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  1. China pushes advanced technology for military
  2. Hillary Team met with Russian Ambassador
  3. Chuck Schumer Tweets Fake News: Women Turn to Planned Parenthood for ‘Mammograms,
  4. Religious Charity Helping Illegals, Refugees Granted $18 Million Since Trump’s Electi
  5. McCain: Trump Has to Retract Wiretap Claim or Provide Information
  6. Sen. Paul slams Rep. Ryan on health care
  7. Wikileaks To Release CIA/NSA Intercepts of Merkel
  8. Turkey suspends Diplomatic Relations with Dutch
  9. Nancy Pelosi didn't get the Answers she wanted
  10. Pence Responds to Asange claims of Whitehouse takeover
  11. Media Concerned GOP Healthcare Bill Will Lead to ‘Thousands of Births’ in ‘Low-Income
  12. EVP of Planned Parenthood Dodges Questions on Her Personal Thoughts on Abortion
  13. Fake News: CNN Cuts Live Feed AGAIN as Obamacare Victim Speaks Out (VIDEO)
  14. Audio Emerges of When Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump
  15. Clinton E-Mails
  16. Cory Booker Is Neither a ‘Truth-Teller’ Nor a ‘Determined Purveyor of The Truth’
  17. Putin aide: Clinton advisers met with Russian ambassador 'lots' of times
  18. VA office takes down Presidents Photo
  19. The 1.6 Billion Dollar Hoax
  20. Conspiracy Alert: Liberals Claim Trump Fired US Attorney To Avoid Investigation
  21. Judge Napolitano: ‘Three Intel Sources’ Obama Looked to Brit Agency to Spy on Trump
  22. Tennessee Sues Feds Over Refugee Resettlement, Cites 10th Amendment
  23. Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records on Airport Meeting Between Bill Clinton and AG Lo
  24. FBI Deputy Director Did Not Include Wife’s Ties to Clinton Ally in Financial Disclosu
  25. Trump border wall: Texans receiving letters about their land
  26. Crazed McCain Accuses Rand Paul of Working For Vladimir Putin From the Senate Floor!
  27. Trumps first budget
  28. Southern Poverty Law Center overuses 'extremism'
  29. Rep. Mo Brooks: Repeal/Replace Bill ‘Largest Republican Welfare Plan' in History
  30. Democrats Threaten To Block Funding For Border Wall
  31. Rachel Maddow Blames VIEWERS For Over-Hyping The Trump Tax Non-Reveal
  32. Controversial ‘Sharia Law’ Bill Advancing in Montana
  33. Violent threats against the president are OK now?
  34. This guy Chuang
  35. T. Rex not ruling out Nuclear option towards N.Korea
  36. Trump Magazine Covers
  37. Strict Gun Control Powerless as Attacker Opens Fire on High School in France
  38. German Finance Chief Slams ‘Protectionism and Nationalism’ Ahead of Meeting Trump
  39. Judge Considers Ordering President Donald Trump to Double 50,000 Refugee Inflow
  40. New York Times Reporter Blames Infowars for Spreading Trump Wiretap Story HE WROTE
  41. Florida Governor Replaces Soros Funded State Attorney
  42. New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech
  43. Brit condemned to Castro's dungeon
  44. California Lawmaker Claims There Is No Legal Way To Immigrate To US
  45. Nevada assemblywoman, 3 others are registered foreign agents for Saudi Arabia
  46. Trump jokes He has wire tapping in common with Merkel
  47. Progressives Plan to Storm Trump-Like GOP Congressman’s Town Hall
  48. Matthews: Why Does Trump ‘Hate Merkel?’
  49. Evidence in General Michael Flynn Investigation Leads to Hillary Clinton
  50. Plaintiff behind Trump travel ban runs Muslim Brotherhood mosque
  51. 73 yr old grandmother beaten, nearly to death, by mob
  52. New Jersey passes bill forcing presidential candidates to release tax returns
  53. Russian Anti-Smoking Campaign
  54. Go back into the woods Hillary
  55. Key Democrat Officials Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion
  56. How labeling my organization a hate group shuts down public debate
  57. FBI violates DOJ guidance by withholding file on murdered NSA whistleblower
  58. US Rep. Falsely Accuses ICE Of Staking Out Church Parking Lot
  59. Trump’s Budget Cuts ‘Public Arts’ And Leaves Tucker Carlson LAUGHING At Liberal Whine
  60. Tammy Baldwin Paid Clinton Lawyer $90K For Crisis Control After VA Scandal
  61. Tale of Trump Adviser’s Alleged Nazi Ties Unravels
  62. Trump to name Conways husband to justices civil division
  63. Calexit? Jerry Brown Asks Trump for Aid — for the 4th Time
  64. Washington Post Changes Headline About Illegals (Illegally) On Food Stamps
  65. An interesting look at EBT cards
  66. Danish couple attacked over ham pizza
  67. Bernie Sanders hilariously rails against Americans 'worshiping wealth'
  68. Obama must testify
  69. President Trump Has Proof of Wiretap Conspiracy
  70. Khizr Khan Changes Story About Why He Didn’t Attend Toronto Event
  71. Kagan, Breyer Join GOP Justices to Strike Down Unconstitutional Obama Appointment
  72. Philadelphia’s Democratic DA Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges
  73. CBO Analyst: Higher Taxes and Government Programs Decrease Incentive to Work
  74. Weightlifting: Transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard wins first international outing
  75. Secret Service had removed alarm sensors from fence intruder scaled
  76. CBO: ‘Additional Births’ Is Cost of Defunding Abortion-Providing Planned Parenthood
  77. Comey: "The Russians Concluded Trump Was Hopeless Last August"
  78. Bill observing Obama's birthday fails to pass Illinois legislature
  79. Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback, angering conservatives
  80. Robby Mook Calls for Treason Charges Against Trump Campaign
  81. Baltimore City Councilman Compares ICE Officials To Nazis, Defends Illegal In Rape
  82. Trump publishes list of illegal alien criminals being protected by sanctuary cities
  83. 5 congressional staffers in criminal probe over unauthorized computer access
  84. Al Jazeera Paid Georgia Democrat Over $5,000 in Past 15 Months
  85. Comey to Congress: Russians DID NOT Give Podesta’s Emails to WikiLeaks
  86. Chelsea Handler Posts Sick Tweet After Trump Family Baby Announcement – Don Trump Jr.
  87. Dianne Feinstein Tries To Take On Neil Gorsuch And Embarrasses Herself Again
  88. Schumer: No SCOTUS Appointment While There Is A Cloud Hanging Over Trump's Head
  89. Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback, angering conservatives
  90. Graham Worried Trump Would Pick ‘Somebody on TV’ for Supreme Court
  91. Nunes report Trump team communications caught by intel community
  92. Possible evidence that Obama spied on Trump
  93. School orders boy to "tolerate" undressing with girl and make it "natural"
  94. Watchdog Requests Investigation of Dem Rep Who Maxed Out Salary to Girlfriend
  95. McCain Calls for Special Committee: ‘Bizarre’ Congress Doesn’t Have ‘Credibility’
  96. Cummings Calls for Investigation of House Intelligence Chair Nunes
  97. Congressman Calls for Federal Probe into John Podesta’s Board Memberships
  98. Anti-Trump Judges Accidentally Made Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate UNCONSTITUTIONAL
  99. Susan Rice Warns White House Not to Put Out ‘Inaccurate If Not Deliberately False’
  100. Hey, rabbis: Stop dividing us in the name of fighting hate
  101. Trump Is 100% Vindicated On Wiretapping, and 7 Other Things You Should Know
  102. McCain: "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain"
  103. Healthcare Controls and The Benefits of “The Blame Game”
  104. POTUS needs to read this...
  105. Black man arrested in South for writing racist graffiti
  106. The FBI Is Now Investigating The Alternative Media For Exposing Hillary Clinton
  107. CIA Whistleblower Leaks 47 Hard Drives Exposing Obama Administration Spying
  108. Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is 'working hard' to repair marriage
  109. In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72
  110. Schumer is open to working with the President on healthcare
  111. Ted Poe resigns from Freedom Caucus
  112. Chelsea’s Husband Shutters Hedge Fund After Hillary Loses Nearly All Influence
  113. Jake Tapper Caught Faking ‘Live’ Interview With US Senator
  114. LePage Hammers Pass for Islamic Market Guilty of Food Stamp Fraud
  115. CNN’s Stelter Claims Rockville Rape Coverage ‘Political’
  117. Kamala Harris Won’t Vote For Gorsuch Because He Rules With The Law Not Feelings
  118. Convicted Terrorist Who Helped Organize Women’s Strike Will Leave US in Plea Deal
  119. McCain, Graham Give Anti-Trump Media ‘Bipartisan’ Cover
  120. Report: HuffPo Readers Celebrate Rise In White Working Class Deaths
  121. Petition to replace James Comey with Trey Gowdy for F.B.I. Director, immediately
  122. Charles Schumer = NAZI!
  123. Obama aide CONFESSES to Trump wiretap!?
  124. Russian Salad Dressing
  125. Russia Threatens To Leak Things Obama Asked Moscow To “Keep Secret”
  126. Enigmatic Comey Stonewalls Congress as Closed Hearing is Postponed
  127. Dems Behind CMP Charges Received $47,000 From Planned Parenthood Supporters
  128. GOP Leaders May Drop Wall Funding to Win Democratic Approval for Other Priorities
  129. Tesla Worker Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Company
  130. After Apology, Bill O’Reilly Continues Attacks on Maxine Waters
  131. Flynn seeks immunity for testimony
  132. Jerry Brown Pushes Huge Tax Increase to Fix Roads
  133. Judicial Watch Leaks Treasure Trove Of ‘Huma Abedin Emails’
  134. OAS Chief Decries ‘Dictatorship’ After Venezuela’s Supreme Court Seizes Power
  135. FBI Director James Comey Tried To Reveal Russian Tampering Months Before Election
  136. Latest WikiLeaks release shows how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins
  137. Congress Told 'Independent Agency' Needed for 'Rating' News
  138. Conservatives Demand IRS Commissioner’s Head In White House Meeting
  139. Russian Relationship with US may be worse than cold war era
  140. Primary OUT Lisa Murkowski & Sue Collins
  141. Charlie Daniels Wants Sanctuary Cities For Unborn Children
  142. Perez: ‘Trump Didn’t Win The Election’ — Republicans ‘Don’t Give A S**t About People’
  143. Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare
  144. Montana Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia Law, Call It ‘Repugnant’
  145. Obama Official Made It Clear Their Goal Was to ‘Leak Stuff’ on the Trump Team
  146. Farkas Changes Story! Now Says: “I Had No Insider Info” to Dodge Felony Charges
  147. Grassley Asks Why "Extremely Careless" Hillary Still Has Access To Classified Info
  148. Senior Obama Intelligence Official Unmasked Trump Associates
  149. Bush Sneered at Trump Inauguration: ‘Some Weird S**t’
  150. A gatherinfg of Swamp creatures
  151. Jeb Bush: ‘Presidential Leadership Would be Helpful’
  152. Sanders: Prioritizing jobs over climate change is ‘stupid and dangerous’
  153. Trump Surveilled Before Nomination, Agencies with Info Blocked Nunes for Weeks
  154. To keep classified docs from WikiLeaks secret, DOJ drops 2 child porn counts
  155. Senate Investigation Targets FBI’s No. 2 on Trump Dossier, Surveillance
  156. Sen. Claire McCaskill said Friday she would not vote Gorsuch
  157. President Trump "we can totally handle N Korea" with or without China
  158. Sen McConnell vows Gorsuch will be confirmed this week
  159. GOP Lawmakers Now Admit Years of Obamacare Repeal Votes Were a Sham
  160. Senator Rand Paul calls on rice to testify after reports of unmasking
  161. McCain on Likelihood of Nuclear Option: ‘It’s a Dark Day’ in Senate History
  162. Reversing Another Obama Policy, Trump Pulls Funding for UN Population Fund
  163. Singapore to Deport Imam Who Made Offensive Remarks About Jews, Christians
  164. Trump Made Ivanka an Assistant, JFK Made His Brother Bobby Attorney General
  165. Isis fighters fleeing Syria hide bombs in tvs fridges and teddy bears
  166. DEMS! “Bike sharing” scandal in Seattle!
  167. Terrorists Will Lie, So Border Officials Should Not Ask About Their Beliefs,
  168. More Documents Released regarding the IRS
  169. NBC News Disappointed in Ferguson Voters for Electing White Mayor
  170. Southern Poverty Law Center Faces Federal Tax Complaint
  171. Border turns quiet under Trump amid steep drop in arrests
  172. Lawmakers say intel agencies stonewalling on surveillance probe
  173. Mitch Mconnel on Gorsuch
  174. Maxine Waters Demands That Bill O’Reilly Be Put In Jail
  175. Reports in unmasking controversy were detailed, had info about 'everyday lives'
  176. Democrats are still ignoring the people who could have helped them defeat Trump, Ohio
  177. Liberal Seattle mayor accused of raping multiple boys
  178. PolitiFact Retracts ‘Mostly True’ Ruling That U.S. Removed all Syrian Chem Weapons
  179. Susan Rice and obama colleagues take heat for past claims of Syrian chemical weapons
  180. What the Syria Strikes Mean
  181. The Obama Doctrine R.I.P.
  182. Putin Masterminded Chemical Attack So Trump Could Look Good by Striking Syria
  183. Election worker tried to restore 250 felons as voters in Granville County,
  184. Bannon and Kushner reportedly meet to smooth differences
  185. New Mexico makes it illegal for schools to shame children
  186. Governor Who ‘Could Not’ Vote Trump over Sexual Comments Resigns for Sex Scandal
  187. McCain: Trump Missile Strike Not Enough, Syrian Jets Flying Again ‘Not a Good Signal’
  188. McCain: Trump Administration Rhetoric ‘Probably Was Partially to Blame’
  189. Lindsey Graham: ‘I Want More American Troops’ in Syria
  190. Rubio Has Mexico’s Back, Says Americans Should Pay for Border Wall
  191. Obama official: 'We always knew' Assad kept some chemical weapons
  192. GOP Leaders Dropping Border Wall Funds, Says Report
  193. Sean Spicer just forgot the 1st rule of politics: Never compare anything to Hitler
  194. Prosecutor sues governor after he took death cases from her
  195. China xi tells trump wants peaceful solution to NK
  196. Results: G.O.P. Keeps Control of House Seat in Kansas Special Election
  197. Hillary Blames Self-Hating Women for Her Loss
  198. Grand Jury Indicts State Dept Official On Charges She Hid Chinese Spy Links
  199. Top Dems Attack Gabbard After She Fails to Blame Assad for Gas Attack
  200. Gop rep calls for spicers resignation after hitler comments
  201. Dem Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Medical Supervision for Addicts
  202. Lerner ‘fears death threats’ over IRS tea-party targeting
  203. Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise
  204. Arizona Democrat Said He Wants to Punch Female Colleague In Throat Over School Choice
  205. Anti Trump protest march planned to demand tax returns released
  206. Ahmadinejad, Iran is a powerful country that US cannot harm
  207. Berkeley Police Officers Disengage from Riots Due to Chief’s Orders
  208. Obama-era Surveillance Timeline by SHARYL ATTKISSON
  209. Pence speaking near dmz delivers strong message to North Korea
  210. British pm Theresa May calls for snap election in june
  211. Today show; Warren
  212. Georgia Voting Machines Stolen
  213. HuffPo Removes Article on Banning White Men from Voting
  214. Millennial Star Wars Geek is Democrats’ New Hope in Georgia Special Election
  215. WashPo: Trump Voters ‘Motivated by Racism’ in November Elections
  216. Liberals from around the nation have spent extravagantly on a race being held Tuesday
  217. CNN anchor asks Ossoff: When are you going to marry your girlfriend?
  218. McCain: ‘I Hope’ Trump Succumbs to D.C. Establishment
  219. Georgia Voting. Polls Closed.
  220. Fox News Has Fired Bill O’Reilly (Edited)
  221. Actress Melts Down Over Dem Flop in Georgia: ‘I Want to Puke’
  222. Officials Defy Trump’s Promises: 40 Miles of Border Ordered Unpatrolled
  223. Paris attack halts presidential campaign
  224. No, really this time. Republicans float new Obama care replacement plan
  225. An Important Legal Ruling Against the IRS May Have Huge Implications
  226. (SF DA) Gascón’s hire for cop-shooting probes picked up for drunkenness
  227. Banned at sea: Venezuela's crude-stained oil tankers
  228. Sanders Asks How Many Yachts Billionaires Need,
  229. Judicial Watch Sues EPA for Records from Encrypted App
  230. DOJ Investigation of Lois Lerner Called for by Ways and Means Chairman
  231. Wash. Post Doesn’t Disclose Writer Supporting Syria Strike Is Lobbyist For Tomahawk
  232. Cali Prosecutor Jeff Rosen Dismisses Felony Cases to Spare Criminals Deportation
  233. FBI Admits It Was Not The Russians - Manhunt For "Insider" Who Leaked CIA docs
  234. Animal expert worries that birds won’t be able to fly over the border wall
  236. Trump Effect: China enacting gas sanctions
  237. Tax Reform Coming Soon?
  238. The smug style in American liberalism
  239. Berkeley Mayor Is Member of Antifa Facebook Group that Organized Riots
  240. Cuomo Ally Charlie King Makes Lewd Double Entendre In Blasting Ed Cox
  241. Less Than 2% of Joe Manchin’s Campaign Donations Came From West Virginia
  242. Assad Regime Remains Well-Armed with Chemical Weapons
  243. New York College Gives Housing Priority to Gender-Fluid Students
  244. Caitlyn Jenner Warns Trump: You ‘Mess’ with LGBT Community, ‘I’m Coming After You’
  245. Fake News in Overdrive: MSNBC Suggests Venezuelan Uprising Is Against Donald Trump
  246. Hypocrisy in the Anti-O'Reilly Army
  247. Carter Page Stop It! Page has been told to stop calling himself adviser to president
  248. Perez booed
  249. NK threatens to strike US aircraft carrier
  250. French presidential election voters take to polls under heightened security