  217. Speaker Ryan on VA Secretary: 'I Don't Know If He Should Resign'
  218. Facebook Censors Conservative Lauren Southern for Mentioning Censorship
  219. Exhibit A: Facebook characterizes Patricia Heaton’s pro-life message as ‘anti-abortio
  220. Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians
  221. College cancels ‘Men in Literature’ course, says it’s too focused on men
  222. Asian-American group to file discrimination complaint against Yale, Brown, and Dartmo
  223. U. Tennessee forced by lawmakers to shut down campus diversity office
  224. Obama’s VA Secretary Blasts Trump’s Veterans Adviser–Who Served in Air Force 25 Years
  225. First ‘Clinton Cash’ Domino to Fall: FBI Investigating Hillary Bagman Terry McAuliffe
  226. Mark Steyn: The Criminalization of Dissent
  227. Trump: Hillary Can’t Say She Cares About Women While Importing Radical Refugees to Am
  228. Hillary Clinton Calls Trump a 'Bully' Who Threatens Economy
  229. Abolish the Department of Justice
  230. 1988-2016 It just keeps getting worse
  231. Planned Parenthood ADMITS to receiving Confidential Documents from Houston DA
  232. Hundreds of “dead voters” discovered in California
  233. Video Surfaces of Hillary Clinton Blaming Homeowners for Financial Crisis
  234. A Hillary Clinton superdelegate has the worst argument yet for going against his stat
  235. DePaul College Republicans: Response Of Campus Security ‘Utterly Shameful’
  236. Man Who Threatened Milo At DePaul Identified As Church Minister Edward Ward
  237. Journalist Arrested Whilst Filming Milo Protesters At DePaul University
  238. Matthews on New Mexico Trump Protesters: ‘I Don’t Think They’re That Violent’
  239. The scandal in Washington no one is talking about
  240. Peek inside Obama's post-presidential pad
  241. What Trump Did When They Told Him There Was No Time For The National Anthem
  242. Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules
  243. Republicans Taking Over Libertarian Party
  244. Secret Service punishes 41 over leak of lawmaker's data
  245. Obama Ignores Japanese Atrocities in Hiroshima: US Decision to Drop Atom Bomb Arose f
  246. No one will debate this Bernie-supporting, campus-rape debunker at UCSB — 50 feminist
  247. Sheriff Clarke: Barack Obama is 'A Straight-Up Cop Hater'
  248. Rep. Lofgren Calls Civil Rights Commissioner ‘Ignorant Bigot’ for Criticizing Bathroo
  249. It's not their fault, it's yours! Swedish GIRLS blamed for rise in migrant sex attack
  250. Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activi